How SJW’s Block /pol/itically Correct Speech, and a Model for Intervention

4Chan's /pol/ and /v/ are redefining their relationship with m00t.

4Chan’s /pol/ and /v/ are redefining their relationship with m00t.

Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and their vanguard in the video game journalism industry are successfully making a hostile take-over of the gaming subculture.

Quinn, Sarkessian, and others are marching around the gaming community while generally crapping it up with their fanatical beliefs of what constitutes social justice.  You can read more about what they’ve done and why they’re doing it anywhere on the web, but you’re not going to find out how they pulled it off.  A major component of their campaign, carried out in large parts by their peers in the games journalism industry, relies on public shaming and intimidation.  If it was only as simple as shaming someone that you disagree with then we could have stopped this problem a very long time ago.  The truth is that it is more complicated, but it’s not hopeless if you understand the mechanics of these kinds of coups.

SJWs are attracted to money.  Yes, they do their work for free, but nothing in the world attracts SJWs more than the chance to control who has access to money.  If there’s no money then there won’t be any SJWs trying to control it.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to how SJWs get into bed with the people they’re trying to control:

  1. Is there potential to make any money by controlling this kind of speech? If yes, go to step 2, if not go to step 9.

  2. Will the mark self-censor? If yes, go to step 5, if no go to step 3.

  3. Rally sympathetic parties to perform a public shaming campaign and try to force the mark to self-censor. Did this work? If yes go to step 5, if no go to step 4.

  4. Pretend to be the mark or one of the mark’s sympathizers, and pull a false flag event so as to attract other more powerful opposition parties. Did this work? If yes, go to step 6, if no go to step 3.  If you find yourself stuck in a loop between steps 3 and 4 skip to step 7.

  5. Demand that the mark adopt your own criteria for speech regulations, and then demand that members of your own party are installed to enforce the new rules. If this did not work, return to step 3.

  6. Is the mark intimidated by the new opposition parties? If yes, go to step 5, if no go to step  7.

  7. Attempt to invade the mark’s privacy, and also invade the privacy of the mark’s sympathizers. Defame, doxx, and harass anyone who supports the mark as a means to drive away the mark’s audience. Did this work? If yes, go to step 1, if no go to step 8.

  8. Claim that you’ve been victimized by the mark or one of the mark’s sympathizers. Is your narrative convincing and believable? If yes, go to step 5, if no go to step 3.


UPDATE 22NOV2014: Read part two of this article here: “A Model for Political Speech Part Two

You might have noticed that the chart terminates at step number five.  The flow chart terminates after step five because there should be a potential for SJWs to earn money after that point.  After the SJW janitors mop up 4Chan and purge everyone they don’t like, only then is there potential to make money.  4Chan isn’t raking in the rumored six million shekels a month in ad revenue because nobody wants to bring their business name anywhere near the proverbial underbelly of the internet.  That’s where the SJW janitors come in.  They’ll clean up the site just enough to make it a respectable outlet for advertising.

That’s it, folks.  That’s pretty much exactly how GamerGate went down, and why m00t sold out 4Chan.  When SJWs made a concerted effort to shut down /pol/itically correct speech while in collusion with m00t,  their victory was all but guaranteed.  When things like this happen the battle is ceremonial, and the victory dance only a formality.  There is a way to stop this kind of nonsense from happening again even though it’s too late for 4Chan.

m00t is a power vulnerable figure.  This means that he is vulnerable to pressure from activists and opposition, and because of that he can be controlled.  It doesn’t matter whether or not 4Chan users are anonymous and have protected identities while posting, because they won’t have an outlet for /pol/itically correct speech if SJW janitors shut down the site or aggressively block users.

The first step in preventing SJWs from taking over your community is make sure that your community’s guardian is power invulnerable; that he can’t be swayed by outside pressure and agitation.  The second step in protecting your community is to ensure that nobody is going to make any money on the project.  The third step is to protect your community’s privacy while empowering them to police themselves.

Enter Fredrick Brennan, and his gift to anons everywhere: 8Chan.

Brennan isn’t worried about being pressured.  He just might be the most power invulnerable forum owner in history.  Okay, I can’t legitimately say that Brennan is the best forum owner ever, but he didn’t get the nick name “Lord Hot Wheels” for nothing.  8Chan is “infinitely better” than 4Chan (now known as Half Chan), and 8Chan’s popularity has only been growing.  Why, you may ask?  One reason is because it allows unfettered discussion of Gamer Gate with its own dedicated forum.

When the SJWs aren’t able to shame and intimidate you, when they can’t make money off of you, and when they can’t control your speech for other personal reasons then they won’t waste their time on a hostile take over for the sake of radical feminism, homosexuality, and liberal-progressive ideals.  When you get tired of having SJWs crapping up your marketplace of ideas, you need to know how to derail their train.  My recommendation is to try and force the opposition into step 9– SHUT IT DOWN.  When the opposition becomes defined by an irrational and ruthless “no compromise” position they will look like fanatical ideologues, and can be made to look like what they really are, petty thugs.  You can’t stop the opposition from visiting your home, but you can control the conversation and win in the forum of public debate.



Interesting theory. It would seem to match up with how SJWs are working, although I’d say they aren’t coordinated or have a plan: they’re just a bunch of 13-year-olds, mentally unstable people, and white knights who think they know what’s best and are attacking people they think are evil.


Interesting theory. I have one of my own: the SJWs aren’t planned or coordainted per se, they’re just like a mob of fans: 13-year-olds, the mentally unstable, and white knights who think they know better. It’s like a phase, really.

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