My Journey Beyond ‘Left vs. Right’ Politics

Growing up in the heart of of Conservative, Inc. was an intellectually and socially easy thing to do. There were two teams in American politics, the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans were the good guys, Democrats were the spawn of Satan. To be a Republican meant to toe the Party line on giving bailouts to Big Business, destroying the environment (only hippies like having clean air and non-genetically modified foods), and opposing any support for the working class. On the positive side, however, we were promised a few scraps off the GOP’s table when it came to abortion and guns, nothing even substantive to make a real difference but seemingly sincere enough to keep the base in line.climatechange18

Democrats worked to destroy America, freedom, and Republican legend tells it that Democrats would decapitate all the bald eagles in the world because they represent freedom if it wasn’t for the fact all Democrats were tree hugging hippies. The lines were clear, Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrats, and you had to pick a side. One of the most liberating moments of my life was when I discovered that through being a Traditionalist I had the ability to do something I never thought possible: transcend the Left vs. Right paradigm.

My internal shift began as part of a raging internal debate over which side of the political fence to be on through my high school and early college years. On one hand, I loved my God, my guns, and my family, and took a very strong socially conservative position. That placed at the back of the Party bus by the growing segment of Libertarians and neocons in the Party.

With the last real gasp of Americana dying with the end of Pat Buchanan’s 1992 campaign, it was clear to me that standing for Traditional Christian values was increasingly passe inside the Big Tent Party.

Free markets, free trade, and a government free to invade the world was the new battle cry of conservatism and us Christian conservatives best beat the Party drum long and hard or risk being labeled an “extremist” or “fundamentalist” and be summarily kicked out of Conservative, Inc. for alienating the mythical crowds of Black and Hispanic Republican voters.

The choice for Christians in the GOP was clear, sit down and shut up and vote the right way …or else. This didn’t sit well with me and striving to be an active member of my community and an informed voter I worked to find out what my other options were.

Looking to explore ideologies and coming from a moderate Republican household, I decided to do the thing that most young kids do these days, flirt with Leftism. It all started when I began to delve into old folk protest songs of yesteryear. Having often traveled and spent time in the wild and wonderful State of West Virginia, the struggle of blue-collar family men in the coal mines and factories fighting for a living wage resonated with me after a childhood of classic country music songs and seeing the struggle of local farmers to compete against the encroaching agribusiness tycoons.

The struggle of the working man and his family is one that even in modern suburbia is never too far under the surface of the culture. Whenever a friend’s father would lose his job and his family would go into a crisis mode, our community and Churches would come together to help them. The same thing happened when there was a sickness, a death, or other misfortune. Our entire town and the surrounding farms acted like a real community, something unheard of only an hour and a half east in Washington, DC.

Messages of community solidarity, a tinge of the remaining Granger movement, and a cultural and blood tie to Appalachia led me to deeply explore the Leftist political perspective, and it left me disappointed to say the least. The heroes of yesteryear had been replaced by shallow and selfish legions of brain-dead college students with absolutely no connection to community or organic society.

My foray into the Left-wing never came from a communist or anarchist perspective, those quickly proved too shallow for even a fifteen year old. I attended a concert of liberal singer David Rovics at the University of Maryland my freshmen year of High School and while I loved the music, the community there was the epitome of Leftist degeneracy. Open drug use, sexual immorality, an obvious lack of personal hygene, and a confused jumble of ideologies didn’t mesh with my dream of White family men striking to make a living wage.

The rank and file of the Leftist movement on the local campuses was mostly comprised of trust fund kids and folks who wanted to be “rebels against the System” without realizing they were tools of the System. A few older activists, mostly Jews, led these young impressionable kids but without any connection to actually helping my working class neighbors.

Hard truths contradicted their simple “Smash the Fash” mantra such as illegal immigration hurts American workers, Traditional families are the foundation of society, and social justice does not mean wearing an anarchist pin on your jacket and smoking weed while talking about “smashing patriarchy” in your buddy’s dorm room.

I yearned for an old union man to come and smash these fools or a Soviet commissary to liquidate them. Real communists from the Soviet Union would be appalled at the modern Left’s behavior, as would the God fearing blue collar workers of the labor movement of the 19th and 20th century. The Soviet Union and Mao’s China would be considered fascist by the modern campus Left because homosexuals were put into camps instead of being paraded throughout the streets. Symbols like the hammer and sickle were everywhere on t-shirts and pins but were devoid of any real historical and ideological foundation.

