Lawyers, Guns, and Money: TradYouth Stands for the 2nd Amendment

"The reason for the right to bear arms is to protect against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson
"The reason for the right to bear arms is to protect against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson

“The reason for the right to bear arms is to protect against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

TradYouth Files Amicus Curiae in Support of our Second Amendment Rights

Our brilliant and dedicated legal team has filed an amicus curiae brief in the federal Fourth Circuit court regarding an attempt by the neo-liberals to further curtail our Second Amendment right to bear arms in Maryland. As most of our readers are aware, much of what we at TradYouth routinely do would be illegal without the basic protections we enjoy, with the Second Amendment having the greatest chilling effect of all on this government’s ongoing campaign to reduce us to disarmed, brainwashed, and godless homo economicus drones.

We’re generally skeptical about the utility of working within this increasingly corrupt system, and convinced of the futility of “conserving” what little is left of our political inheritance left to be conservative about. But freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are two (perhaps the only two) issues where I still find myself proud to be an American (politically) and more than eager to struggle within the system (and without, if it comes to that) on their behalf. I’ve always been proud of my “American” ethnic identity, an increasingly confusing point as we drift farther and farther from the European Christian origins. But this fight isn’t about identity, it’s about the right to defend all our identities and all our ideals against an increasingly aggressive and militarized state.

Arguably, America has been moving in the wrong direction since its founding. I believe it was founded by a cabal of greedy merchants who conspired to overthrow the Crown, replacing throne and altar with a pay-to-play republic which places the final authority in the hands of our mercantile elites. And yet, the Bill of Rights, drafted to protect their system from aristocratic and ecclesiastical “tyrants”, has now become our final refuge from a greater threat than the ones the authors had in mind.

Centuries after our forefathers designed this flawed system, it’s metastasized into a more tyrannical machine than the Old World’s nobles and clergymen could have dreamed of imposing on us. Our prison complex is the largest in world history. Our civilian police terrorize our citizenry with military weaponry, armored tanks, and surveillance technology which would surely terrify our colonial forebears. The attempt at an elegant “balance of powers” is entirely out of balance; the original ideal of a thin confederation of states was brutally crushed; and the hope for religious freedom has been redefined as freedom from religion, …compulsory atheism and secularism from sea to shining sea.

And yet two ideas presented by our Founders have remained remarkably durable throughout the generations and offer hope for renewal. The First Amendment’s protection of our political and religious beliefs and the Second Amendment’s protection of our right to guarantee the former with weaponry place a firm limit on how tyrannical our state can become. In an ironic twist, this document contrived to subvert and defy traditional authority has protected America from Modern abuses and humiliations which our cousins back in the Fatherland are suffering. I’m free to stand for identity and tradition in a way that would assuredly get me arrested, fined, and even imprisoned in most of Europe’s nominal monarchies, with the endorsement and approval of their thoroughly corrupted state “churches”.

Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Whether it’s with a bullhorn on the street, in a suit and tie at a banquet, in the mainstream and alternative media, or in the legislative and judicial halls of power, TradYouth is leading the fight for tribe and tradition. While the majority of our resources are gladly donated by our leadership team, and every last one of us supports ourselves with a day job, we still need your support in order to take our activism and agitation even further. Our campus organizations are rapidly growing, reaching new eyes and ears with our Radical Traditionalist message every day. Our website and social media traffic statistics confirm that we’re expanding our reach to entirely new demographics. Our inbox and voicemail are a few days behind as we struggle to keep up with the rate that teenagers, young adults, and new recruits of every age and walk of life are expressing interest in helping and supporting our work.

Each and every dollar you donate will go directly to arming our growing cadre of legionaries with the tools and support they need to fight Modernity.

Brief of Traditionalist Youth Network, LLC, as Amici Supporting the Appellants, Kolbe v. O’Malley (4th Cir…. by KBristow1986



Matt, can you expound on exactly what the specifics of the suit or brief are?

I consider this to be about the most pressing issue there is. As we speak, guns are being confiscated in Santa Barbara on the basis of a totally fake shooting (researchers have revealed that all but the two sorority girls’ deaths are guaranteed staged, while the two ‘blonde woman’ shootings are still highly suspect and incorporate probably masonic symbolism). In Chicago, the solution for what’s increasingly white destitution is ‘integrated housing and healtcare’ aka Happy Pill Gulags. The bombardment of faked shootings is building acquiescence to the mass disarmament and lobotomization of the populace. Grab the gun and force the pill, is Big Brother’s mantra. Once there are no guns or fight left in the people willing and motivated to make a stand, the key to Prozac Plantation is gone and there’s no way for it’s serfs to get out.

I just struggle to grasp that my people’s guns and rights are being repossessed based on a crypto jew’s home movie. As a fairhaired ‘blonde’ aryan woman I’m supposed to take comfort in this ‘progress’ designed, I’m told, to ‘defend me’ from mean white (and asian?!) bad guys.


Oh sorry, I didn’t realize the full brief could be read.

And if I forgot in my last post (which I can’t see now) to link to Happy Pill Heaven here it is:

In the northeast there is a movement that’s spreading from the embattled state of NJ, which is Tent City. It’s leaders are a motley crew of old yankee WASP, atheist jew libertarian on ‘roids, do-gooder lefty feminists and assorted Jersey filmmakers; they’re spearheading a movement to combat the ‘integrated care’ ‘solution’ for the homeless and to defy what’s largely jewish criminalization and pathologization of homelessness. Jewry & Co. doesn’t want the disenfranchised, displaced whites getting uppity and are doing their best to pass laws that literally illegalize lying down with a blanket in NJ municipalities. In NJ and NY the ‘integrated care’ will just be maintaining, instead of closing, the old psychiatric institutions that shouldn’t be necessary (if you give the psych system one iota of legitimacy, which I don’t) in the era of psychopharmaceuticals where ‘bipolar mania’ could be deflated within hours. Recent articles have been offering pseudo scientific explanations for ‘bipolar’ or schizophrenia, and the Next Big Discovery claims to have proven that significant numbers of ‘bipolars’ are mutating into schizophrenics before our very eyes, and hence ‘require integrated treatment.’

Big Brother and Nannystan would be coming for all of us, and likely will one day, but at the rate They’re confiscating the guns and bodies of whatever revolutionaries exist our dissidence won’t matter anyway if we fail to act.

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