Our Sabbatical

Heimbach and I have, in accordance with the request of our priest, chosen to take a sabbatical from the project. We don’t know how long it will be, anywhere from a few days to permanent, depending on how things play out. What does a man do when his championship of Authority and Tradition results in his traditional authority prohibiting his life’s work immediately and without warning? It’s a profound riddle, one we’ll be digesting during our ongoing discourse with the Church.

I’m disappointed to the brink of illness, as my conviction remains that my White American people do have a right to exist. I don’t believe that my people are uniquely undeserving among all the world’s people of advocacy and stewardship. I believe that the Holy Tradition of the Church is on our side. I believe that those who insist that Christianity is integrally anti-White will be proven wrong in due time.

This is not our project, alone. It’s not our place to “shut it down” or “turn off comments”. To do so would be to sabotage the work of others. We are going to humble ourselves to pastoral guidance, affording them the time they need to fully digest what exactly we are and what exactly we stand for. We are going to humble ourselves to their guidance and wisdom, approaching the dialogue with open hearts and minds.



Best of luck. I certainly wish you well. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

I think the loss of your contribution if permanent will be a major blow to the cause. But if the sabbatical does turn out to be permanent, I would encourage you not to feel bad about it or look back. You’ve already done far more than most will ever do.

Fr. Greg Blevins

Nobody is threatening the “right of white people to exist”. Quite the opposite. White people pretty much rule the world. When you get that, IF you get that, everything else should fall into place.

Anyway, I’m pleased that you are willing to take a sabbatical. This willingness to comply with your priest’s request in this regard bodes well. Know that many, many people, even if you consider them adversaries, are praying for you and are, in fact, concerned about your spiritual welfare.


Is it really necessary to rush to judgment like that? Your first paragraph shows you’re not educated on this subject, whatever accomplishments you may have in other fields.


While sheer ignorance on the part of Blevins is a distinct possibility, another is malice aforethought. Whether out of ignorance or malevolent intent, notice how quick he is to make utterly false proclamations of fact about the earthly world, the world of politics.

The Matt’s have apparently agreed to take a sabbatical on the basis of people who have misrepresented them personally, lied about them, thrown them to the wolves, and grossly misrepresented a noble cause. People that have in effect sided with anti-christian, anti-white street thugs, instead condemning the people those thugs attacked.

And now, in hopes of truly breaking them, those same hateful liars will approach the Matts as friends, offering salvation. It is all very grotesque.

I’ll also have to say this: I suspect a lot of people are shocked that, after all of the tests that they have stood up to with such bravery and charity, that the Matts would cave to sheer anti-white hysteria and ignorance.

Since I’m not a public activist myself, I’m certainly in no position to demand that they keep up with their activism. Had they retired, perhaps simply having had enough, nobody could have blamed them. But to go out because of shameless liars, to give in to a pack of jackals and hyenas, is truly a shame.

In any event, I think both Matts are genuinely good men, and I wish them the best. They have shown tremendous dedication, judgment, and charity for quite a few years now. We appreciate what you have done for our people, which is far more than most. While I think publicly giving into these hyenas is a terrible error, it does not cancel out the good that you have demonstrated.

As to the bigger issues, I’ve always thought that Linder’s hostility to Christianity was overblown, and it never entirely set right with me. But I’ll have to say, this goes further than I’d like toward making his point. I suppose it’s best that we face up to this sooner than later.

Even if one doesn’t agree with that, and I’m not all the way there myself, I think Brad Griffin’s commentary on this episode has been pretty spot on. Whether one finds Linder or Griffin more persuasive, one thing is for sure: so called “Christians” have truly made a disgrace of themselves over this, and my respect for them has been accordingly lowered. Dramatically.

Again, best of luck to the Matts, if this turns out to be permanent. Good men who have done far more than their share, and are far better than the charlatans that have caused them such grief, but will now approach them with smiles on their faces.

Fr. John+

Pastor Blevins is bloviating a lie that has much cachet with the terminally stupid, but is countered by the facts. Whites are the smallest numerical ‘race’ in the World, and the replacement rates for all Whites (except in Nationalist Russia!) are negative trending.

Matt, I feel you are making a mistake. But then, I never knew you had joined to Modernist Pseudo-doxy. Gilquist is, and will forever remain, a protestant Evan-jelly-goo sectarian, who merely traded in his wide ties, for a cassock. His unwarranted, uncanonical, and back-peddling stances in the wake of this entire brouhaha, indicate to me that he cares more for appearances, rather than Truth. Something all the WCC-member Scoba-dox do.

May God continue to Enlighten you, as you fight for the Truth and the Right for your People.
Just like St. Olaf of Norway
Just like St. Lazar of Serbia
Just like St. Cornelius Codreneau of Serbia
Just like the Royal Family against the jewish Bolsheviks of Russia.

“The culture of each nation is, first of all, its view of heaven, its relation to Divinity in general, to the Holy Trinity if it be a Christian nation. This orientation toward heaven impresses its own deep mark on the activities of a given nation: on its life, its habits, its productions in any field, science, music, and art….There is no man without a nation or tribe, nor is there a religion without a nation, just as there is no nation without a religion. These two phenomena are mutually dependent and cannot be separated either in time or composition.”


Blevins is a WASP by ethnicity (as well as psychological disposition) and a former member of the Episcopal Church . On that basis alone nothing he says should be taken seriously.

Traditionalist Orthodox Brotherhood

“Father” Gregory, you are NOT an Orthodox priest, but a part of some liberal schismatic group. Nothing you say holds any patristic weight. You are merely another progressive secular humanist in quasi-Christian garb spewing your Babylonian globalist modernism. Please spare us! We of the Brotherhood are tired of this Fifth Column growing in the Church of progressives and the Lavender Mafia. We are compiling dossiers on all offenders and the true faith once delivered will be defended.


White people are a global minority. Only white countries are told that they need more diversity. Diversity=White GeNOcide.


“White people pretty much rule the world.”

No. Businessmen and Dictatorships rule the world, white people are being kicked around to satisfy minority agenda. White people have been victims in their own nations for a long time now.


Always remember Matt H, as my irish uncle said at my cousin’s wedding, “Home is where you go and they can’t turn you away.”

I just hope there will still be a home for you to come back to.


John Maelstrom

There will be. Don’t doubt it for a second.

I’m late to all of this and I can tell you my guts are literally rattling right now. I consider these two men the greatest hope our people have seen in decades, and to hear they are being forced to step away from the advocacy role they’ve accepted and excelled at – as if this was something they were destined for! – is nothing short of heartbreaking.


Sammy, the best scientists in the world can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God.
All they can do is pose theories concerning sensory data gathered from the material world.
And argue about how good those theories are at explaining that.
But God is not a “thing” in the material world, but a transcendent entiity, the Giver of Life.
But God doesn’t much care for such rhetoric: our Lord loves all, atheists included 🙂
Atheists who are curious and questioning are often far closer to God than many brain-dead and unquestioning believers.
God bless you!

Leslie H. Higgins

“Atheists who are curious and questioning are often far closer to God than many brain-dead and unquestioning believers.”

What an insult. Our Lord constantly praised the faith of the childlike, and Himself confounded the scholars of the Law in the Temple in His youth. A reason-adulating era like our own may hold skeptics in high esteem, but the Lord God does not. He asks filial piety and charity.


No insult intended, Leslie.
Child-like, yes, it’s certainly good to have a child-like faith. Which is completely different to brain-dead. Children are questioning and are certainly not brain-dead, filled with wonder and awe of the world. Let’s not set up a false dichotomy between faith and reason when there isn’t one. Our Lord railed against the Legalists and often spoke in riddles.
Hope that clarifies it – I’m a pious Orthodox Christian but I’ve noticed how many theologically illiterate “Christians” there are in all Christian expressions, not least in Orthodox Christianity.
— Costa


Maria, by her own admission, hails from a jewish family, so who cares what she thinks? None of the anti-white agenda she agitates for surprises me since I read this line in the piece linked above:
“I am only a tiny bit of a Marxist (though members of my Jewish family were card-carrying communists. ”


To Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott,

Thank you both for all you have done. I am well disgusted by this pack of vipers now attacking you, they are not worthy of you.



“Maria” admits in this post that her family members were Jewish “card-carrying communists” in her own words. She also promotes radically heretical renovationist ideas such as women priests, homosexual marriage, liberation theology and abortion. WASPs and Jews run America and are the bane of real Europeans, whether it is Catholic Italians and Germans or Orthodox Greeks and Russians.


I left this comment:

“Maria, you are not white. You are a yid, a natural enemy of our people. You have found your niche here, just like so many of your tribesmen, in perverting our traditional European theology. You are no different from Jewish pornographers who try to pervert our sexual morals or Jewish feminists who try to pervert our traditional family structures. In accordance with your parasitical nature, you naturally honed in on the weak foundations you saw and began gnawing away as the termite gnaws at load bearing joists.

Please leave our country while you still can. You have a nice home in the desert where you can read Torah and argue with insane neurotic rabbis all day.”

She probably won’t allow it past moderation, so I posted it here just in case.

Brad Griffin

Someone has to say it.

It’s clear from the comments of people like Fr. Greg Blevins that the Orthodox Church has embraced the values of “Slut Walk” and has sided with the militant atheist homosexuals who violently attacked you in Bloomington. By publicly excommunicating you, the Orthodox Church has announced that it is opposed to traditionalism.

I hope y’all move on from Orthodoxy and continue your search for a church that hasn’t been compromised by American liberalism. Sticking with the Orthodox Church after this – remember, these people think that having a positive sense of racial and cultural identity is on the same level as pedophilia – is on the same level of sticking with the Episcopal Church after its public embrace of gay marriage and gay clergy.