After a very brief period, I realized that fundamentally the issues of community and helping normal working Joe’s was not on the agenda of the modern Left. Secularism, promotion of homosexual deviancy, and a push for open borders clogged up the agenda at meetings I attended, not a single word about the suffering folks of Appalachia or the factory workers whose jobs were being shipped to the Third World. With disgust and my youthful optimism crushed I sat pondering exactly where to go from here. If I wasn’t Left and I wasn’t Right, then what exactly was I?

The two political forces of American politics did not line up with the foundation of an organic and Traditional society. The Republicans desired to carve up and auction off the very soil my ancestors shed blood for while the Democrats desired to simply give it away to their flood of Third World immigrants. The two political parties of America were each working to undermine the family, the folk, and the Faith of my people, so where was the answer to how I can bypass this corrupt serious of American institutions and work to make real change for my kith and my kin? That answer was found in Traditionalism.

Traditionalism answered for my the questions I had been pondering for years and brought together the best of both political parts of the spectrum and beyond. As writer Gregory Hood said about American politics, “Both sides agree with the profoundly anti-Traditionalist idea that America is nothing but a place to make money.” I believed that a nation was not just an open free trade zone, but an organic collection of racially, ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and religiously similar individuals. The need in American politics was not to “retake America”, but to rebuild the organic community, starting from the literal ground up.

To learn about Traditionalism, I began to devour the writings of Corneliu Codreanu, Southern agrarian authors, and European nationalists. The insight of the true nature of kith and kin and the centuries-long battle for Faith, family, and folk was like a breath of fresh air from endless debates over tax cuts for billionaires or the need to have slut walks down major city streets. Author after author confirmed to me that nations were not social constructs and ideological creeds, but racial and cultural constructs that were built through centuries of sacrifice and hard work.

Traditionalism also taught me that knee-jerk White supremacist ideology was also not something to be desired. While I love my folk and I wish to see the European peoples of this planet survive and thrive, I also did not need to fall into the trap of endless hatred and blinding rage that too many fall into when they discover our race and culture is under attack. Different races are like neighbors on your street, separate families who are called to care for their own children and their own living space while not infringing on the folks across the street. This view of separate yet equally valuable groups of people makes Traditionalism both a hyper-focused movement on the individual community and a global struggle.

Would you not help a neighbor whose garage was on fire to put out the blaze? At the same time, however, once you have ended the crisis it is right and proper for that neighbor to remain on his land, not swamp those living near him and eating those families out of house and home. A concern for the world but a dedication to your own people and culture is a paramount tenant of Traditionalism. As Scripture commands us in 1 Timothy 5:8, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 

While separate peoples, I have a connection with nationalists fighting in Syria against Zionism and the New World Order, my heart bleeds for Colombian workers who are mistreated by big business, and I seek not to cruelly deport non-Whites from North America with a bayonet, but instead ensure that their nations and their communities are free from the tyranny of free trade, globalism, and Modernity and thus we can have racial and cultural independence as neighbors, not enemies.

Authors of Traditionalism taught me that biology is only one part of a much larger makeup of a people. The shallowness of mere ideology or biological determinism was brushed away by the trinity of a peoples makeup: race, culture, and Faith. White communists were no more members of my folk than a Nigerian, White skin is simply not enough to be considered part of my people. To make genetics the only condition for what defines a people would be to throw out centuries of our cultural development, our language, our customs, and our traditions. While race is an indispensable part of a people, it is not the only piece. Moving to a deeper understanding of the struggle ahead of us has allowed me to see a global picture, not just a simple Left vs. Right, White vs. Black, America vs. the World sort of mentality I had been locked into for the majority of my life.

As Professor Dugin wrote, “We are not on the Right or on the Left. We are against liberal postmodernity. Our idea is to join all the fronts and not let them divide us. When we stay divided, they can rule us safely. If we are united, their rule will immediately end. That is our global strategy. And when we try to join the spiritual tradition with social justice, there is an immediate panic among liberals. They fear this very much.” Nationalists and Traditionalists from around the globe can unite to save not only their own people and culture but to save all of mankind from globalist oppression.

