Father Oliver Herbel’s McOrthodox Witch Hunt

Father Oliver Herbel
Father Oliver Herbel

Fr. Oliver Herbel

The Church’s request for silence on our part would be more tolerable if the Church weren’t also actively lying about us in the meantime. Father Oliver Herbel’s latest attack on Matthew Heimbach begins with the premise that he’s a “rising white supremacist” who’s guilty of trying to promote ethnophyletism and racial supremacism in the Church. Herbel’s goal is to make “anti-racism” a canonical pillar of church doctrine, to staple a 20th century political fad of anti-white hysteria onto our ancient traditions.

Heimbach hasn’t been trying to promote ethnophyletism or supremacism in the Church. In fact, we delivered a statement immediately after Father Herbel and his colleagues whipped up this witch hunt against us which very clearly and directly outlined our positions relative to the church:

I reject the heresy of phyletism. Nobody is to be denied entry into the Church, warm fellowship, or communion on the basis of their racial, national, or ethnic identity. The Orthodox Christian Church is Universal, transcending racial, national, and ethnic identities, and each parish must remain a safe harbor for any and all Orthodox Christians.

I reject the sinful notion of supremacism. Humility is a cornerstone of Church Tradition and an attitude of superiority over our fellow man is incompatible with the Faith.

Of course, even this most clear and direct statement of obedience possible wasn’t enough for the post-modern witch hunt. According to Father Herbel, “Heimbach, although told via his parish’s website to repent, has issued no such statement.” How can he repent of promoting phyletism when he can’t, for the life of him, identify where he did that? How can he repent of supremacism when he’s not a supremacist? Heimbach has also failed to publicly apologize to the Church and beg their forgiveness for beating his girlfriend, kicking dwarves, and a whole host of other things he’s not actually doing.

But this isn’t about whether Heimbach’s actually guilty of anything. Heimbach’s guilty in this grand symbolic way which is more important than the truth in Father Herbel’s politically-motivated mind. In Herbel’s mind, the anti-white skinhead who attacked Thomas and Matthew at the Slutwalk rally are the victims of a monster. In Herbel’s mind, Heimbach’s beneath redemption, beneath contempt, and even beneath linking to unless he completely renounces his ethnic identity altogether.

Father Herbel repeatedly acts as if we’re the ones bringing secular politics into the Church when the exact opposite is the case. Father Herbel’s brought his anti-White politics into the Church and our mere humble presence is incompatible with that. He can’t bear to share communion with us because his is an explicitly political communion, one where White identity is an outright heresy.

Orthodox clergy and laity need to make a clear stance on this.

Yes. It does. The clergy and laity need to clearly confirm that the Church stands above worldly politics, not on Father Herbel’s side. The clergy need to clearly confirm that they’re not going to be forced to pick sides in every political controversy, that they’re not beholden to the fashions and biases of this age and culture.

We need to do so when encountering a rising white supremacist star.

The clergy will do nothing about Father Herbel viciously lying about and attacking a humble and obedient convert to Orthodoxy. For fear of the Leftists, the right-leaning and apolitical clergy will remain perfectly silent as an organized institutional campaign against Matthew Heimbach carries on unabated.

We need to do so when discussing the relations between Orthodox internationally. We definitely need to do so here in America, where we have jurisdictions that still hearken back to certain ethnic beginnings in ways that allow some of us to say converts aren’t welcome and/or aren’t “really” Orthodox.

Now we arrive at the real point of Father Herbel’s attacks on Heimbach. The real point is that he wants to steamroll the ethnic parishes in favor of a Cosmic Orthodoxy where no identities or local traditions are tolerated — McOrthodoxy. The only convert who has actually been unwelcome due to his ethnic identity is, ironically, Matthew Heimbach. By the actual definition of ethnophyletism, as it was actually written and intended, Father Herbel is the one who’s flagrantly guilty of promoting the denial of communion to an Orthodox Christian because of one’s ethnic identity.


Daniel J Antinora

Sorry for your troubles brother. Can’t say I’m not glad you abandoned your Mormonism but it seems no good deed goes unpunished.

I would like to discuss theology with you sometime.

I’m also going to email you something I’ve been transcribing. I think you will find edifying.


