Sharia Patrols and Cultural Parasitism

March 18, 2014

1630_shariaukAre Sharia patrols coming to America?  Maybe, but they have been happening in Britain.  The results of enforcing militant Sharia law were only to be expected.  Britain First countered the Sharia Patrols with their own Christian Patrols.  Again, the results were only to be expected.

Both groups were roundly by condemned by more Liberal members of their own faith communities, and as of this writing three members of the Sharia Patrol have been jailed for two years and ten months, and given a five year ban against distributing information about Sharia, or meeting with one another.  Scotland Yard is reportedly investigating Britain First for their own Christian Patrols, but we’re not sure how that is going to turn out yet (If anyone has more information on this, please drop me a line in the comments…).

What we’re seeing in these two cases, and their aftermath, is a classic case of Cultural Parasitism.

American philosopher Francis Parker Yockey describes Cultural Parasitism as any instance in which one Cultural entity is within the political domain of another, and that the Cultural Other clings to its alien culture.

“Any group which takes no part in the Culture-feeling, but which lives within the Culture-body, necessarily involves a loss to the Culture.  Such a group, by standing outside the historical necessity, the Destiny of the Culture, inevitably militates against that Destiny.  This phenomenon is in no way dependent on human will.  The parasite is spiritually without, but physically within.  The effects on the host-organism are deleterious both physically and spiritually.”

Surely we can control the problem, cut it off at the root, and then stop the situation from turning into that perennial Clash of Cultures.  Because we know about the problem, we should be able to understand it and save society from plummeting into the inky pits of  conflict and ultimate destruction.  If you think you can save society from self-induced multi-cultural self destruction by being aware of the problem, then you really are off the deep end.  Yockey has a holistic definition of race, and even in his most generous interpretation of what constitutes race and cultural identity, he would have said that you can’t be a dreamer with naive hopes for integration.

“Theoretically it sounds perfect to say that if each individual is ‘educated’ to ‘tolerance’ there can be no racial or cultural tension.  But– individuals are not the units of this type of happening; individuals do not bring these things about, higher organic unities do this, and impel the mere individuals.  The process has nothing to do with the consciousness, intellect, will, or even emotions, in its inception.  All these come into play only as a manifestation of defense on the part of the Culture against the alien life-form.  Hatred does not begin the process, nor does ‘tolerance’ stop it.”

You cannot arm yourself against multi-cultural tension by girding your intellect with the armor of academia.  Screeching about the benefits and inherent goodliness of integrated, multi-cultural, and cosmopolitan society is not the solution.  Christian and Sharia patrols didn’t start the problem, and worshiping the Golden Calf of tolerance isn’t going to fix it.

I support the concept of Self Determination.  I support Self Determination in the creation and maintenance of a folkish community.  Patrols to enforce Sharia Law and Christian Law in our own communities is what Self Determination looks like, and I support it.

I support Sharia Law for Muslims in their own communities and countries.  I support Christian Law for Christians in their own communities.  I don’t support immigration policies that flood our homelands with alien cultures or unassimilable outsiders who have no desire to be American.  A peaceful separation of Christian and Muslim communities would permit each community to handle its own affairs.

The interests of self-determination demand that we be allowed to police our own communities and our own people.  It also demands that we not suffer the laws of others within our own communities and our own State.  I support a peaceful separation of different cultural communities, and those who come among among us in our communities must abide by our own laws.  To suggest anything else is to further the pain and regressive growth qualities that are characteristic of Cultural Parasitism.



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