My intellectual growth over the past several years has led me not to Party politics or shallow team picking, but to a deeply biologically, spiritually, historically, and culturally fulfilling worldview of Traditionalism. It is time for us all to stop living by the labels that the globalists pick for us and working to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is time to break the chains of willing slavery of ourselves and all future generations who are being placed under the bootheel of Modernity, capitalism, and liberalism.

Comrades, it is time go transcend Left vs Right and to truly become revolutionary. Tradition is our mission and our only hope!


Jon V.

Great piece as always, Matt. I went through a very similar process, starting in my early high school years as somewhat of a neo-con and eventually making my way home to the Traditionalist viewpoint I was searching for in mainstream politics, yet never finding. I believe that most people are born Traditionalists and slowly poisoned through the education system, mass media, etc. As I’m sure you know from experience, making the transition from the left-right dichotomy to a Traditionalist worldview is quite a process. The hardest one for many of my friends who I’ve introduced to this way of thinking is that the founding fathers didn’t have it right and that the constitution isn’t the quasi-bible we’ve been lead to believe it is. I often find myself wondering how and if this process could be expedited and done on a larger scale than long conversations with a few friends and lending out your personal library to those who are interested. If you, or anyone else, have any thoughts to share on this particular issue, I’d love to hear them. Clearly we are never going to awaken everyone, but how do we go about spreading our message both far and effectively enough to make a significant dent in the American psyche? I don’t expect anyone to have the answers, but I think a dialogue on the subject could be quite constructive.

Michael Cecil

It is certainly crucially important to see beyond the “Left”/”Right”, “Liberal”/”Conservative” political illusion.

What is even more important, however, is to recognize that this also applies to theology. That is, there is a “Sadducee”/”Pharisee”, “Zionist”/”anti-Zionist”,”Conservative”/”Liberal” theological illusion; both of which contradict the fundamental Revelations in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; as symbolized by Jesus being crucified between two thieves.

The media, however, is obsessed with the political illusion and relentlessly and viciously censors any discussion of the theological illusion so as not the threaten the economic interests of Judaeo-Christianity-Islamism, Inc. which DEPEND upon the inversion and perversion of the original Revelations.


Michael Korn


1. We vote for them …. but they never vote for us (but only for their corporate sponsors).

2. They call themselves “partys” but they are the only ones partying … at our expense.

3. We have one political party in America today: The Republocraps.

4. Let the same corporations, banks, and special interest groups [eg, AIPAC (of lies)] that fund their campaigns pay their salaries once they are elected to office. That way it will be crystal clear whose interests they really represent.

5. They pass laws to the highest bidder.

6. We should nullify the entire system and revert to a monarchy or dictatorship. That way the obscene campaign spending will be avoided, as will the waste of time and massive disappointment of the electorate.

7. The only entities that truly benefit from our current electoral system are the presstitutes of the whoreoporate mess media, who profit from the ridiculous advertising and who benefit by agreeing to perpetuate the illusion of choice.

8. We have a choice of the evil of two lessers. They are like Winston and Marlboro. Whoever wins will kill you. And then they will turn and say: You can’t complain because you voted for us!

9. It is obvious that the illusion of choice that passes for freedom and democracy is simply a device to forestall popular unrest and revolution.

10. Shakespeare’s Macbeth best characterized the state of American politics today: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

11. A government of fools, by rules, and for jewels will perish quickly from the face of the earth.


I’m with you. I’m for God and the working man, self-determination and national self-sufficiency. God calls us to be faithful stewards of the earth, not creators of genetically modified so-called food, not destroyers of our water supplies through fracking, not manufacturers of horrible atomic weapons.
But every time I look to the left, all I see are purveyors of myths of white privilege, open border activists,abortion advocates, and libertine calls for gay sexual ‘freedom’.
That is not the solidarity left of the ’30’s. The leftists of today have nothing to offer the white working class. They promote division, just as much as Rush Limbaugh.
And as long as the workers are divided, usury and greed win.

Michael Korn

well stated. left right is a false dichotomy. both are owned and operated by the bankers and corporate lobbyists.

they are like good cop bad cop. a total distraction from truth.

the social contract is unraveling and people are operating under fear. and of course the 9-11 Zionist terrorist charade is the mother of all deceptions. amy goodman won’t go near it….


