Against Crackpot Tradition

district-9-armA few weeks ago, among the stampede of Orthodox Christians rushing over here to call us heretics for simply asserting the right of my people to exist, one of them called me a heretic for a plausible reason: I’m a Radical Traditionalist. According to him, Radical Traditionalism is a gnostic religion in and of itself, and men like myself are only adopting the religious traditions we’re adopting as substitutes and proxies for a Perennialist meta-religion.

Many self-described Radical Traditionalists I’ve read and spoken with are Perennialists, and many of them do indeed adopt a religious institution as a secondary avatar of sorts. Radical Traditionalism is, in my estimation, not synonymous with Perennialism. It’s a metaphysical discipline, a manner of approaching philosophical and theological problems, a toolkit for analyzing and repairing belief systems which is not a belief system in itself. It’s a bias in favor of the initiatic over the vulgar, the self-transcendent over the selfish, the perennial over the progressive, the hierarchy over the mob, and the organic whole over the system’s parts.

Radical Traditionalism is a compass and a map, and the world’s traditions and traditional institutions are the territories. A Traditionalist Christian doesn’t promote Tradition over his Christian faith and institutions. He relies on the principles of Traditionalism to defend Christianity from the forces of degeneracy. A Traditionalist soldier fights for his military rather than abstract “Tradition”, but the principles empower him to determine whether or not his military is indeed fighting a noble fight in the first place. Radical Traditionalist principles can and should be applied to one’s faith, one’s identity, one’s politics, one’s family, one’s romantic endeavors, one’s friendships, and even one’s interaction with animals and nature.

Every student of Tradition knows to reject and oppose overt degeneracy. Folsom Street Fair parades of perversion, the neon jungle of consumption and greed, and the selfish “pursuit of happiness” leaving millions of broken families and lives in its wake; these are all simple and obvious examples of degeneracy to oppose. The thing is, by the time degeneracy has reached this stage, it’s approaching the end of its life-cycle. The thing about “degeneracy” is that it eventually degenerates to the point that its dysfunction limits its own capacity for destruction. By the time you’re bowled over by the stench of death, it’s too late to bother fighting it.

The more needful yet more challenging task is opposing degeneracy earlier in its life-cycle. To accomplish that, one must search in seemingly vigorous and vital traditional institutions for hairline cracks in the container. Crackpot Traditions are far more destructive than alienated degenerates precisely because they haven’t yet degenerated to the point of dysfunction and self-destruction. Devout Christian patriarchs with big families and selfless intentions may be less degenerate than drug-addicted homosexual nihilists, but their vitality and virtue render them all the more dangerous when they wield only a handful of degenerate ideals.

To hope to actually cure degeneracy, one must diagnose and treat it as early as possible, a discipline which requires a rigorous skepticism of our most revered traditional institutions. Trust, but verify. No religious, military, or social institution is immune to subversion and perversion, and the naive presumption that any of them are above suspicion does the institutions no favors. A soldier’s creed demands that he obey his traditional military order without question. But when the military order has been corrupted and redirected from the top, it ceases to be a traditional military order and honor and duty now demand agitation, disobedience, and reaction.

Radical Traditionalism is no substitute for active critical thinking, skepticism, and nuanced discernment. For example, no military order is perfectly noble and exclusively employed for noble reasons. In fact, what being RadTrad amounts to is exactly that, studying the nature of nobility and vitality so that they may be defend. But the United States’ military, for example, is beyond redemption, a humiliating mockery of the principles of duty, honor, sacrifice, and fraternity it purports to manifest. Many young Traditionalists, even ones who are intelligent and educated enough to know better, find themselves attracted by their noble urge to serve in an initiatic military order, to join the Army. And with that decision, they betray everything they purport to stand for and dedicate themselves to advancing an evil empire. It would be less degenerate and destructive to go on a drug binge in a gay bathhouse.


Fr. John+

I’ve never heard of this Perennialist claptrap before now, but a cursory look up led me to this:

“The Perennial Philosophy (Latin: philosophia perennis), [note 1] also referred to as Perennialism, is a perspective within the philosophy of religion which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which the foundation of all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown.” –

Which is, of course, utter blasphemy; and consummate post-Modernism. I wonder how someone could accuse the Traditionalists who actually care to HOLD UP tradition, to be of this ilk, unless I am reading you incorrectly. God alone, in Christ, is the only Truth there is, or ever will be. And Holy Orthodoxy holds that Truth ‘in earthen vessels’ as St. Paul says.
Tradition is merely the hedge around that precious tree, and it appears disingenuous that the ‘Novus Ordo Orthodox’ can stand for all manner of abandonment of such Traditions, and yet, call those of us who actually care about the Faith, as if we are latching onto the bare forms, and not the kernel of Truth itself!

It is not the kinists, and the Radical Traditionalists, who are standing by and allowing this dung to be said in an Orthodox land, for example!

So, I wonder where the reality lies, in such comments; in the finger pointing at us, or the trinitarian fingers pointing back at ‘the Accusers of the Brethren.’ For ‘not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, etc.’


Hello Mr. Parrott,

I have been following many of your articles and enjoy reading them. I enjoy reading and listening to Matthew Heimbach as well. Is your group strickly for orthodox Christians? I am not a Christian but I agree with the degeneratism that has accompanied Democracy and have witnessed first hand morals, old social norms etc…..everything has almost if not evaporated. My grand parents are probably rolling in their graves right now at the sight of modern America.

Anyway I was wondering if there are any articles here on Orthodox Christianity and why it is better than Catholicism and Protestantism….[Well I dislike most Protestant sects such as Lutheranism etc…].

Gavin James Campbell

Messers Parrott and Heimbach got excommunicated from the Orthodox Church! Meanwhile, every single country on the planet in which Orthodoxy is a majority religion, is a democracy and a republic. So, please, hate us.

Orthodox Mike

LOL. Globalist Gavin – OrthoTroll. Sounds like it can be a bad B movie. 🙂

Gavin James Campbell

With an uncanonical, schismatic group, no doubt.

Gavin James Campbell

Doubtless in communion with an uncanonical, schismatic group.
Or would you care to identify their bishop, so we can verify the regularity of their parish?

Gavin James Campbell

Let me guess; they’re in communion with the same schismatic, uncanonical group that Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson is a part of.

an observer

You seem demented. Please, give it a rest, for your sake and ours.

Orthodox Mike

St Gregory the Theologian said Anarchy and Democracy were for immature children, and Monarchy for adults. Stick that in your pseudodox pipe and smoke it, smart guy.

Orthodox Mike

Ahh, Globalist Gavin… Defender of destroyers of Holy Tradition and of identity. God bless you for coming back and reminding us constantly how spiritually devoid our Folk are in the West, especially our sickly socialist brothers to the North!

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