Minorities as Minions for White Liberals

Glenn Beck: White Savior of Illegal Immigrants
21st Century Supremacism

21st Century Supremacism

Jim Goad’s recent article on Feminism as a Mating Strategy for Beta Males explored how embracing feminism functions as a disingenuous tactic for men seeking to curry favor with women. The actual motivations behind their political approach to women are the perennial ones, but their angle for pursuing their prey manifests as a curious inversion of the traditional gender dynamic. They feign alliance with and even submission to “women” in a broad political sense against the nefarious forces of the vague and sinister “patriarchy”.

I therefore posit that in at least some cases, male feminism is a mating strategy for men who aren’t getting laid on the virtues of being men alone. So they switch gears and attempt to get laid on the merits of proclaiming to be feminist “allies.” The “allies” thing is all lies. It is a sneaky way of trying to appeal to women by loudly proclaiming that you hate the type of guy who normally appeals to women.

I propose that the same process plays out in racial politics with power-hungry Whites expressing their will to power through a disingenuous alliance with and even submission to “people of color” in a broad political sense against the nefarious forces of “White Supremacy”. Just as it’s absurd to propose that the biological impulse to pursue and possess a meek and loyal bride evaporated within a generation, it’s absurd to propose that the will to power and attitude of supremacy which has been a hallmark of Western Civilization for millennia evaporated within that same generation. The parsimonious conclusion is that both of these forces have been sublimated and inverted, masquerading in broad daylight under plausibly deniable politically correct avatars.

Just as women intuitively suspect something amiss with male feminists and generally don’t go for the bait, minorities are generally less enthused about white saviors helping them than the white saviors are enthused about snapping photos of themselves helping them. You won’t find a single Latin American country praising or thanking Glenn Beck or any of his fellow progressive extremists for his flamboyant display of Hollywood Christian charity for the illegal immigrants, because they’re genuinely not thankful.

Just as feminist males struggle to understand why their tactic isn’t working as planned, White Saviors don’t grasp why their grand spectacles of “giving” don’t win them any minions. This is because non-Whites intuitively take it for what it is, a display of dominance intended to stoke their own egos with no regard for how it denigrates and emasculates the peoples being ministered to. He’s rolling the cameras and soaking up all the praise from White liberals “crossing the aisle” to congratulate him and from America’s Christian leaders who suffer from the same complex.

What we White folks owe the “people of color” and the Global South isn’t humiliating truckloads of teddy bears or truckloads of food which atrophy their local food markets and perpetuate the cycles of poverty. What we owe them is reciprocal autonomy and respect. There are perhaps acute disasters, like the Haiti Earthquake, where a brief blast of emergency aid can be the right thing to do, but any kind of prolonged “assistance” guarantees that we will (even despite sincere intentions) begin to corrupt and shift their social and political life around ourselves and our superior position of power and esteem.

Glenn Beck: White Savior of Illegal Immigrants

Glenn Beck: White Savior of Illegal Immigrants

For most White Saviors, especially hucksters like Glenn Beck, corrupting and shifting the natives’ social and political life to orbit around themselves instead of around traditional, indigenous, local leadership is a feature, not a bug. White Saviors are White Supremacists in disguise, and are as much wolves in the hen house as male feminists. Just as the male feminists have no sincere intention to actually empower women and no observable effect of doing so, White Saviors also fail to actually empower brown people. If brown people were actually empowered, the last thing they would wish to do is praise and grovel to White American interlopers.



It says a lot that throughout the pro-white movement there is near-endless talk about how the jews brainwashed white women through feminism, yet no one dares ask whether the jews have poisoned the white well by injecting misogyny into the manosphere.

It’s also odd that no one recognizes that to say women achieved ‘domination’ through feminism is to admit that women are fully capable of wielding it.

Orthodox Mike

Sounds like you drank the antichrist Kool Aid…



The manosphere is a broad effort by males to grapple with their gender identities in the modern age. Some of it confirms misogyny and some of it transcends misogyny. Your reflexively hostile and one-sided perspective is as toxic and destructive as that of the misogynists you despise. Arriving at a coherent, fair, and functional gender dynamic for our people in the future requires an entirely different attitude from the one you repeatedly bring to these discussions.


Matt please show me one quote on here which expresses “reflexively hostile and one-sided perspective.’ You’d be hard pressed to find any such thing.

Besides that, I’m just suggesting that this notion that pervades the pro-white sphere – that jews orchestrated feminism to subvert white civilization – can go both ways. I recently received an ebook from a ‘WN’ or pro-white type (he sent it to a male friend of mine who sent it to me in horror) that I actually believe you would feel mostly offended by, although probably not as dramatically as I. It lectured men on how to ‘be men’ by emotionally and psychologically demeaning and manipulating women.

Failing some show of ‘proof’ of this one-sided posture I’ve supposedly taken, I’ll assume you can’t find any.

I, for one, think it highly probable that the same tactics used to hijack and control whatever women’s movement was spontaneously developing before the second wave of feminism are being used once again to severely distort whatever authentic and legitimate ‘men’s movement’ has developed.

What is so one-sided about that?

Orthodox Mike

The answer has been given long ago in the Pauline epistles to this problem. It tells us exactly how men and women are to act.

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