Nationhood Beyond Borders: Crimea and Russia

The Ukrainian crisis is one that seems almost like a bad remake of various global events. Like a modern filmmaker will take bits and pieces of out a wide range of 1980’s movies and try to mash it all together to varying degrees of success, the Western coup in Ukraine seems like a simple rehash of the elites game plan over the past twenty years.

The current situation is Ukraine is a devilish recipe, one part staged “Orange Revolution”, with a dash of pushing for “democracy”, sprinkled with cries for human rights, and topped off with some good old fashioned hatred of Russia. The political landscape in which Jewish oligarchs are leading neo-nazi nationalists, American Senators are being flown in to speak in support of human rights as opposition leaders are found to have hired snipers to stage false flag events to drum up international support, and democracy is preached from the rafters….. just as long as the opinions of the people go hand in hand with the views of the oligarchs.

“International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power”  ― Hans J. Morgenthau

“International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power”
― Hans J. Morgenthau

The growing second round of the Cold War is one between a Godless country and a Christian nation rooted in Tradition, this time around however Russia is the one standing for Faith, family, and folk while the United States is the evil empire. The unholy trinity of international relations between Washing DC, Brussels, and Tel Aviv has been working to systematically undermine any country that stood against the multicultural one world government that the elites are trying to build.

It is easy to get caught up with the multitude of assessments of the situation in Ukraine. Pundits have argued back and forth for months now about ethnic squabbles, territorial disputes, natural gas deals, and the European Union. At the heart of the matter however is a fight between Tradition and Modernity, with very little middle ground in between the two sides. For a long time I stood on the sidelines of the Ukraine issue waiting to see who was actually behind each respective side, but now it becomes increasingly clear that Western Ukraine has become a globalist colony, just like the majority of the world.

The Baathist government of Saddam Hussein was not toppled because of any high moral principles as the West had told the world. As just one example of the double standards of the elites, Saddam Hussein protected his Christian minority, including having Christians in his political cabinet while America’s “ally” Israel regularly persecutes Christians in Israel, Palestine, and in Lebanon. The weapons of mass destruction promised to the world never materialized, tens of thousands of innocent people were dead, and the egg was on the face of the West but that didn’t stop the elites for a moment from moving forward with their plan.

Serbia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria are all countries in which the global elites and financiers worked to first subvert the government and then use the military stockpiles of the West to ensure a proper “regime change” if things were not going fast enough for their liking. As American pilots rained down ton after ton of bombs on White Orthodox Christians in Serbia or used seemingly endless amounts of radioactive weaponry in Iraq the Western world was cheered on with talks about “freedom”, “democracy”, and “human rights”, a farce if there ever was one. The Ukrainian coup is just the most recent political destabilization by the globalists, but it is far from the first.

Following the money is generally the best way to find out who is actually running something, followed next by who is in political power. Both those in power and those funding these movements make it clear that while good-hearted nationalists may be part of the “revolution”, they are merely pawns in a much larger chess game.

The current “crisis” in Ukraine is focused nearly exclusively on the eastern region of Crimea. While the Western part of Ukraine is almost entirely under lock down by a bizarre union of ultra-nationalists, Jews, Westerners, EU representatives, and economic elites, Crimea has remained resiliently independent from the new puppet government in Kiev. Originally gifted to Ukraine in the 1950’s during the Soviet era, Crimea is overwhelmingly culturally, linguistically, and ethnically Russian. Crimea is Russia and Russia is Crimea, not because of politics but because of blood. The simple fact is that a nation is not made by boundaries on a map at the UN or by decree from a government, it is made up of the people who reside there. The blood, the cultural myths, the customs, the language, and the Faith come together to take individuals beyond themselves and creates a people, unique and proud, the true definition of a nation.

The citizens of Crimea identify with Russia and wish to resist the Brussels and Western-led takeover of Ukraine. While the Western powers are trumpeting democracy and the overthrow of “tyranny”, they are left with a quandary: how to handle a populace which wishes to use democracy to opt out of their globalist agenda. While the buzz words of the day like “freedom to choose” sound good on a press release, they are less inviting to the elites when they bite them in the backside. Crimean’s not only have sympathy with Russia, they invited them in.

