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May 29, 2014

Nearly a century ago, Mexican politician José Vasconcelos penned La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race), an essay describing the physical, spiritual, and political development of a new hybrid identity comprised of Latin America’s Amerindian, African, and European stock. Over the past century, physical and culture admixture has reached the extent in North America where this proposition has become a reality here, as well.

Like it or not, tens of millions of Americans are now thoroughly integrated into a novel post-White, post-Black, post-native Cosmic American identity. Even millions of Americans with golden hair and sky blue eyes are so firmly committed to and interwoven with the destinies of non-whites that they’re for all intents and purposes lost to any sort of effort to recover an exclusively White identity.

Skanderbeg is one such Cosmic American. He looks forward to the (rather probable) development of a transracial American identity somewhat like Brazil or India, but with its own unique flavor. He foresees a sort of multi-racial, multi-ethnic, North American imperium which tolerates and encourages a variety of religious traditions. Rather than perceiving America as an extension and offspring of Europe (as I do, and as most Americans did up until rather recently), he perceives America in contrast with and as a departure from European civilization.

Opposition to Modernity positively requires broad alliances between historically hostile groups. TradYouth has already, with our support of President Assad in Syria and opposition to neocon belligerency, pioneered a principled support for Muslims fighting the same battle for tribe and tradition against the global oligarchs. We’re developing constructive relationships of trust and mutual respect with Black Nationalist and other identitarian projects, as well. Even here, with multi-racial Traditionalists, our first priority is to work together. While he’s not on board with my particular identity, he’s not opposed to its existence.

As a White Advocate, my first impulse has been to assume White men and women who look forward to a post-white identity are opponents. This is a very destructive and self-defeating way to look at things, one which is way too prevalent in our movement. If we can confirm, with sincerity, that our ethnic advocacy is not a threat to non-whites and post-whites, then our objectives become much more palatable to our target audience and much less geopolitically toxic. As long as the popular conception is that we’re striving to drive every non-white out of the North American continent, we’re not going anywhere.

My Race is not My Nation

There’s a popular misconception about the term “White Nationalist”, perhaps popular enough at this point to abandon the term altogether in favor of a less loaded one. Skanderbeg notes, accurately, that…

[…] joining a white nationalist ethno-state and seeing some random tailor in Sweden, wine maker in Italy, factory worker in Germany, or a secretary in the United Kingdom as my “folk” or my “people” as opposed to the Americans I have known and grown up with and are non-white seems to me, as a betrayal of my lineage.

The popular misconception is that White Nationalism implies a broad pan-racial imperium of all white people. This farcical Whitemanistan is ahistorical, cultureless, religionless, and devoid of soil. It’s essentially a strawman, and very few White Nationalists I’ve associated with endorse it. What the label generally means to the men and women who adopt it in America is the political separation of White Americans from the Cosmic American project.

“White Nationalism” doesn’t mean that I imagine Belgians are “my people”. They’re not. A Belgian nationalist is sort of a White Nationalist, since Belgians are a White ethnic group. My race alone is not my nation. My race alone is not my identity. Whiteness is one defining characteristic of my identity, one which is racially White, English-speaking, and located in North America. There may even be multiple White nations in the present United States. Ethnogenesis is more of an art than a science, and it remains to be seen how White identity in America shapes up (if at all).

My Smart Black Friend

Skanderbeg speaks of his admirable Black friend as if his mere existence implied something about race and identity. I don’t believe it does. I also have some smart Black friends. I have worked with and lived around smart Black people. If the point is that Black people can be intelligent and virtuous, then I heartily agree. They’re still not my people. All sorts of productive, virtuous, traditional, and stable societies can be and have been created with non-whites. But there’s a certain character, a certain spirit, born in the blood, which is unique to my people.

Human Biodiversity is an awkward subject, since the conversation often shifts from acknowledging and accepting our diversity to ranking human populations. Who’s smarter? Who’s stronger? Who’s faster? Who’s more creative? Who’s more aggressive? These questions are as fascinating as they are contentious, but they’re beside the point. Even if Whiteness truly didn’t imply anything about the nature and character of the civilizations founded by White people, I would still have a right to cherish my heritage and band together with others who also cherish that same heritage so that we may pass it along intact to future generations.

White Advocacy is no more about racial supremacy than family loyalty is about familial supremacy. There are children out there who are smarter and better looking than mine, but they’re not my children. The very HBD data which confirms that there are tangible human differences also confirms that East Asians have greater average intelligence. It confirms that ever racial group contains intelligent and productive people. While I’m proud of my White heritage and identity, it’s not out of an inaccurate belief that my identity is the only one worth being proud of.

Why be White?

Skanderbeg asks, “Quite simply, why should I, as an American, identify only with so-called “white” people?”

If only for the promise of preserving the very gene pool which brought us Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Henry Ford, preserving Whiteness is a worthy goal. The aesthetic charm and beauty of our women is a gift to the world. The altruistic impulses of our people will continue to reward a world that allows us to carry on existing. If you’ve given your identity some serious consideration and concluded that your European heritage isn’t worth preserving intact, then I respect that and honor your decision.

Race or Religion?

To conclude your essay, you note that “[W]hat concerns me, before anything else, is the salvation of my immortal soul, and achieving the knowledge of Irfan, or Gnosis.” This has become a recurring theme on both sides of our “tribe and tradition” project. Conversely, staunch identitarian colleagues have insisted that I set my faith to the side as a parochial distraction and struggle for my race above all else. A man’s religion is, categorically, that which matters most to him. For me, that’s Christianity, specifically Orthodox Christianity. Some in the Orthodox community have insisted that I must choose between my race and my religion. I won’t, because it’s a false dilemma.

Your Islamic faith has been a rallying point for identities, as well. Much of what’s perceived by America’s neocon media as “Islamic extremism” is really less about Islam than it is about tribal solidarity against a hostile foreign power. Contrary to what our media would have us believe, the Iranian mullahs’ opposition to the “Great Satan” isn’t about hostility to American Christianity. It’s about the Persian peoples resisting the neo-colonial invasion of the Middle East with our multinational corporations, our decadent consumerism, and our irreligious secular nihilism. My goal is to try to persuade the Russian, Iranian, and other nations of the world threatened by our regime to make a distinction between the largely innocent and confused traditional peoples of America and the inexcusable actions of our hostile, decadent, and unaccountable elites.

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