You can’t fight city hall. If the orthodox authorities were interested in helping you and MH, they would have by now.

Owen White

Wait, y’all converted in Fr. Gillquist’s parish, and you go around accusing other people of McOrthodoxy? You came into Orthodoxy in the epicenter of McOrthodoxy. Gillquist religion is the heart of Byzantine Rite Evangelicalism.

So wet behind the ears fellows.


It’s not like we could just drive weekly to an Orthodox parish which is perfectly aligned with our culture and politics.

Daniel J Antinora

and “picking” out a church that perfectly aligned with your culture and politics would be the supreme act of McOrthodoxy.

Love is local.

Fr. John+

Love may be local, Daniel. But, for every Greek, Russian, and Serbian, it’s also always, and forever, TRIBAL.

Herbel (I will say it) is NO PRIEST OF TRUE ORTHODOXY. He’s a modernist, just by virtue of his age, and race alone- he has not ‘fully assimilated’ the ‘narodnost, and metohia’ of TRUE Orthodoxy, but is a posturer in the world of Scobadox Pseudo-doxy.

I thank God for the Two Matthews for exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing, that preen and posture as if they alone with the ‘Canonical’ Orthodox Bishops of America. Give it up, gents. You’re a bunch of selbsthasslich Liberals, nothing more than Protestants with Prosphoras.

Compared to the Old-Calendarist saints and martyrs of old, you don’t hold a candle… literally.

Brad Griffin

The Methodists are about to split apart over homosexuality and gay marriage. I recently discovered that the Methodists are for comprehensive immigration reform and abortion too. I haven’t had anything to do with them since my youth.

Their real doctrine is Americanism. Jesus is only a team mascot and the cross is only there as a decoration. These people would have unrecognizable to Medieval Christians or even their 19th century forebears.

Fr. John+

“In the end, all the Churches will serve Antichrist.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose

‘What is Antichrist, if not a denial that Jesus came in ONE specific Flesh, race and ethnicity tied to his Divine DNA, and is now resurrected, and ever liveth to make intercession for ‘those He came to save’?

Modern Scobadox, like most (all) RC’s and WCC Prots, are today’s neo-Nestorians, who want the ‘brave new world’ of the song, ‘Some children see him black and white.’ They also are idolaters of the Negro phallus, just as Cambria says.

“We start with the primary seductive rationale of all utopian states. The utopians promise that if the great unwashed mass of humanity will follow their guidance, a new paradisiacal state of existence will be the permanent lot of mankind. And when the paradisiacal state fails to materialize, what happens then? That’s easy: you blame the recalcitrant reactionaries, whether they be unborn babies, aristocrats, monarchists, Christians, white people, old people, or some other scapegoat, for impeding the march to utopia. This is why the utopian is never fazed when aristocrats, white people, or unborn babies are slaughtered. Such creatures are in the way of utopia, which is always about to come into fruition but somehow always eludes us.”

Herbel, and all his ilk, is one of these sort. Anathema sit.

Orthodox Mike

McOrthodoxy is a perfect name for this nonsense. Faceless, raceless, consumerist, One Worlder tripe – secular humanistic Tower of Babel religion- posing as Classical Christianity.

Ken Boeker

I wish the heresy of “Americanism” would be condemned. Then you would see who the true Orthodox are.
Most converts and cradles alike would probably split the seen.

George Skanderbeg

Kick Dwarfs? Heimbach is starting to sound like a Ring-wraith from Lord of the Rings, but I guess the politically correct term is Nazgrul

an observer

The fact that Mr. Heimbach is remaining silent, despite being under the attack of semidox priests with crap goatees is a tribute to his patience and fortitude. Anything that comes from Red River ‘Orthodox’ can be pretty much discounted from the get-go. Anyway, here’s what a Russian priest had to say in 1905, concerning the Russian and Georgian peoples. Note how Orthodoxy calls us to something higher WITHOUT losing our identities in a bland puree:

