The Curious Conception of Vivian James

Introducing Vivian James
Introducing Vivian James

Introducing Vivian James

For the few of you who haven’t been following the Five Guys, Burgers & Lies drama, the synopsis is that a young woman with a history of mental illness and very limited video game coding and design skills grappled her way into industry prominence by exploiting feminist tropes and sex appeal. Her name will be withheld out of respect for her privacy, as I believe she’s genuinely mentally ill and therefore not a fair target of criticism.

The modern feminist policy of promoting the unqualified to serve an agenda serves neither the unqualified nor the agenda. The same thing applies in racial politics, where an African-American gentleman whose name will also be withheld out of respect for his privacy was promoted to the Presidency despite a gross lack of qualifications …and then blamed for failing at a job he couldn’t have possibly succeeded at.

The first complaint of feminists encircling the video game industry is that there aren’t enough women in well-paid positions. The Civil Rights movement is first and foremost a shakedown scheme, one which in this case insists that there be equity in placement and pay for women in the industry, despite the vast gender gap in enthusiasm for game development between the genders. Insisting on gender equity in video game development is as futile as insisting on racial diversity at an ugly sweater party. It’s just not going to happen.

I believe their secondary complaint actually has some merit. This complaint is that young women don’t have enough protagonists and role models in gaming. I believe the reasons for this are largely incidental. You have more male developers. You have more male consumers. Women are biologically the more nurturing and less heroic gender and this fact manifests itself in the traditional stories and reality-inspired storylines which inspire many video games. But women aren’t entirely devoid of heroism, and that active and heroic spirit should be celebrated and cultivated just as much as a young man’s impulse to nurture and care for things should be celebrated and cultivated.

Gender differences are a concrete unavoidable reality, but we Traditionalists and HBD types should welcome gradations and exceptions in our perspective on gender roles, being careful not to exaggerate and impose the differences beyond what God designed. Furthermore, we can acknowledge that an industry dominated by males may miss profit opportunities by missing out on female perspectives. For decades, male-oriented games involving violence, competition, and heroic themes have dominated the industry. But the oft-neglected ghetto of nurture-oriented video games has proven quite popular and quite profitable.

SimCity, The Sims, and FarmVille are some examples of extremely successful games which are especially popular with girls. These are games which appeal to more feminine instincts, and they’re perfectly popular and profitable without relying on artificial support from feminist busybodies. As an aside, I loved playing SimCity, preferring it over the Mortal Kombat and first-person shooter games most of my peers were playing. I fondly recall lovingly crafting my urban infrastructure and balancing my zoning so that my beloved sims could prosper while my friends were punching and shooting bad guys. I’ve avoided FarmVille (despite half the women on my friend list inviting me) because I know that if I were to get started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Perhaps that preference for nurture-oriented video games makes me a faggot. You be the judge.

The curious conception of the new video game protagonist Vivian James is a welcome development, and the absence of copyright on her appearance and the buzz surrounding “4chan’s daughter” ensures that she’ll be the star of several popular video games which numerous big corporate and independent developers are feverishly working on as we speak. She’ll succeed because she’s not an obvious feminist token, but rather a relatable everygirl who’s been designed from the ground up to be totally over gender issues and genuinely interested in video games in the same way that 4chan’s /v/ community is interested in video games.

As a father of daughters, I sympathized with the story of a father who hacked Legend of Zelda so that Link is a female protagonist. Gender identity is important, and the fact that girls relate more with female characters is something Traditionalists should embrace rather than grumble about or ignore. For better or worse, video games have become a cardinal element of children’s lives. They influence them. While removing video games from the home altogether is commendable, I believe those who allow and accept video games would be wise to embrace and extend the feminist effort to afford young girls more relatable characters and games.

Don't Sexualize VivianUnlike a great deal of female protagonists developed by the degenerate video game industry, Vivian James isn’t designed to be sexualized. While the Internet predictably broke this rule within a minute or so of her inception, she’s not conceived from the start to be sexualized like Lara Croft, Sonya Blade, and most other action-oriented female video game protagonists. Unlike Zoe Quinn (whoops!), Vivian James won’t exploit her sexuality to win the game. She’ll rely on her skills–rather than her sexuality and the soft bigotry of low expectations–to get ahead.

If 4chan actually pulls this elaborate scheme off (and I think it will), the Internet’s deepest and darkest sewer of uncensored vulgarity will achieve more for the feminine agenda than the hundreds of thousands of shrieking feminists trying to intimidate and shake down the video gaming industry could have ever hoped for.



Matt, do you really believe this woman has a ‘mental illness?’ It appears she ‘suffers from depression’ or something like that. First, that’s classified as a ‘mood disorder’ by the psych(otic) system, not a thought disorder which traditionally is what ‘mental illness’ connoted. Second, how would having some emotional issue absolve this person of guilt when she knew exactly what she was doing ‘mentally?’

I ask these questions because I think the pro-white sphere gravely underestimates the rising tyranny of the psych system and how it’s main target is YOU, the pro-white male.


I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but this FAU ‘conspiracy theorist’ professor seems to be paying a fair amount of attention to the issue of the ‘mental health’ racket as enforcer of anti-white:

It seems about time the pro-white movement starts to take this menace seriously. Tracy’s blog has devoted specific attention to the targeting of whites by the psych system and of white men by the media’s hoaxing. Henry Makow and Lew Rockwell re-posted this article and other writings by Tracy related to the ‘false flags.’

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