Edge of Tomorrow: A Parable for the West Part 1

The Angel of Verdun calling Europa to battle

The Angel of Verdun calling Europa to battle

The alien invasion movie is one that goes back before man ever stepped foot in outer space. The unknown is something that has troubled mankind since the beginning of time, with alien movies allowing a social commentary on the fears and questions hiding inside the subconscious of the society.

H.G Wells War of the Worlds touched on the awesome power of developing technologies in warfare and the helplessness of even the most advanced people when pitted against God’s creation.

Independence Day, although goofy and over the top, spoke to the feelings of American exceptionalism and pride over having defeated the Soviet Union and strong economy of the late 1990’s. While the world submitted to outside forces, the cult of Americana told ourselves that we led the entire globe in a war of resistance to establish American dominance. The film even included the British military literally sitting around waiting to hear from the patriotic Red, White, and Blue shouting triumphantly “It’s the Americans, they want to organize a counteroffensive!” The narrative of the film is “bow down to your American saviors” for the rest of the world, a telling sign of the psychology of late 1990’s America.

The new Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow, should strike a nerve to most Traditionalists. The plot of the film is set up very simply, Mother Europa is under attack and it is up to the nerve and dedication of her children to retake her from the invaders. Our enemy is a hive mind that uses surprise, deception, and endless foot soldiers to advance its agenda, total domination of the world; sound familiar to anyone?

Edge of Tomorrow demonstrates the deep seeded cry of an emasculated public crying for a heroic narrative of the European people retaking their destiny. The source material of the film is the Japanese novel called All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The Japanese hero of the original has been replaced has been replaced by the All American face of Tom Cruise. Everything about this film seems to shout from the roof tops that it is a pro-European propaganda film. While Hollywood has an undeniable Jewish agenda that promotes degeneracy, they also know that to sell tickets and make money they have to have a message that resonates with the people. Even after generations of brainwashing and war guilt, the European people still desire to see heroes of their own battling enemies of the blood and soil.

A far more global effort in the original novel to oppose the alien invaders is vastly different from the themes and trends of the almost entirely European resistance of the film. While in the book the battle was in Japan with Western reinforcements coming to aid the Japanese military, the invasion and the military response in the film is almost entirely European.

The film kicks off with a series of news clips explaining the global situation facing humanity.  An alien horde nicknamed “Mimics”  poured out of the meteor and have rampaged from central Germany all the way to the edge of France and the Russian border, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. Five years after a meteor crashed in Western Europe, the European people are still struggling to drive back the invaders.

Der Mimic

Der Mimic

These aliens are actually a very creative design of what looks like thousands of tendrils wrapped together to take the form of a demonic creature. These Mimics are amazingly fast, merciless, well organized, and devoted to the extinction of humanity.

Through five years of combat all of the Western European centers of civilization have been stripped of the native European population and replaced by an alien force dedicated to expanding its influence.

To anyone aware of the current cultural, religious, and demographic displacement of Europe, Edge of Tomorrow will hit a nerve. As the foreign and destructive alien ideology of Islam spreads throughout Europe along with a seemingly unending tidal wave of Third World immigrants, one cannot help but feel like we are currently facing an alien invasion that is terraforming Europe.

The aliens invading in the modern European sphere are not interested in “coexisting” with the host population, regardless if the people vote for Leftist politicians and put trendy and hip bumper stickers on their car. Like the Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow, the aliens invading Europe are here to colonize and destroy.

Edge of Tomorrow shows us a vision in which the world has united in a trend that reflects current geopolitics. A Eurasian alliance that would make Professor Dugin proud between China and Russia have united to box in the spread of the alien forces on the Eastern Front while a united Anglo-Sphere of Britain, her colonies, and the refugees of occupied Europe have come together on the Western Front.

While the film seems to try to make the effort seem truly global, it is quickly clear that this is a European family affair. Beyond a squad of Japanese soldiers milling about at one point and a few token Black soldiers almost everyone in this film about taking back Europe is European. It is our job to retake our Homelands, not anyone else’s. No one is coming to the rescue of the European people and our culture, if our Faith, families, and folk are to be saved, it will come through our devotion and sacrifices, not relying on others. Both in Edge of Tomorrow and in our modern climate, the invasion of Europa will only be repelled by the children of Europe.

In an organized campaign to align the European peoples together, the United Defense Force has been formed. Following years of defeats, we humanity has finally won a victory that reignites our will to fight. The the shining example of Sergeant Rita Vrataski, heralded as the “Angel of Verdun” is Edge of Tomorrow’s Joan of Arc. Sergeant Vrataski using a power sword and her skill was able to kill hundreds of Mimics in the battle and quickly has become the hero of the Occident.

With a symbol of resistance and a victory under our belt, humanity is volunteering by the hundreds of thousands into the UDF to launch an invasion on mainland Europe, the fate of the European people and perhaps the world is at stake, and that is where our film kicks off.

It is interesting to note that the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of men and women to the UDF seems to reject the current cultural zeitgeist of America. The egalitarianism of modernity is done away with as heroes like the “Angel of Verdun” are viewed almost as saint like defenders of what is good and righteous. Skill in combat, devotion to the Cause, and accomplishments are rewarded instead of the modern Western mindset of “everybody gets a trophy.” When the rubber meets the road, cultural Marxism is abandoned in favor of a worldview that identifies and promotes nobility, sacrifice, and skill.

Propaganda posters of Sergeant Vrataski are posted throughout the film almost as icons. When she walks by soldiers on base, soldiers are in awe of seeing her in the flesh. Recruitment posters look very similar to iconography of fascist posters from the 1930’s, if it works, use it. In the foxholes in the battle for survival, there are no liberals.


Fr. John+

Fascinating review, and very astute analysis; esp. the sentence ” after generations of brainwashing and war guilt, the European people still desire to see heroes of their own battling enemies of the blood and soil.”

That, too, has resonances with 1930’s rhetoric. Or didn’t you know?


Yeah, they’re going to want you to defend Europa from the Golden Horde of the Rampaging Muslim.

The Ummah is just sorting out the internal differences now, before embarking on the Big Push.

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