Truth vs. Troof: Facts and Identity in Ferguson

Ferguson Riots

Ferguson RiotsOne of the definitions of “troof” in Urban Dictionary is “truer than true”, implying a meta-truth transcending mere facts. As the mere facts pile up in the racially charged shooting death of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, the truth appears to squarely support the narrative that the officer did not abuse his force in this particular incident. As with the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, the Black community didn’t wait for the facts of the case to be revealed over the course of days and weeks following the incident. The Black community, including the President of the United States and his Attorney General, reached their verdict [white guilt] and meted out their punishment [black unrest].

The objective truth is beside the point, as a mythic “troof” in the Black ghetto is that white-on-black profiling and police brutality is rampant, having reached a crisis level at which rioting and mayhem are proportional responses.

The Southern Midwest has always been America’s worst place for racial relations, and we can expect these episodes to occur more frequently in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati than elsewhere. We hillbillies lack the uneasy tradition of muddling through racial issues that the South has earned and we also lack the Yankee idealism and eagerness to engage in post-racialist posturing and outreach. Most importantly, perhaps, we lack jobs and the resources to effectively self-segregate our communities.

Just across the river, nearly a hundred years ago, East St. Louis featured perhaps the most vicious anti-black riot in American history. Then, as now, rumors and “troofs” rooted in overarching demographic and economic tensions, overshadowed the mere facts on the ground. Then, as now, the rioters achieved nothing but injuring the innocent, destroying their own community, setting back their goals, and humiliating themselves. Those riots of yesteryear did nothing to stop the St. Louis region from being overwhelmed by black migrants from the Deep South, just as the current riots will do nothing to staunch the growth and militarization of our police state.

Many White American identitarians and supremacists see this as an opportunity for polarization, but they fail to appreciate just how little group consciousness their fellow whites have and how unthreatening and irrelevant black riots in black neighborhoods are to them. All this will achieve is shepherding the growth of the police state, swelling as necessary to keep America’s growing racial strife in check. As the economy continues to squeeze labor and service workers, and austerity initiatives close the welfare and relief safety valve, America’s due for more long, hot summers of low-level riots and unrest.

Of course, this is only a concern for Americans. It only matters to those who still hold out hope for the redemption of this regime and its seething rainbow mob of alienated consumers packed into crumbling urban hovels. I couldn’t care less how the white and black people of Missouri muddle through their web of racial resentments and struggle to reconcile their irreconcilable problems and perspectives. Best of luck to all of them. I don’t quite get how the Cosmic American experiment in cramming every identity and religion in the world into the same neighborhoods and bedrooms is going to pay off, but it’s not my problem.

The future for our people is post-American. There may well remain a “United States” government lumbering over our heads for generations to come, but that doesn’t necessarily define us. The Amish don’t really care whether their plot of soil lies in Canada or the United States; they’re Amish. Wherever Orthodox Jews are to be found, they’re Jews first and foremost, before their “national” identities. They’re educating their own children, creating their own music and culture, employing one another in their own economic niches, and even growing their own food. They existed long before “mass society” and will exist long after this mass society implodes on itself.

It’s fun to comment on and critique American society and culture; and I’ll continue to do it. But I do it with the spirit of a foreign policy journalist observing a different country. I’m not on the side of “white people” in Ferguson, Missouri. They’re not my people. I’m not “in solidarity” with them. White Americans are welcome to become my people, but who can actually side with and support them when they, nearly down to every last man, stand opposed to everything I stand for, having more in common socioculturally with the black rioters than with myself. They support gay marriage, shrug off abortion, endorse the Zionist war machine, reject “organized religion” in favor of vapid “spirituality”, and embrace a future where their identity is disintegrated into the globalist melting pot.

The Ferguson riots are already winding down. They didn’t go viral, as some feared (and others hoped). Some leftist agitators from out of state are trying to transform this spontaneous outburst of racial resentment into a coherent Leftist political vehicle, but they’re wasting their time. The Leftists are seeing this event in 20th century terms, as part of some nascent political movement which has the potential to grow into a useful mass movement for them to direct. Changes in transportation, communication, politics, and military strategy guarantee that these sorts of episodes will remain limited to rather localized outbursts which will be corralled and controlled by police state technology.

