Resurrection of our Folk

"The final aim is not Life, but Resurrection." - Corneliu Codreanu
"The final aim is not Life, but Resurrection." - Corneliu Codreanu

“The final aim is not Life, but Resurrection.” – Corneliu Codreanu

It is all too apparent to anyone with a shred of awareness and common sense that the West is dying. America in particular seems to be at the forefront of this suicidal headlong march into the pitch-black Abyss of Decay & Death, and she is taking much of Europe with her. We see the signs of this national illness all around us. Like all fallen nations before her, the symptoms of a civilization in its death throes are always the same: Greed, Lust, Sexual Immorality, rampant miscegenation, multiculturalism, subversion of and destruction of our Faith, rebellion to Tradition, inversion of gender roles, major attacks on the sanctity of the nuclear family unit, and the list goes on and on.

The ones most often targeted for these attacks are the founding stocks of these nations. The European Peoples that created a mighty civilization on their home continent and on the North American and Australian continents are the main targets of this destruction. The Globalist Elite – that Judeo-Masonic Cabal that wishes to gain money and power through making everybody faceless, raceless, rootless “Global citizen-consumers”- always historically met their opposition by the Spirit of European Man and Christendom.

That is the reason historical European Christendom is the main target of their diabolical attacks. The Antique European was the epitome of what a “culture-creator” was all throughout world history; and, like any other group of people on the planet, we deserve to survive and preserve our Ethnic Integrity just as much as any other grouping of human beings do. If some deluded souls wish to call this “racist” so be it. They are the ones who have bought into the Satanic Liberal lie that every ethnicity has a right to exist but Indo-European ethnicities, and Christian cultures.


We often hear about how various antichrists, such as Jewry, have subverted our societies, and worked hard at tearing down the social fabric and cultural cohesion of whatever nation they happen to live in. They take their faith, culture, and Ethnic Integrity very seriously, and do not care who they crush or destroy to do so. Their highest authority on their faith, the Babylonian Talmud, commands it.

It’s the set of books of all the codified oral traditions and written laws dating back to the Pharisees, and later the Rabbis who kept that ancient Pharisaism and its culture alive. That is today’s “Judaism” – the direct descendant of the “Tradition of the Elders” that Our Lord so vehemently condemned over and over again in the New Testament. Jews do not mind working for their collective interests, even at the expense of any other people.

As an Orthodox Christian, I do not have a problem with ethnicities working to preserve their heritages and cultures; but, likewise, I DO have a problem with stepping all over humanity and my people – my extended family- and my Savior to do so! Self-determination for all peoples and cultures, and their right to autonomy is a very Traditionalist and Classical Christian stance. As the late Metropolitan Vitaly (Memory Eternal!) of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad so aptly put it back in 1971:

“The culture of each nation is, first of all, its view of heaven, its relation to Divinity in general, to the Holy Trinity if it be a Christian nation. This orientation toward heaven impresses its own deep mark on the activities of a given nation: on its life, its habits, its productions in any field, science, music, and art….There is no man without a nation or tribe, nor is there a religion without a nation, just as there is no nation without a religion. These two phenomena are mutually dependent and cannot be separated either in time or composition.” [1]

O, how I wish we had more stalwarts such as this late Bishop of the Church in this day and age! He understood that our strength – any people’s strength- was their view of heaven. That is what happened to our Folk: the Enemy crept in unaware and destroyed our view of heaven – our Higher Ideal – our link as a covenanted culture to the Holy Trinity.

This strikes at the very root of the problem. This battle – this “podvig” that the Russians speak of – is a battle for the very SOUL of our people; a spiritual struggle for our very existence! Most European-Americans are now Zombies. They have become the Living Dead. They still have animation, but there is an empty hole in their souls, where their spirits should be, or it is filled with many Spirits of Delusion rather than the Spirit of Truth.

