Pascha and Nationalism

Politics, policy and the movement are all important. In many ways they are the defining elements of many of our lives. But the beauty of Pascha and the Paschal season, is that it gives us a time to bring before us, why we fight. From Palm Sunday, through Good Friday and ultimately to Pascha, it gives us a chance to put the Right Wing movement into perspective.

He is risen! Indeed He is risen!

He is risen! Indeed He is risen!

Race is important, the movement and organizations associated with nationalism are key to the survival of Western Civilization, but all of it is irrelevant without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Think for a moment, if everything about Jesus and His movement was real, including the miracles, rising Lazarus from the dead and his Passion all occurred, yet He did not rise on Sunday, Jesus Christ would be a fraud and a liar. If then Jesus Christ was a liar, there would be no point to the Right Wing, as all that we would have on this earth is a shallow nihilism that would end the minute our hearts stop beating.

Far too often, in the heat of the Right Wing fight for “God, Family and Nation” we let our passions and zeal for revolutionary change, overpower our wills to follow Christ. We are Right Wing because we follow Christ, not that we follow Christ because it is the Right Wing thing to do.

It could be argued, that satan was the first Leftist, when, in the Garden of Eden, he gave a philosophy to Adam and Eve that said they could be as gods if they would follow his precepts. This is much akin to the Enlightenment and all of its ideological children which are trying to find an alternative path to utopian salvation for mankind, other than through the merits and faith of Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, Jesus Christ came and placed a world, turned upside down by satan, back upright through His death and resurrection. But we as so-called “right-wingers” could not be right-wing without the existence of Jesus Christ, for it is Jesus Christ that makes us Right Wing. His message of a top-down authority system originating from God’s Sovereignty over mankind and having it manifested into a divinely ordained order of natural hierarchy, contracts and covenants, universal and natural law that all must obey is the coroner stone of what defined our ideological ancestors when they sat on the right side of the General Assembly in revolutionary France.

The original right, of the king and the church, was dedicated to preserving a God centered worldview, of where God became man to redeem us from our sins, not the other way around where mankind could somehow come up with a socio-philosophical formula for man to redeem himself, as did the radical, Jacobite Robespierre left.

Therefore let us as nationalists, take a break from the moment, to be in church, confronted with both the humiliating death and the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ to bring into perspective that it is only through God and His son that we can come to truly value family, kin, nationhood, traditions and other so-called “conservative values.” For remember, after this world, comes a next. We will live forever, in heaven or hell and it is up to us to remain focused on why we are fighting and to take regular time to reflect on who we are as revolutionaries and why we are revolutionaries.

If we are not committing our lives to Christian obedience and godly living, then we are not Christians, despite the fact that we might be preaching a Christian message. There is no better time than now, for all of us as nationalists, to pause for a moment, enjoy our families and make honest confessions to God to receive His grace and power, so that we might always be committed to righteousness and to serving His glory, rather than ours.


Orthodox Mike

Our people would not exist but for the grace of our God. Biological determinism is a dead end. If we cut ourselves off from the Creator, and solely worship the creature, we may as well cease to exist, for all will be for naught. Our nationalism transcends post Enlightenment versions of said ideology, for it is Traditionalism, not merely the worship of the Nation – State.

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