It’s Not About Dugin

Russian Horsemen Storming the Battle Field, by Constantin Stoiloff

Russian Horsemen Storming the Battle Field, by Constantin StoiloffOver at The Occidental Observer, Domitius Corbulo warns us that “Alexander Dugin’s 4th Political Theory is for the Russian Empire, not for European Ethno-Nationalists.” Narrowly, Corbulo’s thesis is true. Professor Dugin is a staunch Russian patriot with a proudly weaponized ideology. The framework he presents in 4PT is a political effort to draw myriad philosophies and factions at odds with NATO into a broad coalition. As a man who also struggles to walk that fine line between objective theorist and political activist, I’m intimately familiar with the tightrope gymnastics involved.

Dugin’s professorial global theoretician avatar cannot be trusted, a truism which has already been driven into the ground by numerous New Right thinkers. Dugin can only be trusted to fight for his patriotic Russian vision. I say that lovingly, as a man who dedicates his life to the advancement of his people is at least as noble as an objective scholar. Besides, the myth of global objectivity is itself a pernicious Western liberal machination of the Zionist neo-Nazi running dog lackeys!

Sorry. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Whatever you think of Dugin, he’s largely beside the point. What’s happening is far greater than Dugin, and it’s far too great for any one man, even a man as ambitious and capable as Dugin, to master. Much the same way that Thomas Edison deserves credit for inventing the light bulb after having laboriously tested hundreds of filaments on his way to the right material, Alexander Dugin deserves credit for inventing the phenomenon of Tradition as a global ideology in opposition to the Western elites. He clouds his works up with hundreds upon hundreds of other ideas, many of which are useless or irrelevant for ourselves, but this one idea of his is the defining idea which will define the geopolitics of the coming century.

Back in March, Obama assured America’s mainstream news outlets that Russia cannot prevail in the Ukraine or anywhere else precisely because “unlike the Soviet Union, Russia leads no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” Perhaps Obama is ignorant of the RadTrad framework which is being gradually adopted and adapted by the Kremlin. Perhaps he fails to realize its potential as a far more coherent and unifying force against Obama and his gaggle of oligarchs than Marxism could have ever hoped to be. Whatever the case, Russia is definitely incubating a global ideology, gathering a bloc of allied nations, and cultivating an effective challenge to the hegemonic Western liberal world order.

Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin

Trusting Dugin isn’t necessary, because this isn’t about Dugin, or even Russia, or even Eurasia. It’s about Russia slipping inexorably into the Hegelian antithesis of American decadence. Even if Dugin or the Russian Deep State would like to steer this development in a different direction, they can’t. Time and time again, they’re learning through trial and error that promoting identitarian and traditionalist messages captivates global audiences and entices allies, while variances from that message (like accusing opponents of being “Nazis”, dabbling in neo-Marxist racial and gender theory, and trying to imagine that these universal abstract principles are specific to the Eurasian sphere) fall flat.

If, through an obstinate refusal to accept the gift laid squarely in their lap, the Russian state fails to take up this mantle, the idea and the opportunity is already out there. It would be an excellent vehicle for China, as the Middle Kingdom awakens from its geopolitical coma in the coming decades. Any global elite which wishes to effectively challenge the Western liberal elites with an opposing global ideology must necessarily promote the faith and folk worldview which is under assault from this secular and consumerist anti-cultural global ideology.

Obama insisted in his speech that “Russia stands alone”. He’s right. At this point, Russia stands alone as the only global elite effectively positioned to benefit geopolitically from the death of liberal Modernity in the hearts and minds of Eurasians, the Global South, and even us Americans right here in the global elites’ backyard. This is largely owing to Dugin’s genius, and he is definitely, and rightfully so, “the most prominent New Right thinker in the world.”


Orthodox Mike

Dugin is absolutely correct in his analysis concerning world politics and ideologies. He is correct in stating that the 20th century was a battle between postmodern philosophies – Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism – and Liberalism won. Traditionalism transcends these failed humanistic views.

