The Case Against Self Determination

next-time-we-fight-its-side-by-sideSelf Determination is a concept and idea that we hear a lot in the ethno-nationalist community, but is it really that good and should we support it as an ends in itself?  I say no.

I’ve used the virtue of Self Determination as a way to defend separatism and the right to live among one’s own people, and it’s a fine defense, but there’s more to it than that.

I do support the right to Self Determination, but not for everybody, and not in all cases.  I don’t believe that it is smart or beneficial to grant political sovereignty to any group of people who assert their status as a nation.  In other cases it is not a good idea to grant independence and sovereignty to nations of people based solely on the uniqueness of their culture and ethnicity.

Let’s suppose that we grant Southern secession, independence for the North West Front, and realization of the Hoosier Nation.  What would this leave us with?  We would have a collection of independent and sovereign nations each as legitimate as the other and all organized on working towards different goals.  In that case, what was previously the United States of America would be reduced in size, power, and international influence.

Now, I know what everyone is going to say here.  It’ll probably be something along the lines of, “Good!  Let America burn, I’ll help to shovel on the coal!”  If your disagreement is with this government that we currently deal with, then I’ll go get some shovels to help, but if your disagreement is with the idea of having a government then don’t expect to find me supporting you.

The power of a nation comes from the ability of its political state to extend authority into the world and enforce its own laws.  Granting sovereignty to any group who claims a unique status does grant them the authority to enforce and enact their own laws, but it also divorces them from the other nations whom they might be best to be incorporated.

This is a very patronizing opinion, and it is not very generous towards estimating the success of American separatist movements.

The other side of this coin is recognizing when we should yield to a larger or more powerful political body, and also when it is important to put aside petty differences and lend our strength to something that can protect and advance our own power.  This is where I am against Self Determination.

I do not support Self Determination for people whom I would recognize as belonging to my tribe and nation, but I do support the right of other groups who are outside of my own tribe and nation to dictate their own affairs and take care of themselves. The choice is simple.  We can improve the strength and power of our nation by incorporating other tribes and nations of White people into ours, or by allowing ourselves to be incorporated into that of another, stronger, tribe and nation of White people.

Does this mean that membership with United Nations is for the best interest of White People?  I would say no, at least not until the UN can get rid of its extra-national leadership and forego its cosmopolitan and open-borders agenda.

This doesn’t leave us Americans much of an alternative.  At least, not the one you might think we should be taking.  I continue to be less and less of a fan of participatory democracy and the American electoral system, but disliking the current system doesn’t do much to help me find an alternative.

We’ve discussed the alternatives here at the blog, and it ranges from secession to expatriation.  Does this mean that we should try to join the Russian cultural and political body?  In the event that I should renounce my U.S. citizenship and expatriate, I would probably choose somewhere that comes under the authority of the British Crown.  Where you or I decide to expatriate is not important, but what is important is knowing that we are doing it for the purpose of uniting the worldwide diaspora of White people in defense of shared values, and to make an organized military and social resistance to the Forces of World Subversion.

It does not matter if you fight for the defense of faith, folk, and family as a Russian, a Brit, an Italian, a Spaniard, or a Dane.  All that matters is that we know when to give up petty squabbles over civic identity and membership when fighting against the Forces of World Subversion.



I’m finding a utopian sort of a theme in this essay. Seems to me the problem is more immediate. You should be speaking out against the H 1 B Visa. The H 1 B Visa has 17 million recent American college grads unemployed and underemployed. We need to kick all the foreign white collar workers out of the U.S. Not your business? The student loan debt bubble is a full trillion dollars. That’s coming out of your taxes, bit by bit. Still not worried? When foreigners come here to take away our technology jobs the feds pay them to fly an unlimited number of their relatives to this country. Soon as the aunts, uncles, and cousins get here, they go on Social Security as dependents. The H 1 B Visa is nothing less than an act of genocide.

Lawrence Adams

I must say,
I agree with this statement, our heritage has been so corrupted that for most it is hard to see the forest for the trees (so to speak) but we must understand unity and the real
meaning , relavance , need and requirements of it.
We have to start thinking in terms of revolutionary and not movement.
As one is continual and the other is momentary . We must think generationally and not just for the day, whitch is what has happened to destroy our unity.
Keep up the fight,
You know we’re right!

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