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Brian Pace is an activist of a caliber rarely witnessed in modern politics. Brian is a man who I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions and every time I have been impressed by his dedication to activism, his community, his knowledge, and his drive. Brian owns and operates Pace Confederate Depot which sells a variety of Confederate, Tea Party, and White Pride Merchandise and I encourage all of our readers to check out his online shop and support a true Southern patriot. While running Pace Confederate Depot, Brian also the National President of Confederate Patriot Voters United, and is the Mississippi organizer for the American Freedom Party. We were lucky enough to be able to interview Brian about his work, his political activism, and a recent controversy down in Mississippi that hit the mainstream media. 

Brian Pace, Southern patriot and a devoted activists.

Brian Pace, Southern patriot and a devoted activist.



1. Tell us a little about yourself, what political activism are you a part of and what brought you into the movement?

My name is Brian Pace and I’m from Baldwyn, Mississippi. I’m National President of the Confederate Patriot Voters United and the Owner of Pace Confederate Depot. I’m also active in Civil War Reenacting. I recently joined the American Freedom Party. What got me into political and the movement was the attack on our Mississippi flag back in 2001 by liberals and neo conservatives. That’s about the time I discovered that my Great Great Great Grandfather fought with the 12th Alabama Cavalry CSA. The attack on our Confederate Heritage & Culture not only is an attack on my people (Southerners) but my own Confederate ancestors.

2. What parts of Southern culture do you feel are most under attack?

The Southern People are probably the most “Hated” people on Earth because of our commitment and dedication God, Family, Race, and Nation. Not just cultural / social but economic. The South has always been a traditional farming economy based on self reliance. Our values stand directly in opposition to “Political Correctness” and the New World Order.

3. What role does Christianity play in your activism?

Christianity plays a very important role in my life. I believe in applying my faith to every aspect of life. I’m a strong advocate of Christian Reconstruction of society. No country will survive without the hand of God and I believe our nation & World will be destroyed if we don’t turn back to God’s Laws. Sadly I would say the “Church” has played an important role in the immoral downfall of our society because they have retreated from the Culture War. It’s my personal goal to get Christian patriots involved in the political process and secure a future for our people. Christians who wont stand up for their own religious liberty and support Christian Reconstruction are just as bad as the most extreme liberal.

4. How can we best roll back the decades long attacks on Southern culture when most “heritage groups” are not defending our symbols, our ancestors, or a future for our people and culture?

Yes I believe just like the “Church” that has run away from the Culture War for years….the same can be said for the Southern Heritage Community. I believe in Pro South activism Past, Present, and Future. We should be involved in taking care of Confederate Cemeteries, Historic Sites, Putting Stick Flags on Graves, and Putting Up New Confederate Monuments across the South. However those graves and monuments will be destroyed if the wrong people get in office. (Some are already in office who have a genuine hatred of the South). We believe the Southern Heritage Community needs to become more politically active and stop hiding behind their tax exempt status. We should be standing up for the preservation, protection, and advancement of the Southern People. We should also look forward and consider Southern Independence as a final goal in the preservation, protection, and advancement of our people.

5. What do you think the future holds for Southerners and what should our movement be working towards? The

Southern People have 2 options.

1. Stop being silent, work together, and take back our nation.

2. Continue to be silent, divided, and face a future Genocide of our own people through multiculturalism, political correctness, and a World Government.

Southerners know what’s going on and need to speak out. You might not think your views mean anything alone. That’s why it’s important to join together with like minded Southerners and speak up as 1 powerful voice for the future of the South. The Southern Nationalist Movement should focus on education of our people, recruit new members into our Southern cause, and working together with like minded organizations. Southerners need to become more politically active, run for office, and give our people a voice in government. You might not have an interest in politics….but the Communist New World Order has an interest in you….your slavery!

6. So tell us about the recent controversy with the Left and the media, what exactly happened?

The occupied Republic of Mississippi recently passed an Open Carry Law saying you can carry your firearms openly in public. I don’t see a need for an “Open Carry Law” as that’s our God given right and guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Any legislation that regulates Gun Rights is tyranny. With that being said I was listed on the upcoming Firearm Freedom Day in Guntown, Mississippi as a supporter of the event.