Leslie H. Higgins

Yes, one thing that has been acutely ignored by the Russophobe nationalists is the prominence of nationalists in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. While Svoboda got a few mostly minor cabinet seats and Right Sector has hardly gotten anything, in Donetsk nationalist Pavel Gubarev is the head of state! Pan-Slavist groups play an integral role in the separatist guerillas.

Ukraine is Russia! Drive out the US puppet regime!

Fr. John+

I read this article over at 4pt. I would ask Mr. Parrot to expand on the concepts he made in the article above, re: ‘the RadTrad framework.’

After the ‘Two Matthew’ debacle with the SCOBA-dox, the fact that a spokesman for Golden Dawn and Dugin meeting, blew out of the water any legitimacy the liberal loonies in the Byzantine backwaters might have, vis a vis ‘racially neutral Orthodoxy.’

Can you extrapolate on this idea of the “Rad Trads.’ Inquiring minds want to know….

Gavin James Campbell

Apparently, Aleksandr Dugin has come out swinging against Western civilisation for being too racist.
If that’s true, then he is now a figure I admire! Another blow to attempts to reconcile white nationalism with Orthodox Christianity.



When you’re saying that White Nationalists aren’t welcome in the Orthodox Church, what you’re saying is that Orthodoxy is not catholic, that it’s a subcultural church belonging only to specific social and political cliques.

I don’t care whether you find my secular politics repugnant or not. Unless my politics are heretical, theologically, it’s entirely inappropriate for you to drive us out of the Church.

Gavin James Campbell

Well, no. The word “catholic” comes from the a Greek word meaning “according to the whole”. White nationalism is not according to the whole of Orthodoxy. Neither, for that matter, are socialism, conservatism, or liberalism. The difference being that things like white nationalism, Marxism, libertarianism, and anarchism are secular politics that put one conflict with the whole of Orthodoxy. Even Dugin seems to be figuring this out. Not surprising. He’s been taking an anti-Western stance, and racial taxonomies are a concept of Western rationalism.

Gavin James Campbell

In terms of driving you out, well, it’s a bit rough, isn’t it? I had to choose between anarchism and Orthodoxy at one point, and you can see which one I chose. I can empathise with you on this. Your preferred religion is appalled with your secular politics – I know that’s like. You feel like you are being made to betray yourself. I felt the same way. While adherents to your preferred secular politics scoff at your religion. And that’s heart-breaking, I know.

But, that’s how it is in the end. Choices have to get made. Some people in the Church don’t get to have gay or lesbian relationships, some people have to get rid of heterosexual porn, and others have to check some secular politics at the door; or they have to leave.

Orthodox Mike

Gavin, you really are retarded. As a follower of Dugin, I can honestly state that you have no clue as to what he believes in, or what Traditionalists truly believe in. His statements against racism are in the same vein as ours, but you cannot wrap your Anglo-Western mind around it. Dugin very much believes in peoples maintaining their various identities. The fact that he just met with members of Golden Dawn and his relationaship with the French New Right ought to tell you this fact. We are on the same page with that, as well as on the same page with Arab and Black Traditionalists as well. It is you, with your Modernist Anglophile sense of “do-goodism” and Atlanticist worldview that cannot separate true racism – like the Liberal-Fascist do-gooder kind – from folks who merely believe in organic cultures and societies.

Gavin James Campbell

Mr. Nil: if somebody isn’t Muslim, would it make sense for a Muslim to tell them something is true because the Koran says so? No, it would not.
So, I come along, state a disbelief in race, and you link the Koran – sorry, I mean, VDare to me. Sorry, but that isn’t going to make any serious impression on me. No more or less than a link to the SPLC’s article on VDare would make an impression on you.
But still, let’s suppose MRI scans really show what you say they do. It’s a complete leap of logic to say that race therefore exists, or that whites have always had that reversion. Much less is it proof that racial taxonomies are possible. Doubtless, you will find some ad hoc measure to get around this. It will neither impress or interest me.

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