Jesus Camp: The Last Gasp of Evangelical America

It is amazing how strong the Religious Right once appeared in American politics. In the late 1990’s and early 2,000’s, politicians were taking a stronger stand on moral issues, more Christians were voting in elections, and it seemed to the country that America was going to turn the corner on the hippie generation and turn back the clock. This dream come true to some and a nightmare for others seemed to be unbeatable, an Evangelical America, only to have the movement disintegrate.


The basis of the Religious Right and specifically the Evangelical movement is to “reclaim America for Christ” and to return America to her founding principles, which in turn is the reason why the movement was doomed to fail. The problem with working to save America is that America was not born to survive, it was born to both spiritually and culturally disintegrate by the Freemasons who forged it.

Filmed at the height of Evangelical political power back in 2006, Jesus Camp was a documentary that followed an Evangelical Church with Pentecostal overtones as it held its yearly youth bible camp. Obviously edited as a hit piece in the snarky tone of generic American liberals who hate anything Christian or community based, Jesus Camp is far more interesting when you ignore the yellow journalism and instead focus on the deeper aspects of the church and the people in it. While being presented as a hyperbolic combination of the Branch Davidian cult and Randy Weaver, the Church and in fact the entire Evangelical movement is shown to have had the seeds of its current disarray and destruction sown by its own misguided views and confused efforts into the political realm.

The first trend we see throughout the film is the utter devotion and worship of the American flag and the United States as a whole. The nation that has killed fifty six million unborn children, invaded dozens of countries in violation of international law, and worked to undermine Christian civilization since the beginning is somehow deified above even God by the Evangelical movement, serving America is more important than serving the commandments of the Lord.

The devotion to America runs so deep in the participants of this film that at one point they actually pray to a cardboard cut-out of then President George W. Bush. Although undeniably the intercession to Saints would be called blasphemous by those in this film, those who bow before the Almighty America see men like George W. Bush as living Saints worthy of their devotion.

Throughout Jesus Camp we see American flags flying high above the churches, without a Christian flag or symbol to be found. Children wear American flag t-shirts, pastors wear American flag pins, and the words on everyone’s lips are “take back America for Christ.”

The narrative of the Religious Right is that “America has simply lost her way” and can be redeemed through a devotion to patriotism and televangelists. Though America has the blood of millions of innocent lives on her hands, a basis in Freemasonry and modernity, and a several century pattern of rebellion against Biblical law, the Evangelicals believe hook line and sinker in the defense of Americana. As America dies through secularization, cultural and demographic displacement of the founding stock, and a changing global dynamic, the Evangelical movement will be the last zealots to die for America, and they are proud of it.


Evangelical warriors ready to die for the Red, White, Blue, and the International Jew

Our first introduction to Christ Triumphant Church actually had me intrigued. About a dozen youths in camouflage paint, some in military style fatigues, are holding batons and doing a synchronized series of movements while chanting. As the children begin to march in place while holding the batons you see an obviously drawn parallel by the directors to the youth training camps of Hamas and Hezbollah who bring up their children as devoted followers of Islam.

The film clearly is saying “Hey guys, look at these wacky Christian fundamentalists” and for a second you get a sense that perhaps these folks might really have a true revolutionary spirit about them. Several of the youth give pledges to the Bible and to the Christian flag, a great sign of devotion and something I respect, only to have this undone by waving an American flag while doing it.

As devotion to Christ increases, Evangelicals teach that you must be increasingly devoted to the American flag and what egalitarianism it stands for. You are required in the Evangelical movement to burn your pinch of incense at the altar of the Constitution and the American flag and under no circumstances can you buck the trend of patriotism, after all America is supposed to be “Gods shining city on a hill” so a lack of devotion to America is viewed as a lack of devotion to God himself.

Throughout the film the words “army of God” are said by children as to explain what they are trying to assemble. While an army of God would follow the example of Christ and throw out the money changers and those defiling the temple, this army of God is more interested in getting more Republicans elected into office. One of the young girls named Victoria proudly wears his United States Army t-shirt, mixing the nature of an army of God with the uniform of the army of an anti-Christ regime. The dream that perhaps these kids are transcending the shallowness of Americana and actually working to create something new quickly fades when the worshiping of George W. Bush begins. JesusCamp2

We are quick to find that in another step into modernity, the youth group is being led by a female pastor. As she launches into a diatribe about the hypocrisy and laziness of most American Christians, it is hard to not notice that she is obese and looks far from the Traditional Christian version of femininity. With gaudy jewelry and modern clothes the traditional look of our ancestors has been done away with in an attempt to meet the world half way.

