Postmodern America: The Cowards and the Pseudo-Orthodox Golem It Created

May 7, 2014

I was asked by a newly formed group to pass this along, which I will gladly do. 

The man who has nothing can still have faith.

The man who has nothing can still have faith.

A Statement From the Traditionalist Orthodox Brotherhood:

In light of recent events concerning the Matts, their undeserved censure and excommunication from the Church, and the cowards in the Church who have succumbed to this modernist lunacy, we of the Traditionalist Orthodox Brotherhood need to state our position.

What is going on here is nothing more than a classic witch hunt. To any true Believer, this should be obvious. The “men” – and I use the term loosely- that have been spearheading this disgusting display of ultraliberal hegemony are truly the ones that need to be excommunicated and censured. They are so-called “Progressives” who are mostly unrepentant homosexuals that are openly trying to reform and change immutable Dogma of the Holy Church. Men like Stephen Montgomery , an open homosexual that lives with his “partner” that he considers his “husband” and is allowed to freely spout off his agenda and live his lifestyle in the confines of the GOA jurisdiction. I imagine he is never disallowed the chalice in his parish in north Florida. Then there is a “Lew Whitaker” who was on the attack against Traditionalists who claims the Faith yet has such lovely gems on his Facebook page like “Pro-Gay Orthodox” and the “Global Bisexual Network” as some of the lovely groups he belongs to. Another one who is leading the charge and letting people believe he is some sort of Orthodox priest is one Gregory Blevins, who isn’t even Orthodox but belongs to some schismatic Old Catholic sect. The thing all these people have in common though is they all co-conspire on a page on Facebook called “Progressive Orthodox Christianity”, an oxymoron if there ever was one. Their agenda is obvious: they want to destroy the Holy Tradition of the Church and the Dogma that was codified by Ecumenical Councils that fly in the face of the openly sinful lifestyles these people want to be accepted . Progressivism is a truly insidious form of Modernism, Globalism, and Secular Humanism straight from the pits of Hell. It is the attempted recreation of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel…where no distinction is made or celebrated by cultures, creeds, tribes, genders, etc..

O, the hypocrisy of it all too! Does anyone seriously believe that had Matt Heimbach not had his controversial past and was not of European descent, that ANY of this would be happening? Fr. Moses Berry is an African-American Orthodox priest who has some quite Afrocentric views and celebrates his culture comfortably within the confines of the Church. We have no problem with that, nor do we see it as hateful. Is he guilty of Phyletism? This is the charge leveled at the Matts. It is unjust and unfounded, as neither one believe in race-based salvation, and Heimbach will be the first to tell you he was in error in the past flirting with the more biological determinist racialist types. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an ethnic identity, wishing to preserve it, believing in hierarchy, monarchy, and loving one’s people. It is either right for EVERYBODY – including us hated white folks- or it is wrong and heretical for EVERYBODY, period. There is also nothing wrong with peacefully protesting degeneracy or defending oneself. We worship the God of St. John of Kronstadt and the Church Fathers.. I am not quite sure which Christ these Progressives are worshipping.

The foulest part of all of this debacle is the utter spinelessness of the American Orthodox clergy . They have sold out their Faith for either filthy lucre’s sake or revealed themselves as actually worshipping Political Correctness, not our True God Jesus Christ. St. Nicholas may have slapped more than arch-heretic Arius had he been around today. In fact, he may have quite a busy schedule slapping heretics these days. These are the same people trying to purge so-called “anti-Semitism” from our Holy Liturgies because they know more than the Church Fathers. Those Church Fathers were ungodly and hateful, apparently. Our Canons are also obsolete as well, according to these malefactors and the cowardly bishops and priests who cave to them! Clergy, if you wish the Holy Church of God to become a repeat of the Latin Church, or the Episcopal Church, then keep on cowering before these godless renovationists bringing another Gospel – a satanic one- into the Church. I don’t want to hear you moan when you are forced to perform a homosexual “marriage” in the near future because your corrupt sell-out bishop tells you to!

We, the Sobor, are here. We are watching. We are taking notes. We are defending Holy Tradition. You cannot kick us all out, we are all around and are fed up with this encroaching corruption of the Church. Your false ecumenism, renovationism, liberalism, and hypocrisy will end. The gates of Hell shall not prevail. The Lavender Mafia and Freemason subversives in high places will eventually fail. Even if merely a remnant are true, the Church of Jesus Christ will exist.

We are not racists for loving our kith and kin. We are not evil for standing up to evil! We are not phyletists for believing in God-given identity! We condemn racial hatred, including racial hatred against us as well. We are the Traditionalist Orthodox Brotherhood and we are here to defend our Faith against all Enemies of the Cross.   ORTHODOXY ~AUTOCRACY~NATIONAL IDENTITY


-The Traditionalist Orthodox Brotherhood

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