America Will Stand Alone

French National Front wins Euro vote in FranceIn a recent article, I dismissed President Obama’s claim that Russia supposedly “stands alone“. Last week’s sweeping victory across the board for Europe’s nationalist parties portends the exact opposite. As austerity and demographic pressure steadily discredit Anglo-American social and economic models abroad, the American regime will be the one which dwells alone. America, with its vast financial infrastructure undergirded by its gargantuan military-industrial complex, will be able to keep the charade going for longer than its neo-colonial vassals and colonies.

Over the coming decade or so, we American dissidents will be forced to patiently wait on the sidelines as identitarian and traditionalist ideals sweep through Europe, Eurasia, and the Global South like a wildfire. Openly nationalist politicians will win nationwide elections and implement meaningful policies to defend and reinvigorate indigenous identities. Youth movements will take wing, bursting forth with subcultures, musical genres, and other creative expressions of a rediscovery of their rich inheritance.

Meanwhile, our American conversation will remain largely constricted to the narrow Democrat vs. Republican spectrum, perceiving what’s happening abroad exclusively in terms of thoroughly exhausted WWII analogies and cliches. Sure, TradYouth and our fellow travelers will be around, and we’ll be steadily growing and maturing. But as long as the system can afford to make the liberal status quo look like it’s working, our target audiences will remain largely disinterested in what we have to offer. No matter how obvious it might be in the big picture that the status quo is both toxic and on borrowed time, only its decline and fall will awaken the American public to the need for a radical re-thinking of the American Dream.

America will stand alone in a world leaving her behind, ditching her antiquated 20th century framework, and redefining herself along identitarian and traditionalist lines. Our oligarchs and their political machines won’t see it like that, naturally. And, naturally, most Americans will coast along with the propaganda being fed to them. They’ll be led to believe that America’s being left behind because it’s exceptional.

America’s exceptional, alright. America’s exceptionally beholden to a cartel of wealthy cosmopolitan oligarchs.

It’s frustrating to remain largely sidelined as France’s National Front, Greece’s Golden Dawn, and numerous other New Right parties make definitive progress. Rather than flailing around desperately, we should focus on learning from these various experiments in promoting identitarian and traditionalist ideals. Will Marine’s watered down populist angle pay off? Will Golden Dawn’s strident militancy inspire confidence or backfire? What strategies will the System use to impede them, and what defensive counter-measures can we take when we’re at that stage in our own struggle over here?

This is a generational struggle, and we’re at least partially beholden to overarching global social and economic trends. It doesn’t take a weatherman to see which way the winds are beginning to blow. But they’re not filling our own sails just yet. Even then, we’ll likely idly observe as every identity in America but White Americans unplug socially and psychologically from the regime. And once it reaches a fever pitch, the regime will likely pull out some dramatic stops to hold the center together, namely drastically reducing the military budget, folding up overseas bases, and winding down foreign aid in order to invest in pacifying its domestic situation.

Our job will be to keep our eyes on the prize and our hearts set on our final goal: ethnic self-determination and traditional values. Just as with the Ron Paul situation, we’ll surely have to grapple with future men and movements who offer seemingly revolutionary alternatives to the status quo. The only alternative to business as usual must be fully tribal and fully traditional or we must oppose it. Anything short of guaranteeing a safe and virtuous homeland for our future generations is short of our duty in the eyes of God and of our ancestors.



Absolutely, Lew. Very good stuff.

I see things in much the same way that Matt describes, and I do think that White Americans will tend to lag behind on the road to reclaiming identity. It was apparent to me years ago that meaningful white resistance would first arise in Europe, and that diaspora whites would be johnny-come-latelies.

But by how much, I’m not so sure. Matt may be right with his ten year figure, it’s hard to say. Just anecdotally, but I’m noticing a level of psychological unplugging from the system that I’ve never seen before. It’s quite encouraging. Even here, things are getting at least somewhat ripe. Positions that several years ago would have elicited confusion and resistance, now are accepted as obvious truths. Progress is definitely being made.

But for the time being, the vassal states are where the action is going to be. Good for them.

In any event, this is a global struggle, and we’re all in this together. The whites of Europe read our stuff, just as we read theirs. We influence them, they influence us.

A new wind is blowing, and it is up to us to make the most of it. We must indeed keep our eyes on the prize, and not be distracted or diverted by the inevitable hucksters and false ideologies that will arise to fill the growing void, the emptiness created as the anti-white system bleeds legitimacy, and is increasingly revealed for what it is: a disgusting, warmongering, exploitative, race and culture destroying, anti-white fraud.

No more falling in behind the Ron Pauls, or whatever safety valve happens to be offered. We support our own, and only our own. Let the anti-white system die the death that is inevitable, not to mention richly deserved.

Nothing short of a sovereign white homeland will do in North America, and nothing short of reclaiming our ancestral homelands in Europe is acceptable.


Matt Parrott: “And once it reaches a fever pitch, the regime will likely pull out some dramatic stops to hold the center together, namely drastically reducing the military budget, folding up overseas bases, and winding down foreign aid in order to invest in pacifying its domestic situation.”

This is a very possible scenario, but it won’t save the regime. Rather, it will suggest that the end game is very near. The dirty little secret is that America has become dependent upon its empire, in much the way that a heroin dealer is dependent upon his trafficking in illegal drugs.

Sure, had the heroin dealer been smart, he would never have entered a world where his life expectancy becomes about thirty minutes. He would have been better off if he had focused on developing honest, productive skills. Had he learned how to generate wealth honestly, he would likely live a lot longer, and make more money in the long run. Instead, he has put himself in a very precarious position, one that is very likely to end in disaster. But he’s made his choice, however bad, and he’s now hooked on the income that his illicit activities bring him.

