The Scam of the Scottish National Party

unnamedNationalism is good, but not all nationalist movements are good.

Right now the world’s attention is being directed to Scotland and the question of whether or not the 300 year union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland will remain as one.

Many nationalists in the West, eager to watch an ethnic group assert itself over the mainstream narratives of multicutrlualism and civic identity are cheering on the Scottish Nationalists and the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) as the tight race comes to ahead on September 18.

However supporting the Scottish Nationalist movement on traditionalist grounds is equally as naïve and futile as white nationalists supporting the right-wing Ukrainians against Russia’s reassertion over its traditional lands in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, (and former Communist) is proposing, that upon independence from Westminster, the new independent Scotland apply to join the EU. Now to any casual observer, this should immediately be ludicrous to be discussing the “oppressive’ behavior of the EU, meanwhile the EU makes over two-thirds of the policy decisions for the average EU member state. Hence any successful independence movement followed up by EU membership is beyond silly. It is an utter lie.

On the macro-level, what is occurring here, is the attempt by EU overlords to carve up the doggedly Eurosceptic United Kingdom and bring it into the EU federal state, much like what has happened/is happening to the former Yugoslavia.

Hence it is perhaps because of this backdoor attempt to get Scotland in the EU that Tory, Labour and Lib Dem unionists have conducted such a poor effort in attempting to actually preserve the UK as they don’t care about it in the first place.

The only unionist that has had any margin of common sense has been Nigel Farage and UKIP who has clearly articulated the futility of leaving the UK to join the EU and adopt the Euro.

Secondly, the actual movement of Scottish Nationalism has little to do with any traditionalist principles surrounding nationalism. The SNP is a social democratic party, that believes in proto-Soviet principles of Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The SNP has no desire to create a Scotland where ethnic identity is upheld and the Church of Scotland remains supreme. Salmond and the SNP advocate a strong environmentalist and multicutluralist line that falls in lock step with every form of modern liberalism you were terrified of at your public university. And of course, there will be no restrictions on immigration.

The mainstream movements of White Nationalism are working along the new parameters that Caucasian groups should be coming together and not fighting each other. Old hatreds such as the grievances of World War I and II, Germans reclaiming the Alcease-Lorraine, South Tyrol wanting independence from the Italians or continuing watching Slavs and Germans fight it out are regarded as passé and counter-productive to European interests. It is almost an attempt by European nationalists to not necessarily counter globalism, but rather rechannel it into a new form.

However the SNP runs counter to these trends. Salmond and the SNP are living in a false world where somehow the politicians in Westminster want to institute a modern form of prima nocte against Scotland. Yet rather than Salmond wanting to separate Scotland form the union to resist demographic displacement of Turks, Arabs, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, they are stirring up anti-English sentiment among young Scots, which comes at a time in which there is a greater threat of Islamic demographic displacement of both the English and Scots, rather than the English displacing the Scots.

Salmond’s vision for Scotland is to make it tolerant, social democratic and egalitarian. He would have Scotland separate from England, only to then be willing to have ethnic Scots be replaced by millions of non-ethnic Scots from the Third World, who, so long as they speak Scots English, pay their taxes and wear kilts, they too can also become Scots.

It is an utter tragedy that Scottish Nationalism has been so pathetically hijacked by such effeminate creeps, that perhaps it would make William Wallace thrown down his sword and go join the English just to get a chance at busting in some Commie skulls.

Scottish independence would be worthwhile and perhaps even game changing secessionist movement, if it were genuinely right-wing. Imagine if Scots wanted to break away in an attempt to form “fortress Scotland” against the hordes of Islamic invaders repopulating London, Manchester and Newark and as well wanting to have an independent Church of Scotland that does not sanction gay marriage, female clergy and  implementing Shari’a Law.

Imagine a Scotland that was so committed to its independence that it wanted to leave the UK because the bureaucrats in Westminster were too busy dithering on the question of secession from the EU and Scotland wanted to get out of the EU quicker and become a “northern Switzerland.”

That would be an independent Scotland worth fighting for, but until that sort of movement arises, Scotland might as well just stay with the UK, stay on the dole and jump out of the EU when UKIP finally pressures Britannia out of it.


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