That is why Corneliu Codreanu, the brave martyred leader of Romania’s Legion of St. Michael the Archangel of the early 20th century, said that their final aim wasn’t merely the life of the Legionary or Romania, but its Resurrection! As a staunch Orthodox Christian as well as a Romanian Nationalist, he knew that “life” wasn’t enough. Romania needed Resurrection! Spiritual re-birth in the connection of a people and their heaven was the goal. They used to say “Long Live Death!” not because they were morbid or homicidal, but because as true Christians they understood that the old and corrupt carnal man (and nation) must die, and the New Man reborn and resurrected.

“The permanent self-sacrifice, serving the Nation; the elite idea is strongly linked to the sacrifice idea, the poverty idea, the severe living idea; where the self-sacrifice stops, there stops the Legionary Elite.”

– Corneliu Codreanu
from his Legionary Grades Oath

We need to become a People Resurrected. There is no other way. Your biology alone will not save you. Your own self-will or so-called “Will to Power” will not redeem you or your Folk. Only in embracing a Radical Traditionalist perspective and our ancient Holy Tradition that encompasses everything that we are and ever were since primordial times can we experience a resurrection of our Folk. Let us find our view of Heaven once again, and like the God-Man, rise again from the dead! The ancient landmarks of our Fathers are still there…

. . . beckoning us to follow them.


1. From the article “White Negroes”, Church Messenger, monthly magazine of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in Canada, Feb. 1971.


Dylan Grant

Though I have to ask, how successful was this legionary movement in stopping the forces of darkness such as Judaism, Modernism, Communism, Atheism, etc? Also, what are things that every day people like myself can do to prevent the corruption of faith, families, folks, and fatherland? Other than the obvious things like being an ethical person in your daily life, not giving into things like sexual hedonism, practicing your faith, etc

John Maelstrom

Maybe you can help me with a question I have about Orthodoxy in America.

I’ve considered exploring Orthodoxy deeper but find myself driving right by as I see the names of the various churches in my area: Russian, Antiochian, Greek, Ukrainian, etc.

Where is the American church? In other words, I know one of the beauties of Orthodoxy is that they honor nation, why then isn’t there one here honoring this nation? I know we’re young but we clearly are not Greek or Syrian. If Norman Rockwell established a branch of Orthodoxy here in the U.S. what would it look like? Why isn’t that church here already? Or is it and I’m just missing it?

John Maelstrom

To expand – When I see churches here belonging to these other nations I take it as a jab against the American. I know these other nations are more closely related to me than Mexicans or Vietnamese but I am just as irritated by their presence. It feels like an underhanded way of saying, “Silly young Americans, you’re not a REAL nation. We Orthodox of far off lands are here to take what we can from your artificial construct of a country while clinging to our REAL nationality. Want some baklava? That will be $5 please.”

Thomas Stuart


There is something called the Western Rite Orthodoxy, derived from the Antiochan Orthodox Church I believe. America doesn’t have the degree of antiquity which would give it much by way of a unique liturgical character.

Russian Orthodoxy, of course, has been in Alaska and parts of the upper northwest for about 250 years. And it seems as if I’ve heard that the English Book of Common Prayer may have been adapted to use in the Western Rite of Orthodoxy.

Hope this helps!

Fr. John+

John Maelstrom- This is the reason for my blog, which has chronicled the differences between the Apostate West, and the Apostate East, for, as [St.] Seraphim Rose noted, ‘In the End, all the Churches will serve Antichrist.’

Knowing what and who that ‘antichrist’ is, is the hallmark of older Western European (europhilic) Christianity, and almost contemporary (up until @ 2000) Eastern [Orthodox] Christianity. And finding the path between the Scylla and Charibdys of both the phyletistic East (‘you aren’t really Orthodox, unless you are Byzantine) and the atomistic West (all churches are ‘branches of the one faith’) is the great defining mark of a True Orthodox Believer, these days.