Quiet anarchy is the natural state of society and peaceful. Good people together keep order over a few bad apples. That’s how natural society works. And groups divide and part into separate cultures. Only empires force them together. Bad apples set those up. The PTB want anarchy to seem a dirty word. Realize society works without a govern-ment (ment = mind) to see through this con. Ref. Larkin Rose, plus masonry expose sites. Your gov is full of secret oathtakers and you’re better off with each other than them. One of the key agitprop phrases the PTB use is “lynch mob” or “runaway grand jury” to make you think every possible justice that doesn’t use their Masonic temples is of necessity evil. T’ain’t so.

You know, back in the day, the locals did justice on pedos themselves. It was brothers and fathers who took care of business, often with townsfolk. That’s why you never heard about pedos much then. But today they’re all over the media and all over society, especially in royal and media circles. Who of course run the justice system.

The real political spectrum measures power. So it goes from end to end,

Totalitarianism / Slavery / Communitarianism
( no individual/people power, total gov power )


Anarchy / Autonomy / Individualism
( total individual/people power, no gov power )

The PTB make anarchy “unacceptable” by narrowing range of choice with flimflam bamboozle media obsessing at the far end of the line. It presents a false choice between socialism and socialism.

Communism is international socialism, fascism is national socialism. Many Nazis and Mussolini were former Communists. Castro was both over time.

Early America falls in the middle. It was free but had outbreaks of totalitarianism plus outright black (and white) slavery. John Adams had sedition laws, Lincoln violated habeus corpus and free speech, Washington crushed the Whiskey Rebellion, Amerindians suffered the Trail of Tears, Hamilton concocted his evil bank, and even the Louisiana Purchase was executive action without legal support.

Left/right is not the only con. You’re Christian? Ever wondered about Revelation’s Beast, and its Image, which operates with its power?

Beast = organic USA
Image of the Beast = corporate USA legal fiction overlay

The only thing crushing the earth right now is the US military. So it’s the beast.

The image is the overlay, the 14th Amendment slavery system. You have volunteered to slavery by legal tricks of implied consent. That’s why modern America is un-Constitutional. The PTB “infer” your slavery status and their “ownership.” They don’t need the Constitution because you “volunteered” to surrender rights to them, just as in feudal times, serfs would volunteer to serve a liege lord.

I haven’t a clue why you equate anarchy with dirty hippies. Hippies were Communists. Big banks ran them. Alan Watt a performance musician had inside baseball. He tells how financiers paid radicals to smash things so big socialism would seem tame to the public. The public got a choice of big socialism or mob violence, in effect. (Also, Alan Watt’s interviews with Miss Effie are an eye-opener for any youth of today.)

Big Business loves Big Socialism because it’s the ticket to cartel market capture. EPA is a cover for the oil cartel. Notice chemtrails? Where’s the EPA when you need it? But try opening an oil refinery. Be prepared to plough through red tape for 10 years and then hear, “No.”

Lindsey Williams wrote “The Energy Non-crisis” telling how oil workers had to disobey orders to finish the Alaska Pipeline. The PTB didn’t want it done. Today a car sold in Europe gets 300 mpg. Good luck buying one in the USA. More regs stop that: import regs, trade negotiation regs, testing regs, regs regs regs … any “health” or “national security” or “partnership agreement” or “common good” lame excuse to protect cartels will do. I could go on about the diamond cartel, the agribusiness cartel, and the Feudal Reserve money cartel.

Go into Dave McGowan’s work on Laurel Canyon. Even some ex-Deadheads like Freeman Fly now think of the Grateful Dead as pied pipers serving the PTB to corral freethinkers and hook them on drugs, useless and wasted.

The Cocaine Import Agency was busy handing out drugs on campus. The entire sex-drugs-rock-n-roll hippie movement was an op. Visit or on the drug war con. Have you guessed it? Yup – the war on drugs protects the gov’s cartel on drugs. And yup, the banks are in on it, they launder a couple $trillion each year. As Catherine Austin-Fitts reports, the American economy depends upon this criminal activity.

Michael Korn

I don’t know to whom the last comment is directed, but I never wrote about anarchy.

I think you need to discuss as well the role of the church in supporting corrupt and oppressive power structures.

Fr. John+

Good post sir. Two observations by others, to help you on your path.

And one concern.

First, the co-opting of even C/W music by the Deicides. have you read this article?

My observation is on this sentence:

“While separate peoples, I have a connection with nationalists fighting in Syria against Zionism and the New World Order, my heart bleeds for Colombian workers who are mistreated by big business, and I seek not to cruelly deport non-Whites from North America with a bayonet…”

I would ask, ‘WHY NOT?’

