The Trinity of a People

Icon of the Holy Trinity

Icon of the Holy Trinity

There are many schools of thought floating around out there in America concerning political thought and social theory; from Leftists that focus on economic concepts and a misguided definition of social justice, to neo-conservatives concerned with the size of government and their insistence on being some sort of Global Police Force simultaneously.There are a plethora of so-called patriots, conservatives, nationalists, libertarians, liberals, etc. There are also people out there concerned with the declining and slowly-but-surely extinction of European-descended peoples and cultures as we know it. Once this population was nearly 35% worldwide in 1900, and now, a mere 100+ years later, we are a mere 9% worldwide. Many of these types of people concerned over this fall into what is called the “White Nationalist Movement” or something similar. Myself, having such a history and background, understands whole-heartedly the plight we as a people are in. Where I differ, I suppose, is that I feel that as a whole – particularly in North America – we have been duped with the Post-Enlightenment Classical Liberal political structures and framework that this nation was founded on, hence, trying to combat its Postmodernism with other alternative Postmodern philosophies. We have been fighting fire with fire, rather than extinguishing the flame that is engulfing us. In other words, we are attempting to dismantle Classical Liberalism* with extreme forms of it – Right and Left – rather than throwing it out all together and reaching into our Primordial Psyche to build anew. This Primordial Psyche is the basis for what is called Radical Traditionalism.**

“Race”, for example, is a very scientific and broad term that defines a set of genetic and biological components and traits that come together to identify very large segments of humanity, and can even compose many varieties, cultures, and diverse features within said segment. In other words, race in and of itself, is a strictly biological entity. However, when members of a race create a culture, a language, and a deep spirituality, they then become what many in the Traditionalist and Revolutionary Conservative schools of thought call a “People”. These great thinkers saw in the world “Peoples” rather than merely races, sub-races, and ethnicities. There is a certain three-dimensional depth of being to a true People, or what some call a Folk.


Trinity Diagram

As an Orthodox Christian, I worship One God Who is Trinitarian in His Nature – the Father, the Son or Logos, and the Holy Spirit. Three yet One; distinct, yet inseparable and consubstantial. Likewise, all individuals share this tripartite composition: Body, Mind, and Soul. Once again, all three distinct, yet inseparable to the living human being. A People or Folk are no different. Peoples, like the Christian Godhead or the individual, are composed of the same triune make-up as well; that being Faith, Biology, and Culture. In the Ancient Church, heresy was defined as an attack on the nature of the Holy Trinity and Christian doctrine emanating from our belief in such. Many Ecumenical Councils were convened to address the very nature of the Godhead, what the nature of Christ was, and who the Holy Spirit was. The Holy Trinity as being true Christian dogma was reiterated and vindicated Council after Council, Synod after Synod… This was and is non-negotiable to true Christian theology. The Fathers of the Church are unanimously in agreement: to be truly a Christian, one must be a Trinitarian, period, end of story. Arianism, Nestorianism, Gnosticism, Modalism, and many other innovations were, rightfully, branded as heresies deviating from the true nature of our God.

In similar fashion, I suggest we treat Peoples likewise. To tear apart the Holy Trinity is absolute heresy. To tear apart attributes of a People is a socio-political heresy, and should be treated as such! In the Postmodern experiment known as “America”, we see what happens when the entire Triune nature of a People is not kept in its origins. Our earthly trinity was torn asunder. We had Faith and Biology at times, but no organic Culture; or Biology and Culture, but no Faith… Indeed, part of the intention in the very creation of the American republic was to sever ourselves from the classical Faith and Cultures of our Mother Europe! Rationalism and Deism, hallmarks of Freemasonry that was always anathema to the Church, was all the rage among the “elite” of 18th century Western Society; we must not forget that. I truly believe that the seeds for our demise as being a nation of Western European character were sown right from the start due to this, as well-meaning the intentions of many of the Founding Fathers may have been. Classical Liberalism was our foundation, and it is ALWAYS the enemy of a Triune People! So, as citizens of America, but yet as Traditionalists, we find ourselves in quite a quandry.We have no true organic roots here to draw a Deep Identity from…At the same time, our People are dying as a “race”… I truly believe this could not have happened without first killing our collective Soul and Mind – our Faith and Culture. Once the trinity is broken, and a people’s Soul corrupted, it is only a matter of time before the Body dies as well.