There’s no future in this. The people who embrace the values of American liberalism are already on the road to atheism and have no incentive to bother with the hassles of Orthodoxy.

John Beattie

Matt H. attempted to disrupt the mud dozen protesting outside Amren Conference. He earned the scorn of the Park Rangers. He was the only one to do so. Had agreement from another poster, from my previous comment, on this bad move…… referred to Matt H. as : ” Showboat “. I truly believe the slutwalk fiasco not the reason for the superstars packing it in. Matt H. especially ticked that he not on the platform at THE Amren Conference. Superstars do not like waiting behind a curtain, so they have pouted and taken their Crosses home.


Blevins isn’t the Orthodox Church, he is just some WASP hippie convert. He was brought up an Episcopalian. Orthodoxy is not what has led Blevins to his views, but rather his patronisingly liberal WASP nature.


John Beattie is incredibly ignorant.

First – many of us approached the AMREN protestors, myself, Richard Spencer, and RamZPaul, just to name a few.

And, as is usual in these situations, the police ALWAYS side with us. Know why? Because they’re good ol’ boys and southerners, mostly conservative, and they can’t stand the foul-smelling, insane ideologies and rudeness of the protestors any more than we can.

As for Heimbach being a “showboat” … it’s easy for you to say so from the safety of your lounge-chair… but try walking a mile in the shoes of a young man who faces (day after day) national and international attention – all negative. Heimbach’s taken the absolute worst ridicule the Devil can supply, and rolled with it. Do you think this sort of national, negative press feels good? Do you think going against the flow of society is easy?

I’d suggest you try it someday to see for yourself, but we both know that will never happen; not in a million years. You’re content to live safely in your living room, and negatively critique others.

How dare you speak ill of those who have put their reputations and lives on the line for you?

Brad Griffin

John Beattie doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Heimbach walked out the door and said nothing to the protesters. That’s when an anti-fa screamed out “Hey Matt, how’s your face?” All Matt said in response was “Jesus loves you.” The anti-fa screamed back, “Jesus hates you,” and that was the extent of the exchange.

The timid response to these people is why Amren has been pushed out into the woods of Tennessee and is still being harassed there.


Actually the Orthodox Church is just following it’s own Tradition. It’s principles have existed long before the phenomena you have coined ‘American Liberalism’. The Orthodox Church is an international, multiracial, and trans-cultural institution. And it has been from the beginning. We in the Orthodox Church have no tolerance for your kind of bigotry, and never have. It is obvious that your minds have been commandeered and twisted by the propaganda of hatred and that you are unable to understand the situation, or your own condition properly. You should all take a sabbatical and separate yourselves from this poisoned atmosphere of hatred and evil that you find yourselves in. Learn to think correctly and see clearly again. And it is my prayer that you will do so.

Orthodox Mike

Blevins is a “priest” in something called the “Antiochian Catholic Church”..Some liberal non-canonical nonsense. He is NOT an Orthodox priest. He needs to quit acting like he is.

Chuck (Kyriakos) Bradley

May St. Moses the Ethiopian and all of the Orthodox saints of Africa intercede on your behalf. And may the North American proto-martyr, St. Peter the Aleut intercede on your behalf. And May St. Jacob Netsvetov, born of a Russian father and Aleut mother (and thus, ‘mixed race’s) intercede on your behalf. And may Blessed Olga Michael of the Yup’ik (Eskimo) people intercede for you. And may the Chinese martyrs of the Boxer revolution intercede on your behalf. May all the saints, and most especially the All-Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary intercede on your behalf to our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ who is and was and will be a Palenstinian Jew who most definitely was not white-identified until you can look into the face of every black, brown, red, yellow and white man and woman and realized that all human are created equally as the image of God.

John Maelstrom

May another set of martyrs – the ones gunned down daily, beaten by mobs of Blacks because of their white skin, those children beaten in their classrooms and school buses in front of powerless teachers, those women – your sisters! – brutally raped and laughed at by standers by with their camera phones – ALSO intercede on your behalf. Oh, I know they aren’t canonized like the folks in that list above, these “rulers of the world who are in no danger.” Heck, in most cases these attacks are barely mentioned in the news; certainly not on the national level. They are unlistable, by the way. They number in the thousands already this year, four months into 2014.

For what? For an experiment in multiculturalism. We all know peoples and cultures interact and influence on one another. If this happens organically – fine! But the forced integration, this creation of a scrambled empire, many nations all blended into one dysfunctional mess, THIS is new. For the church to embrace this, and even encourage it, is to invite the police state. You’ve already seen it advancing aggressively these past few decades and you’ve seen the corresponding disintegration of faith in the 30 and under demographic. Congratulate yourselves! This was, in large part, your doing. When you elected to embrace this Marxist dream, like all of the churches today, where all bipeds are equal and interchangeable, you violated Natural law and you invited the emergence of a new god. This new god is one everyone can see and feel. They have to! And that’s the one they believe in now. This is the god that is needed to create the illusion of order. It’s a demon of course but you won’t mind as long as you can feel good about yourself and rattle off a list of names in hopes of giving us all the warm fuzzies when it comes to non-Whites and mixed race couples and offspring. Enjoy the NSA invasions of privacy, the largest prison population on the planet, the gigantic swaths of ruin and chaos in every major city in this country leading to more White flight and more destruction of the natural world. Enjoy the distractions that are fed to your young in order to make this nightmare of yours palatable – the legal and illegal drugs, the easy access to porn, the mainstream television that inches closer to actual porn by the day, the trading of real world interaction for virtual world entertainment leading to epidemic levels of obesity . . . hey, at least it’s safe!

This is all yours. You have in your midst now two of the most courageous men you will EVER have the privilege of encountering. Mark my words, in generations to come they will be remembered fondly. They’ll be honored. You, and everyone from the “greatest generation” and the “baby-boom” generation . . . the people of the future will only shake their heads and wonder, “How could they have not seen? Why did they pretend NOT to see. What cowardice. What hypocrisy!” If you abandon truth and courage for what is fashionable and politically correct, you are lost and perhaps it is you who need to take a sabbatical. Do us a favor and take on in the most diverse neighborhood you can find. May St. Moses the Ethiopian intercede on your behalf.

Orthodox Mike

You are part of the problem, are spearheading this anti -Traditionalist witch hunt, and are not an Orthodox priest, so, with all due respect, shut your progressive liberal mouth.

Orthodox Mike

And may St. JOHN of Kronstadt, of the Black Hundreds, and Elders Justin Parvu, George Calciu, and Arsenie Papacioc of blessed memory and who all were in the Iron Guard intercede for us!

Fr. John+

Funny. A man who denies his own race, by taking on a foreign saint’s name, when Charles is a good, Anglo-Saxon name, dares mention that Jesus was a Jew?!?!?!

Has he never heard of the Jew turned Christian, Freedman, who wrote (seventy years ago!) the booklet, ‘Jesus was NOT a Jew”!? http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm

What of that new movie, that clearly pointed out the near-death experience of a ‘little child’ that Jesus has blue-green eyes? (Not that that is conclusive evidence, but Christ sure isn’t some Khazarian Kounterfeit!)

What are people saying who see this idolatry of the Non-White for what it is? Much, if we but have ‘ears to hear, and eyes to see!’

““Thus, the egalitarians, by embracing multiculturalism and the immigration of non-whites in to white nations on the basis of the genetic equality of all peoples, undermine their social equality, and create societies of conflict, violence, ethnic cleansing, and civil war…Then there is Gause’s Law of Competitive Exclusion:

“Two subspecies of the same species do not occupy the same geographical area. … To imagine one subspecies of man living together on equal terms for long with another subspecies is but wishful thinking and leads only to disaster and oblivion for one or the other.”

The carrying capacity of the earth will eventually be reached, and it has probably already been reached in some countries. When that happens in white countries, our descendants will be in a life-and-death struggle for survival with the descendants of the non-whites that whites foolishly let in to their homelands at the behest of the egalitarians and the multiculturalists. The actions we take, or fail to take, now, are setting the stage for multiple civil wars in the future. – http://erectuswalksamongst.us/Chap31.html

As Fuerle has noted, it is the White organs of culture- even the apostate churches- that are hastening this genocide of all races in direct contravention of YHWH God’s commands, for the ideological dream of avoiding the ‘sin of racism’…a ‘sin’ YHWH God never invented.

“But, nevertheless, whites are expected to welcome other races to their homelands – Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Non-whites from the Third World are not only permitted to immigrate into white homelands, they are openly welcomed – white churches work to bring them over and white governments subsidize them when they have arrived. Indeed, governments give these often uneducated, illiterate, low IQ, disease-carrying, and crime-prone Third-World immigrants more benefits and rights than they give to their own people, then send their own people the bill and punish them severely for any discrimination against the unwelcome immigrants. One might think this is suicidal insanity, though the consensus among the ruling elites is that it is a moral necessity. But moral it is definitely not, for a morality that calls for the extinction of its adherents is fatally flawed.” (op. cit.)

one quote from my book, ‘That ungrateful Christendom’

Katie Kelaidis

Christ is risen! I am so happy to hear that you have decided to continue on your journey with the Church–even if that might be disappointing or angering to some of your supposed “comrades”. Know that your brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for you and for your salvation. You will most certainly be in my humble, unworthy prayers as you wrestle with the darker parts of your heart. Though the exact nature of my hatred and prejudices are different than yours, I have done my fair share of similiar self-examination and penitence for such things. It is not easy. But the intercessions of the Holy Theotokos are powerful and (as you know) the power of Christ’s love conquers all–even death itself. Good strength for the journey ahead.


