RE: To My White Nationalist Brothers

Among the flurry of misinformed and misguided attacks we’ve received over the few days, a rather thoughtful, heartfelt, and humble response from Sister Maria Gwyn McDowell caught my attention, “To My White Nationalist Brothers“. While I have several disagreements with her, those are all secondary to my appreciation for her warmth and refusal to jump on the bandwagon aiming to have us immediately punished, denied the sacrament, and even excommunicated. Even if those things were necessary, I’m humiliated that our attempt to participate in communion is being used as a convenient stick to whip and prod the historical, global, and present Church.

The Orthodox Christian Church is global and timeless. As such, it necessarily encompasses a broad range of political opinions, including every political position which isn’t heretical. I do not wish to see the Leftists, Multiculturalists, or even Marxists disciplined or excommunicated from the Church, even as they demand my scalp. Part of why we “got away with it” for so long before controversy erupted is that we’ve been very careful not to bring politics or controversy into the church. We’ve worshiped alongside men and women of diverse racial and political beliefs for years, with none of them knowing about our identitarian politics because they didn’t ask and we didn’t tell.

Only a few days ago, via the ubiquitous internet, a number of Orthodox Christians discovered that a new brother, Matthew Heimbach was welcomed into our midst, a member of an openly pro-White organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network.

TradYouth, according to its position statement, is pro-identity. This is inclusive of “pro-White”. I and others within the group are “White Advocates”. The group’s mission is to support a broad range of Identitarians and Traditionalists, and it includes members of several different races and religions.

At least four of you are recent additions to Orthodoxy, “adding an element of Christian fellowship to its activities and a stronger unity to [your] cause.”  Good Night Anti WhiteOn Bright Monday, you attended a counter-protest, which resulted in the beating of a man while holding, perhaps even using, an Orthodox cross.

In hindsight, Heimbach regrets using the Orthodox cross as a weapon. He didn’t arrive at what we had organized as a peaceful counter-demonstration with the intention of instigating or participating in violence, and certainly didn’t intend to cause controversy within or against the church. Our group was vastly outnumbered by the Slut Walk demonstrators and when Thomas Buhls was viciously sucker-punched, Matthew Heimbach nobly jumped in to defend his close friend and comrade. While we’re eager about Orthodoxy, we’ll be mindful to avoid dragging the Church into further scandal by so directly involving the Faith in our future events.

Frankly, it is difficult to know where to start, how to even begin addressing the distortions of Christianity which you present as its core tenets, or to believe that given your ideological convictions that anything I say will be persuasive.

We don’t believe the core tenets of Christianity have anything to do with ethnic, national, or immigration policy. We do believe our politics are aligned with and inspired by Christianity, but Christ’s message is as much for interracial families, blended ethnicity communities, and even for practicing homosexuals as it is for us.

Many in the Eastern Orthodox blogosphere have openly wondered how one of you could have been welcomed into Orthodoxy, if your priest knew of your beliefs before your Chrismation, and whether you should be permitted to continue as a communicant in the Orthodox church. The irony is, we have canons forbidding many things. Racism is not one of them.

Our priest knew of our actual stated beliefs, from our own mouths, after having seen us respectfully and humbly enjoying fellowship with an especially diverse congregation. Had he bothered to Google us, he may have raised some additional concerns or even ran us off altogether. But please don’t fault the clergy on this one. Father does not in any way, shape, form, or fashion, endorse our project. While we didn’t actually conceal our beliefs from him, our beliefs are grossly divergent from what you and others have been led to believe. There’s a fine line between concealment and controversy, and we tried to walk that fine line.

So, let me start by welcoming you into the home I love. As untenable as I find your beliefs about “Faith, Family and Folk,” this is not a reason to reject your presence in my community. The truth is, I simply don’t believe that we can revoke a baptism which is God’s, and I have yet to see excommunication be an effective tool for healing and restoration.

God bless you, from the bottom of my heart.

It is, of course, meant to recall the fruit of putting on Christ, that in Christ “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28).

This verse is frequently taken out of context to oppose the preservation of ethnic identity and culture. Does the verse likewise entail that we must not acknowledge, celebrate, or tolerate differences between males and females? As I understand the verse, we’re all equal in communion and in the eyes of God. I fully and wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

My prayer is that you can experience the healing offered by God by eating at our shared table.

We have, actually. And our increased exposure to the Faith has led to our renouncing “supremacism”, which we agree to be antithetical to Christ, the Gospels, and Church Tradition.

Perhaps your voice will allow our leaders both here and abroad far more seriously the consequences of their divided witness and constant flirtations with phyletism, or what you repeatedly affirm as “racism.”

We also renounce ethnophyletism. The Church can and should be a safe harbor for any man or any woman of any race to join in communion. That’s an entirely separate issue from national immigration policy debates, lest you insist (as do some radicals) that absolutely all enforcement of borders and boundaries between our nations is integrally incompatible with Christianity.

While you seem to conflate monarchical movements with racial purity, there is no doubt that historically, Russian Orthodoxy offers you abundant confirmation of your beliefs.

If you acknowledge that our positions are at home in the historical church, then shouldn’t you stand down until we’re actually advancing our ideals within the church? This is something we have categorically not done, yet. There should definitely be a fruitful debate about the future of Orthodoxy, though it seems a bit hysterical to begin that debate with the punishment, denial of communion, and even excommunication of the side of the debate which by all accounts is historically “normal”.

Your homophobia mirrors the rhetoric found all to easily among Orthodox clergy and laity (unfortunately echoed in the complicit silence of those who privately disagree).

I don’t really think we’re that homophobic. The early accounts of the Slut Walk confrontation imagined that Heimbach had identified a homosexual in the crowd and started assaulting him. This is the kind of madness and falsehood that’s being floated around right now before clergy who are (quite understandably) panicking about having vicious people in the church. I don’t blame them. If I thought for a moment that Heimbach had attacked a homosexual, I would have denounced him, myself.

While I firmly consider homosexual activity a sin and vigorously oppose its promotion in the public square as an accepted and moral lifestyle, I harbor no hatred or ill-will in my heart for men or women struggling with their sexuality.

Perhaps the perceived “masculinity” of Orthodoxy appeals to your particular take on traditional “family values.”

The Church is indeed the most masculine of the denominations, and also happens to be the most feminine. Both our male and female natures are precious, God-given, and necessary.

The goal of your movement is to create racially separated regions of the United States governed by a fascist system, the achievement of which will inaugurate a final war in which the races fight until the last man standing. Racism is “natural” and must be defended by an Orthodox militant Christianity.

