TradYouth on a Mission: Fighting for Faith, Folk, and Family


Traditionalist Youth Network defending Faith, Folk, and Family against the mobs of violent Leftists.

What do you get when you have police, the Great Unwashed masses of petty bourgeois liberals, violent communists, more than a 100 scantily clad women, and a handful of Radical Traditionalists in one place?

No, this isn’t a joke, it’s Bloomington, Indiana on a Monday night.

Last Friday night the Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University caught wind of a Slut Walk event coming to IU-Bloomington, and there was no way we were going to let this kind of event happen without taking a stand for Faith, Folk, and Family.

With finals looming, semester projects coming due, and interviews for summer intern jobs we were all on a tight schedule.  What we managed to pull together in less than three days of planning and networking was nothing short of a miracle.

Slut Walk was started in April 2011 in response to a grating statement from Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti.  When speaking on the question of crime prevention and how to prevent sexual violence and rape against women he had a flash of poor inspiration.

“I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Sanguinetti is wrong.  Telling women how to dress doesn’t stop sexual violence and rape from happening.  Demanding that women dress a certain way to avoid being sexually assaulted is not a tool for prevention, it’s a warning and ultimatum to women.  I was very clear on this in a previous blog entry— I’m against rape (obviously…), and I don’t believe that telling a woman how to dress can in all cases stop the crime of rape from occurring.  Our message has always been very clear.  We’re against rape culture and slut culture.  No amount of warning women or chiding men about the act of rape will fix all of those problems, but we can demand more from both.  I support Slut Walk’s effort to speak out against rape culture, but until they can come out and say that modesty and self restraint as part of a man or woman’s lifestyle is a good in itself we will oppose them to the end.

The larger idea of Slut Walk is that women should be free to have as much sex and intercourse as they want without being shamed for it.  News flash:  It’s not glamorous for men to do it either.  That’s what TradYouth was there to tell.  We oppose promiscuous and consumptive lifestyles for both men and women, and there is nothing positive in being “liberated” from the positive guidance and instruction which we’ve been given as Christians.

Connie Lu, photo courtesy of Facebook

Connie Lu, photo courtesy of Facebook

Slut Walk 2014 was organized by Indiana University student Connie Lu who is also the Co-President of the IU Women’s Student Association.  Lu is a sophomore at Indiana University and is a double major in Neuroscience and Gender Studies with a minor in French.

Lu and her army of liberated women weren’t a concern to us, and we were only ever partially opposed to Slut Walk’s mission.  It would have taken very little for Lu to find TradYouth’s support.  The only thing that stopped us from participating in and supporting Slut Walk was that Lu would not also speak out against slut culture, and her Email response only endorses immoderate and consumptive behavior.

“You may say that you’re against rape culture, but until you stop slut shaming, you will always be perpetuating the existence of rape culture. You want to put us in roles that we never chose for ourselves. When we fall outside of those roles, you insult us with names such as ‘harlot’ and ‘slut.’ We believe in SlutWalk, because we believe that the clothes that we wear or the amount of sex that we have does not make us bad people, especially when that sort of judgment does not extend to men. We do not need the support of anyone who does believe that”, Lu said.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again, Lu.  The world doesn’t revolve around a feminist rape-complex. This isn’t just about women.  It’s about men, too.  Putting people into roles that they didn’t choose is what it means to be raised up in a Traditional society that empowers men with a trusted patriarch role, and women with the venerated authority of being a matriarch.  Men are not exempt from the demands of Christian modesty and restraint, and they’re not getting a free pass here.  Normalizing slut culture will not solve rape.

The Bloomington Police Department was also on short call because of security concerns related to the Slut Walk event.  No, the Slut Walk participants weren’t worried about us attacking them– they were worried about one of their fiercely independent and liberated feminists suffering from a catastrophic “emotional trigger” and trying to start a fight with us.

