Country is a Code-word for White Christian

"A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests."  -Corneliu Codreanu

“A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests.”
-Corneliu Codreanu

Because you can’t starve us out and you can’t makes us run. Cause we’re them ol’ boys raised on shotguns. And we say grace and we say Ma’am. And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn.”                                                                                                                                -Hank Williams Jr. Country Boys Can Survive

Everyone knows the mantra used by Bugsters around the world that “Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white” but I propose that there is another mantra that is even more pervasive in the American subconscious, “country is a code-word for White Christian.”

Deprived by the Cultural Marxist establishment of our own racial and cultural identity as European Christians, White Christians in America have resorted to implicit identities and symbols to rally around. While our new identity is not based in a nation-state, it is based upon a series of shared cultural, social, linguistic, and racial identifiers that are unique to White Christians in America.

In America, every schoolchild is told that race and religion do not constitute any formative portion of their identity. The narrative of American exceptionalism says that America was somehow able to transcend the basis for a nation of a shared Faith, culture, and folk and organize around the ramblings of a collection of Freemasons to somehow make the greatest government ever to arrive on God’s creation. The reality is that America was a de facto White Christian country for the first two hundred and some odd years of its inception.

The conquering of the South and the attempt to reconstruct and destroy Traditional Southern society was the first nail in the coffin of the overall American identity. One hundred years after Appomattox courthouse, the Civil Rights movement alongside the opening of America’s borders to the entire world set the nation on a collision course. With millions of non-Europeans streaming across the border every year alongside a growing tide of secularism the American identity that had been established  on a foundation of sand to encourage the people to go and die in a series of brother’s wars across the world began to disintegrate. Instead of an organic community based upon Anglo-Saxon Tradition, English, and Christianity the new American identity was based around economics and not much else.

In today’s America it is considered a gang symbol and an indicator of White supremacy to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo in increasingly Hispanic school districts. A principal in Texas now is set to lose her job because she “instructed her students not to speak Spanish, in a rapidly-evolving district where more than half of the students, like many Texas schools, are now Hispanic.” As pointed out by numerous sociologists, the American identity is now an economic arrangement and a shared currency, the heroic narrative of a Christian pioneer people who conquered a continent has now been replaced by a soulless vacuum of materialism and modernity, …except for out in the country.

Based around agrarianism, hunting, self-defense, family, Faith, and folk the country identity connects with millions of people, much to the despair of the elites. As the recent ruckus over Duck Dynasty proved, the people united can never be defeated when they actually rise up in defense of something they believe in. While the media moguls denounced and derided the Robertson clan for their views on the Bible, sin, and homosexuality, the people of the country rallied to their support. Economic boycotts and threats of boycotts almost instantly shut down powerful media companies’ attempts to stop the Robertson family from preaching a Biblical message to the country folk of America.

The Duck Dynasty brand of camouflage, family values, guns, hunting, and Traditional values took a family of duck call makers and made them super stars to millions of unrepresented Americans. Years without leadership and organization has left country folk fundamentally left out of the political and social process, but their numbers and power cannot be underestimated. Even the slightest attempt to organize them can still send a shock wave through the political elites.

The country identity is one that appeals to an inherently White, Christian, and Traditional group of people. Shared notions on family values is a key component of the country identity. While the modern American culture pushes individualism and breaks down the social bonds of family, marriage, and community, the country identity reinforces them. The roots of family clans and community unite country folk in a shared struggle against the tide of modernity that is attempting to change their way of life. A growth in a new subculture of Christian films aimed specifically at this demographic in order to allow country folks to unplug from mainstream media is proof that not only is this identity growing, they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The media onslaught of pushing homosexuality as normal may have changed the minds of hipsters in the big cities, but the Biblical view of marriage and healthy sexuality remains strong in the hearts and souls of country folk. Communities of country folk rally against any push by the cities and Establishment to co-opt their towns to push an agenda they disagree with. One such example is in Kalispell, Montana which had to have homosexual deviants bused in to the city to do a gay pride march as the citizenry and churches mobilized against the unwelcome outsiders. While the media reported a smashing success and a yearly return of the gay pride parade, one year of fierce resistance was enough for the homosexuals to look for friendlier areas.

The need Federal judges to overturn State bans on homosexual marriage just as they did with segregation in the 1960’s, and this proves that the people are wholeheartedly against the agenda of the elites. Even after billions of dollars in media attacks, crafted ad campaigns, and the forces of political correctness breathing down their necks, the devotion of people in the country to their God and their family first has protected them from being deceived by the attacks of modernity.

The country identity has been one that has been growing for a long time in the undercurrent of White Christian America. Symbols such as the Confederate battle flag that originally were simply a Southern symbol have taken on a new life in a context beyond the reaches of Dixie. From Mississippi to Michigan and Tennessee to Oregon and everywhere in between it is now increasingly common even in the age of political correctness to find Confederate battle flags in bars, restaurants, and flying on homes of people who identity with the country way of living. The Confederate battle flag has become a symbol of rebellion against a Godless and egalitarian regime, no longer just a symbol of the South. “Rebel flag” tattoos, stickers, and flags have become a rallying cry for White Christian people around America who wish to perhaps not politically, but at least culturally secede from Obama’s America and rebel against the current American culture.