You keep saying “racially”. Humans exist in tribes (which happen to have racial characteristics), not necessarily “races”. Our goal is to “allow'” ethnic (which entails race, but is not exclusive to it) communities to flourish without interference. Our goal is not to prohibit or condemn interracial or inter-ethnic marriages, but merely to opt out. The thing about some grand race war is a gross exaggeration, which we expressly reject. The world always has been and will continue to be racially diverse, and our White American communities would hope to be good neighbors with the other communities.

Perhaps your parish home in Bloomington, Indiana is entirely white, providing you the comfort of a racially monotone worship experience. But you are a member of an Arab jurisdiction (the AOA), whose racial group is consistently profiled.

Our parish home is (was?) racially diverse. We were aware of its membership in an Arab jurisdiction. In fact, before moving to Bloomington, I attended a parish which was primarily Arab. You’ve once again mistaken our message for the hostile stereotype of our message. How on Earth could a hateful bigot peacefully mingle with a vast congregation of Arabs? How could he welcome Arabs into his home? How could he tolerate them as his moral and theological teachers?

I don’t know, you’ll need to go ask a hateful bigot.

The first Orthodox churches in North America were planted by Russians among the Aleut, Alutiiq, Tlingit and Yup’ik peoples, and their languages are actively used in Orthodox services today. Tell me, in your vision for the future, do you just want them all to go “home”, wherever that now is? Will you implement your plan of one-to-one killing, to “just do it and get it over with”?

North America is a gigantic Continent, and I’ve already gone on record stating that Amerindian/First Nation reservations should not only be preserved, but expanded and relied on as a model for more extensive protection and promotion of distinct ethnic communities. In my vision of the future, they’re welcome to remain right here in America. The question is whether White American communities will continue to be welcome?

As an aside, those mainstream media chop jobs clearly twisted our message around in loops to fit their framing. Though, as I’ve already suggested, our opinions have evolved over time.

There are of course, saints who belie your beliefs, The Aleut St. Jacob Netsvetov who is remembered for his service to the many “folk” of Alaska, the Tlingit, Yup’ik, learning languages new languages and planting churches.

The Orthodox missionaries accepted the Inuit as they were, unlike the Protestant missionaries who insisted on their wearing pants, abandoning their culture and identity, and integrating into Modernity. The Orthodox relationship with the First Nations peoples is a model we attempt to emulate in which Orthodoxy is shared globally, while respecting the customs and traditions of all the tribes and communities embracing it.

The Arab St. Rapheal Hawaweeney of Brooklyn, who served churches of all ethnic stripes all across North America in an effort to ensure that Orthodox immigrants could worship within their tradition at least occasionally.

This is exactly what we’re trying to do! Why the double-standard where White American attempts to preserve their culture are anathema while other ethnic groups doing the exact same thing is inspiring? Do I possess some sort of anti-identity?

St. Maria Skobtsova, who lost her freedom and eventually life protecting Jews from the very fascism you advocate.

Once again, you’re arguing against our reputations instead of against us. We do not wish to harm Jews or the Jewish community.

You celebrated Bright Monday with a protest, as is your right as an American citizen. But this protest resulted in a beating. Tell me, will you beat an Orthodox Christian who objects to your racism? Will you beat any Christian who objects to your racism?

We did not instigate the beating. We have been repeatedly and relentlessly attacked by Leftists, and we did no more than what was necessary to defend ourselves against an unprovoked attack by anti-Christian extremists. We are not a violent group, and would certainly not instigate violence in the name of the Church. If you would grant one thing, please desist from the false proposition that we attacked anybody. We did not.

Perhaps your ecclesial participation must be monitored to ensure the safety of your sisters and brothers, some of whom may be of color, who may be gay, who may be the descendants of Jews. Perhaps you must never be left alone with those who do not share your views, in the same way a convicted child molester can participate in a community but should always be accompanied by an adult and should never be allowed to directly interact with children in any capacity, supervised or otherwise.

Had we been what you imagine we are, we would have been identified and expelled years ago. Those who actually know us and interact with us could only laugh at the prospect of us randomly attacking people…in Church or otherwise.

Will you use a cross to beat someone different than you, or will you allow yourself to be hung on it by offering your body as a substitute for the least, perhaps at the hands of the very fascists with whom you now identify?

In light of the revelation that we don’t beat people for being different from us, and don’t believe we’re more worthy in God’s eyes than any other sinner, would you reconsider your condemnation of us?



Why do you even respond to this clown? Her purpose is to demoralize you. Why is an ORTHODOX NUN attacking Orthodox Nationalists (!) and supporting atheistic Jewish communists? Does she know what Marxists have done to Orthodox Christians over the last century? Does she know what the very Marxists she is defending think of Christ and Christians?

Does she know what every great Orthodox patriarch has believed about Jews? You can start with St Athanasius, who the Jews call more “anti-semitic” than Hitler.

The real heretic is this blogger who wants to turn Orthodoxy into the next Vatican II. She wants gay priests, communist views on the world, and of course, for the anti-christ Jews to reign high and supreme over us. This is a sick person who should be ignored and banished into the corner. Let’s see how far she gets with her queer and Jewish “allies”, who no matter what will always hate her.

Fr. John+

YOu cannot debate with a silly woman who does not even know that ‘racism’ is neither a sin, nor ever mentioned in the pages of Holy Scripture, but was INVENTED by a godless antichrist JEW, to stifle all criticism of their plan to MURDER the Royal Family and all the ‘White Russian’ nobility, just as had been done in the French Revolution.

This is ludicrous. She presumes a moral superiority (supremacism?) before she even begins to discuss things with which she is clearly out of her league!

Eldred Brown

For the record, Maria Gwyn McDowell is NOT a nun.


I can tell you from personal experience that the Greek Orthodox Church of America, unfortunately, is in the pocket of the Jews. The leadership by and large has been bought off, Demetrios in the Hamptons, NY is a great example of this.

They can whine all they want about the “Fascists”, but the Fascists are the only thing standing in between the existence of Orthodox Christianity and the Zionists that work day and night to destroy it.

This is not a serious person, this is some blogger on the internet who is trying to warp the doctrine of Orthodoxy into something obscene. Look at her websites call for “LGBTQ” liberation and bashing of white people, it’s all you need to know to see the disconnect between this woman and the actual religion. If anything, she should be the one who should be fearing ex-communication.