I do not believe that the ‘suffering slavic soul’ is hypostatically joined to the profession of an Orthodox Faith, but is merely ONE RACIAL CHURCH within the larger ECUMENE of Christendom. In other words, just because the Rus do it that way, does NOT necessarily mean that the Celts have to, also!

Clearly, knowing that the miscegenation mantra of the Left, and their orchestrated ‘White Displacement’ scenarios are clearly genocidal in nature, and were PLANNED for over a century, why presume (or assume!) that we must ‘sit and take it’ in our own homeland?

Or do you not believe in the thesis that Solutrean Man was here first, and actually think the Amerindian has primacy of place? What would an Orthodox Christian then make of the recent desire on the part of some in Alaska (that ‘American Indian Land Bridge’ so beloved of liberal idiots) to REJOIN RUS?

I fully believe the Bible clearly indicated the repatriation of the Xenos, from one’s “Promised Land” is not only desireable, but commanded of YHWH GOD Himself. And Christ certainly noted that the Father was concerned for the ‘restoration of Israel’ at some date, [Acts 1:6ff.] if not according to the Apostle’s insights… at that time. [ I Pet. I:1, Jas. 1:1]

Why cannot Christendom do the same, to ‘undo the years the locust has devoured’?
I think we can…

Many years, sir.
In Christ,

Fr. John+

Michael Korn

I tried to post this on Fr John’s website but was blocked:

re: this article:

Jesus laid down his life of his own free will. Most of his apostles and early followers were Jews. The book of Acts says that many of the Jewish priests became followers of Christ. Your gross generalizations about Jews do nothing to promote truth or peace. Your church helped to radicalize the Jewish population of western Russia in the 19th and early 20th century by sponsoring pogroms of gratutious violence against Jewish villages. This led many Jews to support the Revolution where they got their bloody vengeance.

I don’t see how your words reflect Christ’s Way Truth or Life at all. I just read a book about European history during the Thirty Years War. Total Christian internecine bloodshed. Throughout European history Christian monarchs were perpetually at war with each other. The Vatican would back one army over another for territorial or other reasons. Your Prince of Peace was a joke in the eyes of Jews and other non believers. You sullied His precious name and darkened His kingdom.

So cleanse your own house and stop projecting your ample failings on Jews. Today there are perhaps half a million Jewish followers of Jesus around the world. Hitler killed them along with unbelieving Jews. Your unforgiving and prejudiced attitude is not worthy of the one who laid down his life to redeem you from your filth.

Michael Korn

“Fr. John” [in quotes because a Judeophobe doesn’t deserve the title of “father”],

Thank God Vladimir Putin is leader of today’s Russia and hateful odious cretins like you are way out on the margins. May God protect Vladimir Putin.

Check this out:

And then ponder the fact that a person can be a devout Russian Orthodox Christian without being a vile anti-Semite.

Compared to Mr. Putin, you are like a fly cowering under the tail of a magnificent stallion.

Fr. John+

Korn- are you a Jew? Then you have no right to criticize ANYONE. The crimes of the Jews are legion, their hatred for Christianity is documented in their talmud, and their actions are verifiable all across the religious spectrum, from Calvinist Reformed, to Anglican, to Trad. RC., to the historic positions of the Orthodox Church. If you are NOT a Jew, why would you even bother standing up for them, unless you are a totally co-opted American Dispensationalist, whose heretical stances were denounced centuries earlier as the workings of the Chiliast heresy.
I ‘block’ comments on my website, because, unlike so many in America, I don’t believe in ‘equality’ and have the right to say ‘this comment is trash’ and this comment has merit- just like all the lamestream press sites do.

Your comments don’t refute, they merely engage in ad hominem attacks. Which is a typically Jewish tactic, as has been documented from a myriad of sources. The Church’s position is the Judaism, as a religion and a race, is antithetical to the Gospel. It was so for 20 centuries, and remains so today, even in the face of some (such as the current Bishop of Rome) who worships the race of the Deicides, rather than the race of the Son of God.

And no: Jews today are NOT the same race as the Judeans of Jesus’ day, as Koestler, Freedman, and Sand have amply demonstrated as well. Peddle your hate elsewhere.

Michael Korn

Father Latrine,

I am a Jewish believer in Jesus. Just like his earliest followers. And the Temple priests who joined the Way Truth and Life.

