An Invitation to My People, by Dylan Grant

"It is not enough to know, one must also apply.  It is not enough to want, one must also do!"  -Goethe Note:  There is not a precise English translation for this phrase.

“It is not enough to know, one must also apply. It is not enough to want, one must also do!”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


by Dylan Grant

Dear beautiful white men and women,

Reflect on the greatness of the civilization that your ancestors built with its prosperity and peace – especially compared to the rest of the world. Look at the old castles and cathedrals. Visit the museums. Learn your history, and when you do, reflect. Reflect on the great leaders of the past like Marcus Aurelius and Alexander the Great. Look at the holy people like St. Francis of Assisi, or Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Look at the tremendously talented artists like DaVinci and Beethoven.

The emotion that arises when you reflect on the greatness of the past, that comes when you think of how beautiful and noble of a people you belong to is called Racial Pride. It is a God-given, culture-enriching, bond-forming emotion that is encouraged for every group of people except for the White Race.

White men and women are told either that their race is cruel or that your race doesn’t exist. Free your mind from these dark lies, and cultivate the love of your folk.

Listen to pro-white music, educate yourself on the great ways of our past and our present crisis, look at pro-white photos, read pro-white articles and books, do everything you can to free your heart from the lies it’s been told– that loving your race is ‘wrong’, or that your race is ‘just a social construct’.

Smile when you see a noble white man or woman. Be filled with hope when you see a white child. Honour the churches and traditions that spiritually enriched your ancestors, and desire for your people to succeed and survive.

Doing these things, as simple as they are is a profound act of rebellion. Notice how anything pro-white is instantly branded as “Nazi” or “Racist”. They try to hide or destroy anything with a pro-white message.

Instead of feeling guilty because of your beautiful white faces, ashamed of your wise white traditions, embrace them. Today, I encourage all of you to commit the thought crime known as the natural love of your people. It’s a great feeling that you won’t regret.



Tom – interestingly:- I remember a talk by a German music historian and he said that Beethoven was half African and was known in his day as a “blackamoor” due to his mother being a moor.

I’m thinking that there seems to be much confusion here between race, culture and nation. The Trad Youth perspective and also those who you would describe as being Liberal.

Like many great self-confident countries, North America is that great melting pot of cultures. I mean, it’s self-evident that the slaves and the jews are also a part of American culture as the founding fathers. If the song “Summertime” – a jew from russia writes about cotton pickers isn’t American I don’t know what is….

In the sphere of music, North America gave the world Jazz, the Blues, and Rock music, and all other music that is derivative from that. Or are you of the opinion that all this is an inferior art form? Certainly many people in the past thought so – it was “the devil’s music” according to traditionalists of their day.

Culture moves forward, always, and indeed, people are beautiful, you are right, and they should celebrate their culture.

Love yourself, and love others too, I couldn’t agree more – this is a perfectly /natural/ response. And if you share also a dimension of Faith that enriches me, you will also try and love those who are worse off, who have had a hard time in life, who are different, poor, have different political opinions/religions, who are downtrodden. This is the Christ-like or /supernatural/ response of the God Man, who asked his disciples to leave their families and follow Him…it’s the infinitely difficult path. I know, since I’ve tried on my own without Christ’s help. Even with his grace, it certainly ain’t easy either, sinner that I am… I’m forever picking myself up and dusting myself off, and continuing my walk with Christ, thank God he has infinite Mercy.
— Costa.


Thanks for the clarification, Tom. I missed that when I read this posted article on my tablet’s browser.
Still, I think it’s a fair observation:

“I’m thinking that there seems to be much confusion here between race, culture and nation. The Trad Youth perspective and also those who you would describe as being Liberal.”

Hmm. It’s a big subject… to my mind at least, both Liberals and Trad Youth are seeking answers to the wrong question, very much in the manner that both doctrinaire Capitalists and doctrinaire Marxists are also – both ideologies are the flip sides of the materialist coin.

In an analogous manner: perhaps both ideologies on race, culture and nation spring forward from asking the wrong kinds of questions?

Would you care to comment on this general question or is it formulated in too abstract a manner to be of use?

— Costa.


“I’m thinking that there seems to be much confusion here between race, culture and nation. The Trad Youth perspective and also those who you would describe as being Liberal.”

You have to agree that there is confusion, Tom? I think that words are being used that, for different people, have different meanings – it’s as though we are divided by a common language – correct me here if you think I’m wrong.

In more formal scientific discussions, it helps to define the terms. So, perhaps once this is done this might be a first step towards mutual understanding – and also then, we will know on which points we are in disagreement with?

An actual discussion would be a much more interesting exercise (for me at least) than the endless extrapolated two-and-frow of “He’s a hatefull-antisemetic-nazi-fascist-black-hatin-holocaust-loving-schmuck” Or – “She’s a hateful-commie-lesbo-muslim-lovin-libtard-christian-killing-commie”

Sure, it’s a natural human response to caricature (or worse, to demonize) an opponent’s position instead of grasping the nettle and having an honest discussion… and sure, we all find it entertaining to have hot-button issues (hence the popularity in the 1980’s of the amusingly anti-protest protest bumper sticker “Nuke unborn lesbian whales for Jesus” 😉 ).

Does any of that make sense?

— Costa.

Nate Lawrence

Buhls, what’s your opinion of miscegenation or “race-mixing”? More specifically, what about it between whites and African-Americans?

Thomas Buhls

Do you mean in general, or in regards to this article? If it’s the former then I’ll probably address it in my next blog post, but if it’s the latter then I’ll wait for the article’s author to answer.

Nate Lawrence

I meant in general. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to your article.

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