Heroes, Myths, and Legends– More than Comics

July 25, 2014

Marvel-Heroes-Wallpaper_opt-1Thor, Captain America, and Archie have all bit the bullet of liberlism.  Iron Man isn’t far behind either, but the word in the street is, “so what?”

Why SHOULD anyone care about America’s super heroes being transformed via transgender, transracial, and social-justice suicide? .I suppose it’s making a mountain out of a mole hill because I don’t know anybody who ever regularly read these comics growing up.  Nobody is really upset about some lame comics being twisted into a multi-culti liberalism circle jerk.  What people are upset about is deeper than a change of narrative, and closer to the heart.

The heroes, myths, and legends that we read about in comics are not simply about daily entertainment.  There’s enough to laugh at in this world without having to take in the funny pages, and the purpose that comics serve are deeper than base humor.  Comics are one form of folklore that we use to tell the stories about the heroes, myths, and legends of our people.

The stories that we see and hear in comics, books, newspapers, movies, or from our friends while recounting one of many versions of the stories associated with mythical heroes are also related to transmission of cultural norms.  Standards for conduct, expected values, and shared passions are disseminated through a variety or media when we retell the stories of our heroes.

If you can’t read a comic or enjoy a story that has a strong female lead without being able to just appreciate the story and the message it shares, then youi’ve got bigger problems than just a hang-up over aesthetics.  People aren’t upset that Thor is a woman, they’re upset that he was formerly a man in the Marvel universe.  If Thor had been a woman the whole time nobody would be upset about it.  The same is true about Captain America’s transracial change.  Nobody is upset that Captain America is a black man, people are upset because Captain America was formerly a completely different character.  Nobody is upset that Archie has decided to take a bullet for a gay black man while being a social justice crusader because…   ….  Okay, I don’t think that anybody ever really gave a shit about Archie in the first place.  Bad example.

Back to the point though–  Reading comics and enjoying visual media representations of our heroes is not just about finding an aesthetically pleasing super hero who incidentally honors our own social and political preferences.  The stories, regardless of which medium they are presented, are about teaching cultural values, norms, and standards.  More than that, they are also about teaching consumers what they are not.  

Captain America taught Americans that they were not fascists, communists, or anarchists.  The friend-enemy disjunction presented in the stories was about teaching Americans to be opposed to things that were supposed to be contrary to then contemporary American values.  Iron Man was supposed to be an American inventor whose enemies were created off of Cold War themes.  Again, this is about teaching readers what and who they are supposed to be aligned against.  It doesn’t matter who teaches them what they are supposed to be the opposed to, only that the message and the messenger stay consistent.

Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, of Romanian-born Jewish parents) was instrumental in the growth of Marvel Comics.  A person can’t hardly think about comics without thinking about Lee’s characters. His characters have also been instrumental in disseminating and teaching values.  I don’t doubt for a second that the Lee deferred to his own cultural and religious standards when given the opportunity, and so there is no doubt in my mind that Jewish values and not Christian values became a cornerstone of his stories.  In short, Stan Lee was able to tell Americans how to dream the American Dream.  That’s what Americans should be worried about.

Social Antisemitism such as what you see in the depths of /POL/ does a fantastic job of pointing out, mocking, and loudly criticizing Jewish influence over Western and Christian values– but it doesn’t really accomplish anything.  If you have a sense of humor there’s something for everybody to laugh at there, but that’s kind of besides the point.  The JIDF loves to troll around /POL/ (and Facebook, too), but they aren’t really accomplishing anything.  /POL/ needs subversive Jewish influence as badly as the JIDF needs /POL/.  It’s a win-win situation for both parties.  /POL/ gets more fodder for internet memes, and JIDF gets more fodder to show the world how Antisemitic that the internet is.

The way that we beat stop losing control over Western and Christian narratives and representations of our heroes is by knowing how to reject extra-national (or in this case Jewish) values when we see them.  This is called cultural Antisemitism.  Unlike social Antisemitism, it involves a complete rejection of outside values.  Like Gregory Hood said, how can you pervert a perversion? If the original Thor comics were a poor representation of the Germanic Thor that we all know and love, then why are we getting upset about the latest perversion?  Easy:  It’s because we’re still stuck on social Antisemitism.  Criticizing Jewish subversion of Germanic lore (or any other uniquely Western hero, myth, or legend) by getting upset over the box that it’s delivered in doesn’t actually change anything.  Imagine this:  You go to a nice restaurant and order a cut of prime rib, but the server brings shrimp scampi instead.  It won’t do you any good to cry about how you didn’t get the steak while sitting there and eating the shrimp scampi.  The comic that you’ve been calling Captain America is more like “Captain Judaism”.  Get it now?

The reason that we should be concerned about the latest round of changes in the comics that we read is that it is a greater diversion from the unique Western and Germanic values and traditions that went into forming Americans as a people.  If you want to be Jewish, then keep on reading your Marvel Comics.  If you want to be a finer example of what it means to be Western Man, then go read Norse mythology.

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