“… if a people is an organism, then in it there must be instincts which subconsciously direct its life purposefully and infallibly, having before it, not death, but life. But there is another force which gave both the one and the other people an understanding of their world tasks and the means of their fulfillment. This force is ORTHODOXY. It alone includes in itself the principles of true Catholicity, and DOES NOT SUPPRESS NATIONALITIES [my caps], but presents to each one spiritual freedom without tying its spiritual life to a person, a place or an external discipline, while at the same time it stands higher than all nationalities. By means of UNDYING TRADITION [my caps] it prevents a man from confusing freedom with licence, from destructive spiritual anarchy, and makes possible in him constant vitality and growth, as of a spiritual organism. […] Orthodoxy, and only Orthodoxy, serves as a religion having eternal and global significance, uniting mankind inwardly, NOT OUTWARDLY [my caps]. WITHOUT SUPPRESSING NATIONALITIES [my caps], it can at the same time become a pan-popular religion in te full sense of the word. And truly it has become the fundamental strength and popular religion both for the Russians and for the Georgians. OUTSIDE ORTHODOXY BOTH RUSSIANS AND GEORGIANS CEASE TO BE THEMSELVES [my caps].But in it they find true guarantee of the preservation of their spiritual personalities under hostile attacks. For that reason it has become infinitely dear to both peoples. For that reason, it has so quickly and firmly united both peoples in an unbroken union hitherto unknown in history of state and Church, in spite of the absence of tribal kinship, for kinship according to faith is higher than kinship according to blood, union in the spirit is higher than union in race, and stronger than the unions created for avaricious aims of states.”

Orthodox Mike

What an awesome quote! Which Russian priest said it?

Orthodox Mike

Red River Orthodox… It should say Red Flag Flying Orthodox.. . Lol

an observer

Protopriest John Vostorgov. Here’s another one from Ivan Kireevsky:

“each patriarchate, each tribe, ech country in the Christian world preserved its own characteristic features, while at the same time participating in the common unity of the whole Church.”

No sign of renunciation of nationality there. The hypocrisy of the Antiochians should also be noted because:

1) They seem to squash ‘nationalism’ but parade their ‘patriarchism’ blatantly (all the “…first called Christians in Antioch” stuff plastered on their website)

2) They created a Western Rite Vicariate for people who didn’t wanted to abandon their ‘Western patrimony’.

Double standards?

Fr. John+

An Observer- One of the reasons I didn’t go with the Saliba-ites, was their ‘back of the bus’ attitude to the Western Rite folk, in both liturgical and economic fronts. WR clergy literally walked ten steps BEHIND the Byzantine Bigots.

I’ve said it before on my (now-defunct) blog, and I’ll say it as long as I have breath: When St. Tikhon Belavin (a White Russian) began talks with the Anglo-catholics, he KNEW that THERE lay the future of AMERICAN ORTHODOXY. When Hawaweeny (the weenie!) took over, his narrow, bigoted, and RACIST hatred of the Anglos meant that the Byzantines led American ‘Orthodoxy’ into a phyletistic GHETTO, from which we STILL have not emerged!!

Pot calling kettle, COME IN, KETTLE!

And this is what all of this brouhaha is all about. The Scoba-dox are all Byzantine Bigots, and the Anglos in their midst, have been JUDAIZED to feel that ‘only the Chrysostom rite it valid, only the Byzantine rite has legitimacy’ blah, blah, blah, GINGER! (allusion to a Far Side cartoon)

I pray that the True Orthodox, and the True “Ecumene” come out of her, my people, and ‘be ye separate.’

It’s damn time.


To be fair… Heimbach doesn’t kick dwarves. He knocks them around golf courses using an Orthodox Cross like a 9-iron.


There’s something not quite right about using the word “Americanism” to describe progressive liberalism with its program to suppress traditional white American Christian culture and political power. “Communism” is a traditional, if imprecise, one-word label for the progressive liberal cultural and political program. Communism is definitely anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American. That is what the mainstream churches, as well as government and corporate culture, have signed up for.


I knew nothing good would come out of this odd bromance the Matts have with russian orthodoxy.

And I was right.

Orthodox Mike

Thanks again for your negative opinion Niemca. You’re always so uplifting. It wasn’t the Russians aanyway that got the Matts in trouble anyway, Miss Know It All.


Dr Oliver Herbel has books being sold on “Tradition” “Converts” ,and “the Making of an American Orthodox Church” on Amazon. Hardcover and Kindle versions,

Perhaps it is a good idea to post critical (but polite) reviews over there.

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