Heimbach is now being denied communion because of the lies and distortions of her and her ilk. We don’t wish to take on our bring controversy on the church.

We only wish to worship and are barred from doing so by a contrived malicious worldly campaign of controversy against us.


She is a Jew. It is just her nature to infiltrate and pervert anything good.


Here are some facts about Maria Gwyn McDowell:
1) She is an outspoken feminist who tries to revise history.

2) She supports LGBT militant queer cultural Marxism.

3) She is openly anti-white

4) She does not care about the fact that you guys were attacked first, or that you are always peaceful protesters and only act in self-defense. She has no words of criticism for the communists, homos and Jews that pelt you with urine or sucker punch you. Her blog post was purely ideological, and this woman is an infiltrator within the church.

Fr. John+

She is the incarnation of the very ‘sluts’ you were protesting on the “Slut Walk!”

Hypocritical modernist tramp.

Orthodox Mike

She is a disgrace, yet I am sure no censure or discipline will come her way, unlike with us.



Can you give me the name of the church and denomination that is denying Mr Heimbach his communion? This is an outrage.


Not wanting to bring controversy onto the church is a big mistake. Guess what? This Marxist, homosexuality promoting saboteur is willing to bring controversy onto the church. That is why you get denied your rites. She is willing to impose her own personal demented and sick views onto the church, so the very least you can do is stand up for the doctrine and for your rights as an Orthodox Christian.

I would recommend putting up the name of the church and a way to contact it and promoting a call-in campaign, demanding to ask WHY they are denying communion to an ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN over opinions pushed on HOMOSEXUALITY PROMOTING, MARXIST, Zionist blog. Why are the men who hold the cross in defiance of those who wish harm on the Orthodox Church being punished by weak judges?


If the choice is between being denied salvation and bringing controversy, I don’t see that we have a choice.


This church isn’t going to bring you salvation, judging from the actions of its leaders, it is counterfeit. Just like the Greek Orthodox church reflects the traditions of Greece, and the Russian the traditions of Russia, the Bloomington Orthodox Church reflects the traditions of Bloomington- IE no traditions, just mindless political correctness and trying to impotently adapt to the cultural Marxist anti-Christian landscape.

The fact that the head Priest of that Church would make a public, humiliating statement about a personal matter between him and Matt Heimbach is unbelievable and cruel. That means that anyone who holds a material personal political belief this “Father” does not agree with, is subject to public quartering and witch hunts in his church. What kind of religious leadership and mediation is that? It’s obvious some Jew or Leftist just called every Orthodox church in Bloomington asking if Matt attended to harass him, the priest could’ve easily shown character and told them to mind their own business and keep the issues within the congregation as just that. But no, he threw a loyal Orthodox Christian under the bus for perceived, theologically irrelevant flaws just because some people who hate the church complained.

In a real Orthodox church in Russia, Syria, or Greece, this would’ve never happened. The only people who would be banished are the “LGBT” infiltrators who think they can use Orthodox doctrine to push their anti-Christian political agenda. I can guarantee that no nun who puts the masculine traditions of the church in quotations would be allowed a day in service. The Orthodox Church in Greece is the main reason Hellenic culture and people were able to survive the Turkish genocide, and this phoney priest is going to tell you that the church does not believe in ethnic traditions?

Ole Hartvik

“We don’t believe the core tenets of Christianity have anything to do with ethnic, national, or immigration policy. We do believe our politics are aligned with and inspired by Christianity, but Christ’s message is as much for interracial families, blended ethnicity communities, and even for practicing homosexuals as it is for us.”

Very disappointing statement,indeed.
What is the word traditionalist mean for you,then?
I will see to it that my money go elsewhere,thats for sure.


Christ’s message is for everyone. Equally. There’s nothing controversial in that statement.

Hans Gygax

The biggest disappointment to me is to see good folks (and I do appreciate the people involved in TradYouth) separate their Christianity from real life and separate the church from it also. The Church was created to be a community of believers, with one mind and one heart and one goal; this church is to be the “activists” affecting societal change.

Church was never meant to be an “event” that people go to once a week. And fellowshipping with wicked people is a violation of scripture according to 1 Corinthians 5:11 and various other passages of scripture. To take communion and fellowship, and accept as brothers those who are openly against the commandments of Christ is to be a partaker of his evil deeds according to John in one of his epistles. Also, to be unequally yoked with unbelievers in a violation of scripture. Clearly the Orthodox Church is encompassed with unbelievers who pose as believers, who confess Christ with their mouths but in works deny him. I actually hope that those who believe the truth get kicked out of these churches because they don’t belong there in the first place.


Oh I see now what the issue is. The head of that particular Church banishing Matt is a WASP bringing in his old cultural baggage and projecting it onto the church. The fact that he has publicly tried to humiliate Matthew about a personal issue is a GROSS violation of his clerical duties, no matter HOW he tries to spin it. He did this simply because some militant gays or communists likely complained to him, he’s trying to cover his own ass in hostile, liberal Bloomington. I would love to see Father Gillquist banish a practicing homosexual or a Marxist like Maria Gwynn McDowell in such a vicious public manner, he certainly wouldn’t dare.

I know for a fact that the All Saints Orthodox Church of Bloomington, Indiana did not receive complaints from their actual congregation about the polite, kind, and respectful Matt Heimbach. They caved to outside pressure- afraid of the opinions of people with insane and heretical opinions and Jewish media boycott. The Orthodox Church absolutely understands and celebrates ethnic differences and traditions, mr Gillquist is the one that needs to go back and read the doctrine.

Apparently this church is “autonomous” IE Father Gillquist can make up the rules to suit his short-term needs or personal political views. I would recommend looking for a church that answers to higher authorities.

Those with knowledge of Orthodoxy should respectfully protest this priests unjust decision, here is his email:
[email protected]

Fr. John+

Peter Gilquist?! Puh-leez. This former Evangelical heretic has long pontificated as if he were more ‘orthodox than the Phanar.’

And Bloomington, IN is in the hotbed of liberal faggotry and leftist marxist Kulturkampf, because of the Uni there.

Gilquist is not speaking orthodoxy, he’s preaching the ‘spirit of the age.’


Protestants generally don’t so national churches. There are ecclesiastical differences and if I thought they had less error I would be protestant.


“The fact that the head Priest of that Church would make a public, humiliating statement about a personal matter between him and Matt Heimbach is unbelievable and cruel.”

Indeed, extremely atrocious behavior. After reading his statement, I could only think, “This is wrong.”

