Gays, Germs, and Pills: When Viruses Go Viral

zombiesWe Traditionalist ideologues are too eager to spread our ideas the way our opponents spread ideas; by making them attractive and appealing, rendering them “viral” among smart people. Some progress can be made in that manner, but we’ll never overcome the problem that our fully developed worldview is too subtle and complex for our target audience to intellectually grasp.

Most Americans, including all but the smartest of the “smart” ones, are incapable of breaking outside the Democrat v. Republican paradigm presented to them by their overlords. Some see beyond that horizon, but become ensnared in vapid little “systems” of thought like libertarianism, anarchism, and Marxism which aim to cram the unfathomably complex universe of human power relations into a handful of pat rules.

Stupid people are generally Traditionalist in orientation, because instinct and experience consistently support our worldview. The “doughnut hole” exists with men who are smart enough to overshadow their instincts and experiences with abstractions, yet not quite smart enough to fathom the abstractions which bring them back around to what their instincts and experiences were confirming all along. During the Baby Boomers’ Sexual Revolution, insisting on chastity and traditional lifestyles was largely the realm of ignorant and provincial types, while it was promoted by smart and sexy people armed with abstract arguments. Millions of lives could have been saved and billions of herpes blisters could have been avoided, had we only had the wisdom to follow our instincts and prejudices instead of our intellectuals.

All our priests, druids, scholars, and polemicists tried mightily to thwart the Sexual Revolution with arguments and appeals, but they failed. And, yet, the Sexual Revolution has been steadily rolling back. It’s rolling back due to the fear of AIDS, genital herpes, the psychological trauma of abortion, and the steady demographic displacement of people who have barren sex with acquaintances by people who have fertile sex with their spouses. Even the advancement of homosexuality has been revised to promote monogamous habits which earlier generations of homosexuals would have scoffed at.

We can belabor our points about the nature of life, about human nature, about human biodiversity, and about the wisdom of cultivating endogamous and autonomous communities; but nothing’s quite as viral as a virus.

I’m skeptical about the potential for the Ebola virus to spread very far in America. It may have some flashpoints here and there, and in some immigrant communities. But White Americans combine the most robust immune systems of any population group with the most ultra-hygienic, socially isolated, and contact-avoidant culture in the world. But Ebola is just one of numerous epidemiological threats to decadence and globalism. The antibiotic age is drawing to a close, and germs have their own progressive meta-narrative of limitless growth.

Even a minor outbreak could have a sweeping political impact. The fear of a gruesome death from a contagious disease leapfrogs fruity abstractions and compels even the most “open-minded” of folks to close their borders and hone in on loyalty to their immediate families and local communities. Just as horror films have been reliable holdouts against Modernity in film, real-life horrors also consistently conflict with Modernity. When confronted with death, misery, pain, grief, hunger, and defeat, people invariably seek salvation above and beyond themselves, becoming receptive to Transcendence.

Our society is engineered from the top down to maximize comfort, institutionalize death, anaesthetize pain, and reduce our social interactions to alienated and anonymous affairs where we’re rarely held accountable for the harm we inflict on others. Our vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical advances have been a blessing. But we’ve succeeded so well that we’ve all but forgotten a perennial aspect of the human experience which helped humble and enlighten previous generations. Life is fragile, nothing is guaranteed, and from time to time tragedy sweeps through and changes everything.

The Ebola virus isn’t especially contagious and I believe the global elites have the resources and the institutions to effectively contain it. This plague panic will likely go the way of SARS, Swine Flu, and Y2K. But history confirms that plagues, natural disasters, economic chaos, total war, and genocide do happen with startling regularity. While it may perhaps be foolish to panic with the announcement of each new theoretical horror, it’s even more foolish to presume that the coming century will be as placid and prosperous for ourselves and our progeny as the previous one was for forefathers. Only then will our ideas finally prove compelling again for the masses.


John Engelman

I have always disliked the sexual revolution. During the 1960’s and 1970’s proponents of the “new morality” like Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown were able to argue that birth control pills, antibiotics, and abortion had relieved a varied sex life of serious consequences. All that remained was carefree pleasure.

The War in Vietnam assisted the sexual revolution. It was defended using traditionalist morality. Now I believe that the war was tragically futile. Unfortunately, when young people turned against the war, they often turned against traditional morality as well, rejecting what deserved to be preserved, even though the reasons for preserving it were not always clear.

The arguments of the sexual revolutionaries did not anticipate the existence and spread of incurable and sometimes lethal venereal diseases.

Those arguments also did not anticipate the increase in illegitimacy and divorce. Children raised to adulthood by both biological parents living together in matrimony tend to do much better in life than children raised in other situations.

John Engelman

In the United States what passes for conservatism often does not extend beyond hatred for taxes and gun control laws. Edmund Burke, whom most American conservatives have never heard of, would be appalled.

There are conservative aspects to my thinking. I am pessimistic about human nature and human potential. I think there is often wisdom in tradition, even when the reason for the tradition may not become clear until the tradition is abandoned. I distrust abrupt social changes.

Nevertheless, to the extend that I am a conservative, mine is a conservatism that is without concern for the economic well being of the rich. I accept capitalism. I do not like it. I do not believe in socialism. I do not dislike it.


John Engleman is a judeophile. He comes on here. Why? To poison the well further? To try to deflect from the truth that his ‘Chosen People’ absolutely anticipated illegitimacy and divorce. It’s called the Frankfurt School, duh.

Tell him to go back to his ‘shiksa’-hating adoptive people and leave Whites alone. There is simply no place in any discussion of pro-White for his ilk.

John Engelman


Like other antisemites you blame Jews for social changes you dislike. The sexual revolution was popularized by Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown. These were Gentiles. They also got rich through their advocacy. Consequently there was a willing market for the ideas they had to sell. No one was “brainwashed.” People were persuaded.

Orthodox Mike

Jewish involvement in pornography and feminism and liberal schools of thought in the West are glaring. There is just too much evidence for it. However, without spiritually ill Gentiles, it couldn’t infect us. Our own sins give antichrists power. Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Al Goldstein, Ron Jeremy, George Soros, the Rothschild dynasty, et al, couldn’t infect us without the help of spiritually devoid shabbas goyim.

John Engelman

Efforts by antisemites to justify their hatred for the Jews are glaring.

The three most famous pornographers have been Hugh Hefner of Playboy, Bob Guccione of Penthouse, and Larry Flynt of Hustler. These became multimillionaires by selling their pornography. They have also been Gentiles.

It is easy for me to document that blacks have higher rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites. It is easy for me to document that Jews tend to be more intelligent than white Gentiles, and that they tend to be more accomplished and prosperous as a result.

Can you document higher rates of crime and illegitimacy for Jews than for white Gentiles? I doubt it. I also doubt that you can document that Jews are more likely to be in the pornography industry than white Gentiles.

If you can, Jews also have a more of a prominence in finance, business, Hollywood, the academy, journalism, and the government than one might suspect from their numbers in the U.S. population. The reason for this is the higher Jewish intelligence I have already mentioned. Jews tend to be very good at very many things.

John Engelman

I John 2:21,22 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.


What about those who do not believe in God at all? Do you hate them too?

Those who look for excuses to hate the Jews can always find them. The reason they hate the Jews is because they resent Jewish intelligence, success, and prosperity. Antisemites have spent their lives watching Jews get the best grades, the best jobs, and the biggest raises and promotions.

Gavin James Campbell

“Stupid people are generally Traditionalist in orientation” – again, more wisdom than you’ve intended!

Orthodox Mike

And the naive are liberal and ‘progressive’, and Globalists.

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