All unbelievers in Jesus are stained with the curse of original sin and are unredeemed. Unbelieving Jews are no different.

But your hatred is not becoming to a follower of Jesus. You appear to be simply satan taking a vacation inside your church. But your dark deeds and darker thoughts will be made known and dragged out into the light of the day. You will be humiliated in the most shocking and horrifying way. And then you either will repent or will perish in your folly.

St. Paul already warned gentile believers in Christ not to be arrogant against the Jews, Have you ever read Romans? He says that if God can cut off the natural branches, all the more so can he cut off the unnatural ingrafted branches who are the Goyim.

I doubt you have any connection to the Vine of Christ at all. You are a racist xenophobic fool ranting with hatred and misery.

May God heal your heart of the wounds that so obviously bind and blind you.

And may He utterly silence you until your healing is done and you are fit to rejoin humanity.

PS Christ was not white. He was brown skinned like any other person of Middle Eastern descent.

Orthodox Mike

Mr. Korn,
What type of “Christian” have you converted to? To equate your conversion to Christ, allegedly, to the First Century Judeans remnant conversion is Apples and Oranges. Khazars are not Israelites. Be that as it may, if you are truly a convert to the Messiah, you would be blasting the Apostate Jews as the Christ-killers they are, as the Church Fathers did, not still try to stick up for them as they revel in their blasphemous Talmudic hatred for Christ, the Mother of God, and Gentiles. particularly Christians. This is what Brother Nathanael does, and genuine converts like the late Benjamin Freedman did; not kow-tow to them and their vile satanic beliefs and antichrist State of (fake) “Israel”! 1 Thess 2:14,15.

Michael Korn

Reposting this without the urls:

I don’t kow tow to anyone, least of all to you. Your hatred of Jews proves you are no follower of Christ. You also ignore the warning of St. Paul at your own peril.

Here’s what I wrote to Veteran’s Today about their claim that 95% of all Jews in the world today are Khazarian converts:

Judaism defines itself as a race and religion. Once you’re in the race you can never leave it. But anyone can adopt the ideology. In this sense it is just like Christianity. Indeed Jews and Catholics are remarkably similar. A “cradle Catholic” — no matter how lukewarm and lackadaisical — will never be denied the rites of his church, while an outsider is expected to go through a long conversion process. Judaism is the same. Meyer Lansky and Bernie Madoff will always be welcomed with open arms to the synagogue just as Lucky Luciano and Carl Gambino will to the church.

Judaism always has been a conversionary faith. The Old Testament patriarchs married Babylonians and Canaanites. Moses, Samson, and kings David and Solomon married many foreign women. The race is constantly being expanded.

I read the Al Haik report. He analyzes European Jews. But for some strange reason he ignores the sizable Sefardic and Mizrachi population who constitute more than 60% of the Israel’s total Jewish population. Since Israel itself has half the world’s Jews, and since there are many Sefardim/Mizrachim in the Diaspora, then at least 50% of world Jewry is non-Ashkenazic. And therefore even if ALL Ashkenazim are Khazarian (which I do not believe), then their overall presence in the gene pool is certainly far less than the 95% you claim.

The situation gets even more complex when one considers the worldwide Hispanic population. People like Dell Sanchez claim that up to 10% of all Hispanics are of Jewish origin. This would mean an additional 60 million non-Ashkenazic persons. Furthermore, there are sizable tribes in Africa (such as the Nigerian Ebo) that claim Judaic heritage, as there are in India and Asia. All this greatly dilutes the alleged Khazarian role:

Up to the mid-1800s almost all Jews in the Western Hemisphere were Sefardic Jews who had fled from the Spanish and Portugese Expulsions and Inquistions. I am sure you are aware of the allegations that Columbus was such a person. Does Al Haik claim he too was Khazarian? The leading Jews of colonial New England and the ante-bellum South were Sefardim, as were the Jewish managers of the sugar plantations in the Caribbean and South America. The Sefardic population in Mexico to this day is large and affluent.

Many of these refugees from Iberia also moved to Northern Europe: England, Holland, Denmark, and Germany. They infused their Sephardic blood into that population that normally would be called Ashkenazic. One of my teachers at Ohr Samayach, rabbi Nathan Lopez Cardozo, comes from a distinguished Dutch Sefardic family:

I am sure you recognize the surname, since it also belongs to a member of the SCOTUS:

So the allegation about Khazarian blood seems really foolish and naive.