This priest is clearly taking his orders from the Frankfurt School, not the divine. Really sickening.


I’ll note that I’m not Orthodox. But regardless of one’s views on religion, particularly Christianity, it is disgusting to see those who are clearly in the thrall of a hostile and anti-white political correctness (largely created and promulgated by non-Christians, such as the Frankfurt School), masquerading as servants and protectors of the divine. One of the more repugnant characteristics of our age, which is not short on things disgusting.

Ole Hartvik

“Matt Parrott;If the choice is between being denied salvation and bringing controversy, I don’t see that we have a choice.”

And that is?


Controversy, but only after we’ve confirmed that we have no other choice.


“Can you give me the name of the church and denomination that is denying Mr Heimbach his communion? This is an outrage.”

“Heimbach is now being denied communion because of the lies and distortions of her and her ilk. We don’t wish to take on our bring controversy on the church.”

Firstly, the parish is part of The One True Church,  The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – AKA The Orthodox Church.  It  is NOT a  “Denomination”.  That is an absurdly anachronistic statement.

Unless one has prepared properly to receive The Precious Gifts, one may not receive communion.  This isn’t a Protestant denomination, a “Church” where it is anyone’s “right” to have “communion”.  Proper preparation means living as an Orthodox Christian in good standing – meaning, that 1.  You have been baptised and chrismated.  2.  Have fasted as appropriate (unless health precludes this).  3. Had a confession recently (the definition of “recent” is somewhat flexible). ( 2., 3.  etc obviously do not apply to babies and children too young to understand, nor to those mentally incapable.)

 An Orthodox priest may well – for a person’s salvation – withhold communion.  Not, I repeat, NOT to be cruel.  But as a physician in the Hospital for Souls.   This is never punitive as is the case of the Western Christian “Churches” and their interpretation of Augustinian-based world-view, further distorted by other Westerners like Anselm and so forth.  

EG Concerning soldiers –  St. Basil’s 13th Canon states that soldiers who take life on the battlefield should remove themselves from Communion for three years. And Canon 55 he extends the same penance also to those who have killed in self-defense.

Nota Bene:  the term: “Self defence”. Who said it? Who wrote that Canon?  It wasn’t some American Evangelical Megachurch Schmuch – but St Basil the Great.  One of the Three Holy Heirarchs.   THE Christian response is to turn the other cheek, as our Lord clearly states, and as codified in St Basil’s Canon, to underscore the point.  Yes, of course, it’s an infinitely high bar – we are human.  If you are unable to turn the other cheek in a Christian way, then do not go on protests.  Yes, it’s really that simple.   If you go out as a Christian and protest, the only way to do so is non-violently. So it is completely reasonable under such circumstances to be denied communion. 

Furthermore, making anti-Christian public statements and stirring up hate-speech under the banner of The Orthodox Church is perhaps a more grave issue that the Sacrilegious act of using a Cross for self-defence.  How much hatred and divisions will be stirred up in the process? Yes, Mathew is a young man – yes,  many do silly things when young, and ex-communicating him to cool-off and calm down a little is for his own good and for the good of The One True Church.  As a young man, he has the opportunity for “Metanoia” – a Christian word in Greek that means “To change your nous” – a change of direction, to reconsider (Nous is your inner spiritual core – I can’t think of a good English translation, perhaps “intellect” or “Mind” or “Heart” but I just prefer the original Greek word. I have heard Mathew’s Youtube videos, in his own words and can attest as a person brought up within Traditional Holy Orthodoxy – that they are contrary to the Orthodox Phronema – the “Mind of the Church” – a part of which is to renounce the Individualism of the West and that we (Communicant members of the Orthodox Church) are all “One in Christ” – there is no “Black, White, American, Yellow, Rich, Poor” – such labels are meaningless as we are all sojourners. 

May I humbly suggest a fitting epitemia in addition, instead of seeking wordly power – to work in acts of compassion, working with the sick and the destitute.  Put your youthful energy into Christ-like service –  why not volunteer at a shelter for abused women, or help those struggling with drug problems, or work feeding the destitute in your community.  This certainly will not bring you ANY worldly fame.  But do you really want all this worldly attention you are attracting?  The Way of the Saint is never fashionable, and will always be a “hard sell” to those seeking worldly power.


Oh really, is St Michael the Archangel “non-violent” ? Should we be “non-violent” in the face of pure evil? Or should we be instruments of God and struggle against them for God, fatherland, and family? Were the men who fought and died defending Constantinople HERETICS? What about the Orthodox Christians of the Balkans who fought and killed Turks in a bloody revolution in order to have the freedom to practice their faith , did they all get ex-communicated and go to hell?

Morons like you take canon out of context to push your own agenda, one you had even before you became a Hollywood Orthodox Christian. You’re the worldly one bringing your cultural Marxist hippy crap into a serious religion with thousands of years of history. Not a WORD of condemnation for the Jewish Communists and violent homosexuals who brutally attacked three men for holding a cross!

How come, costa, you’re not interested in quoting what people like St Basil and St Athanasius said about JEWS? What would they think about the queers you allow to take sacrament?

May God have mercy on those shadowy forces seeking to sabotage and condemn good men. May God also have mercy on those in the American Orthodox churches who are in the pocket of the unrepetentant Jewish christ-killers.


I am not Orthodox, but I don’t see this as being only problem with the Orthodox. It is only perhaps more noticible because they do “protect the chalice” in regards to communion, which is a good practice except for cases like this where it is unfairly used to advance a social agenda, and because of the priest’s imprudent publication of a personal matter on the internet.

Many churches and denominations have condemened racism and some have placed members under “church discipline” because of their beliefs or activism. Othodox still has more to offer and is closer to the original church and traditional beliefs and practices than the myriad Protestant denominations out there which might overlook your racial beliefs, but will also overlook things like fornication, abortion, miscegenation, and homosexuality.

Brad Griffin

If Orthodoxy is about embracing the “Slut Walk” and militant atheist homosexuals who shout anti-Christian slurs before violently attacking you and destroying an Orthodox cross and then going so far as to condemn “self defense,” why should any sane person want to be an Orthodox Christian?

What’s the attraction? I don’t get it.

Orthodox Mike

It is NOT about embracing any such degeneracy. These folks are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our Lord spoke of such.