Numerous vendors, groups, and political candidates would have been there. That didn’t set well with the RINOs in Mississippi and I was attacked for being a “sponsor” as they called it because I sell “White Pride” Merchandise. That and my support of “White People” having their own Nation(s) for themselves. This goes along with my overall racial views that every people on Earth have a fundamental right to preserve their own Heritage & Culture even if that means creating a separate nation for themselves. This goes along with my Biblical views that God created “like after like” and expected things to remain that way.

7. How has the media exposure helped or hurt your activism?

When life gives you lemons….make lemonade. The mainstream media has their agenda. It’s not our agenda! When I get any media exposure I see it as an opportunity to educate the masses about our issues, recruit new people into our cause, and stand up for our values. It helps my organization because it puts us in the public. The main focus is always to represent not just my group but the overall movement in a positive way. I would say the best thing about media exposure is that people out there who think the way we do will say……finally somebody stands up for us.

8. What are your plans for upcoming activism and political activities in Mississippi and around the South?

The Confederate Patriot Voters United will continue to be active online and in the streets. We believe that activism is very important in terms of educating the public, recruiting new people into our cause, and giving our people a voice in politics. We believe strongly in working with like minded groups and focusing on issues that unite us. This year I will also be working on building the American Freedom Party in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee helping them gain ballot access in those states Our people have been forced for years into voting for the lesser of two evils or dropping out of politics in general. The American Freedom Party will finally give our people a voice in elections. The establishment will label us “Hate” but the people know the truth. They know a vote for the American Freedom Party will be a vote worth casting in future elections.

9. Since the election of President Obama have you witnessed changes in the local White community?

Yes I would say membership in our movement has increased by 100% and I stand by that number. I believe his 2 terms in office has made people more partisan in terms of right vs left and made race an even bigger issue in politics. Why? Because the left keeps pulling the race card on us! However I see an even bigger need to educate people about our political system. People shouldn’t get focused on who’s in office but the shadow government behind the scenes…the New World Order. Our elected officials are nothing more than tools used against our nation (that being our collective people) and they stay in power because the “NWO” is never on the ballot….just their flavor of the month.

10. What issues resonate most with local Southerners to recruit them into the movement?

America’s 2nd Great Depression has destroyed the Southern economy and eliminated the Middle Class here in the South. Today, being Middle Class means paying your taxes, bills, and not having money for anything else. And people wonder what’s wrong with the economy? This problem started with Corporate America buying up all the farms and putting family farmers out on the streets. Then came Free Trade Agreements (like NAFTA) that outsourced millions of manufacturing jobs to Communist China.

Illegal Immigrants have took the rest of the jobs. That resulted in lower wages and matched with High Taxes with those who want to make a living. The Communist Health Care Act did nothing to help common workers get Health Care….it made things worse.

We strongly support Economic Nationalism & Independence. We support a restored Southern economy of Family Farming, Factories, Retail, and Service jobs that provide a future for the Southern People. We want an economy where women have the choice of being a housewife…..not be forced to work at the dollar store to make a living. And we want an economy where hard work is rewarded and retirement is secured for our seniors. Our economic agenda appeals to the Southern People and that recruits many of them into our movement. Together, We Can Make A Difference!

11. Any final thoughts to give to our readers?

Just wanted to thank the Traditionalist Youth Network for doing this interview. We believe strongly in working together with like minded groups and we recommend Trad Youth for those looking for an organization that stands up for our people. The most important thing we can do is work together on common issues and give our people a voice in the political system. Together, We Can Make A Difference!


Leslie H. Higgins

A very good interview. I had intermittently seen Mr. Pace’s postings online, and am glad to have a face put on the patriot. I am especially encouraged that he is active in the American Freedom Party.

civil rights apostate

Don’t support breakaway movements yet, but I will if Whites become the minority, especially if we still have a nonwhite president

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