He is risen indeed, Katie!
Thank God our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ went right into the very centre of Hell to smash the gates open from within.
So Christ is King and the Victory giver for us, and even over death itself – He is the bestower of Life!


Trainspotter you are spot on!


‘Father’ Blevins are you honestly asking us to consider with any weight whatsoever the words of an advocate for LGBT rights? Although honoring heritage and honoring Christ are not mutually exclusive, practicing homosexuality as would be expected in marriage and claiming to be a practicing Orthodox, are.

Brad and Matts, do not let this experience sour you on the One True Faith. The priest you had an unfortunate experience with is well known for leftist sympathy and his own father had a controversial past which would explain strange thinking. And this ‘Father’ Blevins certainly is no true priest of The Church if he too sympathizes with homosexuals, the fact alone that he quotes McDowell tells me all I need to know about him.

Request leave from the tumultuous Antiochians who have fallen ill with heretical PC ideas and run don’t walk to the purest expression of the Faith, the Russian Orthodox.

Here you will find an appreciation for heritage, here you will find members who would sooner die a martyr’s death than join sides with God hating sodomites and whores. Here you will find priests unafraid to take a stand for traditional values no matter how loudly such a stance is protested by the fallen world. Taken from a Facebook post:

Russian Orthodox Love for ones own Blood

II. 3. Christian patriotism may be expressed at the same time with regard to a nation as an ethnic community and as a community of its citizens. The Orthodox Christian is called to love his fatherland, which has a territorial dimension, and his brothers by blood who live everywhere in the world. This love is one of the ways of fulfilling God’s commandment of love to one’s neighbour which includes love to one’s family, fellow-tribesmen and fellow-citizens.

-Basis of the Social concept of the Russian Orthodox Church. Church and Nation (Moscow Patriarchate)

In case there was any question as to the stance of The Church on homosexuality:




I pray you find peace and freedom from persecution. Your message is inspiring to me and countless others. Continue with the cause, if you are hated know that they hated Him first. The evil one only sends trouble your way when you vex him so you must have been doing something right!

Greg Johnson

This is extremely disappointing. Frankly it makes the two Matts look like politically unreliable, unserious flakes. I am assuming that both Matts sincerely believe that the physical existence of our race is in peril, and that every awakened white must do what he can to preserve our people. I also assume that they seriously believe that the God in which they believe is on our side. If so, then their proper response to the priest who demands they cease fighting for our race’s future is “Get thee behind me Satan.”

But no, instead they have chosen a “sabbatical,” so they can dilly-dally with the likes Fr. Gillquist and Sr. Maria Gwyn McDowell. If only the Jews and other enemies of our race stopped to take a sabbatical from time to time.

As with Scott Terry’s recent “creep offensive” at Alternative Right (http://www.alternative-right.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/amren-conference-2014-saga-continues.html), the Matts’ sabbatical is an excellent object lesson to the White Nationalist atheists, agnostics, pagans, Traditionalists, and tepid Christians who think it politic to play paddy-cake with Christian fanatics in the interests of creating a “big tent.”

Stop patronizing these people. Stop letting them henpeck honest religious dissent in our circles. Stop letting them emotionally blackmail you into silence or active dissimulation, which is their way of preserving the impression that Christianity is anything more than a decadent, dying faith.

Because, in the end, there is no upside. They are weak and unreliable allies who will spend more time fighting anti-Christian dissent in our circles than anti-White hate in their own churches. And, indeed, when forced to choose, they will knuckle under to the haters, because their universalist creed and pie in the sky are more important than taking our own side in a fight to the death.

I have never liked or trusted Matt Heimbach. But I truly liked and trusted Matt Parrott. Both his actual work and my sense of his potential made me willing to overlook evidence of flakiness and unreliability. Frankly, I feel like a fool now. It is very disappointing and demoralizing. But I guess good lessons are seldom cheap.

John Maelstrom

Oh good, Greg. Take a moment to kick and spit on guys who have fought ferociously for our people – physically, not to mention in terms of time and energy. You’ve interviewed Matt Parrott numerous times and spoken with him as if he was a friend. I would hope with the many contributions he’s made to your site you regarded him as such. Then, in a moment in his life that is obviously difficult, you behave like a horses ass and reach for the cattle prod?

Are you some kind of goddamn drunk with no filter between your treacherous mind and your mouth? Serious question. Many consider you one of the leaders of this nascent movement and in this instance – you fail. Perhaps unforgivably.

What you feel or don’t feel about Christianity is one thing. Shitting on a comrade when he is in need is quite another. This movement doesn’t fail because of Christianity. This movement fails because every man is his own god now and therefore they no longer have need for comrades in arms. So they think! They’ll do it all on their own, they imagine. We will grow when we find leaders who can build camaraderie and morale. Flakiness and unreliability are your traits and the traits of Richard Spencer during his Christmas Day betrayal. Pretenders to leadership and aristocracy, the both of you. Obvious students of Machiavelli too. I hate to tell you this though, Nicki was a product of his time and the Renaissance was when the death march started for the West. If we are to win someday, we’ll have to do much better than the two of you.


Jews got Father Coughlin this way too. Father Coughlin was given orders to cease and desist by some higher ups who were taking orders from the same Jews Coughlin was trying to expose, and Father Coughlin blindly followed them because Authority.

The bewildering part to me is Matt following orders from an authority in what appears to be a branch of the Orthodox church that champions pure anti-tradition like Slut Walks on top of the universalism. At least Coughlin returned to a church that was at the time promoting healthy social positions.

Greg Johnson

Malestrom: I applaud our people when they advance against the enemy. I shame them when they retreat. The two Matts have retreated, and what is most disgusting, they have done so upon the orders of a PC spiritual eunuch, because, as buhlievers, his authority trumps their own judgment.

Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to quit. I certainly understand the temptation, given the torrent of disgusting behavior issuing from the movement cloaca in recent weeks, most eminently Frazier Glenn Miller and his VNN Amen Corner.

But evil and stupidity are finite, even in White Nationalism, so maybe we are just witnessing a purge, and things will brighten up a bit once some of the worst elements discredit themselves or head for greener pastures.


Trainspotter: “The bewildering part to me is Matt following orders from an authority in what appears to be a branch of the Orthodox church that champions pure anti-tradition like Slut Walks on top of the universalism. At least Coughlin returned to a church that was at the time promoting healthy social positions.”

Very good point, and one the Matts would do well to consider.


Mistaken label, and feel free to correct. The quote that I’m responding to is from Lew.

Brad Griffin

I think the reports of Heimbach’s demise are grossly exaggerated.

Have some patience. Let the dust settle. Give them some time to think about if they want to tow the PC line in communion with people who celebrate “Slut Walk” and who believe that traditionalists are on the same moral level as pedophiles. I for one predict that it won’t last long.

I think Parrott is just having a knee jerk reaction here. That’s fine, we all do from time to time. As with Heimbach’s banishment from the League, I predict this will only be temporary.



I would ask you to consider the possibility that maybe you are too quick to judge what’s going on here.

I can tell you don’t read my blog, and that’s OK. But if you did, and you knew the Big Idea of my blog, you might have a little more understanding and patience with people doing their thing, their way. I know I’m being cryptic here. My readers and commenters know exactly what I’m saying without saying it.

We have to let people do things, to experiment, to meet new people. That’s the idea of the Men Who Stare At Goats. One of them admits that his father didn’t let him dance in his room to his records, and that sort of stiffness is a weakness of the old army way of doing things. The Men Who Stare At Goats is the New Earth Army. At the beginning of their training, they dance to pop music in order to release the mental blocks that were implanted in them in childhood.

You are clinging to an older way of thinking, a more rigid, WN 1.0 way of thinking. Kind a tough guy thing going on there.

I’m not afraid of the Matts going soft or surrendering, and you shouldn’t either. They have been persecuted too much to surrender their strong faith to cultural marxists tsk tsking them.

Greg Johnson

Kievsky, you and the X-Files contingent may believe the Matts are engaged in some sort of farce. But you don’t seem to think my condemnation of them is also just a staged part of a larger farce. I am glad of that, since I am heartily sick of dissimulation on religious matters.

I might as well make it public now: I reject the Traditionalist practice of conforming outwardly to totalitarian Biblical religions. I reject the conservative and Straussian Right-wing practice of pandering to buhlievers.

Liberalism and the Enlightenment have mortally wounded the Biblical Counter-Religions, and those who do not believe should let them bleed out rather than conforming outwardly to them on political or Traditionalist grounds, since this actually increases their power and postpones their complete demise.

Christianity today is as hollow as Communism before the fall. At the end, nobody believed in Communism, but they all pretended they did out of fear of the regime. When people were no longer afraid, they realized they were not alone, and Communism unraveled rather quickly.

Christian apologists are now so desperate that they do not even care if people believe. They just want them to pretend to believe, so that others think that their religion is stronger than it really is. This gives rise to disgusting spectacles like 75 atheists, agnostics, pagans, and tepid Christians praying over their lunch to patronize one or two buhlievers who might not even be in the room.

This is not the ethos of a movement that can confront and defeat world-destroying evil.


Brad Griffin: “Have some patience. Let the dust settle. Give them some time to think about if they want to tow the PC line in communion with people who celebrate “Slut Walk” and who believe that traditionalists are on the same moral level as pedophiles. I for one predict that it won’t last long.”