For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on him;
– Romans 10:12

For by one spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one spirit.
– 1 Corinthians 12:13

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
– Galatians 3:28

a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all.
– Colossians 3:11

Orthodox Mike

I love how folks constantly use these three scriptures over and over again, out of context, to push some radical egalitarian progressive agenda. These are salvific statements. And I agree with them in their proper context. Salvationa is a gift that is open to all. Right after these statements are made, St Paul goes on to describe the different roles and rules masters, slaves, men, and women have, and refers to Israelites as his kinsmen according to the flesh. It is not as if these things magically disappeared due to salvation. As St John of Kronstadt once said, “Heaven is a Kingdom. Hell is a Democracy.”

Orthodox Mike

II. 3. Christian patriotism may be expressed at the same time with regard to a nation as an ethnic community and as a community of its citizens. The Orthodox Christian is called to love his fatherland, which has a territorial dimension, and his brothers by blood who live everywhere in the world. This love is one of the ways of fulfilling God’s commandment of love to one’s neighbour which includes love to one’s family, fellow-tribesmen and fellow-citizens.

-Basis of the Social concept of the Russian Orthodox Church. Church and Nation (Moscow Patriarchate)

It has long been stated by many of the “Old Calendarists”, by the late Fr Seraphim Rose, by the Book of the Apocalypse and many other greats, saints, and Patriarchs that this radical egalitarian rot and antichrist message will seep into the Church. For those to say we are in the wrong for merely acknowledging the human experience of various and diverse ethnicities and cultures, I have many Saints, Elders, Patriarchs and others that whole heartedly agree with our assessment. This whole thing is a travesty and I believe our blessed clergy overseas in Greece and Russia who had said we are getting taken over by Ecumenists, Modernists, and Judeo-Masonic elites. It is quite apparent. Enjoy the links and do not let these Lukewarm ecumenists sway you as to what the Church is. We are not hateful. I am not a “racist”. I am not a White Nationalist. I am a Radical Traditionalist who believes we are who everybody in our collective memory of our amcestors are and there is nothing wrong with ANY ethnicity wishing to preserve its heritage – including Western European ethnicities!

Darrin Rasberry

She may welcome you; she’s better than I am. You and all of you little “traditionalist” boys dragging your American-branded white nationalism into the spotless Church are swine stealing pearls, and I’ll take you as you are. Whether you remain in communion or whether these excommunications will prevail is not my business, but I won’t welcome you as anything more than demons from Hell parading as converts until you repent of your perverted lifestyle.

I look forward to the day the Lord Jesus Christ burns your silly little white culture with the glory of His coming, and I pray that the Church pronounces a quick anathema on your strange and blasphemous new gospel, so that you will repent and more clearly know the truth, or else all you swine can separate and return to your vomit with one mind and stop trying to make her good people twice the children of Hell that you are. Repent, or be damned for all ages.


You wouldn’t be accepted for 5 minutes in any real Orthodox church. What your “church” is doing is a mockery of Orthodoxy and will be soon exposed to the world, where you will be condemned as the frauds you are.

What I don’t understand is why you Leftists and faggots choose Orthodoxy? Just to soil it? I can give you numerous examples of Orthodox Christians with Heimbach’s beliefs, yet this is the first time I’ve ever heard of liberals and feminists using the church as a battering ram for their bogus , anti-Christian causes. Matt Heimbach’s excommunication will be lifted, this is just another stumbling block thrown in his path by Satan and his Jewish minions.


Good thing you’re not the judge of Christianity or Orthodoxy then.

How long have you even been Christian? Aren’t you the same guy who blogged for Debunking Christianity and blogged about devoting 15 years to militant atheism and attempting to tear down the faith?

How do we know your own conversion was sincere, and that you aren’t a “demon from Hell arading as a convert”, as you say, attempting to sew dissention from within and destroy the Church by spreading the poison of liberalism?

Orthodox Mike

“…I look forward to the day the Lord Jesus Christ burns your silly little white culture with the glory of His coming”… LOL And we are haters??? Maybe this line needs to go to a bishop? What jurisdiction are you in??


I am relatively new to this site, having discovered you all a few weeks ago, and this is my first comment on an article.

Let me say first that I really like what you all are doing. As we’ve seen clearly with the recent cultural embrace of the horrifically unnatural and unholy practice of homosexuality, society as a whole is moving away from “traditional” values and towards godless collectivism. Intolerance is the main weapon being used to further this socialist/communist (a.k.a. “progressive”) agenda; these people have zero tolerance for those who disagree with their beliefs, and even a simple truth like “homosexuality is an unnatural practice that our children should be shielded from”– a truth that has been accepted cross-culturally for thousands of years– is now viewed as “bigotry” by those who wish to shove their worldview down everyone else’s throat.

I also see nothing wrong with your advocacy of the Caucasian race– just about every racial and ethnic group has advocates, yet if you advocate for white people you’re instantly branded a racist. This is a sad truth of our modern society, but a truth nonetheless. Good for you for standing up for your beliefs in the face of discrimination and intolerance. “White privilege” is a leftist buzzword, and denouncing it is a politically correct way to be anti-white. Very few white people speak up in defense of “white privilege” because it just doesn’t sound good– let’s face it, no race/ethnicity should be “privileged” above all others. However, in the rush to denounce “white privilege” as evil, people are neglecting one critical fact: historically speaking, “white privilege” is earned. White Europeans are the builders of Western civilization, and white Christians founded this country and created the laws that have enabled it to thrive over the last 200 years. If you want to look at civilizations that weren’t built by white people, check out Africa, India, South America, etc. It isn’t politically correct to say so, but “white privilege” is the direct result of centuries of achievement and success.

Some people will read that last paragraph and call it “racist”. Anyone who holds this view only proves my point– you can not speak out in defense of white people, even if the defense is filled with undeniable truths, without being branded “bigot”, “racist”, etc. This, friends, is the very definition of intolerance. So good for you, Traditionalist Youth Network, for boldly standing up for your people, even in the face of discrimination from your own kind.

White people aren’t the only ones who experience this type of discrimination from their own people, of course. The great Negro educator Booker T. Washington, for one, was demonized by his own people for advocating Nationalism. However, the white race is the only one in which advocates are uniformly referred to as “racists.” This isn’t right, and it’s refreshing to see that some people (talking to you, TYN) recognize this and are standing up for themselves. Bravo.