The devotion of country people to God is also a key cornerstone of their identity. From Catholic Churches in Louisiana to Baptist Churches in Pennsylvania, or a Kinist Church in Tennessee to an Orthodox Church in Oregon– it is clear that country folk take their God and the Bible very seriously. The amount of food drives and community support networks established in rural and impoverished areas easily dwarf the supposedly “progressive” areas like Portland or Seattle. When it comes to country people, charity and kindness is a way of life, not a pet project. The Biblical calling to give to others who are in need is demonstrated in the fact that “households earning less than $25,000 a year gave away an average of 4.2 percent of their incomes; those with earnings of more than $75,000 gave away 2.7 percent.” While having far less than the rich city populations, country folks understand the Christian duty of stewardship to not only ones immediate family, but also to the community at large.

The traditions of organic society run deep in the veins of country folk. 4-H and Future Farmers of America train children to follow in their parents footsteps in regards to animal husbandry. While American children are learning about how to get the high score on the most recent video game or chasing expensive consumer products, country children learn real skills. While a machining degree or training as a mechanic may not be the same as Harvard or Yale, country men know how to put food on the table through actually creating something. A life centered around hunting season and the harvest is in communion with the timetable of the Earth and God’s creation. With roots both figurative and literal, country folk have an identity separated away from politics or money, based on an authentic organic society.

Music has always been an important part of human societies for a culture to express itself. While in modern America the most famous artists either adorn themselves and their music videos with Masonic and Illuminati symbolism or else push a hedonist worldview, country folk listen to an entirely different brand of music. The growth in the folk music industry is proof that country folk are rejecting Modernity and pushing for a return to a traditional way of life.

As the secular country music scene follows in the path of Modernity, Southern gospel, folk, and an increasing number of local country stars are filling the heart and soul of country folk. The processed and politically correct garbage coming out of Hollywood and Nashville, garbage that pushes the same multicultural and degenerate ideas as mainstream music, is being rejected by country folk. It’s being replaced with Traditional Christian themed and folkish sounding home-grown tunes.

Given a difference in living, a difference in worldview, and a unique identity from the generic American identity it is clear that the country worldview is one that is nearly formed into becoming exactly what the White Christian people of America need, a new national identity. The secession of White Christian families with Traditional values is the only way to save our ancestral inheritance for the next generation. Starting in small towns and communities dotting the continent and moving into larger communes with shared principles it can become possible to forge a new identity and a new nation out of the ashes of the failed American state. Traditional Southern agrarians in Dixie, libertarian minded families in Vermont, to Northwest frontiersmen all have the potential to take their assumed identity and to turn it into a true national identity free from America. No matter what the system throws at us we can overcome it due to our ingenuity, our tight knit clans, and our steadfast dedication to our God and our values. The time to take the country identity and truly make it something, a country of our own.


Paul Lovett

Do not rule out the predominantly White cities such a Pittsburgh that afford opportunities for prosperity without the urban blight and decadence that comes from economic progress. The cities and suburbs are not to be dismissed as places where White Christian identity can be nurtured. Prosperity and freedom do not necessarily lead to corruption while Christian virtue keeps conduct in society in check.

Fr. John+

Matt- Overall, a good column, but with some perceptions that still have a filioquist/Western heresy tinge around the edges.

FIrst off, however you are absolutely correct. Linguistic hegemony = Racial supremacism.

If we do not make English the ONLY official language of this country, we lose. Your comment: “In today’s America it is considered a gang symbol and an indicator of White supremacy to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo in increasingly Hispanic school districts. A principal in Texas now is set to lose her job because she ‘instructed her students not to speak Spanish, in a rapidly-evolving district where more than half of the students, like many Texas schools, are now Hispanic’….”
reminded me of writing the U.S. English folk, back in the 1980’s, that ‘speaking Spanish in the USA should be made a criminal offense.’ They ignored me then, (i asked to be taken off their board, and then they got a Spic figurehead, so I KNEW I was right!) as AmRen trashed exactly similar comments, a few years back.

Anglos are so AFRAID of ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ [FEAR] that we are unwilling to act like the White Berserkers many of our ancestors were! That must stop. The recent You Tube video of that Arizona Trucker beating the cr*p out of that foul-mouthed NYNig, made my day. One does not allow an ox, OR ANY BEAST, to gore a fellow Israelite, you see…..

But with ‘country’ music, I’m sorry to say you are wrong. Country music uses the satanic, and NIGGER ‘back beat’ just as much, and as often, as the most depraved Rock. It’s no more MY RACE’S MUSIC, than Janet Jackson is a ‘beauty,’ to any self-respecting white boy.

The same thing with tattoos. Long a mark (!) of utter paganity, no white, nor Christian, should mark their bodies, and expect the Almighty to countenance their sin. Sorry to be strict (acribea) but it must be said. As Gary North and the Reconstructionists pointed out, a generation ago, ‘There is no neutrality’ when it comes to the things of God.”

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Malcolm Hammond P. King Jr.

I see white supremacy is still alive in the hearts of evil men such as yourselves. The white man has been a plague everywhere he has stepped foot. The blight of humanity. The races of the western hemisphere were eradicated by white devils. The black man enslaved and hated. The Hispanic is hated. And now the Arab is the white man’s next target.

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