The End of Conservative Zionism, Too

Credit Sébastien Thibault

Credit Sébastien ThibaultAntony Lerman of the New York Times is bemoaning the demise of the “Liberal Zionist” position in American and British politics. “Liberal Zionists are at a crossroads,” he claims. “Columnists like Jonathan Chait, Roger Cohen and Thomas L. Friedman have all riffed in recent weeks on the theme that what Israel is doing can’t be reconciled with their humanism.”

Jewish journalists apparently do suffer from cognitive dissonance after all! There are limits to just how far their rhetoric can depart from reality before they crack.

“The romantic Zionist ideal, to which Jewish liberals — and I was one, once — subscribed for so many decades, has been tarnished by the reality of modern Israel. The attacks on freedom of speech and human rights organizations in Israel, the land-grabbing settler movement, a growing strain of anti-Arab and anti-immigrant racism, extremist politics, and a powerful, intolerant religious right — this mixture has pushed liberal Zionism to the brink.”

Of course, even after so vividly confirming that criticism of Israeli policy is coherent and needful, he can’t help but circle back to his identity and its opponents: “But the critics go only so far — not least to avoid giving succor to anti-Semites, who use the crisis as cover for openly expressing hatred of Jews.” He’s referring to men like myself, of course. He’s referring to men whose critique of organized Jewry goes beyond the kosher confines of contrite complaints about specific military and public policy abuses. He’s referring to men who strike at the root, asking not merely whether our Jewish overlords are getting carried away, but whether the Jews should be our overlords.

Anti-Zionism is only half of the American political equation, a half which is intrinsically “liberal” in its objection to Israeli warmongering. The other half belongs to “conservatives”, the half which involves systematic attacks on our religious traditions, our unborn children, our morals, and our European heritage. The transactional nature of Jewish domination of American politics requires that politicians who fervently oppose abortion or illegal immigration be the most obnoxiously Zionist, and that the politicians who fervently oppose Zionism be the most obnoxiously infanticidal and open borders.

You’re permitted opposition to this or that aspect of the Jewish agenda for America, on the precondition that you balance the ledger elsewhere.

Within the next decade or so (lagging behind the liberals, as always), the conservative half of opposition to the Jewish agenda will steadily ramp up. For several reasons, Jewish power in America is on the decline. As the rest of the world has steadily recovered from the various setbacks faced in the 20th century, the Jewish oligarchs are naturally thinking and behaving more globally than they had in the past. America’s just not as attractive as a host country relative to the other hosts as it once was. The decadent and integrated Diaspora Jews are rapidly decaying into irrelevance and drifting off into mainstream American society. The passionate and self-segregated Orthodox Jews in America are rapidly dropping out of American public life, casting away from the sinking ship of secular American Jewry.

Those who took their advice to break their homes and terminate their own offspring are (unsurprisingly) on the decline, while the Amish population is doubling every twenty years. The other traditional religious communities and subcultures which opted out of the American Experiment to one degree or another are elbowing in with a steadily growing number of private school and homeschool kids. They’ve been brought up outside the liberal and cosmopolitan matrix that Jewish liberals like Antony Lerman so proudly champion and promote. Lurking beneath the discouraging statistics confirming White American decline is a sea change in the structure of the White population toward a more hearty, durable, and fundamentalist sort.

And as organized Jewry becomes steadily less organized, White Americans will become steadily less mesmerized. Finally, even conservatives will begin to question the Zionist war machine and even liberals will begin to question the wisdom of open borders and infanticide. The locus of central command and control of the economy and the culture will continue declining, even further weakening the Jewish grip on the American mind. Finally, within a few decades or so, we’ll live in a land where the newspaper of record no longer takes Jewish hegemony for granted and no longer serves as a platform for Jews to arrogantly opine on when and how to wield their influence and control over our military-industrial complex.



One of my commenters put it like this:

Stay normal and we’ll win.

When those around you are declining, all you need to do is thrive and make sure your children and (if possible) your grandchildren thrive, and in a generation or two, your gene pool inherits the country.

You got a great point in always referring to Amish and Orthodox Jews. That’s a model for thriving and fertility.

There are some aspects of modern society that are very alluring though — that even I would not want to give up. I like to be part of the rat race, to do battle in economics and politics and culture. I can’t imagine cloistering myself or my kids from that. They’ll just go find it anyway, as the “forbidden fruit.”

I don’t know if it will work or not, but my model is to have a farm in the countryside AND an apartment building in the city. For example, a 3 family house in Everett, MA just outside of Boston and on the MBTA line, and a farm in Southern Maine, about 1.5 hours away. Have the kids do the music, dance, foreign language, kung fu, art, math and science in Boston, and take them to the farm on the weekends to build treehouses, grow food, fish, hunt, explore the forest, go camping, do infantry training with paint ball, ride mountain bikes, et cetera.

Why not have both, right?

John Engelman

Gallup February 18, 2014

Americans’ Mideast Country Ratings Show Little Change
Israel alone is viewed highly favorably; Iran viewed least favorably
by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ views of eight important Mideast countries were fairly stable over the past year, after a decade that saw shifts in several of their ratings. Roughly seven in 10 Americans continue to view Israel favorably — making it by far the most positively reviewed Mideast country of those Gallup tested.

Bulan Sabriel

Zionist war machine? Israel was being rocketed after responding to the kidnaping and murder of three Israeli civilians?
Jewish agenda? You suffer under the delusion that Jewish leftists care about Jewish interest. In the real world, they show their virtue by either ignoring the concept or actively active against it. Ask one about the logic of importing almost 2 million Muslims since 9/11 or million of Hispanics who don’t like Jews or Israel. In the real world, leftist Jews are like leftist white Christians, RACE TRAITORS.

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