All that being said, I do have an issue with your characterization of Orthodoxy as “true” Christianity. The Orthodox church places a man-made construct– “the Church”– above the teachings of Christ. True Christians should study the teachings of Christ and base their beliefs on THAT AND ONLY THAT– man is inherently flawed, so giving any special weight to things ordinary men/women have to say– be it priests, nuns, or whomever– is counterproductive for followers of Christ. The Protestant Reformation happened for a reason— the Church was becoming bigger than the Word, and once people could read the Word for themselves (thanks to translations) their eyes were opened. The Kingdom of God is all around us, we are living in his holy creation, and all we have to do to receive salvation is accept the gift He has given us– His son, sent to die on the cross for the sins of humanity. All of this nonsense about excommunication, “holy” communion, etc. is just that– nonsense. The words of a 13th-century man that the Orthodox church decides to name a “saint” carry no more weight than the words of any man who walks with God in prayer.

I urge you to distance yourself from this “church” that thinks they have some sort of power over your eternal soul– at best, this church is cloaked in ignorance; at worst, outright heresy. The teachings of Christ are all that matters. I have found a non-denominational Christian church that I’m very happy with…

Anyway, I’ll continue to visit the site and I hope you guys continue to grow in the coming months and years.

crusading cat

i’d like to echo one thing marvin said. marvin. well said, on the heretical so-called “orthodox church”!!! but I disagree with him on the reformation, where he wrote blasphemous things that denied Jesus founded the catholic church.  i  love my country and i am a good american gal of irish descent now studying in london – but i love my church and my saviour even more!!. so. america is now being defended by young men who are so confused they think that the catholic church is some kind of pagan greek temple that calls itsself “orthodox”???? or, even worse, by protestants? (let’s not forget that the muslims are the original protestants, who first tried to reduce the faith into a single “book” – the Koran. the bible isn’t the koran, you poor mistaken children..  oh boys, boys, i’m soooo disappointed 🙁  particularly as i’m in london, england, which is more like londistan than the once great capitol of the british empire, promoting proper western white christian values.  its becoming a multicultural hell hole – in some parts of town on a friday all the stores close for muslim friday prayers.  the mosques are full and the churches have been sold and turned into trendy condos.  in fact just now, a bunch of muslims were outside the library where i was trying to study, talking very loudly, having just left their mosque. 

but don’t you boys realize you are all heretics if you are in the “Eastern Orthodox Church”???? poor  chesterton is turning in his grave that you use his writings to support heresy.  he was a funny guy and witty… typically british, but I don’t think even he would laugh at the irony of using his work to support heresy!!!!!!… and engaging with a heretic like that stupid “meek and mild jesus” creepy faggot enabling costa….paleeeeze don’t waste your breath….  i would love to welcome all of you home to THE actual church, and I am sure manly boys like you would be welcomed by many other good american catholic gals too 🙂   🙂   🙂  XXX 😉

do you know your Christian history?  the “Orthodox” are schismatics, they broke away in 1054 and have been in darkness since.  look it up.  read. they are worse than the protestants, more deluded. i think you confuse tradition with Tradition.  also, they aren’t Westerners.  they are more like easterners under pagan influence – look at all their pagan traditions.  ever been in an “orthodox” church recently?  it’s more like a buddist temple, or a mosque + icons.  there are carpets and they pray like the muslims.  even their women look like muslims, ask yourself:  is it a coincidence that their nuns wear burkas? is it a coincidence that their navel-gazing greek monks in mount athos who prayed a mantra all day, were condemned once again as heretics? exactly like the hindus who hope do be absorbed into the divine presence through meditation. look up how we catholics condemned the hesychasts in the c14th with their phony meditations and spiritual delusions. faulty conception of god=> faulty theology=> bad fruit. again and again we in the west show them the error of their ways. 

which is why during the crusades proper white western europeans soldiers, in a day when men were men, not some kind of ethnotard eastern “orthodox”, who crucify jesus with their lack of idealism, lack of manly chivalry went to fight to liberate the holy lands from the muslims.  along the way, our european catholic ancestors also conquered the pit of heresy, constantinople.   good riddance to the byzantine empire. it was, after all, byzantine 😉  it was god’s will this greek (homosexual-loving???) city was plundered by us westerners and then by the ottomans.  i’m not going to apologise for the crusaders sacking constantinpole – despite all the killing of innocents it was gods punishment as these pagans had long since left the catholic church.

so here’s to hoping you come back **home** XXX – with outstretched arms!!! us girls need men to be men!!!

crusading cat


Cat– there’s no denying that the Catholic church is the original Christian church– the one founded by Peter. In its inception, it was no doubt the church that all others should strive to emulate.

Unfortunately, humans are flawed, and over the years the humans who were in positions of power in the Catholic church perverted the church’s original mission. The Catholic church is now rife with the type of man-made constructs (the idolatry, the rigid church hierarchy, etc.) that give “religion” a bad name and distract people from the only thing that matters– the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, we as Christians, though we are of different denominations, can agree to disagree on some of these things because the message of Christ unites us all. Catholics and Protestants can both be “saved” through Christ, and any Christian that does believe this has allowed the man-made constructs of religion to overwhelm the message of our Savior.

I do think your comparison of Protestant Christians and Muslims is a bit misguided. Muslims believe that Muhammad, a man who lived in the 7th century, was a prophet, and they deny that Jesus was the son of God and Savior, claiming instead he was simply a prophet. On the other hand, every single Protestant denomination proclaims Jesus as Savior, as does the Catholic church. And like Catholics, protestants believe that the Bible is the word of God that can’t be changed or altered. This is why Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t considered Protestant Christians.

Christians, regardless of the denomination, have enough common ground to live together in peace. It’s why the Western world is so different from the Middle East, where Muslims have killed each other for hundreds of years and will continue to kill each other for hundreds more. The unrest in Northern Ireland notwithstanding, Christians of all denominations are able to live together in peace.

So peace be with you, Cat! Have a nice day.


Shame on you crusading cat for using this event, a time in which you should be standing with your BROTHERS IN CHRIST when they are being persecuted by our common enemies, by airing your problems with Orthodoxy that range from actual theological differences to utter crap e.g. nuns wearing burqas, icons being pagan, and praying like Muslims (if you weren’t being so spiteful these accusations could almost be funny in their sheer departure from reality).

crusading cat

yea right, holly… when did I say that icons were pagan? as I said, I’m a Catholic Christian first and foremost. so take grave exception to heretics. keep with the plot. have you ever been inside an Orthodox Church recently and NOT noticed how they pray like the muslims ? get with it, girl… i said the hesychasts were pagan. you do get that, right? look it up. i guess being a heretic means you aren’t all that bright sweetheart.
open your eyes – look at the E V I D E N C E:
See that third photo? is that a mosque or is it a church? you tell me.
nuns wearing burkas?
or whatever the muslims call their garb – i don’t care. but i care that heretics have taken the traditions of the muslims and the pagans in their 1000 years in the darkness.
no, the shame on you Holly for defending heretical views – those that pollute Christ’s Faith as given to the Apostles are THE WORST OF ALL!!!! worse than murder – as salvation is denied for the whole of eternity. think about it.
have a nice day.