Regardless of whose side you’re on, the state will guarantee that there will be no overt race war. There will be racial friction, and brief flare-ups, but mass society is fully and effectively controlled by the State. The future doesn’t belong to mass society, though. Even the irreligious multi-racial mob will eventually splinter away from mass society into insular ideological and religious subcultures in due time. To struggle in terms of voting, influencing the masses, appealing to mass governments, and wrangling with mass media is to struggle in 20th Century terms. The future belongs to those with the foresight and will to leave America without actually leaving it, abandoning this country and its warped sense of “troof” for the organic and perennial truths which will nourish and sustain us as the country gradually splinters and falls apart in the background of our lives.


Regular Guy

Excellent Matt.

We need to accept that the system will be in place for awhile. Instead of worry about the gubmint work on slowly removing yourself mentally from the mass culture and start building real social networks with like-minded white people.

Peter Erickson

I gather my news from a variety of ideological sources: libertarian, leftist, race-realist, anti-Zionist, and sometimes even mainstream. Generally, when I follow a news story, I go to the source I trust most for that particular category of news. I suppose you might say that each ideological community has its “troof” and I go there to get the “troof” I want. This usually works out quite well, but the Ferguson Riots has given rise to a particularly sharp clash of troofs between two of my most dependable ideological communities: the libertarians and the race realists. The former immediately jumped onto the “police are gunning down innocent black men in the streets” bandwagon, while the latter have generally pushed the “black thug killed by cop just trying to protect himself and us” story. At the start, I honestly didn’t know who was right, but the facts, like Matt Parrott points out here, seem to be piling up in support of the race-realist version. The libertarians, faced with truths in this case that don’t support their “troof,” are starting explicitly to trumpet “troof” over truth, as in the most recent post at Moon of Alabama:

Anyway, it’s been an education. We all need some kind of ideology as a sketch map to navigate our way through the messy world, but from time to time we have to check to make sure that our map is corresponding with the reality outside the window. If it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to make some ideological adjustments—time to bring your troof back into line with truth.


I’ve noticed that the southern midwest is probably the worst, too, although things are bad all over really. But trying to communicate with pro-whites from places like St. Louis has been challenging; people like countenance on OD, who I recognize from other blogs but whose other aliases I won’t name here, have really caused me to think about why a civil non-hateful type of person would make comments that to my yankee sensibility just seem totally uncharitable about blacks.

He’s also commented on how he’s had to learn that the jews in New York and the northeast generally have taught defiant whites to hate them.

I stand by the notion that not all blacks are bad people, and that judaism is always exploitative to it’s host.

Northerners are right! For some reason the Missourians just don’t see the man behind the curtain, if you will.

I don’t really think northern midwesterners see things 100% accurately, either, though. The northerners’ view that jews cultivated depravity in the blacks holds a lot of water. Our attitude would be more of separation, without even a nod to race realism except as maybe a tertiary consideration. Basically, we’re a tribal people, plain and simple. The sheer concept of ‘race’ loses us.

As for Brown and Ferguson, I think there’s good evidence that the DOJ is behind some of the ‘spontaneous’ rioting. Protests for an arrest in the Martin case were paid for and manned by the DOJ. It would be naive to think that’s not part of the Ferguson drama.

The question is, just how much of what we’re seeing is ‘real’ or spontaneous? Could the feds, et al, have bolstered the Black Panthers themselves with FBI agents? Could the whole thing have been staged to help the government move us toward martial law?

I don’t think any of those questions are outlandish, especially since their only questions. I bring this up because one of the failures of the race realist camp is to underestimate how orchestrated all the race warring is. TPTB want a race war. What’s not a failure is that it’s been anyone but whites who have wanted one, too, which is why we’re forced to engage – and separate once and for all.

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