Those are largely my thoughts as well. The focus of our ire should not be on the Matts, but on the anti-white jackals and hyenas that have behaved so despicably.

Having said that, I do think the Matts have made a mistake in giving these jackals a level of credence that they most assuredly don’t deserve. That’s bad judgment, and we don’t need to wait for the dust to settle to know that. That hurts our cause in a way that quiet retirement does not. It’s fair game to point it out.

For that alone, the sort of criticism that Greg has leveled has some justification, and as he says, it is appropriate to applaud when our people advance, and shame when they retreat. Successful causes operate under such a mindset. I also suspect that Kievsky’s unspoken point may turn out to be in play.

In any event, I agree that patience is called for. For their prior service to our people, the Matts have earned that much, and more.

Again, best wishes to both of them if this turns out to be permanent, but I have a hard time believing they could be long broken by such a bunch of scoundrels and charlatans, even if they now wear smiles.

John Maelstrom

“For that alone, the sort of criticism that Greg has leveled has some justification, and as he says, it is appropriate to applaud when our people advance, and shame when they retreat. Successful causes operate under such a mindset.”

I disagree completely. What Greg should have done is kept his mouth shut. We are at war and I can’t imagine you think wars are won by every soldier chewing out a fellow soldier who occasionally misses their target – in front of the rest of the platoon, no less! No, successful movements, whether on the battlefield or in ideological battles, are won because allies remain allies. They don’t assist the enemy in shaming a comrade. They grab the nearest weapon and help that comrade hit the mark. THEN, when the two have an opportunity to speak in private, the criticism can be leveled. What Greg engages in erodes morale.

Greg Johnson

Maelstrom, I suggest you watch Full Metal Jacket and get back to me.

There is nothing I am more serious about than White Nationalism. That means that I have no merely personal loyalty to anyone in this cause. I have loyalty only to the cause itself, and loyalty to others only insofar as they are loyal to the cause. If a man fights for the cause, he is my comrade. If he retreats or defects or does something stupid that harms our cause, he is a traitor and an enemy, and he needs to be treated as such.

If we really believe that what we stand for is right, then we cannot coddle defective people, because they ultimately bring us down. If we really believe that we stand for the interests of all whites, then we must conclude that every defective we coddle is repelling 10 or 100 better people.

We need to start acting like a serious movement. A serious movement has a hard core that is dedicated to its goals above all else, not people who bow out because a priest tells them to.

The only Christian fanatics I will suffer as part of my cause are those who are willing to burn in hell if that is what it takes to save the white race. The rest are weak reeds.


John, I hear you, I know your heart is in the right place, and I’m not interested in arguing the point more than is necessary – unless for some reason you insist. I’ve tried to reconcile, to the extent possible, a number of competing and somewhat conflicting interests and concerns. I’ve made a point to praise the Matts for their service to our people. That’s not just lip service, either. Their track record prior to this has been outstanding, and I think I view them in much the same light as you do – exceptional men.

I’ve learned quite a bit from Parrott in particular over the years, have come to admire him, and will miss him greatly if he leaves. I hope he doesn’t, as he adds something special and unique to our cause. Men like him don’t come around every decade, much less every year.

However, my fondness for the Matts does not change the fact that giving credibility to anti-white jackals hurts our cause. Visibly bowing to pressure, especially on the part of a leader, from anti-white liars and scoundrels hurts our cause. There is no getting around it. A leader publicly retreating from our cause, or even giving a hint of doing so, hurts our cause, when our very survival is at stake. I take no joy in saying this, but it is true, and honesty is our strong suit in a world of liars.

Leadership creates an issue of trust and responsibility, and therefore a leader can do both more good and more damage than a member of the rank and file. That’s not to say we can’t be more tactful in our criticism, but there really is no avoiding the elephant in the room.

Maybe Greg’s criticism was a bit harsh on the ears, and I don’t agree with all of it, but it was fundamentally legitimate. Damaging behavior should be shamed. Further, Greg himself has been savagely attacked on a number of occasions, at least as badly as what these “Orthodox” scoundrels dished out, and he’s still here. He’s still standing. He gets leeway for that, though he’s not asking for it. Certainly he has far more right to criticize on such matters than I do.

Any leader is of course free to retire at will, and go about their private lives as they choose. The rank and file does not own him. But at the same time, if a leader has asked for the support of the rank and file, then he is ethically obliged not to hurt the cause that he was entrusted with. He owes it to them to leave in the manner least damaging to the effort. If you disagree with that, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

And as far as criticism goes, the Matts have fared well, as almost everyone acknowledges their contributions, service, and exceptional talents. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such praise mixed in with the questioning.

In any event, let’s just wait and see how this plays out. Griffin could well turn out to be right. But If the sabbatical does turn out to be permanent, we can more fully assess the damage at that time. I think that the Matts are good men who will try to do the right thing, and I wish them the best however it turns out.

And even though I don’t want them to retire, nobody could blame them for doing so.



When a positions of authority are established in any leadership rank structure, it is the practice of responsible, mature men to avoid airing their grievances in public. I learned this in high school. It informs the designated enemy of vulnerabilities which can be exploited. I’ve seen Johnson and Spencer carry on like petulant infants and asked myself… REALLY? These are the people who we’re supposed to think are viable alternatives to the idiots currently in power who can nonetheless manage to keep their temper publicly in check? I don’t think so.

Matt Parrott has put his reputation, his money and his body on the line for years now. Heimbach has done the same. People know what they look like. They show their faces openly, in the presence of their enemies, which is more than Johnson has done. Johnson sneers from the safety of almost complete anonymity. How many barricades have you broken, Johnson? How many punches have you taken, to earn the superior rank required for you to upbraid Parrott or Heimbach? None.

This is a business to you. You know it, we know it. That’s why you speak loftily about the need to focus on metapolitics rather than, you know, doing anything. Metapolitics means you sitting back, forever publishing books, making the odd podcast, writing some obscure crap about Greek philosophy that nobody reads, and making money from it. You’re a WN version of Glenn Beck. You don’t get to be holier-than-thou.


Greg Johnson: “There is nothing I am more serious about than White Nationalism. That means that I have no merely personal loyalty to anyone in this cause. I have loyalty only to the cause itself, and loyalty to others only insofar as they are loyal to the cause.”

Exactly. This is precisely the attitude of a serious political movement. It has to be this way.

John Maelstrom: “They don’t assist the enemy in shaming a comrade. They grab the nearest weapon and help that comrade hit the mark.”

Of course that’s true, John, but it’s not the situation we’re in. What we have instead is a very odd situation where our comrade has not quite defected (though we’re really not sure on that point), but is also not asking for our help. He’s instead indicated that he’s left the field of battle, is in negotiations with the enemy, may or may not join them, and may or may not come back to our side. It’s really quite astonishing.

Let’s hope it will still play out well, but based on what we’ve been given at this point, we can’t assume as much. As much as I like the Matts, it’s bad leadership. I’m not even saying that it can’t be corrected. Many leaders have made bad decisions and bounced back from them, and maybe that can happen here. Still, so far it ain’t good, and it’s not that we have left the Matt’s wounded on the field, instead they have indicated that they may be leaving us.

Greg Johnson

Dear Satan,

First, I must thank you for the opportunity to use such an amusing salutation.

Matt Parrott publicly declared that he and Heimbach are going on “sabbatical” from the fight to save our race from extinction because their priest told them so. So this was not a private matter from the start. If Parrott had approached me privately, I would have responded in kind. But he has made it public, and that means I need to respond in kind and try to salvage something of value — some lesson — for the cause from this latest fiasco.

As for the rest of your comment: right is right and wrong is wrong, and neither of them is changed by the fact that Parrott and Heimbach take part in demonstrations and I do not. You know about what Parrott and Heimbach have suffered for our cause because they have made it public. Do not assume that I have not suffered because I choose not to live my life in public.

Metapolitics means clarifying fundamental questions before we act, so that we act wisely and avoid fiascoes like this in the future. From that angle, metapolitics is the most practical thing of all.

John Maelstrom

Johnson, I’m familiar with the film. Thank you.

You say you have no loyalty to the mere people in the cause but only to the cause itself. This is bizarre. The cause IS the people. For all you know the sabbatical could have amounted to a week yet you couldn’t hold your tongue. Both Matts have proven their willingness to fight for us repeatedly at great personal cost. If there are any two people on Earth you should consider comrades it is them. And now, because of a little bump in the road, a conflict between their passion for our people’s survival and their adherence to a Tradition that DEMANDS obedience to superiors (sort of one of the hallmarks of Traditionalism, something few of us are willing to embrace), you get wobbly and start slinging words like “traitor” and “enemy” when you prematurely decide they’ve defected.

No one has asked you to coddle defectives. If these men are defective in your eyes do let me know when you’ve amassed your army of Captain Aryan super-soldiers incapable of making mistakes or, in this case, finding themselves caught between two competing interests. I won’t be holding my breath. As a leader, and this is what some consider you, your job is not to hack and slash until you find that perfect cadre. Your job is to lead by example. This is not coddling. This is what any organization that plans to outlive it’s leading personality must do or it dies with that man. There were a dozen other steps you could have taken that would have inspired others and may have won the Matts back tomorrow.

Don’t forget, Drill Sergeant Hartman could have just recommended a general discharge for “Gomer” but instead he used the hack and slash approach. He used collective punishment to shame Gomer and induced the platoon to carry out the blanket party. This all leads to ruin – for Hartman and Gomer in the short term and it is implied the poor leadership throughout the Vietnam era armed services creates a force that is lacking in discipline and for this reason is repelled by peasant Vietnamese. A woman in this case.

