Who Funds TradYouth?

Who Funds TradYouth?

Who Funds TradYouth?Regularly on their back channels and often in broad daylight, the burning question for the anti-white and anti-traditional left isĀ “Who’s funding TradYouth?” How does this group manage to be everywhere, on the Internet, in the media, and on the street? Surely, there’s got to be some real money behind a project which consistently manages to reach and engage so many people with such a radical message, right?

While we do have a small and growing core of donors and supporters, we’re almost entirely self-funded. We’re true believers, and we’ve begged, borrowed, and borrowed without asking to translate this vision of ours into a reality. We also do our work on a shoestring. We sleep in our cars when we need to, crash on comrades’ couches, and figure out how to do more with less. Lacking a graphics design budget, Thomas Buhls figured out how to design and create excellent flags and signs himself. Lacking a budget for writers, we’ve relied on generous contributors. Lacking a web design budget, we’ve done it entirely ourselves, in-house.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We believe, as most of you do, that our identities and traditions must have a united voice against Modernity and its self-styled “anti-fascist” enforcers in government, media, academia, popular culture, and the churches. It can’t wait. We can’t afford to quibble among ourselves an hour longer, or sit around waiting for somebody with money and power to show up and rescue us. I enjoy academic discussions and Internet debates as much as the next guy (Okay, probably more than him…), but it’s time to actualize these abstractions.

As we approach the one year anniversary of our project’s founding (Yes, we’ve only been around one year), we have some big plans. We’re going to step our game here on the website, of course, but we desperately need to invest in our local chapters. We’re starting to go viral, but we’re short on the resources we need to properly support and guide campus activists across the country (and beyond). We need pamphlets, merchandise, a travel budget, and a budget for guest speakers on these campuses. We here at headquarters can be trusted to dig into our own pockets and make do on a shoestring, but the college students we’re reaching need more support than we have to offer.

If you like our message, please take a moment to make a modest donation. We accept PayPal, checks and money orders by mail, and even bitcoin contributions–It’s all over there on the right. Become a stakeholder in the fastest growing and most effective force against this decadent system. The recurring PayPal donations are especially appreciated, as regular donations enable us to devise a manageable budget. Of course, any support of any kind is appreciated. By all means, contact us through the site and let us know how you can help. We’re flexible.

We couldn’t have done it without the donors and supporters we’ve already found along the way. We can’t take our fight for family, folk, and faith to the next level without your help. Who funds TradYouth? Hopefully, you.


Dylan Grant

You guys are tremendous. I donate to TradYouth. I am going to St. Thomas in Fredericton in university for my first year. Are there any Canadian chapters of TradYouth? Is there any way I can help you guys out? Could I start my own chapter?

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