Homeschooling is featured heavily in the film, a movement that I support wholeheartedly. Parents who take the responsibility to teach their children the values of the family instead of sending them off to cultural Marxist indoctrination centers deserve the highest praise. And this gets to the heart of the film, these people in it are truly good natured and kind individuals who have been seriously led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Both the parents and children are obviously looking to serve God and their nation with the utmost devotion. The problem however is that with low Church Protestantism that is not grounded in Sacred Tradition it is very easy to get manipulated and perverted by dedicated outside forces.

If every man and woman is allowed to interpret Scripture as they want to, the mass media and a few charismatic preachers on the take from AIPAC or George Soros can poison the spiritual well of millions of people.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are outfitted by the forces of darkness with the fanciest pulpit, the cushiest Church, and a Gospel message that is poisoned with modernity and heresy.

Makeup, fancy suits, and a winning smile however are able to hide this heresy from many millions of Americans who are easily led astray due to their lack of grounding in Traditional Christianity. In America the Religious Right was co-opted for the System, just as the Positive Christianity movement in Germany attempted to subvert the Church to be subservient to National Socialism, not Christ.

On the political side the failure of the Evangelical movement is because they view America as their nation. Historical revisionism and outright lies have crafted a narrative for the Fox News crowd about the founding of America and its history over the past several centuries.

An intellectual disconnect about the very nature of America and her history is necessary to be able to believe in the Conservative Inc created mythos. America from the beginning is not something that Christians should have believed in, and the sins of the past have only planted the seeds of one of the most blood soaked regimes in world history.

As our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq were allowed to be almost entirely driven out by the jihadists we put in charge, or the Palestinian people who have American made white phosphorous dropped on their homes by an illegal Zionist occupation, to the support for the illegal Ukrainian regime killing innocent civilians in East Ukraine, America is not the shining city on a hill, but the bully boys for the anti-Christ globalists.

The tragedy of not only the film but also the American Religious Right in general is that it is so close to an organic folkish worldview and has so much potential, but has been so obviously subverted by both political and globalist forces.

While the mother of one of the boys featured is homeschooling her children, she goes on at length about “Judeo-Christian” values and America while lamenting “Where has my country gone.” The worship of those who crucified Christ and the devotion to the despotic and Masonic nation spawned from the womb of the Enlightenment is enough to sully the good intentions of not only this mother, but the Evangelical movement in general.




Interesting article, though I feel the author glossed over– or missed entirely– the primary and most unforgivable folly of America’s “religious right”: strongly supporting Israel and the Zionists.

The “evangelical patriots” that the author describes almost universally support the practice of propping up the “nation” of Israel with both hundreds of millions of American dollars and state-of-the-art American weaponry. Some of these megachurches have donated substantially to Zionist organizations, organizations that make no attempt to hide their intentions: to see that Jews around the world are specially provided for, regardless of who else that may inconvenience.

Call it what you want– ignorance, stupidity, naivety– but the position of many American Christians on this issue flies in the face of reason and logic. The Jews handed over Jesus to be killed and their silence on the matter over the past 2,000 years speaks volumes. They, more than the Muslims, are inherently anti-Christian based on the actions of their forefathers and their ongoing silent approval of said actions. And yet many Christians (specifically the evangelical “religious right” that the author describes) are strong supporters of the International Jew. It’s mind-boggling, and it’s had devastating political consequences in this country, obviously. America’s continued support of Israel– which will continue in perpetuity due to the positions of wealth and influence that Jews hold throughout American society– hasn’t just had grave economic consequences, it has endangered the lives of future generations of Americans– our children and grandchildren– because millions of Arabs who are engaged in “Jihad” rightfully see America and Israel as one entity.

The United States has become the defender of the International Jew, and the religious right has steadily supported this process both financially and politically. The book of Revelation teaches us that in the end, before the Rapture, all churches will serve the Antichrist.

Leslie H. Higgins

The idea of the Religious Right as America’s Positive Christianity is insightful and spot-on. Very sad that all the poor souls in the Evangelical churches are so misguided, and are allied with the evildoers who want to wipe out their people.

Fr. John+

2006 was the watershed year, when Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, was ‘outed’ by his rent-a-stud whore boy, as having had sexual relations with a man, including anal intercourse, for three years.

Rousas J. Rushdoony’s “Institutes of Biblical Law” still stand a valid, silent witness to the takeover of the Religious Right of the 1980’s by the Charismaniacs the likes of Falwell, Robertson, and Bakker, from the much more educated Calvinism of the Christian Reconstructionists, who were, and still are, a far more formidable threat to the Judaification of the USA, than the weak and utterly futile aberrancies of a lawless, antinomian cult known as Charismaticism.

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