I recall when Mike Conner stepped away from Voice of Reason radio you empathized with his burn-out, you warned the rest of us to watch for those signs and to take steps to protect ourselves from this, and you stepped into the void. That was leadership. When this happens again, and I guarantee you it will because even the strongest of crusaders will stumble from time to time, you hold your tongue and you wait. If you must act, act to help. That’s leadership and that is your duty.

Trainspotter, you and I hold very similar positions. No argument.

Greg Johnson


Parrott and Heimbach have left us. And they did not do it quietly, but publicly. And they did not do it under the duress of a nervous breakdown or family crisis or some other unfortunate circumstance. They did it because they accepted the authority of a priest who is hostile to our cause over their own judgment.

That simply will not do. Apparently they need somebody to tell them what to do. I don’t get that, which means I am no leader.

But if they need someone to tell them what to do, then my advice to them is simple: If they are pretending to be Christians, stop pretending. It is dishonorable to pretend allegiance to a faith that preaches values toxic to our race. If they really are Christians and believe that God is on our side, then it is time to leave their church because God has already left it behind as well.

Whatever their beliefs, stop dilly-dallying with Christianity and focus 100% on the earthly salvation of our race. The enemy never takes a sabbatical, and neither should we.

Brad Griffin

I think y’all should cut the Matts some slack here.

From what I have seen, Parrott simply had a knee jerk emotional reaction to being publicly humiliated. Heimbach was just in DC at the May Day demonstration with our League comrades and was in good spirits while this was going on. All Parrott has said here is that they are taking a timeout to think it over.

I think Greg is taking this way too seriously. When the Matts got involved with the vanguard last year, I figured it would be a short lived experiment because they stuck out like sore thumbs. Even when Matt was kicked out of the League, I knew that he would be back at some point. Also, I wasn’t sure how this Orthodox thing would work out for them, but Fr. John and Orthodox Mike don’t seem to be phased in the slightest.

The obvious solution here is for the Matts to keep searching for a way to reconcile Christianity with their racial and cultural beliefs. It’s a problem that everyone else in the League has dealt with. I expect the Matts will deal with it in a similar way and are just taking a timeout here to collect their thoughts.

Leslie H. Higgins

I can certainly understand Johnson’s frustration. I do not know about the Orthodox, but we Catholics always have the option to simply abstain from the sacraments as required in an excommunication and hope the Church later rethinks the situation in their favor.

Not for the life of me can I see why the Matts brought TYN up with their priest in the first place. The Catholic Church of which I am a member is certainly inundated with anti-White ideology, but so long as one doesn’t talk it up around the altar most priests would look the other way, even if they personally disbelieved the message.

Greg Johnson

Brad, I don’t think I am taking this too seriously. I think that we can never take fundamental ideas too seriously. Part of what draws our people to Christianity or Republicanism or Libertarianism or Putin is (1) the inability to accept that every existing institution of our society is corrupt and rotten, and (2) the conservative instinct to try to graft our cause onto existing institutions. Both are motivated by the horror of having to create a new society essentially from scratch.

But when a society is as termite-rotted as this one, you can’t tweeze every little bug out of the crumbling structure. You have to build a new home, then torch the old one so the contagion does not spread. For Christians, that means back to the catacombs.


The last thing we need is an irrational sexual deviant, with laughable economic policies, trying to stab a few Christian brothers while they’re down.

If someone wants to be a leader in a “movement”, shouldn’t they (at least), have a coherent enough philosophy to rationally ascribe truth-values to the following sorts of propositions:

*The white race should survive*.

If all you have is gross materialism, mixed with sexual deviancy and a foul hatred of Christ, how can you ascribe any truth value to this proposition at all? What makes it true? How would such a person avoid the arguments of the trendy Moral Anti-Realists (who rely on arguments of the likes of J.L. Mackie)?

…they don’t. They just arbitrarily skip down the primrose path of life, without any sense of intellectual sophistication or loyalty, and they do it while kicking their own (whom they confess to love with a burning passion), at the worst possible moments.


You don’t have any enemies here, Greg – just friends who are hurt and confused by your attitude.


I agree with your points about Christianity. But if permanently quitting is their intention, I’m not having trouble coming up with understandable reasons for doing it in public in this way. There is no repudiation of the cause here, no denunciation of former allies. If they had up and quit for vague reasons or no public reason, people would be left wondering what happened. Now, that is not the case. In addition, quitting without a public announcement would give the unsavory elements in these circles are excuse to rumor monger about their motives and spread rumors that could not be definitively refuted by reference to public statements.


I really deserve better enemies.

True enough, but be careful what you wish for. You probably have enough to do without having to deal with full-on attacks by opponents operating at your intellectual level. Have some confidence intelligent people can spot what matters and what doesn’t. Gnats might be annoying, but they’re still gnats. I’ve always liked how you fight it out in the trenches in way your peers aren’t willing to do. The downside is dealing with the lesser minds. I’m guessing you’re too intelligent not to know this, but on the chance there has been a loss of perspective, I hope this reminder doesn’t come across as presumptuous. However loud the voices in the comments on these sites get, it’s not everybody. It’s just a few those those types best described by a word that starts with an a and ends in e.


As far as ‘nobody threatening the right of white people to exist’ I offer this for your consideration:




Also the current race war we are embroiled in that the MSM insists doesn’t exist:



No, father, we have no need of Matt’s cause do we? No need for a safe place for people of like European heritage to come together? There’s no concerted effort to push a white guilt agenda onto our youth so his campus crusading is for naught, right?



You’re supposed to lead the flock, not be a MSM sheep…


Great comment, a felloworthodox.

It seems like Maria is Concern Trolling the Orthodox Church, with all this, “We as Orthodox need to improve and reform and be more liberal.”

When Maria says, “we,” Satan giggles.

Fr. John+

Again, fellow Orthodox, you have your finger on the pulse of the HERESY afflicting the nation, and the World, with the USSA (or Obamanation, c’est la meme chose) leading the pack.

That the Scoba-dox have finally, irrevocably shown their blasphemy and heresy, makes of the Two Matts nothing less than Enlighteners to the True Orthodox out there. Of course, they haven’t become martyrs… yet.

But give the Scoba-ites time. The KGB conferred (spurious) ‘caononical’ legitimacy on the OCA, after all; perhaps they also gave them the Checka handbook to deal with ‘intransigents’ as a ‘package deal’ for following the lies of Satan, as well….

Brad Griffin

I have confidence in Heimbach.

I expect he will tire of such companions and will continue his search for a fighting, traditionalist faith. The solution to his dilemma – reconciling Christianity with a pro-White vision of society – is something that almost everyone else in the League of the South has wrestled with and has solved in their own way.


Genuine question Brad: how have the members of LOS “reconciled Christianity with a pro-White vision of society”, and what Church allows them to do so in peace? Or do they do this in secret, hiding their true feelings?


I am floored. Given Heimbach’s media-image I think his stepping into the shadows for the moment is the best thing for the TYN and for Traditionalism as a whole and that for 1000 years, this will be remembered as a major, MAJOR development. I am impressed — this sabbatical demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and goes against the caricature pimped by the elites and their media. This movement will survive, and thrive, with people like Buhls at the helm. God bless and good luck!


I am floored. Given Heimbach’s media-image I think his stepping into the shadows for the moment is the best thing for the TYN and for Traditionalism as a whole and that for 1000 years, this will be remembered as a major, MAJOR development. I am impressed — this sabbatical demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and goes against the caricature pimped by the elites and their media. This movement will survive, and thrive, with people like Buhls at the helm. God bless!


I’m very sorry to hear that. As a white nationalist who was once fooled by the bells & smells of the orthodox church, I can only hope that you continue to study church history. And by church history, I especially mean the first two-three hundred years. Study the church fathers in the light of scripture (not the other way around) and you will realize that the orthodox church is a counterfeit church built around idolatry and priestcraft. It certainly is a bulwark of tradition, but the tradition it upholds is post-Constantinian human traditions that has little to do with what Christ commanded us. The true invisible church has always existed and will always exist. Don’t listen or follow the whitewashed sepulchres that is the clergy.

Trust Christ. Trust the Holy Spirit.

Fr. John+

“One cannot have God as Father, who will not have the Church for his mother.” St. Cyprian

One of those ‘first three hundred years’ people Matt is supposed to study.

That the Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic is a given.
That the SCOBA-dox are not that historical continuity of same, is also, now, a given.

“In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist”- Fr. Seraphim Rose, ROCOR

To think I have lived to see this sorry day.


Dear Matt Parrott,
I commend your brave actions and humility to your Priest – this form of discipline is an essential part of our life in Christ – and obedience to our brothers and sisters in Christ is a hallmark of traditional Orthodox Christianity as delivered to the Apostles. Nobody is saved alone, but in a community. I shall ask a monk I know at Dochierou, on the Holy Mountain, to remember you and your friend Mathew in his prayers in this time you are in a crisis. Of course a crisis is a terrible thing to experience, but there is a positive element: crisis comes from the Greek word “Krino” meaning “judgement”. Sometimes extreme pressure is the beginning of a new journey. Only in many year’s time will this make any sense.

May God, the Incarnate Christ, bless your obedience to those further along the Way – this is a true sign of humility and respect for the Orthodox Faith, which transcends any recent political fads weather they be Marxism, Capitalism, Faschism, National Socialism, Ethnocentrism, Genderism, Masculism, Femminism, Neuterism…

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the God Incarnate is infinitely great in his Mercy (Thank God!) and infinitely greater than any man-made “Ism”.