My mistake, I misread your “it’s more like a buddist temple, or a mosque + icons” comment. Good luck finding a buddhist temple or a mosque that looks like an Orthodox church in any kind of substantive way besides sharing eastern architecture.

Since when do prostrations make one a Muslim? Oh look, a Dominican nun prostrating before the altar.

Nuns wearing burqas? Do you not even remember these?

“heretic heretic heretic – have a nice day” Yeah, right. You’re sick in the head.


There should be big, bold script on their registration page that HBD believers need not apply given how they have dealt with that issue now and in the past.


Over at Alternative Right website and others, the Christians love to bait and denounce the neo-pagans. But from controversies like this it looks like Christians are their own worst enemy. What a joke.


And the pagans don’t do the exact same thing? Please.

Brad Griffin

Orthodoxy is as compromised as Episcopalianism.

Why would anyone bother being an Episcopalian in America? You can get the same liberal values of Americanism by sitting at home and being an atheist on Sunday. Why go through the trouble of being an Orthodox Christian when atheists are already celebrating homosexuality and the values of “Slut Walk”?

If you are excommunicated from Orthodoxy for opposing the values of “Slut Walk,” what does that tell you about the Orthodox Church? It says that Orthodoxy publicly embraces violent homosexual atheists and is hostile to traditionalism. It is no more a home for traditionalist conservatives than the liberal Lutherans, ELCA, who have condemned Martin Luther himself and who are similarly in decline like the Episcopalians.


One priest let alone one parish, one bishop, and one patriarch does not constitute the Orthodox Church. Entire regions of the church have fallen into heresy before and unfortunately it looks like this may happen again.


Matt P., I always enjoy your measured and charitable responses to critics. Did you know that Mindweapon called you the young Jared Taylor? However, I don’t think one chooses a church based on the lowest quantity of error but rather one is called to a church by the Lord who wants you to draw near to Him. To some extent past experience and heritage are part of that. If you grew up in a church, you may be called to go back to it and reconnect with what spoke to you when you were a child. You grow from there, experiencing and suffering from the divisions between you and the church, between your church and the Lord, between the separated limbs of the One Church. Hopefully you can contribute something. (My answer to Brad, why be an Epicopalian.)

I think it’s a little odd that you and others are active in a church that is so peripheral to the experience of white Americans on this Continent. This is historically a WASP country with a significant Catholic minority, not an Orthodox country. On the other hand, we have a tremendous history of personal seeking, and if you and your friends were called to worship there together and deepen your relationship to Christ, more power to you. Maybe it reflects the religious renaissance Fred Turner predicted as accompanying the dissolution of the Euess in his 1985 epic poem, The New World.

We don’t need to repeat the discussion of the leftist takeover of the all the WASP churches and the Catholic church as well. Evidently the Orthodox church is placed with socialist-liberal-humanism too. I add a link to L. Auster’s essay on how liberal Christianity destroys nations.


In formative post. The usual pack of leftist haters. You could get that in any mainstream church, you don’t have to go to an exotic one.


Et Tu, Orthodox Leaders? Guess so.

As long as the top of every important institution can be bought off, intimidated or otherwise subverted, there is no defense against the Jewish strategy.

The organized pagan leaders are 100% reliable in denouncing white folks and promoting Jewish values too.


Lew: “As long as the top of every important institution can be bought off, intimidated or otherwise subverted, there is no defense against the Jewish strategy.”

This is correct, Lew. While it may be possible to save some institutions, I think the general rule is going to be that whites will need to create their own networks and institutions from the ground up.

In effect we need to create a parallel society, under the radar as much as possible, much as various other subcultures have had to do.

Not so long ago, this would have seemed laughable. Back in the 80’s, most whites would have seen this country as very much “theirs,” and the need to build new institutions would have seemed absurd.

Now? Well, the times they are a changing. I predict that in the years ahead, more and more whites will come to understand that we need our own institutions that can operate without non-whites or anti-whites of any background. Current institutions exist only to attack and hector us, to provide cover for the white genocide and dispossession that is unfolding.

Apparently Orthodoxy, as it exists in America, if these screaming banshees are any indication, is no different. We’ve often seen that the anti-white liberal is more likely to condemn the person who speaks out about a crime, than he is to condemn the actual criminal. We are seeing that same sort of approach play out here amongst the supposed “Orthodox.”

I’m not nearly as charitable toward these anti-white miscreants as the Matts. I’m happy to be the bad cop. Hopefully, at some point, the actual Orthodox churches of Europe will denounce these American cultural marxists and politically correct enforcers masquerading as Orthodox.

Matt Heimbach, agree or disagree with him, is a good and brave man. He has endured incredible abuse, being punched, kicked, and having had urine thrown on him by anti-christian, anti-white thugs. Yet what are these Orthodox clowns doing? Do they condemn the rotten thugs who initiated violence and engaged in other vile and disgusting behaviors? Of course not. Instead, they join in on the side of the thugs, baying like jackals and cackling like hyenas.

Worse will be those who may approach him under the false guise of friendship and goodwill, but with an agenda of subversion. I wouldn’t rule that possibility out either. These people clearly have no honor.

It’s both astonishing and appalling. But most of all, it is very, very revealing. They have outed themselves. However this plays out, these people have really come across as a den of snakes.

John Maelstrom

To Trainspotter: Correct. A complete rebuilding is needed. Now.


There’s something about prominence that makes people conform to the mores of the prominent, rather than to those they ostensibly represent. I call it senator’s disease. It’s all about keeping your place in the club, constituents be damned. Religious leaders act the same way, adhering to the norms of the cultural elite. As my wife says, “The importance of being important.”


E777 said:
“Morons like you take canon out of context to push your own agenda, one you had even before you became a Hollywood Orthodox Christian. You’re the worldly one bringing your cultural Marxist hippy crap into a serious religion with thousands of years of history. Not a WORD of condemnation for the Jewish Communists and violent homosexuals who brutally attacked three men for holding a cross!”

“How come, costa, you’re not interested in quoting what people like St Basil and St Athanasius said about JEWS? What would they think about the queers you allow to take sacrament?”