Same with America. Had the regime maintained its overwhelming European nature and focused on honest, productive enterprises, we could have enjoyed prosperity and a healthy culture. But America didn’t make that choice. It chose empire, swamping its once proud working class with third worlders, and placing financialization/usury in place of honest, creative work. It chose mongrelization, speculation and exploitation instead of an authentic, organic identity.

And now, it’s hooked. There really is no turning back, no meaningful possibility of reform. The demographic damage, even if it were stopped today, is already catastrophic. Birth rates alone guarantee that we will soon be a Third World country, even if not a single additional non-white immigrant were allowed in. For years, we warned that America was to become Brazil North. It’s now happened.

The main advantage the U.S. has is that it is a nuclear armed Brazil with a massive imperial military. This means it can maintain the dollar as an international reserve currency (though even that grip begins to slip), greatly masking its fundamental lack of honest productivity and wealth creation. It’s big military stick allows it to continue its international usury game, not to mention gaining access to far more of the world’s natural resources than it would otherwise have.

So, basically, you’ve got a huge immoral, multiracial cesspool that can only function to the extent that it exploits the world, and can only exploit the world so long as it can maintain the imperial forces, and bludgeon to death anyone who gets in the way. All in the name of democracy, of course! LOL!

If America were not able to do this, if it were truly left to its own devices, it would be revealed for what it is: a land with scores of millions of absolute morons, a Third World country with a rapidly declining white element, so degenerate that it can only celebrate degenerate sex as the society itself liquifies. In other words, an international version of Skid Row.

So my prediction: the oligarchs will fight tooth and nail to keep the imperial exploitation going. Too much of the game for them revolves around empire, and they would sooner destroy America than abandon Israel.

But they are running out of time, as the fraud and unsustainable nature of their system is becoming more and more apparent, thus encouraging rivals and opponents to make their plays. This may well result in disastrous brinksmanship and overreach, thereby precipitating a catastrophe and a rapid collapse. Things could happen very, very fast.

Even if a rapid collapse is averted, I doubt that the “slow” version is going to be all that slow. If the empire closes shop and looks inward, living standards will rapidly implode. We’ll be just another Third World country, full of mongrels and morons, the main difference being that rather than always having been poor, we’ll have had a huge inheritance that will have been quite obviously blown. And that alone is a recipe for incredible instability and turmoil.

Interesting times! Just hope that we can develop a movement capable of relentlessly following our lodestar, no matter the distraction or obstacle: a sovereign homeland for our people.


I’m starting to suspect you’re a troll performing a caricature of the prototypical anti-white hipster Christian.

If the West’s to become Orthodox, it will be by conversion, not replacement.

Fr. John+

Dear Matt:

Conversion, but to what? Modernist, only ‘two-steps-behind- Roman-Catholi-schism-and-Vatican-‘Ewww’ conversion?

i.e., Scoba-doxy? Can you really call that, Conversion?

Or, do you mean a truly national, Anglo, Western Rite for the White America we must have again, as Bishop Saint Tikhon Belavin wished it, with the help of Isabel Hapgood, and the Book of Common Prayer, the English liturgical usage of the King James, and the incarnated continuity of over 400 years of modern English? Or, do you (I think, sadly) mean some Byzantine/Babylonian captivity, liturgically speaking, that is as sinful as it is overtly phyletistic?

You mention a ‘return’ to culture, and music in one of your recent articles. As a friend to a man who has devoted his entire life to the study, and perpetuation of Art Music of the West, he now sees (as he nears retirement age) that the Cultural Bolsheviks have UTTERLY destroyed what once was the universal inheritance of the common [ White] Man of the West, and have substituted in its place, the worst bestiality of the African Jungle. The vulgarity of rock, its animalistic back beat, and the electronic amplification of even the string quartet, have bastardized everything that Palestrina, Stradivari, JS Bach, and the Russian Nationalists stood for- and frankly, when Symphony Orchestras start playing soundtracks to Bugs Bunny Cartoons, well… the end is near.

You need both a literate, and thinking populace to keep culture alive. You need a stratified, class-based society to ensure that culture not be tampered, infected, and/or polluted as it has been by the Deicide underclass, as has been noted in books such as Gabler’s ‘An Empire of their own,’ Slezkine’s ‘The Jewish Century’, and most impressively, Wagner’s ‘Judentum in Musik.’ Or a cursory look at who owns the Media today, who promulgates Miley Cyrus’ twerking, Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ or Conchita Wurst’s winning of the Eurovision Contest! It’s all of a piece, frankly.

Unless you have a plan of attack, and a desire for a top-down autocratice order, such as is currently (hopefully) exemplified in Putin’s Russia, you’ll never succeed. Oh, yes, God is in Control.

But what if God, is allowing our destruction, as a race, and a civilization, as part of the Armageddon Control?
“Think on these things.”


Who are you “Father” of anyway? Do you lead a liturgy?

If so – at which Church?

Gavin James Campbell

Yes, I am troll, I’ll not deny it. But I can assure you that this is no performance. I’m being quite honest with you.

At any rate, conversion or replacement is non-issue and a false dichotomy. Facts are facts. You’ve applauded forces that are anti-Orthodox.


If Orthodoxy’s about invading and replacing indigenous populations with Orthodox, then I’m anti-Orthodox in that context.

Your point here is so inane it gave me an ice cream headache.

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