The IRS and the Employee Suggestion Box

Only as far as untainted and direct infantilization of a dispossessed political party goes, some of the latest protests against the recent decisions of the global financial elite have sent a predictable, barely momentous slew of ripples within the grassroots, nonprofit communities online. The IRS has proposed a list of regulations concerning groups that are exempt from taxes, chiefly non-profit groups, in February of this year. the-american-dream

The proposed IRS bill, not surprisingly backed by the economically-led Obama administration, aims to regulate the ability of  those in the Tea Parties to represent their politics by making it more financially difficult for them to do their business. Maintaining the political status quo of recent decades, this bill targets Christian groups, groups that favor fundamental constitutional rights, and groups that support lowering taxes for an overburdened middle class.

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks, leads an association that courageously highlights the usurous methods by which the IRS does its “work.” He further explains the details of the situation in full, and also provides the means in which We the People might seek to convince the IRS to spare its powerless subjects.

A treacherous situation surrounds all who oppose the IRS and who wish to campaign regardless of finances. But although the IRS controls the “Federal” Reserve, which controls the banks of America, which have direct marionette strings tied to each and every political candidate, not all hope is lost. There is a solution among us all that can cure this sticky mess!

The quick fix?

(Don’t worry, you read that correctly)


In a workplace Suggestion Box-style comment drop off, we may be able to make a difference!

That’s right!

In a brief video submitted by Mr. Kibbe on his site, he explains this method. The website has been set up in order to collect all musings from anyone willing to submit how they feel about the decisions being made by the IRS. In 5,000 characters or less, we have the ability to list our nuanced grievances to a government who hates us, exploits us, and slowly is polarizing the entire globe financially for their own gain. We domesticated taxpayers possess a truly unique glimmer of hope that our collective nagging and whining will overshadow the fact that the IRS can take our land and our money on a whim and without consequence. If we nag hard enough, long enough, and with enough sincerity, we can surely gently, with time, nag and pinch our way back into the driver’s seat of our own car.

But what is this 5,000 character (or less) method, and how do we partake?

Our avenue, suggested by Kibbe, as of right now is to submit a comment on en masse, and to hope that the IRS changes its mind. Don’t let the domain name fool you though – after “enter” is tapped, the URL immediately transforms from into a site run by the government! How nifty. Imagine that classic Suggestion Box for employees to drop off slips of paper with scribbled complaints on it. Perhaps, for each ten slips of paper that probably just get filtered to the company furnace to heat the building, surely one gets reviewed, right?


Ok, no, probably not at all. In reality, I can’t even begin to imagine how big the pile of unread ideas and complaints which lays in the trash of my employer’s office is. Likewise, an all powerful, government controlling oligarch probably doesn’t waste money on hiring people to read each and every instance of an overtrusting American feeling underrepresented:

“Then, the Rothschild nobility offered: ‘how about we tell them we care about how they feel?’, and every IRS member laughed, and laughed, and laughed…”

Although there have been demonstrations and protests with decent turnouts against this new set of proposals, and the online community is in an uproar, three facets of this issue remain standing, impenetrable: the Internal Revenue Service exists both inside and outside of America, it is controlled by one single family (link to rothschilds) and whoever they employ, and it has cleverly deceived and entrapped entire countries into debt without a single notion of moderation or decency over and over again.

The IRS is even declaring that currencies which are created in an attempt to obliterate tax debts, such as Bitco…

in, are not valid currencies and must be made taxable!

Although the scale of our demise is likely more grand than we even realize, there are a few holes in the ceiling of this dark cave that allow for the illumination of the nightmare we are standing upon. The American Dream Site (link)  has parallel economic ideals to the rebellious protesters, and is also pitted against the constraining, slithering tentacles of the IRS. With the American Dream’s lively illustrations, the IRS is exposed as the global, power-hungry entity that both Republicans and Democrats must inherently acknowledge as an invasive enemy if they wish to avoid a cold and foreign leadership.

As Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks puts it:  “if we don’t make our voices heard, they (the IRS) will get away with it.” However, as the grim, cartoonishly villianish, overlord-ruler situation is, I think a more enveloping musing might explain that the IRS isn’t our target audience for complaint, as it could care less about the true welfare of those it seeks to parasitically steal from, and that if our naggery is the only thing heard, then they will definitely get away with it….and probably be able to make slavery look like freedom in the process of strangling us with our own ropes.

If ever there was an era in which the elites of a nation were successfully abdicating their responsibilities and obligations to the public, without any flak, any protest, or any kind of sort, family, or species of agitation or indignation from those being perpetrated against, that era is the present. Dulling in comparison to the old famed irresponsibility of the aristocracy of the Dark Ages, modern America is equipped with a more sinister, more covert, and more toxic appendage of pure evil: an economically based oligarchy.

Akin to the age-old tale of the rebellious teenage daughter begging and rebelling in order to see her forbidden boyfriend, this plethora of grassroots non for profit organizations will simply be sent to their rooms with no dessert by the IRS, while making the situation appear as if there is actual responsibility and representation at play. It is a cruel trick that an obligation-blind parent plays; pretending that the child’s complaints are taken into account…

Unfortunately, as we all know, that rebellious teenage girl is not going to get to sit in her boyfriend’s pickup truck…

She’s going to her room, and she’s doing extra chores tomorrow.

Covert ploy, indeed.

Well played, global masters. Well played

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