E777 If you were a brother in Christ, you would be civil and polite to this humble sinner from Greece, who comes from a long line of Orthodox. My grandfather fought the Nazis during WW2 and killed several, and also hid a Jew he knew from the Nazi authorities, as did many brave Greeks. As a pious man defending a great Orthodox country from Nationalist Socialists like you, I take very grave exception to your comments about your own cultural fetishes. He suffered so much during the war from killing enemy soldiers that he excluded himself from Communion, following a long discussion with his bishop – a pious and theologically literate man. Which is why I looked up the Canon. I have cousins who are monks and my grandfather of eternal memory was a Nun, living her life in a monastery when my papous died at a quite young age. My great grandfather was a priest. So from the comfort of your living room, please don’t make presumptions about Holy Orthodoxy, that you have no cultural perspective on, being as you are a fundamentalist in a country that was founded by Puritans who thing that the Reformation had not gone far enough – you simply have too much cultural baggage to know what you are talking about. If you want to become Orthodox, at least show respect for those who are from this background and don’t resort to name calling. Do please indeed offer forth full argumentations for the consideration of this sinner. But it isn’t Christian to put words into my mouth. Yes, I believe biologists have observed same-sex attraction in some animals and humans (at a rate of about 5% of the population in humans). But no, I do not think it theologically possible for marriage to change from being anything other than a male-female union. There are some theological reasons that I’m afraid would be beyond your limited cultural understanding to grasp. Beyond that, when science informs us that the Earth is not the centre of the Universe, then if we insist as Christians that this is not so, this is a form of blasphemy – as is the denial that some living creatures are born with a same-sex attraction.
As a married man with three grandchildren, I can only say that none in my own family have thus far suffered this anomaly. But my wife tells me (she is a marriage guidance councillor in her spare time for 20 years) that often the most anti- homosexual men she encounters are themselves in psychological turmoil and are struggling with their own attraction to other men, causing untold suffering to their families, and themselves. She tells me I must not presume that those virulently against homosexuality are themselves gay, that there isn’t a hard scientific link, but the qualitative connection remains, at least in my mind. Wouldn’t it be better to come out of the closet instead of causing violence and suffering? I am sure there are some who are prejudiced due to their youth.

And Cat – are you named after St Catherine the Great? Is she your patron Saint? We Orthodox hold special place for this great saint, who was a brilliant orator, an outstanding rhetorician who converted many. May you take inspiration from this wonderful example of Women’s empowerment, a shining intellectual from Antiquity – a women who was not fearful and certainly did not need protection from anyone or anything! St Catherine, pray to God for us!


May God bless you in this trial. Stand tall. Keep the faith. The Pharisaical Sister McDonald will not prevail.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Deo Vindice

Gavin James Campbell

Only though Heimbach is not being persecuted. And certainly not for righteousness’ sake.


“a rather thoughtful, heartfelt, and humble response”

No, she is just another woman who has accepted hateful jewish anti-European Caucasian ideology and all around leftism which benefits tribal Jews.

If Maria McDowell is, as E777 says:
1)An outspoken feminist who tries to revise history
2)She supports LGBT militant queer cultural Marxism
3)She is openly anti-white
4) She has no words of criticism for the communists, homos, and Jews that pelt you with urine or sucker punch you.

Why are you even responding to a woman who has adopted all of the leftist propaganda that jews have created especially for the European Caucasian peoples? These leftist ideologies are designed to get European Caucasian peoples to destroy themselves.(Jews in Israel totally reject this leftist, self destructive ideology, by the way) And like so many easily manipulated women, she swallows this ideology hook, line, and sinker.

There is nothing thoughtful or humble about her attack on European Caucasian people who try to defend themselves. She is working to destroy a people, all under the cover of trying to be a “thoughtful, compassionate Christian”.

Can you, Matt, explain why you respond to anti-Euro Caucasian bigots like this lady?


Sensitive little bastards as well as intellectually lazy, aren’t they?

There are two types of “strangers” in the bible, the “stranger” who is indeed a “stranger”, that being a non-Israelite, and they are to be run out of your land. You cannot convert a non-Adamic man who is not a descendant of Shem to being an Israelite and they are to be run out of the land, if not worse. See the tale of Phineas if one is confused over such matters, not to mention that it was made clear that one of the reasons he was chosen, Noah “was perfect in his generations”, meaning that neither he nor any of his ancestors had polluted their blood with the genetics of the “other(s).” This is not confusing. The other type of “stranger” is an Israelite from another Israelite tribe whom you do not know who happens to be sojourning through your land. The latter type is the “stranger” who is to be welcomed as directed in The Law, not all strangers – period. The language delineating the distinction is clear to “those with eyes to see and ears to hear.”

The above information is right there in any concordance and available to any and all. “Racism” is not only not a sin, being “racist” is a commandment from God Himself.

Gavin James Campbell

The fact of the matter is that the so-called “radical traditionalism” is NOT, in any way shape or form, compatible with Orthodox Christianity.
And I am quite jubilant that one of it’s adherents has finally been excommunicated. This will finally bring attention to a serious problem in the Church, and it will be dealt with. The so-called “radical traditionalists” are dead branches on the Vine, and they are going to get pruned.
It’s either repent or get expelled. No more Evola in Orthodoxy. And even a lot of Russians are getting sick of Dugin and his inflammatory rhetoric. While Greeks are embarrassed by the Golden Dawn. You might as well either leave the Church now or repent of your views before you get found out.

Orthodox Mike

Methinks someone thinks of himself higher than many of the Fathers and Saints that we stand behind who made the same statements. What Russians are getting sick of Dugin? Seems to me that that country is getting more Radical Traditionalist everyday, and from the many Russian comrades I talk to, they are sick of the West’s secular humanist agenda and the lukewarm Murican Pseudodox that dont take a stand on anything , unless it’s FOR things that are AGAINST the Church!

Franklin Morgan

I agree the Gospel is for all people. But I also know that Christ said that in His Father’s House are many mansions. I know that people often like to be with people who look like them. I know that Sunday morning is often the most segregated time of the week. And it is self segregated. I go to a Catholic Church that is very diverse. It has a huge African contingent. Most of the Africans go to the 12:15 Mass because that’s when they want to go. Matt and Matt and I think this is a healthy part of human nature. I do not consider myself a White Nationalist but I do consider myself a race realist with hopes that one day this realism will undo some of the true harm of the false religion of multiculturalism and it is a religion.

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