Fitness For Fascists

“The elements of intoxication and superhuman clarity in the tragic are born when the average sensibility, endowed with a given physical strength, encounters that type of privileged moment especially designed for it.” – Yukio Mishima, Sun And Steel

“The elements of intoxication and superhuman clarity in the tragic are born when the average sensibility, endowed with a given physical strength, encounters that type of privileged moment especially designed for it.” – Yukio Mishima, Sun And Steel

Weight training has in modern times become a parody of itself. A once noble sport, which in ancient times was seen as a means (to strengthen the body) to an end (…for war), is now the end in and of itself.

Every year synthetic freaks spray on fake tan and contort their faces while flexing their deformed, drug-addled bodies at Mr. Olympia contests, for what? To promote the multi-billion dollar junk supplements industry (which will be the asbestos of our generation, mark my words) and to fawn over the male equivalent of a grotesque woman with silicone tits and botox lips.

The modern, American-rooted subculture of body-building and physical fitness in general represents all the things we despise, which leads to many in the “New Right” to reject it. The new trend of contemporary extreme fitness for men in general is a metrosexual one, shifting the emphasis on objectifying physical beauty from women to men. Dig deep into a typical gym junky’s subconscious and you will find extreme vanity, body dysmorphic disorder, and a man who lives his life for peer-kudos and easy women.

Money + Muscles = Chicks, is the famous equation. This is, safe to say,the polar opposite of real manhood.

How did such a masculine sport as strength training become so warped and feminized? The pioneer of aesthetic body building was a Jewish scammer known as Joe Weider, who himself sponsored the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Weider pioneered a number of publications that featured some of his trademark Venice beach musclemen, as well as founded the IFBB. In the 1970’s steroids and artificial hormones started to become common place in the body building world, which was encouraged behind the scenes by the Weiders, despite publicly denying so.

Weider began featuring such individuals in their magazines, often instructing them to pose in photos with more weight than they actually lift in advertisement for junk organ wrecking “anabolic packs” they pedaled. Weider and his brother Ben pretended that these men got large in a short amount of time thanks to their “Gain one pound a day of muscle” snake oil supplement tie-ins, promising absurd results, which caused him to have quite a few run-ins with the Federal Trade Commission over the years.

From Wieder on out, a subculture tinged by homosexuality, crass consumerism, body-mind-soul imbalances, and male feminization/infantilization was born, later to become ingrained in our national psyche via his fellow tribesmen in Hollywood and pop culture as a whole. As amusing as Arnold can be, his trademark physique that he dedicated his life to was good for nothing except as an object in a Jewish circus sideshow and films to make them filthy rich.

Rehabilitating Physical Fitness

Just like art, politics, and philosophy, Jews neutralized a powerful tool for enlightened Western men. But that does not mean physically weak men or the obese are the good guys. Instead as revolutionaries, we must deconstruct the sullied sport of strength training in a George Foreman grill and strip the Judaism away. Imbalances in the Mind-Body-Spirit trinity are the hallmark of the modern man. In the modern world it seems everyone pigeon holes themselves into a few categories, such as the nerd, the meathead, or, yes, the neckbeard traditionalists or libertarians that Marxist gangsters kick around and laugh at when they assert themselves publicly.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Think of these terms, do they have positive connotations? Reinhard Heydrich, for example, had an IQ well into the triple digits, the heart of a lion, and was a brilliant fencer. It’s safe to say that achieving perfect balance between mind, body and soul is an unachievable ideal, but that is the beauty of Faustian man, we push with all our strength for impossible visions. This is the secret of our historical dominance, that is how we grow.

Japanese nationalist Yukio Mishima eventually realized that a man can be as intellectual as he wants, but if you don’t have force to push yourself ahead of other ideas, you will fail in bringing life to your vision. He found inspiration in the life of the Samurai, a warrior class (not subculture!) that overlaps greatly with Western warrior classes such as our knights. We should despise the intellectual. We should despise the muscle head. We should despise those who seek transcendence but are not willing to invest the effort into becoming a vehicle of Providence’s will. Classical ideals can only be carried by a classical body, this is not up for debate.

Juggling the cosmic and the material in the right ratios is the key to eternity. Some men have more natural tendency towards intelligence, others for sheer physical strength, others for unlocking the mysteries of the soul, we must come together as an organic unit, learn from each other, and work together to take back our streets and save our race.

From Bros and Homos To Revolutionaries

In the age of morbid obesity, declining sperm counts, and general feminization of men, weight training is more important now than ever. There are infinite benefits to being physically active, especially weight lifting or boxing, a key one is a rise in testosterone levels. Today, the general body types we see in our daily lives are the extremes that destroy testosterone production, either the 8 pack photoshopped metrosexual look of underwear models or the bloated pear shaped blob zipping around in the scooter at Wal Mart.

Scientifically speaking, optimal body fat for men is between 10% and 15%, less or more than this general range has been linked to a number of health problems, decrease in testosterone being one of them. Another benefit of weight lifting is an increase in self-confidence. A man with confidence in his ability to hold his own in battle at any minute will be more outspoken, more able to protect his family and friends, and far more capable of wrestling the streets back from our foes and securing our fundamental right to speak.