St. Tikhon Belavin worked with the Episcopal Church back in the day, to form/have an ‘indigenous Anglo’ Orthodoxy, replete with Western Rite (think old Book of Common Prayer, 1928 style, with Thee/thou language, and the KJV, and all that beautiful music) and WHITES as the recipients of that Church. Sadly (or according to the Devil’s designs) Tikhon went back to Russia to become a Martyr there, and left the American Church in the hands of an Ay-rab, who maintained, and enshrined this ethnic fractionalism, ever since!

One need not- nay probably may not, at this late stage- find a ‘safe haven’ that’s ‘canonical,’ as all the canonical types in the USA are involved with an NCC/WCC related, “Scoba” umbrella… while the smaller, more consistent churches, are all fighting one another, and fractionalizing, while (at the same time) trying to make Greeks, Russian, or Ukranians out of Anglo Americans.

I wonder if my observations will even pass the censors here, so phyletistic and ‘more orthodox than thou’ are these small, feeble jurisdictions. But there you are. There is hope, but it will lie in Anglos bonding with other Anglos, re-learning their worldview to more naturally accomodate a filioquist-free philosophy, while yet remaining ‘a people set apart’ with their own rites, music and ceremonies, until the Phanar (or someone) ‘recognizes’ that the English were Orthodox, 500 years before the Rus even converted.

Orthodox Mike

Bless, So what jurisdiction are you a part of, Father?

Orthodox Mike

Father, I sincerely meant no disrespect. I am on the side of the Rus, the side of the true Church, and on the side of the Land against the Sea ( a Carl Schmitt reference). I side with Eurasia against Globalism and Atlanticist Modernism, although I believe it is time for a Western identity to arise that is not tied to or a part of the Atlanticists.


The Flemish priest Cyriel Verschaeve was also fascinated by death and resurrection in the context of Flemish nationalism and the death of the Flemish soldiers during the First World War:

“Their bodies are lying as seeds in the sand,
Hope for the harvest, o Flanders fatherland.”

Fr. John+

Ah yes. What jurisdiction are you, ‘Father’? And then, whe you tell someone, the knives come out.
Nope, Mike. Ain’t going there. Better to ask, are you on Russia’s side with this attack on the historic center of Rus and Orthodoxy, or are you with McTraitor, Kanne/Kerry, and the Obamanation.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be, also…


Are you guys trying to convert me or what? lol

Ex-Roman Catholic here, born and raised, Jesuit-educated. Haven’t been to Mass in 12 or more years. During that time I’ve investigated Orthodoxy and Traditional Anglicanism, but my interest in former remains.

In Orthodoxy there’s so much to choose from: Greek, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Syriac, etc. I’m ethnically German and have an affection or sympathy for Russia, so Russian Orthodoxy seems natural. I once visited the Russian Orthodox Church in London and found it was a beautiful place.

Morally I’m very low, but something is drawing me in.


Connection to the tradition which is most close to you. Russian Orthodoxy is for the Eastern European. It will also be difficult to find a parish.

I was also an ex-Roman Catholic, even a pagan, but I have found my way back to the flock and attend mass at the FSSPX. They are firmly on the right and their Latin Mass is just awesome. They are strong in Germany. There is also FSSP, but they are more scattered.

Orthodox Mike

ROCOR is by far the most traditional jurisdiction of the World jurisdictions. I suggest if you are interested, start there. There are many good sites that have traditional teaching as well. Classical,, and Orthodox being my favorites.

John A. Crichton

Your article was very helpful and clarifies a lot for me. I am still somewhat perplexed as to how to proceed in studies at least on a private level in orthodox studies when it seems that modernism is so influencing in some areas of church studies. Maybe you can suggestion some authors. I know of Father Seraphim Rose, and some other older russian authors. Thanks for your time.


John, the best method of studying Orthodoxy is to attend services. Orthodoxy emphasizes experiential worship calling on the whole person, not just the intellect.
Also to be recommended is the Orthodox Nationalist podcasts linked to on the right side of the page. The subject matter is varied but as you browse through you can select those with an Orthodox focus.
Don’t try to find the perfect church, at least not yet. Find the nearest Orthodox Church and attend as many services as you can. I pray that your heart will respond.

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