Our Enemy knows this! Satan and his many earthly minions forever hate the historic Standard Bearers of Christ, Mother Europe, and Holy Russia – the sons and daughters of Biblical Japhet. We were destined to “dwell in the tents of Shem” (Gen. 9:27)  and sit in the Holy Places, proclaiming the Savior to the world. This provokes the wrath of all the antichrists of the world – the Talmudic Jews, radical Muslims, and all manner of heretics that are determined to destroy us and all of God’s People. It is time that we became a true People – a Folk – once again.  A People in its true Triune composition as God intended! We need to develop a new Identity, rooted in Christian Orthodoxy, European Traditionalism, and our genetic memory, all working in concert if we expect to survive as a distinct unique People, as every and any People have the right and duty to do. The showdown will be between Traditionalism vs. Globalism. Choose wisely!





Matt H. – Look up Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman. Led the infamous “Hamburg Massacre” in South Carolina during the reconstruction phase after he and other Southern Whites were “Bullied” by a Black Militia. Later elected as Governor of SC. Named a US Navy Destroyer after him. The USS Tillman DD-135. The ship was later sold to the British along with 49 other ships during WW2. The sale was called the “Famous 50”. She was re-named the HMS Wells. Decommissioned in 1945.

Fr. John+

“As an Orthodox Christian, I worship One God Who is Trinitarian in His Nature – the Father, the Son or Logos, and the Holy Spirit. Three yet One; distinct, yet inseparable and consubstantial. Likewise, all individuals share this tripartite composition: Body, Mind, and Soul.”

I would ask you to go deeper, think harder, and realize that… if the Negro is my ontological equal; if the promises of ‘salvation’ apply to ‘all who will’; if Christianity is not just the faith of ‘all Israel’ (however you may define Israel- Gal. 6:16, matt. 1:21, Rom. 9:13] but the faith of all the world (i.e., globe, and not – as Pomazansky once noted, ‘the Ecumene of Christ’s Great Commission, meant the inhabited Greco-Roman world of the first century’- i.e., Europe/Christendom) then you will, of a necessity, inevitably, and/or soon admit…. that Rome’s model is correct; which would negate the entire rationale for the Orthodox East; or give credence to the reality that “World Orthodoxy” has done EXACTLY what Fr. Seraphim Rose predicted of it… ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.’

For Christ’s (and YHWH’s) greatest condemnation was against the race-smutters of old- from the Babylonians, to the Edomitic Kings of Herod’s day.. which may actually be the proximate cause’ of the ‘fulness of times’ that tipped the scales for the Incarnation.

And, that being the case, one cannot, dare not, must not claim “…all individuals share this tripartite composition: Body, Mind, and Soul.” For clearly, Orthodoxy prior to the 1920’s Modernist heresy, never taught such a fallacy.

Orthodox Mike

Fr. John,

As someone who was an Identity Christian for 20 years, I know what you are getting at. I do not believe, however, that acknowledging that others have a Body, Mind, and Soul is tantamount to some kind of egalitarianism. In fact, it makes them more culpable for their actions. Yes; it is true that the Ecumene of the classical world was the Greco-Roman world. As such, we will always hold a special place as kinsmen to the Redeemer and Standard Bearers for Christ, as long as we obey Him and embrace Him.

Fr. John+

Orthodox Mike- Do you deny that Holy Orthodoxy clearly postulates (in a more consistent and patristic fashion, of course) many of the insights given to those who are the best and brightest in the CI protestant camp? Theosis is not something to be treated lightly (by either side), and the inability of much of protestantism to get their heads around it, yet knowing that somehow, God has graced Christendom far above measure, was the first clue in my search for historical underpinnings on these issues. That the greatest denouncers of the idea that God has ‘another people’ happen to come from Deicides themselves, and seminarians trained by those same deicides, is an indication that perhaps more than just causal coincidence underlies their position.


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