Compound Lifts Are Your Friend

The goal of weight training should be to build functional strength. Scientifically, the exercises that activate the most muscles and have the most drastic impact on the body are not the bicep curls you see Jersey Shore wannabes at the gym doing, but instead those that utilize numerous muscles at once in harmony. Exercises that mimic picking things up, pulling yourself over, and carrying loads are by far the most powerful, due to the fact that …this is what our bodies are meant to do. In this category are the bench press, the squat, the dead lift, the pull up, the military press, the dip, and the push-up. Of course smaller isolation exercises are good, but everything you do should be planned around strengthening your compound lifts.

The Will To Power

Lifting small weights for high repetitions will not make you stronger or build muscle. Instead lift as much weight as you can for low reps, aim for between 3-5 repetitions. Another amazing and underutilized weight lifting technique is isometric contractions. In other words, when you feel you are approaching your last rep, hold the bar at the exact point you feel your muscles contracting the most for as long as possible, then slowly lower the weight while fighting it on the way down. If you wish to do this with bench press type exercises, obviously you will need a spotter or better yet, rack the weight when you feel you cannot hold it much longer. Many prefer to do many reps at a lower weight than their maximum. There are quite a few salesmen on the internet who swear by programs like this, then when you look at them it is obvious they are on steroids where form isn’t that important and high-rep, low-weight work best . This method of weight training is the most effective, but also requires great mental strength. Before going into your regiment, clear your mind and don’t be afraid of natural stimulants like coffee if you are tired from working all day.

Don’t Listen To Phony Dieting Advice

The chicken breast fitness-obsessives urge everyone to eat is a good meal, but too much increases estrogen in the body. The low carb fad is another highly destructive dieting mistake, ketogenic diets sap energy and bring temporary “results”. The main goal of low-carb diets are the equivalent of a crash diet that leads to defining your abs and muscles more for aesthetic reasons, but this is not a net positive. Drinking a lot of hard liquor, taking laxatives, and diuretics have the same effect, yet these too amount to little more than abuse of the body. Instead, opt for the much demonized red meat with potatoes. A good rule of thumb for those navigating the modern world is to do exactly the opposite of what the system and big capitalists tell you to. Butter is good for you. Steak is good for you. Cheese is good for you. Milk is good for you. Those who bash these foods are either idiots or trying to sell you something. How someone can bash eating cheese or drinking milk then turn around and tell you to take an artificial Whey (dairy) protein isolate is illogical. Eating saturated fats at logical caloric intake have shown to have great benefits in active men, including increased metabolic and hormonal functions.

Most of the anti-red meat hysteria created by the media and the system has little to do with health concerns, and more to do with the neo-liberal agenda. Prior to the Great Famine in Ireland, peasants often had cattle and other livestock which occupies a lot of land but allowed for a varied diet. After the introduction of the potato, which can grow anywhere, British and Jewish landlords took over these cattle grazing lands to use for cash crops and forced the Irish to depend on the protein-less tuber. With the system scapegoating red meat for the effects of highly refined agribusiness foods, all while the United Nations tries to convince us that we should eat insects instead, one can’t help but see some historical parallels.

We Are To Rise Above All

Every man should know the feeling of having a powerful body at least once in his life. But the challenge remains in keeping this independent of our social conditioning and a system where 90% of everything is a scam to make Jews rich. To dominate our entire selves is a prerequisite for dominating those who oppress us and seek our destruction. It’s imperative to transcend their walls spiritually, but we should also possess the strength to smash them with a sledge hammer. That is the definition of true mastery of the world.


Fr. John+

You also miss the obvious. The Homoerotic element in all sodomitic attraction, is the objectification of the male- either as ‘butch’ conqueror (the agressor) or the submissive ‘nelly’ desire to be ‘conquered’ by the Uber-muscular man… who then, as soon as he opens his mouth, clearly shows that all this steroid-induced muscle, did not ‘make him a man’ in the first place.

As society degerates to the nadir before judgment, the sodomite lusts and worldview becomes predominant. It’s a historical verity. We’re just witnessing the most massive onslaught against Christendom, since Lot went to live in the plain….


Check out Indian Clubs at: and here’s the Teutonic Lifting Club:

Also, I have been doing rebounder jumping for 20 minutes at a time. My ankles were/are a weak link, and they are getting strengthened with rebounder, as well as core.

I also am into wing chun, and I am finally learning the trick to hitting hard. See this guy, Greg Leblanc, the teacher of my teacher, at 5:06–lEglQ

Such a simple thing — how to hit hard, but someone’s got to teach you. There’s definitely a trick to it, having to do with coordinating your stepping and punching.

I used to be into bodybuilding as a high school kid and agree it is lame. These days the Indian Clubs, yoga, qigong, and rebounder are much better. It’s mobile strength, functional strength.


When he mentioned homosexuality I got the feeling that was a homophobic statement.
I don’t understand the need to stigmatize homosexuality or to suggest that anything about it is sexual exclusively as if this activity can only be carried out puritanically by heterosexual people.

And not every man needs the feeling of a powerful body; people need to do what makes them happy, period.

Masculinity is not that important and it is presented in a bad light when confronting it to femininity which fuels sexism and the never-ending belief that femininity is inferior to masculinity thus men are superior to women. Why promoting this dangerous ideas? Life is already too hard to care about who is more masculine than who as if that is going to make you a special human being.

This article sounds quite much as body fascism and extremely sexist.

Kool Keith

The modern bodybuilding culture developed in the 1910s-1930s in Germany. The “father of bodybuilding” was the Prussian draft dodger Eugen Sandow. Of course more Jews fought for Germany in WWI per capita than any other ethnic group. Could’ve been an interesting article if the author didn’t have a warped, one track mind.

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