Convicts, Conservatives, and K-Selection

June 27, 2014

sexy-felonA Swedish study has confirmed what we all intuitively suspected, that playing by these rules is for suckers.

Convicted criminal offenders had more children than individuals never convicted of a criminal offense. Criminal offenders also had more reproductive partners, were less often married, more likely to get remarried if ever married, and had more often contracted a sexually transmitted disease than non-offenders. Importantly, the increased reproductive success of criminals was explained by a fertility increase from having children with several different partners. We conclude that criminality appears to be adaptive in a contemporary industrialized country, and that this association can be explained by antisocial behavior being part of an adaptive alternative reproductive strategy.

It’s unsurprising to everybody except for our asylum’s most firmly committed inmates that Western civilization has become not only degenerate but outright dysgenic, with each generation being selected for a bit less intelligence, impulse control, and time preference than the previous one. Without considerable K-selection pressure favoring intelligence, impulse control, and time preference, our society will favor quantity over quality. Heartiste and others have focused on the social construct of “criminality”, declaring that “chicks dig jerks“, but the parsimonious conclusion is that reproducing in this society is, like criminality, a simple matter of impulse control for both the males and females involved.

There is indeed a racial component to this trend in our borderless society, with more r-selected populations elbowing in on K-selected populations. Though this trend is acute within populations, as well. White Americans with poor impulse control are breeding faster than White Americans without it. This is very bad news for this society as a whole, but it’s not quite as bad as it appears. If one ceases to think in mass societal terms and begins thinking tribally, the challenge shrinks from the impossible task of repairing this mass society to the manageable (if still immense) challenge of socioeconomically segregating oneself into a tribe separate from this mass society.

Heartiste claims that the study discredits Traditionalist Conservatives, gloating in his familiarly flamboyant fashion . . .

Did you hear that thpppft? That was every prostrate manlet, peeved tradcon, and jizzebel gorgon loading their diapers in unison.

It’s as if ❤SCIENCE❤ thumped the great brass triskelion knocker on the oak doors of Chateau Heartiste, asked to be let in, and uttered upon entrance, “I’m home”.”

Yup, and doubly so for most “tradcons”. The solid majority of self-described “tradcons” remain scientifically illiterate, deracinated, and committed to preserving and conserving this mass society. All they bring to the table is their castrated and controlled religiosity. They don’t grasp that Tradition is irrelevant unless it’s thoroughly tribal and politically dominant. In fact, it’s worse than irrelevant. Going around treating vulgar feminists with chivalric gentility, obeying the law, and investing love and resources in one’s neighbors and society at large only prolongs and perpetuates the decadence, delaying the reckoning.

The only virtuous traditionalism is radical traditionalism, and the only virtuous patriotism is a narrow and fierce loyalty to a small set of kin who are comrades, and comrades who are kin. Being loyal to this State–even just a little bit–is degenerate. Furthermore, being loyal to our kin within this State is degenerate. If you’re a White American, you can’t afford to pretend that your extended family of ethnic kinsmen are your “tribe”. Unless you’re a member of the small (but growing) number of White Americans who are working together to break apart from society into insular communities of shared faith and vision, then you have no tribe. Projecting tribal identity and loyalty onto degenerate rank strangers is itself suicidal.

From the outset of our project, our mainstream conservative and milquetoast traditionalist critics have been as harsh as our “antifa” critics (if somewhat less physical in their attacks). They perceive us as radicals whose message is sure to alienate mainstream audiences, and they’re right. The problem is that at this late hour, the only way to conserve anything the conservatives claim to be conserving is with a radical vanguard which eschews altogether the taboos against identity and the taboos against zealotry. Any tribalism short of a true tribe is useless against Modernity, and and any traditionalism short of Radical Traditionalism only enables and encourages the degenerate order.

If we could afford to be any less radical than we are, we would be.

The altruism Christ demands is only possible within a traditional social order. Just as one’s commitment to a marriage is only as strong as the weakest partner, one’s commitment to society is only as strong as its weakest and least moral members. Without some form of Authority policing morality and holding people publicly and socially accountable for misbehavior in an effective manner, charity, altruism, and “manning up” will remain self-sabotaging farces. Our criminal justice system no longer even pretends to be confluent with a coherent moral framework, and only impedes men to the extent that they’re inconvenienced by incarceration and financial penalties.

Theocracies are the only political orders which fully account for the tragedy of the commons, the only political orders which impose the hormetic pressure on societies necessary to maintain their moral, social, and genetic fitness. Forget transhumanist sci-fi eugenics with test tubes and grainy WWII horror footage. All the eugenics we need can be accomplished by establishing a social order which truly rewards altruism and truly punishes deviance.

Putting this into practice requires a collectivist, tribalist, and traditionalist revolution in politics from both the top-down and the bottom-up. It requires more than even most “tradcons” can bear, as they’re still integrally individualistic rather than collectivist. They’re still integrally global rather than local. They’re still integrally secular rather than theocratic. They’re patriotic to a regime and a mass society that stands against and fights against everything they claim to represent.

Mainstream tradcons represent a last gasp effort to keep America from coming entirely unraveled and spinning off in a thousand different directions. Their advice to young folks is terrible. They’re better off listening to nihilistic opportunists like Heartiste than men like Rod Dreher and Mark Shea. Rod, Mark, and their local Christian youth group leaders are preaching a lukewarm gospel of unsustainable altruism and unreciprocated chivalry which encourages and incentivizes parasitism, criminality, and their own dispossession. They’re a greater threat than the antifa, Marxists, and neocons they pretend to oppose. Their true enemy is folks like ourselves, the radical and authentic tribal traditionalists.


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