Respectfully yours, in admiration.
In the Risen Christ,

Orthodox Mike

True Orthodoxy will prevail in the end. The Scriptures and greats like the late Fr Seraphim Rose and Blessed Elder Paisios say that in the end there will be false Orthodoxy and many will serve the Antichrist. The late Abp Averky warned us of these lukewarm worms, like phoney ‘Fr’ Blevins and this ‘Maria’ character…


You don’t need any church, they’ll say and do anything to get more members. All you need is to learn the true message in the Bible for yourself. What the churches preach today is a twisted/mistranslated Babylonian/multicultural version of the Bible. The real message of the Bible is the history of and commandments for White (Adamic) people and the struggle they have against the serpent children of The Adversary (Satan). There is no need to reconcile White Nationalism with Biblical teaching. Biblical teaching IS White Nationalism. If you want to learn more come fellowship with Dewey Tucker Sunday evenings.


Hurry back, gents. Don’t miss the fine Auster article I posted on the Gwyn thread about the unchristian, unbiblical, people-destroying anti-nationism of liberal Christianity. Since liberalism is the dominant ideology of the era, don’t expect to find a refuge from it in church. Rather, expect to have to confront Satan in any American church. (So you might as well work in the mainstream, and “make a difference.”) But you need to be as wise as a serpent, as gentle as a dove. In hoc signo vinces.


See Chris Johnson’s Midwest Conservative Journal blog for an example of a Christian who has taken up the cross of perpetual warfare with his church’s heretical authorities.


Matt and Matt,
It is my hope that you will reassess your relationship with this church, and embrace the Protestant faith. Martin Luther was correct to affirm the priesthood of all believers over the rule of priestcraft.

In any case, if you go through with the sabbatical, please stand for your convictions. As a Christian, I believe that racial hatred is a sin, but I have never seen this in any of your writings. Rather you have stood against the hatred directed against our people that can have no other end but our destruction. You also speak for the right of whites to have dignity and self-respect. If you were black, and expressed similar thoughts, would your Orthodox inquisitors now be threatening excommunication?

What you are standing for is simple justice, something that no genuine Christian should criticize. If your church authorities will now acknowledge this stand for justice, you should conclude that they are leftist wolves in clerical garb and act accordingly.

Fr. John+

John- Most of us have already BEEN through the morass of Evan-jelly-goo Protestant Piety.

Are you unaware that the Lutheran theologians in the generation after Luther, actually appealed to the Patriarch of Constantinople, to argue that they should come under his oversight?

That he didn’t (back when Orthodoxy really WAS ORTHO-doxy) is a great sadness to many. As far as ‘racial hatred,’ our own Bible clearly demonstrates that, in that Election and Predestination (or have you not read Luther’s Bondage of the Will’?) shows that there is: a) a race of God’s Elect, and b) a race NOT of God’s elect.

These two ‘nation’s are exemplified in YHWH’s denunciation of Satan in the Garden (and his ‘seed’ – sperma in the LXX, so you know it’s an INCARNATIONAL SEED) and the Woman; is re-iterated in the episode of Jacob and Esau, and given N.T. canonicity by St. Paul. You see the evils of the Pharisee/Herodians, who were all of a race DIFFERENT from the REAL Israelites of Galilee (of the Gentiles!) such as the 11 other Apostles, when contrasted with Judas of Kerioth (in Idumea/Edom).

No, if Orthodox history, and the transmission of the Faith, ‘once given unto the saints’ means anything, you would see as clear as day, that the Roman writer, Hilaire Belloc, uttered a prophetic tautology 100 years ago, when he said, ‘EUROPE is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.’ They are one and the same. What some used to call ‘the White Man’s Religion.’ Finding the purest expression of that religion as a White Man is our task. And it’s not to be found in some carving off of Heretical Rome (i.e., Protestantism, who still operates under the Thomistic rationalist Filioquist heresy), nor (now) Liberal, follow-the-world Scoba-doxy.

Mike Sable

Our churches are full of the same kind of leadership we have in our institutions of learning. Soft, effeminate, leftist and dedicated to our destruction. Ignore them and defend what you know to be right. God is your commander, not the weak who masquerade as God’s lieutenants.

Walt Bialkowski

My Brothers in Christ, Matt H. and Matt P. ~~ Let me offer some insight I believe I’ve gained over a lifetime of activity. I’m 63 years of age at this time and I’ve been studying history, politics, and religion for about 45 years, since I was a teenager. My emphasis has been on World War II and the situation of Western Civilization since then. I’ve had periods of political activism over the years and other periods of doubt and quiet; here is what I would like to offer you now. First and foremost, I am a Christian, albeit an imperfect one, a believer in Jesus Christ, true God and true man. I hold God’s Word, the Bible, to be our basic guide for living, along with the traditional teachings of His Church. Whenever I feel tempted to leave God out of the picture and start doing things on my own, I remember a few verses that help get me back on the right track. One is 1 Cor. 3:11 “For other Foundation can no man lay than that which has been laid, which is Jesus Christ”. This verse reminds me that without acknowledging Jesus and accepting His leadership of our lives, there will be no recovery for our people. It was Adolf Hitler’s failure to do this that was his key mistake, in my view, and that led him to make many others. Another verse that helps me keep a true perspective is Heb. 13:14 “For here we have no continuing city, but seek one to come”. That is, our ‘real home’ isn’t the country or time in which we are born, but it is that heavenly City God is preparing for them that love Him. We must never forget that Western Christian Civilization isn’t really our permanent home, though we reside here now. Verses like those cited help me to keep a proper perspective as to what is really important and what isn’t.
That being said, I also believe that God puts us here in a given time and place for a specific purpose; that this is where He needs us to be at this time in history. I believe too that God is a God of justice and goodness ~~ evil has no place in Him at all. As disciples, we are to represent Him and follow the good while we oppose the bad, as He has defined them. I can say that, in my lifetime, I have seen many changes in our world and many if not most of them have been bad, from God’s point of view. As soon as I began to realize the direction things especially in this country were heading, which would be when I was about 14, I started to look for answers and some kind of remedy. I began the studies I mentioned above, and have not ceased since. Here is what I believe now: that in the last 45 or so years our people (specifically the white, Christian population of the western world and especially the USA) have been subjected to an intense psychological warfare that is comparable to what was done in the Soviet Union to the citizens of that unfortunate country during the years of the Soviet tyranny. I believe that television programming has been the main weapon used during this warfare. And a real warfare it is, with real casualties. I’ve seen what was basically a rather wholesome, Christian-oriented country change into a moral and cultural disaster that our ancestors wouldn’t recognize. I believe it is God’s will and our duty to oppose these evil changes; not with evil, but with good. I strongly believe in the preservation of the culture and heritage bequeathed to us by our ancestors, especially the Christian religion, and I find all of these are under severe attack during our present cultural decline. I believe that God created the peoples and races of the earth – when and where, I don’t think anyone knows – perhaps at the Tower of Babel – but the fact is, He did, and that’s why they exist today. I believe God wants these diverse groups of people to remain diverse, which is why He created them that way in the first place; I believe each of them as the right to preserve, maintain, and promote the heritage and well-being of itself and its posterity. These are God-given rights no one can take away. It should be far from any representative of the legitimate Church of God to deny these rights to anyone. As far as I know, this is all we (I include myself) white preservationists (or nationalists if you prefer) in this organization are asking ~ that we be allowed to preserve, maintain, and promote the heritage and well-being of our people and its posterity. This doesn’t imply hatred of anyone else – it’s a strictly positive message, with positive implications for all humanity. To be ostracized by one’s church for trying to do something about the injustice that abounds all around us – that is a very sad commentary on any Christian church indeed. I seriously doubt that a person who joined the NAACP, an association that seeks to advance colored people, would have been subjected to the same terrible penalty our brothers in Christ have been subjected to; and our cause is far more just than that of the NAACP. We don’t seek to gain preferential treatment – we seek to be allowed to preserve our own. If that is a crime, then you better be prepared to excommunicate many millions of people, especially non-whites, who still have a sense of racial identity while ours has been stripped away by decades of anti-white propaganda. Dear Matt H. and Matt P., please don’t lose heart over this, though it is certainly a personal tragedy that has been inflicted on you by, of all people, certain clergy of God’s Church. It’s a measure of how deep the cultural and social poison has permeated even the churches that sometimes the very ones we seek to help, that should be supporting us, do the exact opposite and persecute us. “These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things they will do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor Me”. (John 16:1 – 3 KJV) I think, dear brothers, some of this prophecy is coming true for you right now. You have been a light of hope for many of us, and I hope you will be given the grace to continue to be so. May our gracious God guide you in any decisions you make in accordance with His will, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done up to now. God bless you both ~!

Walt Bialkowski

Please let me clarify one statement I made above that I see now might be misunderstood. When I said “We don’t seek to gain preferential treatment – we seek to be allowed to preserve our own”, I should have added the words “culture and heritage” after “our own”. Otherwise it reads as I though I believe we experience preferential treatment, which I do not. If we as a people ever did, that ceased to be true at least 45 or more years ago. ‘ Affirmative Action programs’, official and unofficial, have been giving non-whites preferential treatment for many decades now.


You are right. Your priest is wrong. Giving him the benefit of the doubt he may, like many Americans, be so brainwashed he is incapable rational thought. A logical, rational, examination of your activities, by a reasoning, objective person clearly shows nothing wrong, evil or immoral in your ideas and activities. There is nothing unChristian about them. I hope there is another Orthodox church somewhere close to you. I am not Orthodox myself, but have considerable respect for it. I think you may find the problem is not the church, but your priest being under the mind control of the liberal, atheist, Jewish, oligarchy.