What the West is calling an “illegal occupation” (Which given the experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States should know the meaning of the term) is being hailed by the people of Crimea. Imagine that . . . actually being “greeted as liberators!” Cheering crowds shouting “Russia! Russia! Russia!” have welcomed ground forces from the Russian Federation into Crimea. While the globalist controlled government in Kiev has appointed Jewish capitalist oligarchs to rule Crimea and other provinces, the people of Crimea have invited their true countrymen to liberate them.

Alongside Russian soldiers going to ensure the safety of the residents of Crimea, Serbian Orthodox Christians have also volunteered in droves to stand against the foot soldiers of the globalists seeking to infringe on the native Russian population of Ukraine. As the Ukrainian Parliament votes to strip Greek from being an official minority language and is considering bills to attack Russian cultural expressions and protections of the old regime, Crimean’s understand overwhelmingly it is time to go home to the land of their birth, Mother Russia.

To escape the takeover of the globalists and return to their native land, the Crimean legislature voted unanimously to join Russia by setting a referendum that will most likely pass with a very high percentage of public support on the issue of seceding from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation. The Western power brokers have declared that the will of the Crimean people is irrelevant because in the words of President Obama “Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine.”

The Western-backed government gets to decide how the Crimean people should live. Regardless of how they decide, democracy is irrelevant. The situation in Ukraine is proof the powerful globalists have no care for their own supposed ideology, only power. Democracy is a powerful tool for justifying overthrowing certain governments, but when a people try to use it for their own self-determination, democracy becomes illegitimate.

The tables are set for a showdown in Crimea as Eurasian power continues to assert itself while the West grows more bold in an attempt to seize more land and power. The Russian Duma has prepared to pass laws to accept Crimea into the Russian Federation swifter than most Americans can get a driver’s license from their local DMV. President Obama and various EU leaders are deploying ships, troops, and threats to areas near Crimea and Russia to attempt to force Russia to back down from their support of self-determination. What is lost in all of this is the will of the people of Crimea. Regardless of what happens in Kiev and Western Ukraine, the people of Crimea have a fundamental right to determine what nation they swear allegiance to.

At the end of the day, the march of the globalists continues. The Cold War between Tradition and Modernity is starting heating up; a showdown is inevitable. As Western Traditionalists we should support Crimean union with Russia while also supporting true Ukrainian nationalists who desire to throw off the shackles of Brussels and Washington DC. Nationalists from around the world must unite against our common foe, those who wish our cultural, linguistic, religious, and racial identities. Ukraine is only the beginning, politics will only get more serious from here, where the soul of every nation and people will be on the line. Nationalism for all or for none, that is our 21st century reality, which side are you on?


Orthodox Mike

It is all coming down to Traditionalism vs Globalism, bottom line. That is how any movement needs to be judged anymore, regardless of label they give themselves. Choose ye this day what side you are on…


Yours is the best article on the subject yet, well researched, well written. You are a journalist, the people who write our fake news and get paid for it today are whorenalists.

Fr. John+

It has always been so: Christendom vs. Satania, The City of God vs. the City of Man, Rome vs. Rus.

Would to God that the Anglosphere would repudiate this demonic satrap ruling illegally over us, forever.
But as long as they hold to the heresy of Egalitarianism, and laud the Jacobinist spirit, we are bound as slaves to the Deicides and their Stepinfetchits.

But there is always the promise of the Orthodox English King, Arthur, coming once more to save His People.
C.S. Lewis knew of this myth, in his ‘That Hideous Strength.’ May God grant it, soon.

Jack Ryan

Everything I see or feel about Putin’s Russia is good, great.

Strong man ruler, puts homosexual extremists in their place, pursues a “Russia First” Middle East policy that generally opposes Zionist intrigue, backs Whiter, secular/Christian forces in Syria, Turkey, Egypt.

Plus Putin put the worst Yid Oligarch of Yukos Oil in a public cage/jail for daring to start American style Jewish media in Russia. He sends degenerate Lesbo punk rock band protesters Pussy Riot to hard labor penal camps in Siberia.

Russian Olympic teams are all White. Russia Today is the most honest news source for American crime stories.

What’s not to like about Putin’s Russia?

Ukraine - one love

Ukraine revolution IS NOT a colored revolution. This whole entry is beginner tier analysis of the situation, geo-politics is not everything.

Same thing happened in the Yugoslavian wars and the conflict between Serbs and Croats and following your chain of thought we should have supported Serbian run Yugoslavia?

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