Interview with Andreas, A Greek Orthodox Patriot

Some of the most important work of Trad Youth is building bridges between Traditionalists throughout the world and their American counterparts. Working with nationalists and Traditionalists throughout the world is great, but we especially love finding fellow Orthodox nationalists who are fighting for their Faith, family, and folk in their respective homelands. Below is an interview between ourselves and our comrade Andreas, a devoted Orthodox Greek patriot who is fighting against the globalists and Cultural-Marxists inside Greece and around the world. 

TradYouth: What is the current political and socio-economic climate in Greece?

Andreas: Thanks to the Bilderberg Group-governments, there is allegedly little hope…Unless we hold simultaneous national revolts against the New Age New World Order.

Trad Youth: Are there any patriotic or nationalist organizations that you support that are supporting the interests of Greek people?

Andreas: For the time being there is Golden Dawn. There are other patriotic organizations though. Time will tell.

TY: As a fellow Orthodox Christian, how important do you feel the Faith to be in the rebuilding of Western Civilization and how important is our Orthodox Faith in the building and reclaiming of our nations?

Andreas : Orthodoxy is a more passive-type revolt, but, our Mother Orthodox Church always blessed the weapons of a decent and righteous army. Greek or not. Faith is of utmost important to our identity and sustaining the battle ahead.

Golden Dawn senior leadership being blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest

Golden Dawn senior leadership being blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest

TY: We do have the power of such martial saints that went before us, such as St Demetrios, St John of Gothia, St Emperor Constantine Equal to the Apostles, etc.. Also the great Archangel Michael goes to battle for Believers..

Andreas: Sound!

TY: Is Golden Dawn’s popularity still up?

Andreas: Allegedly, and hopefully it is.

TY: Well let us hope so.. All of our nations in Europe are facing the same issues, as we are here in the USA as well.

Andreas: Join the Southern Way of respect & honour towards everything. Salute to the South!

TY: Amen. The South is about the only region left with a true form of uniquely “American” Ethnic Identity. We need an Ethnic Identity for North Americans in general that do not agree with the typical Republican/Democrat nonsense. We would like to revive the Western tradition of Europe before the Great Schism of 1054, when all of Europe was Orthodox.

TY: How do you feel about the events going on with Russia and the Ukraine?

Andreas: Russians, Ukrainians & Belarusians are like Greeks & Cypriots. Sooner or later they will all find a way to live prosperously. The Yanks are spending trillions of dollars in order to maintain an emergency situation with their ruffians. They will be bloody amazed. Τien-An-Men bloody Square, China, will take place sooner or later…

TY: Any last words for our readers?

Andreas: Our secrets are well safe-guarded by the springs of our caves & the winds of our deserts… 888 Tomorrow belongs to us! VIVA LA MUERTE! NIKAOAETOC!

TY: One last thing, comrade.. Any Bishops and clergy supporting the Greek Cause?

Andreas: There are quite a few. The rest are either merely civil servants or Masons.

TY: On behalf of TradYouth, I would like to thank you for your time, Andreas! God bless.

Andreas: It’s been a pleasure. Rise Above – We’re gonna Rise Above! God bless.



Sweet Matt, you’re irish I think, yes? Since TradYouth doesn’t allow us to post links I’ll just pass on the info that brave John Kavanagh, leader of the Irish Nationalist burgeoning party and founder of their website (which has been taken down, his home also has been raided), was arrested early this week for ‘inciting racial hatred.’ There’s a thread on Stormfront about it.

Why has TradYouth not reached out to some of these people or featured activists from Britain or Ireland?

I am not Greek or eastern european in spite of my alias. I remind people that I am celtic and germanic all the time as my people are being genocided.

What’s going on with this seeming ignoring of your tribes here at TradYouth? Are our brothers in northwestern europe not good enough for you? Has Russian Orthodox Christianity fried your brains?

I left catholicism as a young girl, but never my people’s values or our tribe. It is incredible that as John Kavanagh sits in jail you guys are obsessing over Greeks. I support Golden Dawn heartily but they are NOT my tribe, nor are they YOURS. That means Matt H, Tom, and I have no idea what anyone else is. Matt P don’t look greek to me…


And this in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

What the F? This is significantly worse than Matt P’s stating to black crazies that white women have it better than black women.

Matt P shames the good people of Indiana, where my irish grandparents came from in the US, with this steering of an honorable young irish leader into russian orthodoxy.

Orthodox Mike

Umm.. Matt H is also part Italian.. Is that okay with you, ma’am?


Since when is Matt H part Italian?

I don’t care anyway, but would like to see proof of this claim. Two uncles on each side of my half irish family married italian women, hence 10 of my first cousins are either half or a quarter italian.

So what. Even some of them will admit they’re not being targeted the way the northwestern europeans are.

Orthodox Mike

Um.. Since he was born, I imagine.. LOL A blessed Lent to you.

Fr. John+

Matt- if I may be so bold as to answer Niemca, for a response?

While racial awareness is a great step forward in any White person’s understanding of who they are, and our unique contribution to the world as Whites, (and they are many!) we cannot merely be racialists. This has been tried and failed, time and time again. Ever since the rise of Bolshevism, and the regicize of the last Orthodox monarch (Czar/Saint Nicholas II) the Deicides have controlled much; and they continue (for a time, times, half a time…) to do so, for one very important reason: THEY HAVE AN IDEOLOGICAL and RACIAL Weltanschauung, which we do not. Whites in the West have either denied the ideological (read: religious) and/or they have denied the racial (read: Whites are right!) When and where they have acknowledged both, for a century or two, the cultural engine keeps running….but sooner or later, we ‘run out of gas.’ And there is a reason for that.

The West has clealry denied their religious component- the Popes have acknowledged it for at least two hundred years, and the Anglosphere had a chronicler in the person of Burke, with his ‘French Revolution’ writings. But the rot goes back further than that. We could look to the Reformation, but in all actuality, the ‘break’ happened over 1000 years ago- it’s known to us as the ‘Great Schism’ of 1054. Sooner or later, almost every Christian in the West has to come to grips with the fact that something radically went wrong with Western Europe at about the time of the start of the second millennium. When they do, the come to the realization that (as calvino-baptist Gary North has written) ‘You can’t fight something with nothing.’

That ‘nothing’ that the West has used (and used badly) is the ‘filioque.’ And the Deicides have, over time, relentlessly used that ‘Achilles heel’ of our own faulty Ecclesiology, to destroy the Christendom that Christ came to save, and give to us (as stewards- cf. Gen. 1) to build.

We therefore are concerned with the Orthodox East, because therein lies the only hope for Celt and Crimean, Anglo and Argentinian. R.C. author Hilaire Belloc once wrote, ‘Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.’ What he meant by that is the ENTIRETY of Europe (or Whites, if you want to be more exact) is the crucible in which the restoration of the world lies, for in Europe (and her peoples, alone) lies the ‘Body of Christ’- that theanthropic organism, that is the Church.

Neither Protestantism, nor Papism is that Body, nor are all the failed schemes of the Deicides, the Bolsheviks, or the merely EU bureaucrats… only in the narodnost of Orthdooxy, the ‘symphony’ of rule by King and Patriarch. And we must (and shall) rebuild Christendom, Deo Volente.

Orthodox Mike

Well stated Fr John! We need to think geopolitically. An Orthodox coalition of tribes standing against Modernism.

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