Liberal Fascism and Its Hypocrisy

May 12, 2014

On the heels of all this controversy lately concerning Matthew Heimbach , Trad Youth and Traditionalists in general, I can’t help but notice that the only true “fascists” rearing their ugly heads are that great gaggle of Liberals. I mean Liberal not in the American sense of the word , but in its classical definition: those who champion a very divorced radical individualism over any concept of a People, a Nation, or a Kingdom.

Indeed, America, that great champion of Globalism and Modernist Imperialism, was founded on the principles of Classical Liberalism. This includes today’s neo-liberals as well as neo-conservatives. Both join forces every single time whenever their precious New World Order is challenged or threatened. The world is truly becoming a final battleground between these Liberal Globalists and any and all ethnicities and cultures who wish to remain unique and distinct. European and Eurasian cultures are particular targets of this elite group of Internationalist Fascists who wish to make us all one homogenized blended rootless consumer anti-culture.liberal-tolerance-48348238160

Yes; I am calling these Liberals – both Left and Right – fascists. By their very definition of what that term means, that is what they exactly are exhibiting. Censorship. Excommunication. Tyranny. Suppression. Such is the Orwellian concept of the Liberal Fascist’s “freedom”. This is their “tolerance”. To claim all can repent of their past, except those of European descent who dare say they wish to retain – or more appropriately, resurrect – their God-given ethnic identity. We are told we do not exist…unless there is some group of people to blame for the ills of other groups; then, Presto!, we DO exist! We are told we have no right to reclaim our noble heritage and preserve it unless someone wishes to castigate us or criticize the supposed evils of Western Civilization..then we do indeed have a heritage, and it is pure evil if you wish to maintain it.

Of course, it’s OK for everyone else to do it; even Sodomites. Just not us. We are merely a social construct – unless some perceived slighted transgendered, non-European, non-Christian, feminist howls. Then we are quite real bogeymen. It is all quite absurd. To claim that we are a modernist construct, yet champion all these other ills of modernity is just blatant hypocrisy.

It is being said that the white race is an invention. This is the liberals’ argument. It is a ridiculous one. It is quite true that the identification of “white” is a post-colonial term. The ancient world did not know of such a term, but they did understand the very real concept of a Europa. I prefer to use the term European , in fact. But that really isn’t the problem, is it? The liberal agenda says that we do not exist and that various European ethnicities do not find a greater commonality among one another. This is simply not true. There was indeed a greater taxonomy in the ancient world. A Greek had things in common with a Roman, and the various Northern tribes had much commonality as well. The ancient Egyptians classified mankind into four basic divisions and drew pictures of them with the terms that they called them.

1 The ancients, Church Fathers included, definitely understood our differences and talked about not only ethnic differences, but broader ones as well.

2 Basically, all this demonization of any European-American claiming a right to exist and not hate himself is merely the natural outcome of decades of liberal corruption aided by groups of people who have historically had an axe to grind over real or perceived injustices. Also, certain groups of people, like Talmudic Jews, still carry a hatred for Christ and the Church that they will forever associate with Greater Europe, including Russia, since we were the Banner Bearers and evangelists for the Church in the classical world. This is what Hilaire Belloc meant when he wrote ,”The Faith is Europe, and Europe the Faith” . To bring any of this to light gets one labeled a “racist” or an “anti-Semite”; also terms unknown in the ancient world. In fact, these two terms were created quite recently in our history with the intent to suppress dissent. Leon Trotsky, a well-known figure of the Communist Revolution, used the term “racist” to demonize the White Russian resistance and anyone who was in favor of the Tsar and Imperial Russia. Some even claim he invented the word.

The bottom line is, organic identity is a real thing and is part of the human experience and part of how we as Peoples seek our God. They are not artificial constructs. Postmodern Nation-States and geopolitical countries are, but true nations in the sense of Genesis 10 and the very root of the word itself are extended families of kith and kin. A Folk or People. In turn, these extended families have greater extended families that people call races, which in turn eventually extends to all of humanity. I can love others’ families, but it is natural to love one’s family more and cherish and protect them. It’s not even about superiority or inferiority, or better or worse. The political systems of the 20th century that dealt strictly with biology , such as National Socialism, were what can be called the darkside of Liberalism..its bipolar brother.

Both ways of thinking state that race is an idol; one in thinking it is the biologically supreme race, while the other feels it is a morally supreme race – white Liberals, for example- that think other races and cultures must be too stupid to have self-determination and constantly need the West’s aid to survive and be coddled.

I find this Liberal Fascism quite abhorrent and very condescending. Yes; the Liberal Fascists are indeed the world’s ultimate hypocrites, and it is pathetic that it has seeped into a Church whose Master hated hypocrisy more than anything else.


1.From theTomb of Seti I, the four types of man


2. St. Ephrem the Syrian said: When Noah awoke and was told what Canaan did. . .Noah said, ‘Cursed be Canaan and may God make his face black,’ and immediately the face of Canaan changed; so did of his father Ham, and their white faces became black and dark and their color changed.” Paul de Lagarde, Materialien zur Kritik und Geschichte des Pentateuchs (Leipzig, 1867), part II

The Cave of Treasures, attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian (4th century): “When Noah awoke. . .he cursed him and said: ‘Cursed be Ham and may he be slave to his brothers’. . .and he became a slave, he and his lineage, namely the Egyptians, the Abyssinians, and the Indians. Indeed, Ham lost all sense of shame and he became black and was called shameless all the days of his life, forever.” La caverne des trésors: version Géorgienne, ed. Ciala Kourcikidzé, trans. Jean-Pierre Mahé, Corpus scriptorium Christianorum orientalium 526-27, Scriptores Iberici 23-24 (Louvain, 1992-93), ch. 21, 38-39 (translation).


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St. Paulinus of Nola (354-431): “The dragon devours the peoples of Ethiopia, who are not burnt by the sun, but are black with vice, sin giving them the color of night.” Carmina 28.249-51


St. Jerome (347?-419 or 420): “People of the Ethiopians means those who are black and cloaked in the filth of sin.”

“Chus in Hebrew means Ethiopian, that is, black and dark, one who has a soul as black as his body [SIC]”. (The Homilies of Saint Jerome, vol. 1, trans. Marie Liguori Ewald, Homily 3, 28).


St. Augustine The Catholic Church has been foretold, not as to be in any particular quarter of the world, as certain schisms are but in the whole universe by bearing fruit and growing so as to attain even unto the very Ethiopians, to wit, the remotest and foulest of mankind.- Exposition on Psalm 72

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