Thousands look up to you, Matt Parrot. I am one. (This incident is the very first, in years of following you, that I have lost any respect for you — I always saw you as the most level-headed of all the public figures going.)

Potentially millions have heard or will hear your words. You have become a major player in the White Survival movement. Why give it up because some Racial-Marxist in some religious garb, egged on by a gang of PC witchhunters, tells you to?

Leslie H. Higgins

Hope the two Matthews take 2 to 3 months of much-needed R&R, and set aside some money to make their futures more secure so they can aid the movement more later. I hope Thomas Buhls is up to the task of filling in for both of you; your activist record at YWC, WSU, and TYN is phenomenal!

May I suggest this as an appropriate time to abort the embarrassing Orthodox episode and return to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic ROMAN Church, outside of which neither holiness nor salvation can be found? Of course, political correctness and anti-White sentiment abound in the earthly Church, but so long as the two Matts would just KEEP QUIET and not bring their parish priest into their schemes I doubt there would be any trouble. Patrick Buchanan has never been disciplined, and while, as the case of Frank Borzellieri demonstrates, you can’t hope for employment in the Church just yet, he has never been canonically disciplined for any of his writings on race.

The Catholic Church is a very, very big tent, and as long as you rely on the Church for the graces of the sacraments, but don’t involve the institutional Church in any Radical Traditionalist or White nationalist activities, the relevant authorities will likely look the other way, especially if you attend SSPX or other traditionalist order Masses.

Admit the mistake and leave the schism. The time is right for the two Matts, Parrott for the first time and Heimbach as the lost sheep, to return to the One Fold of the Holy Mother Church.

Thomas Buhls

I appreciate the vote of confidence, Leslie, but TYN is a team project and none of us can carry it on our own. I’ll continue to work on this project as my time, energy, and finances permit, and if/when either of the Matts come back from sabbatical we’ll take it from there.

Fr. John+

Leslie, you don’t even know what you are talking about. Rome is as complicit and as graceless as the modernist Orthodox. Indeed, where do you think that Iakovos, the SCOBA-dox, and the folks the two Matts are dealing with, LEARNED THEIR LESSONS?

At the hands of the post-Vatican II CULT, that’s where.

No, they (nor I) can EVER ‘go back to Rome,’ because what Rome is, is not what she was. And even what she once was (being old enough to remember) was still, APOSTATE from the HISTORICAL CATHOLIC FAITH.

Franklin Morgan

I have utmost respect for both Matts. Their work for their heritage has been impressive over the years. But their search for Deity and their sincerity in seeking His will is also important. The journey goes on and there are times we pull back and there are times we push out. I think many are over reacting. These two fine people are a work in progress and their narrative isn’t even close to being finished. The best is yet to come.

Franklin Morgan

Gladiator, And fighters like you who attack every ally for the speck in their eye, you are the reason why we will never be able to unite behind what we believe in. You thrive and get a spiritual buzz off of relentless infighting. And the sad thing is, you are not alone.


“[M]y conviction remains that my White American people do have a right to exist. I don’t believe that my people are uniquely undeserving among all the world’s people of advocacy and stewardship. I believe that the Holy Tradition of the Church is on our side. I believe that those who insist that Christianity is integrally anti-White will be proven wrong in due time.”

If this is the case, do what you know to be right and continue to live in accordance with your true convictions.

The “profound riddle,” however, is that your convictions contradict one another. In the passage I have quoted you implicitly claim the right to determine truth and morals by your own lights, while in deferring to your priest you deny the same.


The fact that Matt2 left the site up and left comments up speaks volumes to me. They have not abandoned us. They have to go on a journey, a quest. They’ll be back.


Kievsky: “They have to go on a journey, a quest. They’ll be back.”

That may well be the case. However, it occurs to me that there is a way that this situation could actually turn out quite well. If religion is so important to the Matts, but the present day church has succumbed to anti-white lunacy…why not create a new church? Why should liars, scoundrels and fools get to be spiritual gatekeepers for whites?


If a new church were created out of this incident, it wouldn’t be the first time a renewed spiritual movement evolved after some self-serving chucklehead issued an excommunication.

Gavin James Campbell

Hi. My name is Gavin James Campbell, and I was canonically received into the Orthodox Church over twenty years ago.
As an Orthodox Christian, I am quite convinced that there is one and only one human nature, and that Jesus Christ took that human nature upon Himself in His Incarnation. Thus, I absolutely refuse to categorise human beings into sub-species called “race”. Thus, as an Orthodox Christian, I deny the existence of race.
I attend St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church in Langley, British Columbia. Which is part of the Archdiocese of Canada, Orthodox Church in America (OCA). The auxillary bishop is Evesque Irenee, while the locum tenens bishop is Metropolitan Tikhon.
So, I dare any of you to inform my bishop(s) that, as an Orthodox Christian, I took it upon myself to deny existence of race by invoking Orthodox doctrine. See if you can get me excommunicated for heresy, the way the two Matts have been. Prove that you have guts by informing these bishops of my views.

Thomas Buhls

*yawn* It’s easy to make dares and act edgy when you’re not actually putting anything on the table.

Franklin Morgan

All I can say is that in my humble opinion, culture is a racial construct.
Just saying….

Fr. John+

“As an Orthodox Christian, I am quite convinced that there is one and only one human nature, and that Jesus Christ took that human nature upon Himself in His Incarnation. Thus, I absolutely refuse to categorise human beings into sub-species called “race”. ”

Then you know nothing. Christ took on ONE nature, for the ONE people he was sent to save. [ Matt. 1:21]
Indeed, this viewpoint makes of Jesus Christ, Messiah of the Twelve tribes of Israel, a wax nose that is as fully protestant and heretical as the song, ‘Some children see him brown and white, He is precious in their sight.’

Grow up into the fulness of the faith, and learn that Christ came ONLY to save His own, as the Scriptures say.


Gavin James Campbell

Then have me excommunicated, Fr. John. Contact my bishop, and explain my heresy to him.

Racism is Anti-Christian

Jesus said that he only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, not for gentiles.

Perhaps you need to actually read the New Testament gospels, “Father John”.

Orthodox Mike

I don’t doubt how the evils of modernism seeped even to the Bishoprics. Still, we stand on many of the teachings of great and holy saints and elders, which trumps even Muricanized bishops!

Fr. John+

“Jesus said that he only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, not for gentiles.
Perhaps you need to actually read the New Testament gospels, Father John.” -Racism is TRULY Christian

yes, I know. You’re just confusing those who ‘say they are Judeans, and are not [ Rev. 2:8,9] with the True Israel of God [ Gal. 6:16] which, since AD 70, has been the race of the Ecumene- i.e., White Europe.

Ever hear of the great Author, Hilaire Belloc? He wrote a tautology back 100 years ago, when Europeans still knew this truth, prior to the rise of the Bolshevik Jewish counter-ideology. Belloc said: “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” Try reading your own history sometime.. it would amaze you. That is, if you ever crack a book….

Racism is Anti-Christian

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on him;
– Romans 10:12

For by one spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one spirit.
– 1 Corinthians 12:13

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
– Galatians 3:28

a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all.
– Colossians 3:11

Fr. John+

Ah yes. Scripture exogesis by a godless protestant… or a Scoba-dox heretic.

You prove nothing.

Racism is Anti-Christian

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, “Father John”.

Racism is Anti-Christian

According to the book of Acts chapter 8, the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity was an Ethiopian eunuch. Therefore, Christianity was a multicultural, multiracial religion right from the very beginning. If any of you had ever bothered to actually read the New Testament, you would already know this.

Ethiopian eunuch

Fr. John+

Racism is a Jewish invention- You would also know that a Eunuch poses no threat to the anti-miscegenation clauses of the Pentateuch. If you truly call yourself a Christian, you should be asking yourself, why is it that the Multicultural message is constantly drummed by the Godless jews, when they continue to practice what clearly is ‘racial supremacism’ among their own ethos?

But that would mean indpendent thought, and not the lemming-like behaviour of a racial bastard, as God sees it.
[Heb. 12:8]


The unity of which Paul speaks is unity in faith and moral striving. It does not abolish the earthly distinctions of humanity. If one claims that Jew and Greek no longer exist in any sense at all, then the same must also apply to male and female. And if those categories are abolished completely, then what objection can one have to “gay marriage?”

Paul affirmed that God created the division of humanity into nations, and that this was so they would seek after God. Acts 17-26-27. Also, he proclaimed a preferential love for his Israelite “kinsmen according to the flesh.” Rom. 9:1-4.

As the great writer and Orthodox Christian Alexander Solzhenitsyn observed, “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all peoples were made alike, with one character, one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, they are its generalized personalities: the smallest of them has its own particular colors, and embodies a particular facet of God’s design.” Race and ethnicity are key components of nationhood.

Racism is Anti-Christian

The unity of which Paul speaks is unity in faith and moral striving. It does not abolish the earthly distinctions of humanity.

That’s just your interpretation. The text doesn’t actually say that.

You can’t deny that universalism and racial egalitarianism are two of the fundamental tenets of Christianity.

Franklin Morgan

I agree with John that we are one in faith but not in substance, not in culture. It would be a very dull world to have one generic culture that mushed together into a grey soup all the glorious colors of the tribes. Those who oppose multiculturalism are actually standing up for true diversity. Let each tribe and culture and ethnicity develop its own flavor in the worship of the Christ. We are the true believers in diversity.

