Reintroducing the Orthodox Nationalist

June 23, 2014

The Orthodox Nationalist
The Orthodox Nationalist

Father Matthew Raphael Johnson

Father Matthew Raphael Johnson’s several years of podcasts on the Voice of Reason radio network were among the most original, inspiring, and informative content on the web. Before the site hosting them went down, I regularly pointed people to his podcasts as a starting point for introducing the Radical Traditionalist perspective to enquirers. He walks the listener through every step of the Medievalist critique of the Enlightenment mentality we’ve all been force-fed.

I’ve recovered his podcasts from the Internet Archive¬†and they’re now hosted here at our TradYouth website. In addition to the posts available in the site’s archive, we’re also hosting a zipfile of the podcasts[1.5GB]. If you have the bandwidth and the storage space, save yourself a copy for posterity. If you identify any errors in the import while enjoying the series, please leave a comment on this post explaining what’s wrong and we’ll clean it up and update the zip file.

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