Enough said. If you want the truth you will dig it out as you do so well with so many other things.

Happy Passover, the Feast of Liberation from Oppression Tyranny Bondage and Small Mindedness


Sad to see the comments deteriorating into name-calling….pride of course the root of many errors.
Is it not simple enough? Do you support self-determination for all and mutual respect for unique qualities of the various races and cultures?
Do you oppose usury, unjust aggressive war, genocide and oppression?

Michael Korn

Father Latrine ignored my posts about Putin:

at 15:00 here defending the State of Israel against Iran:

and here showing kindness to his Jewish former German teacher:

Putin shows the generosity of the spirit that emanates from his sense of confidence and achievement. He can love others because he loves himself. And he loves himself because he knows Christ loves him and forgives his sins.

I would suggest that the rabid anti-Semites posting on this thread are insecure and fearful and projecting their own anxiety about not being saved and not truly obeying Christ onto Jews. I pray Christ’s healing for all of you. I pray you will become a mensch like Vladimir Putin.

As for usury, the Catholic Church accepts it and the Protestant Reformers accepted it. Even Russia has plenty of banks. When I studied economics at Harvard we learned that Eurodollars were actually innovated by some very clever Russian Orthodox bankers!

There is hardly a single reputable Christian in the world today who would not use the services of a bank. It is not at all clear that the usury prohibited in the Torah includes relatively low rates of interest characteristic of the global banking industry.

The fact that Jews are so prominent in banking is purely and simply the fault of the Roman Catholic Church, which granted Jews monopolistic banking privileges even as it outlawed banks in the hands of Christians as “usury.”

This book by David Kertzer of Brown University explains that throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the Vatican was repeatedly bailed out of financial distress by the European Jewish banking houses:

Michael Korn

“Do you oppose usury, unjust aggressive war, genocide and oppression?”

Yes to all. But today’s banks apparently are not usurious in the biblical sense.

Michael Korn

“Do you support self-determination for all and mutual respect for unique qualities of the various races and cultures?”

Certainly, but I don’t think Fr. Latrine does, as he constantly denigrates Jews and non whites as some kind of collection of satanists.

I should explain that for many years after my conversion I adopted anti-Jewish attitudes and denied the Holocaust. But I have come to recognize that this is not a fruitful approach to take. No Jew will ever consider the Gospel of Christ if Christ’s followers project an attitude of hatred against them. How can you evangelize to people you hate? And if you are not willing to evangelize to Jewish people, then you have no right to complain about their unbelief in Jesus.

Meaning; if you are not willing to be part of the solution, then automatically you are part of the problem.

Michael Korn

These articles demonstrate the futility and ungodliness of racism:

All races descended from the same father, first Adam and then Noah.

Adam was brown or red skinned like the color of the earth from which he was made. Eve may have been white skinned since she was made from Adam’s bone.

All races ensued from them by means of simple laws of genetics. Anyone who espouses racism is an enemy of God and ignorant of the bible and of the laws of genetics.

Such a person would better throw himself into the sea with a millstone around his neck than to denigrate the precious human creatures of our loving Creator God.


You have a hard row to hoe here Michael Korn. You are just digging yourself deeper into a hole.
Please be advised that when I mentioned usury I hadn’t the slightest thought of Jews in my mind. I was thinking of predatory capitalism, and greed in general.
You protest too much. The proper response to Father Latrine for you in a forum such as this would be to ignore him, rather than spread division. An Aryan might eschew schoolyard taunts.
There are legitimate complaints concerning Jewish racism, but to deny the existence of righteous Jews would be a grievous error, as I’m sure most here agree.
Leave it at that brother, enough. There is room for difference of opinion, as long as we all agree on the necessity of white racial survival.


I deny the existence of righteous jews. There is no such thing as a good jew, period. Their entire creed is based on invading, subjugating and even genociding the goyim – any ‘other’ whose resources they covet.

There are good people who wander through jewishness, but there is simply no such thing as a good jew, especially to a european. The evils of the Talmud are just the logical progression from the Torah’s imperialism.

Michael Korn

Does that include Jews who believe in Jesus? Are you like the NAZIS who persecuted and killed both believer and unbeliever from among the Jewish community?

And anyway, if they are “unrighteous” and you are not seeking to draw them to Jesus in love, then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution and thus have no right to complain.