Orthodox Mike

There is no type of egalitarianism whatsoever in Christianity, save the hope of all to be saved.. You are quoting Marx, not the Prophets or Christ.

Racism is Anti-Christian


Phyletism or ethnophyletism (from Greek ἔθνος ethnos “nation” and φυλετισμός phyletismos “tribalism”) is the principle of nationalities applied in the ecclesiastical domain: in other words, the confusion between Church and nation. The term ethnophyletismos designates the idea that a local autocephalous Church should be based not on a local [ecclesial] criterion, but on an ethnophyletist, national or linguistic one. It was used at the Holy and Great [Μείζων Meizon “enlarged”] pan-Orthodox Synod in Constantinople on 10 September 1872 to qualify “phyletist (religious) nationalism,” which was condemned as a modern ecclesial heresy: the Church should not be confused with the destiny of a single nation or a single race.[1]

Leslie H. Higgins

Since the Matts have not suggested (correct me if I’m wrong) that the Church should be organized according to race or ethnicity, this heresy is irrelevant. Unless, of course, you confuse the state with the Church, which is blasphemous.

Fr. John+

This quote comes not from the Decision on Phyletism, but by a modernist Greek, from 1995! Nowhere is ‘race’ mentioned in the original decision. This is merely a Jewish ploy to deny to Christendom what the Apostate Deicides claim for themselves alone!

You should repent in sackcloth and ashes for fostering such heresy!


The American Conservative just did a piece on this incident, and a very poor one at that. I decided to make a post attacking the anti-whites on the comment thread, as a believer in never letting a good crisis go to waste. I don’t know if it will get out of moderation there, but here it is:

“I don’t normally bother with “conservative” publications, for reasons that this thread makes obvious. There are quite a few comments made here by people that no doubt consider themselves conservative, but just a few decades ago would have only been made by an extreme leftist. These “conservative” clowns simply spout liberal garbage, and don’t even understand that they are doing it.

Ridiculous and idiotic claims that whites don’t exist, we aren’t real, that our disappearance is of no concern, and so forth. Standard anti-white, leftist garbage.

When I was a kid, I used to think that conservatives were smarter than leftists. That’s obviously not true…half the people here are literally too stupid to realize that they are in fact nothing more than anti-white liberals. I see conservatives spouting liberal lines all the time, not the other way around. Conservatives are indeed short bus liberals.

And you people wonder why the conservative movement has failed so spectacularly? Look at yourselves, if you are capable. When the “modern conservative” movement began in the early 60′s, most of America was more or less like Leave it to Beaver. But after a couple of generations of brilliant conservative leadership, including your beloved Reagan, it looks more like the Star Wars cantina scene. And you STILL can’t figure it out. LOL!

Twenty years from now, you nitwits will be talking about the sanctity of interracial homosexual marriage, and clucking disapprovingly at those who wish to marry their toasters.

Conservatism, thy name is loser.”


Thanks, Lew. It would appear that it disappeared over at The American Conservative. They will let leftist, anti-white drivel go through, but not the above.

As might be just a wee apparent, I’ve really come to detest the modern conservative. Our cause is not theirs, or theirs ours, and Linder is absolutely correct that they should be attacked and mocked.


I was disgusted by Rod Dreher’s comments. Keep in mind his blog attracts many bonafide leftists as well as conservatives. It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity. I hope there is some truth to that, because if it is, then more people now know about Matt than in the past. Dreher has a wide reach today’s among public intellectuals and their audiences. Andrew Sullivan, TaNehsi Coates and Steve Sailer read Dreher’s work, and Sailer occasionally comments there. I was intrigued at how Dreher put the focus on Matt H. and alluded to Matt P, the more important of the two, as a mere unnamed associate or colleague. Maybe it’s proof there is no such thing as bad publicity. Heimbach rather than Parrott is the name that stuck out to Dreher because of the former’s many public exploits. That fact underscores the importance of public visibility, not that more evidence of that was needed.


“Racism is anti-Christian”:

Actually the Apostle Paul is quite explicit that the unity of Jew and Greek in Christ is spiritual, in “one spirit.” See 1 Corinthians 12:12-14. He then goes on to say that there are different entities within the body of Christ, just as there are different organs and parts of the human body. In no place does the New Testament nullify the division of mankind into nations set forth by God in Deut. 32:8. Indeed the Book of Revelation states that nations as distinct entities will exist even in Heaven, Rev. 21:24; Rev. 22:2.

Are universalism and belief in racial equality essential tenets of the Christian faith? To the extent that men of all kindreds share a common humanity and have the potential to accept Christ, the answer is yes. But the answer is no if one claims that Christ abolishes all sense racial and ethnic kinship (See Rom. 9:1-4), and the answer also is no if one claims that all peoples share the same innate temperaments, talents, and abilities. Scripture makes no such requirement.

The modern obsession to make humanity one and dissolve all nations, tribes, and kindreds has nothing to do with godliness. It is simply an up-dated version of man’s rebellion against God at Babel.

Fr. John+

Just a simple look at even the most erudite writer of the generation prior to the ‘civil wrongs’ era, can show that Biblically, and culturally, the division and separation of races (whether colored or white, or Jewish and Orthodox- the former, in the pre-1965 USA, the latter in the entirely of the ‘beyond the Pale’ Tsarist Russia’s reign) was, and should be, normative.

Here’s an excellent essay from a Protestant p.o.v., back in the day.


This is troubling. This cause is an absolute disaster, which is why I have, for the most part removed myself from it. I still believe in the plight of the white race but will choose to make people aware in my own way. I don’t need any association with a movement to help our interests.

I will not drone on and on about the latest drama, just a few words.

I for one, have some appreciation for the “Matt’s”. They are both bright and have great potential as men. They do however always seem to be tormented. This is due to their “profound faith” I am guessing. So much guilt associated with this.

I am not a practicing Christian nor am I a “heathen”. I respect their faith and their devotion to it… to a point.

I think there must be some separation. I realize as good apostles they should go out and “Spread the Word” but have some common sense. These fellows know the score. This movement (hardly) is about our race. The constant need to convert and bring religion into it is not helpful. Separation is necessary; fight one battle at a time. If need be.

White Nationalism is very controversial. The opposition is against us. The opposition owns vast portions of the media. The general public is unaware and is largely followers. Now is not the time for this continued infighting.

Have a cohesive message and move the ball down the field.

Why the argument regarding Donovan, a recent speaker at Amren? He’s a homosexual. Ok. I’m not necessarily in approval of his lifestyle but why is this becoming a public issue online? Scott Terry as well as others, has poor judgment. I have many questions and thoughts regarding Mr. Terry, but this is not about him.

I have news for everyone; we will never get anywhere if this infighting continues. The White race may develop a sense of identity again, but it will certainly not be attributed to anything anyone in this cause has done so far but for a few exceptions.

It will come about out of necessity, self-preservation.

Racial awareness needs to be about racial awareness.
Faith is supposed to be personal.
Focus on one thing at a time or separate the two.

To the Matt’s: No one can take your faith from you. This is your relationship with God. A church and congregation is supposed to guide you and aid you in your faith not shun you. Although I have to say they have every right too.

Christianity is constantly under attack and they needn’t have the likes of the SPLC contacting them and making a mockery of their church.

If you are truly devoted to this cause, you can do both. The sense of community you have with a church may be gone but you will have a sense of purpose within yourselves and the duties you are fulfilling.

I must say that it makes me suspect with the lack of common sense and discretion you have shown. It has done nothing but create turmoil for the movement and your church.

Are you here to subvert both the religion and the movement? I hope not but your lack of discernment seems foolish.

The church doesn’t need to make a public statement by associating with something that is currently under attack. People don’t always need make public declarations.
Sometimes a silent movement is the best way. There is an element of surprise. One’s own convictions can go extremely far.

What is it with this generation and their need for public approval? Discretion and results are the way to success.

anti-racist is code word for anti-White

Matt and Matt

If you still don’t think it’s high time to start taking the Mantra and BUGS seriously I guess you never will.

Best wishes to you both.

Too radical for long sabbatical

Simple (not Easy) Solution

See Leslie H. Higgins’s very first comment. Keep up life’s work, gratefully learn more re: Phyletism and all, and refrain from Communion as instructed. No one will or should stop you from attending services and hearing Christian message (unless you’re disruptive). If priest tries, you’ll have great opportunity to dialogue with higher-ups; but he won’t try. As you know, at Orthodox church, non-communicants can take deconsecrated Lamb after service (as do even birds and bugs for that matter). Some Orthodox services, NO laity happen to take Communion: yet everyone to priest after service for portion of Lamb! Take heart that Communion denied to returning Orthodox warriors for years because they had done war (was anyone “sad” or feeling put out by that? Not too likely, I’d say). Also, take Anglican author William Law for example; he disagreed with local parish priest on Non-Jurism yet attended for decades.

If you’re called to that church, be best parishioner or attendee you can. This priest has much to teach you, and (secularly speaking) vice versa. Romans 12, men!!!


I have a suggestion.

Leave that church and never come back.

If the priest is willing to mischaracterize your views, deny you communion because you are not a leftist, and then make a public spectacle of you, he doesn’t need to be in a position of authority over you.

Greg Johnson, "Our Struggle Too: Propaganda and Organization" | Counter-Currents Publishing

[…] Ironically, the positions I have outlined on these matters are as “soft” as one can reasonably go — meaning that I concede to facts and reasonable arguments, not to dogmas, feelings, and folly. But there is no advantage in compromising our intellectual honesty merely to associate with people who will at best slow us down and who, at worst, will abandon us in a crisis. […]

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