To Lu’s credit, her boisterous mob of unruly vaginas were extensively briefed ahead of time on the patriarchy (read: Radical Traditionalists who want to empower women with Traditional matriarchal authority) and how to deal with them without suffering an uncontrollable emotional trigger.  Of course, we never expected the trouble to come from Lu’s event participants.  We knew that the Slut Walk participants were not the ones who were going to start the trouble.

The trouble is always started by violent Marxists, Communists, militant atheists, and the organized homosexual activist camp, all of which Bloomington has no shortage of.

Bloomington, Indiana should sound familiar.  The reason why is that it continues to be a hotbed of radical Leftist activism responsible for producing such spectacular failures as the Tinley Park Five Six, and The Cleveland Bridge Bombers.  It’s also a convenient location for a renowned hub of militant Marxist training and outreach, Boxcar Books.  IU-Bloomington is also home to the infamous Kinsey Institute.

This kind of opposition was expected.  It was the usual crew of misfits, communists, rejects, and reprobates.  This isn’t our first time tangling with the communists and violent leftists in Bloomington, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the violence always starts with them.  It’s just too funny that we’re the ones who get to end it while theirs go to jail.

When we arrived at the demonstration site, most were well behaved.  A few curious onlookers were able to speak with us before things got interesting, and then it got better and better.

In typical Leftist fashion, one brave soul attempted a smash-and-dash.  Just one or two good punches, and then get out of town before the cops show up, right?  This isn’t the first time I’ve had to watch their weak game plan unfold, and they’ve really only got about one play.  Hey, Leftists-  I know your game plan, and your shit is weak.  Their man came in for the sucker punch, but he obviously didn’t know that he was dealing with a former Marine.  I can take a punch, and it’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with your ambush tactics.

It didn’t end well for him.

The Left’s hatred of Christianity and Tradition are their most overpowering and driving emotions, so it’s no surprise that they went straight for our Orthodox Cross.  Most of the opposition around here hides behind a mask to protect their identities while they’re out bashing Christianity, but it’s not really working for them anymore.  One of the more outspoken opponents at the demonstration tried to hide behind his own mask, but it doesn’t matter.  We already know who you are, and we know that you’re the one responsible for the Christianophobic rant against Students for Life last semester.


“You are in conflict with the world that I want, which is where all your churches burn.”

This is the kind of seething hatred of Christianity that we witness on a daily basis, and it is the exact kind of depraved secular humanism that TradYouth is out to stop.  The Leftists couldn’t agree what they were there to support, and it’s unclear if they even supported each other.  They couldn’t even agree on what they came out to support, which was to speak out against rape culture.  After their tirades against Christianity and anything that represents a morally sound choice, I don’t think that anybody would want to support them.

How can you support someone who says, “Fuck women and children!”  Video is coming soon, so we’ll update it when it’s available.  Until then you’ll just have to take my word for it.

These are the people who cheered the fire bombing of Dresden.  They celebrated the Ukrainian genocide (the Holodomor). And, yes, of course they howled with delight about how badly they hated Christ, Christians, and Christianity.

Every time the violent and militant Left tries to take the street in opposition to the Traditionalist Youth Network trying to “smash the fash”– they lose.

They aren’t winning any hearts and minds with their childish tantrums. Reader “b hayden” was out and about at the demonstration tonight, and his comment should make it clear that the Leftists are losing the battle at every step.

“What I seen to day was just disgusting. I seen a small group of believers picketing an event, that is contrary to what they believe, they were mobbed by about 20 individuals from the Slut Walk. I had seen the small group on the corner before they were mobbed and they were not being aggressive in their protest of the Slut Walk, yet when those individuals who came up from the [Slut Walk] to confront them, were aggressive. What happened to everyone having the right for a peaceful assembly and or protest?”

The Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University organized a counter-demonstration to Slut Walk on less than three days of planning in the middle of finals and semester projects, and we still managed to get our message out. The message of Faith, Folk, and Family is stronger than their hatred of all that is good in the world.  With only four participants we’re still beating their mobs, chants, and dirty fighting, and more people are waking up to our message every day.
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The irony about the ‘trigger warning’ preparation the Sluts in Chief are giving to the ‘less slutty’ is that if the latter actually had the opportunity to listen to TradYouth’s message, these girls might have some opportunity to grow.

But I’m still taking the position that the part about men being equal victims of rape should be excised from the program.

Last, I can’t believe when I read about what’s happening in colleges how extreme things have gotten. There are sober ways to deal with ‘triggers;’ I was assigned a paper involving violence against women committed by patriarchal forces during college, which would have mostly exhausted and upset me…I don’t know about ‘triggering’ painful or disturbing memories of sexual assaults I endured. I asked the teacher whether I could write a different paper given my history, and he was very nice about it and obliged me.

There’s a sober way to deal with these issues, is my point. Seems like ‘trigger warnings’ are mostly an excuse to start censoring debate…or, to further baby a generation of youth that’s already largely spoiled.


You all are to be commended for your actions and writing on a controversial topic where society is completely out of step with Tradition and God’s law. It’s a subject where it’s probably easier for a representative of the Traditionalist geezers network to take a little more radical position.

On the topic of modest dress for prevention of rape, maybe an analogy to something less emotionally charged could be helpful. If I walk out of the bank with my hands full of money and walk down a street full of drug addicts, am I at fault if I am robbed? Morally a drug addict who robs me is guilty and I am not, but I am lacking in wisdom. Even if we claim that immodest dress is not wrong, it may be unwise. If they are so conscious of the wicked patriarchal men around them, why don’t they take precautions as they probably do with their money?

But why do traditional societies use both social and legal means to require modest dress? Sex is a powerful stimulus, and immodest dress is sexual. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon has written a couple of essays on pornographys-effect-on-the-brain. I think slut shaming (for people of either sex) is good for society and (potential or actual) sluts. Ideally it would be applied prayerfully with the goal of redeeming the person. The proper use of sex is for establishing families.

Of course we don’t live in a Christian society, and slut shaming, other than for family members or friends who might listen, is wasted effort. My solution when improperly dressed people or images on billboards or the internet push my thoughts in the wrong direction is the Jesus Prayer.


Great job! Very proud of you! As an old geezer (46), I would like to point out that, way back in my day, it was actually believed that there was a difference between men and women. This was back in ancient times when we only had 57 channels of cable TV. Anyway, back in those days, we believed that men were more naturally aggressive sexually, and also had a primarily visual sexual stimulus. Even the women believed that, and figured that if they walked around with exposed erogenous zones, that it could lead men to believe that they were desirous of sex.

Of course, these days, we are much wiser. We understand that women might just want to walk around exposing their feminine bits just for the fun of it, and that men ought to be civilized enough to completely ignore it. Except when the woman wants you to notice. Then you’re a jerk for not noticing. But if you notice when she doesn’t want you to, then you’re a perv.

I’m glad I’m an old fart.

B Hayden

I stand behind my comment that has been quoted in this article. I also want to express that I had never met anyone involved not from Traditional Youth, nor from the Slut Walk. I was working and just happened to witness the event. I am a born again Christian and while I was not in a position to get involved on a personal level at the time, due to being in the position of honoring my employer, I was happy to give witness to what I seen transpire. It seems that both the Herald Times and the Indiana Daily Student put forth a watered down version that favored the Slut Walk participants, which is equally despicable as the actions taken by those who initially assaulted you and those with you.

Thomas Buhls

Thank you for the support and solidarity, B!

We’re glad that you were able to come out and see what happens at these kinds of events. TYN understands and appreciates the fact that not everyone is able to get involved in public activism like this because of concerns over job security, so please stop in, read the blog, and get the scoop on the Radical Traditionalist scene when you’re able.

Thanks again!


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