The biggest threat to Jesus always comes from the laziness, greed, and stupidity of His own followers, not from outsiders.

Orthodox Mike

If you are a ‘Jew for Jesus’, then quit using the moniker of the Decide and simply call yourself Christian. Like the Ebionites of St Pauls day, you are yet another Judaizer. St John Chrysostom had much to say about your ilk, as did virtually all the Early Church Fathers (May their memory be eternal). Also, for your information, I am no Hitlerite. Hitler was hostile to many Orthodox Europeans. And was a tool of the Zionists. Nice try, Joudikoi.

Michael Korn

How am I a “Judaizer” in your eyes? I do not observe the Jewish sabbath or Jewish dietary laws. I do not pray Jewish liturgical prayers or observe Jewish Festivals.

So how exactly do you see me as a “Judaizer”? It is pretty strange, because most of my former Jewish acquaintances actually call me a self-hating Jew and anti-Semite! So please clarify your accusation.

If you call me a Judaizer because I uphold the essential dignity of Jewish people and assert that they deserve the same respect that all people deserve, then I accept the term as a compliment.

St. Paul implies in Romans that Jews deserve a bit more respect than your average Goy because of the precious Divine gifts entrusted to them, about which Paul writes; “The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable!”

Michael Korn

As I said before, if you hate Jews then you are simply projecting your own frustration onto them. If you are not trying to evangelize to them, you have no right to denounce them at all.

If you lack the motivation, training, or interest to become part of the solution, then you remain part of the problem and should just keep your mouth shut and your fingers idle until God can fill you with a love for the lost sheep of the House of Israel as we should have for all unsaved people.

All people who deny Jesus as Messiah have killed Him. He died for all of us. And the vast majority of Jews today are completely ignorant of the bible and their own religious teachings, including those that predict a Messianic Savior. They are no different from any other unsaved nation and do not deserve your enmity.

As you judge them with hostility, so will the Lord God of Israel judge you with hostility, only much more severely.

I fear for you my brother! Repent before the judgement and righteous wrath of God comes crashing down upon you, perhaps even removing you utterly from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Orthodox Mike

Evangelize them to what? There is only One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. Are you in it? If not you are still an Apostate Jew. I have much respect for the likes of say Brother Nathanael, that honestly exposes what his Apostate ilk are doing. You try to have your cake and eat it too. You wish to be a Jew and a Christian simultaneously. What hath Christ to do with Belial? What hath Light to do with Darkness? A double minded man is unstable in all his ways, sir.

Orthodox Mike

You say that St Paul relegates Jews to a more respectable position, even unsaved, than us poor wretched Christian goyim? Wow. What a lie from the pits of that satanic writing known as the Talmud. St Paul clearly states that there is neither Jew nor Greek in Christ – in Christ being key, as it is a salvific statement. He also tells us all about Apostate deicides in First Thessalonians 2:14,15. St John also had much to say on the subject.

Orthodox Mike

Addendum : Israel is the Church of Christ, not a nation of antichrists. You and Hagee will find that out someday.

Michael Korn

I don’t support Hagee. Indeed I was arrested once protesting one of his Night to Honor Israel events. You really know nothing about me and it is pointless discussing anything with you.

Michael Korn

I am a Jew of ethnicity who is a Christian of faith.

So you deny the salvation of all non-Orthodox Christian believers, including Catholics and Protestants?

Well you can have your narrow salvation then. Your afterlife will be a very small place indeed. Doubtful even God would fit in to your exclusive club!

Michael Korn

“You say that St Paul relegates Jews to a more respectable position, even unsaved, than us poor wretched Christian goyim?”

Where did I ever say that? You are either an ignoramous incapable of reading simple statements, or you are an odious liar.

In the name of Jesus the Messiah, I send the demon spirit infesting you to the pit of hell.

Orthodox Mike

You are the one with demons. How well did St John Chrysostom speak of your kind…


I thought I was part of a select few in the belief that racism is not the answer to our liberation. Good to see that is validated in others articles.

Thanks for writing!


I CONCUR! — It’s why I wrote the song, why I chose to play with this fire. The SPLC hatemap-stuff terrifies me and if we don’t pull together over the issue of racism Tradition itself will go the way of the once-sublime swastika and be forever taboo for mainstream LIVING society and the domain of maniac-showoffs and career activists alone.

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