Extreme Whiteness: Saletan on Republican Primary Voters

Eric Cantor

Eric CantorWilliam Saletan explains Eric Cantor’s stunning electoral defeat in his recent Slate article, Primarily Extreme. In summary: it’s all about race and demographics. I couldn’t agree more. He offers some helpful charts which explain that the folks who ousted Cantor are manifestly unrepresentative of America because they’re generally more elderly, white, and conservative than the general electorate.

Saletan is a sort of Steve Sailer for Jewish liberals, Slate’s resident “science guy” who takes a more analytical and data-driven approach to social commentary than the rest of the collective. He’s actually so analytical and data-driven that he made an abortive attempt several years ago to concede that there are racial differences in intelligence. He’s no friend of ours, and his effort was actually a futile attempt to square hard facts with hard Leftism. The two are diametrically opposed, and he was lucky to retain his job in the wake of a firestorm of finger-wagging.

Saletan begins the article with the . . . extreme . . . assertion that Virginia’s primary voters are outright “extremists”.

How do right-wingers like Cantor and Cochran lose to challengers even further on the right? The answer lies in the extremism of Republican primary voters.

Traditionally, that term has been reserved for folks (like myself) who are radically misaligned with mainstream politics. In fact, if you’re voting in any election at all, you’re probably not all that extremist. And if the guy you’re voting for actually wins (as Cantor’s opponent did), then you’re almost certainly not an “extremist”. Merely a few decades ago, everything this demographic pool stood for would have been considered “moderate”, a word which has been swept to the Left with the demographic tide. What’s “extreme” is a moving target, relative to context and culture. By all historical and non-Western standards, Saletan’s views are the extreme ones. And if old white Virginians are extreme by historical and non-Western standards, it’s for being merely a few steps behind Saletan in their extreme liberalism.

He trots out statistics suggesting that the voters who ousted Cantor are so extreme that a third of them wish to actually enforce our immigration laws, sealing his case that we have ourselves a hopelessly out-of-touch assortment of ideological antiques. They’re more than 90% White and they’re not even ashamed enough of their Whiteness to advocate demographically displacing themselves with open borders positions.

This is how guys like Cantor and Cochran get defeated. The people who vote in their primaries are wildly unrepresentative of the general population. The real mystery isn’t how these guys lose. It’s how the candidates selected by such extreme electorates end up running the country.

This situation is a deliberate feature, not a bug. As much as America’s founding fathers bandied about “democracy” and “freedom”, they retained a healthy fear and suspicion of mob rule and revolutionary change, designing our political system with an elitist agrarian bias toward rural gentry, country gentlemen. As much as their original designs have been compromised over the passing decades by “reformers”, Congress still lags America’s rapidly shifting demographics by a couple decades, both in hue and character. Even after 2042, when White Americans will be in the demographic minority, we’ll still enjoy a couple decades of political dominance owing to our demographic’s more geriatric and rural spread.

Cantor’s defeat is being lauded by the media as a victory for the “Tea Party”, though if anything his fall from grace represents the death knell of the original vision of the Tea Party project: A rejection of all religious, identitarian, and cultural conservative advocacy in favor of a singular and strident libertarian fixation on lowering taxes. Cantor rode in as that golden boy who promised to balance the budget and rein in “Big Government”. He now leaves Washington in disgrace, having achieved nothing he promised and having actively betrayed conservatives on just about everything except lowering taxes.

The Tea Party movement, despite all the best laid plans of Zionists, careerist policy wonks, and corporate lobbyists, keeps inexorably creeping toward serving as an advocacy vehicle for disaffected White Americans. Time and time again, they’ve fallen for one hustle and con after another, but they continue spitting them out. In due time, they’ll spit Rand Paul out, too. In due time, a remnant among them will begin speaking in the identitarian and anti-globalist language of authentic reaction.

If William Saletan thinks the goyim are “extremist” now, he’s in for a rude awakening. Even the very data he presents confirms that the “immigration” issue is moving in the wrong direction for him, with fewer and fewer buying his “Progressive” definition of “progress” away from borders, cultures, and identities with each passing survey, election cycle, and generation.


Fr. John+

As I’ve said time and time again, because of the Jews, and the Frankfurt School, and the Neo-Cons, and all the rest of the Deicide crowd in NYC, and elsewhere, if I were to run as a candidate using JFK’s DEMOCRAT platform from 1960, I would be labelled a ‘neo-nazi’ or a ‘radical right winger’ before the Talmudics touched their keyboards, so far has the godless Left propagandized the entire American populace to adopt Trotskian memes of thought and discourse (witness the dying term, ‘racism’, now that Wade’s book had cracked the facade!)

IF Christians are supposed to honor their fathers and mothers, and seek the old paths, you would think that the Elderly, the White, the Conservative would be the default position of at least the Christians in the USA. For, if it were, we never would have elected the Obamanation… the first time.

Bulan Sabiel

If you ran as a JFK Democrat, you would be for the 1965 immigration act, which is the legacy of the Protestant hating drug-using skirt chasers.


Yes, excellent. First comment I’ve read that acknowledges that the Tea Party initially would not touch anything racial, such as immigration, with a 10-foot pole, except to claim that we all cherish Dr. King. Let Saletan stay in his bubble. The existence of communities based on faith and race is an obvious fact of life, and the liberal-progressive-antiwhite attempt to deprive white Americans of faith- and race-based communities is finally hitting some flak. Self-government means we govern ourselves in accordance with our own culture, traditions, and values. People are thinking that their restraint in not reclaiming self-government has not paid off, and the restraint is coming to an end.

If we had self-government, we would freeze immigration, end affirmative action, bring back manufacturing, and stabilize the dollar. These are all policies that would benefit the majority, even if they nicked a few who enjoy undue privileges.


Henry Adams said the characteristic American political stance was “conservative Christian anarchist.” Sounds like what you have in mind. Too bad uber-statists like Mussolini and Hitler gave being on the “right” such a bad name.


Bob Whitaker said the Tea Party was the last gasp of White Supremacy, meaning it was the last movement among Whites who tried to pretend RACE didn’t matter. He didn’t mean that it was in favor of White Supremacy – not at all! Rather, he meant they just assume White Rule without realizing it. We all pick up the vibe that they don’t quite get that the 1950s are over.

When Whites feel totally in control, they naturally argue over their various philosophies (Whites spin religions and philosophies like spiders spin webs). But soon it will sink in to Whites that “White Supremacy” or White Rule or just plain being in the majority is over. They wanted it to be all about tax rates or dressing up like Ben Franklin or the worship of the Founding Fathers.

Soon, perhaps after a presidential loss in 2016, it will be obvious that the old White Majority is gone and the presumption of White Dominion (which they had whether they knew it or not) will be shattered. Then things may start to get interesting.

Orthodox Mike

No mantra will save us, IMHO. No modernist form of post enlightenment nationalism will either. Only a return to an organic identity and communitarianism, traditionalism, and faith will.

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