Action Report: Bedford Outreach Campaign

Close to 100 of these flyers were distributed in Bedford last night

Close to 100 of these flyers were distributed in Bedford last night

The most important form of activism is directly reaching out to the people of your local community. Books, articles, and podcasts are great and undeniably important, but actually directly connecting with your friends and neighbors is the best way of growing a social movement.

Bedford Indiana is the next, and certainly not the last, city where Trad Youth will focus manpower and energy on recruiting local youths and supporters of all ages to the message of Tradition. After several inquiries about our message and activism by local Bedford resident, we have decided to begin the process of creating a new chapter of the Traditionalist Youth Network outside of the university setting and instead focusing on channeling a wide based social movement that supports Traditionalism in local cities and towns that surround the Indiana University campus, with Bedford being our first stop.

The inquiries we received from residents of Bedford were from a diverse group of citizens, a telling tale of how so many White Americans are feeling disenfranchised by the current political climate, growing economic hardship, and changing demographics of the towns and counties that they grew up in.

One of the gentlemen who reached out to us is a family man, one who spent several years away from his family to fight overseas in Afghanistan. After returning to the Hoosier State he found that the government that was so eager to send him to war was less than willing to take care of him after his honorable service on the other side of the world. With poor care and long wait times at the Veterans Affairs clinics and local hospital, our new friend was frustrated that he was unable to afford traditional medical care and had to wait weeks if not months for specialist appointments he needed. The physical and psychological effects of fighting take a toll on any man, and instead of returning to a proud nation, he was quickly moved to the back of the bus.

With returning veterans being placed on government watch lists for being potential domestic terrorists, an increasing number of preventable deaths through poor administration of Veterans Affairs, and a sense of being betrayed for being conned into a war that did nothing to secure the safety of his wife and children, this American veteran decided enough was enough.

In his talks with Bloomington Trad Youth members, our new comrade lamented to us about the need to stop the endless wars for other countries and that he was personally fed up and done with the American empire. This former foot soldier for the interests of AIPAC and neo-con warmongers has now become a warrior for Tradition, and we happily welcome this hero aboard our movement.

Another interested citizen of Bedford was a mother who has grown tired of the creeping liberalism from the Leftist Indiana University and the forced Federal intrusion into the lives of everyday citizens. The recent decision by a Federal judge to overturn the Hoosier approved ban on gay marriage was just one issue that got this mother of six ready to try to reach out and make changes in her community. A Federal government that pushes an Antichrist agenda by permitting abortion, gay marriage, and open attacks on Christianity has totally distanced this mother from her stance of being a moderate conservative. “Enough is enough” was a phrase heard often during our discussions.

This is just a small sampling of locals in Bedford Indiana who have begun to awaken to the choice ahead of them, one that breaks free from a System that seeks to use, abuse, and then displace them, or one that leads to a safer, more Biblical, and more Traditional society. We are happy to see so many locals awakening to this reality and coming to join the forces of Tradition against the tide of modernity that is plaguing the West.

To take the message of our meeting with locals to the rest of Bedford, close to one hundred pieces of literature were distributed to neighbors and friends, to bring new recruits and increase awareness of Trad Youth in the area.

We at the Trad Youth team are looking forward to beginning monthly meetings in Bedford and doing more literature drops and recruitment drives in the coming months.



Walt Bialkowski

Matt, it’s so good to see you back on this site ~! It’s great to see what you are doing, you and all the Traditionalist Youth. I think expanding into the community is a great idea, and I hope you will be able to do a lot more of this kind of thing. Take care, and God bless ~!

Gavin James Campbell

In order to promote your mass movement, with it’s daily headlines, and which is already a household name, you should hand out tracts. Tracts in which you explain the Jewish-Communist-Liberal-Neo-Con plot to destroy faith, folk, and family. If it works for Jack Chick, it can work for TradYouth.

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