By Any Other Name, it’s Still Man Ownership

Limestone-IUThe Indiana University Student Association hosted a conference at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center last week, and the hottest topic was about about IU’s 4%. Most students are worried about the cost of tuition, but the IUSA is more concerned about a kind of valuable commodity. No, I don’t mean coal, oil, or natural gas. I’m referring to IUSA’s most coveted commodity of all, eligible black students.

Dani Costanzo reported that the IUSA and the NMBCC are most concerned about the number of black students on campus, which has remained at 4% of the student population since the 1970s. For a bunch who obsesses about equal representation of black students on campus, they were oddly silent about how black students are significantly over-represented in IU’s football and basketball programs. ┬áIf IUSA and the NMBCC could be troubled to notice an over-representation of black students in sports, then they might be more worried about something other than just representation of black students in general.

Costanzo also cited an anonymous source who complained about being one of 12 black students in a law class of 250. This is a petty complaint after we consider that black students comprise 4.8% of that class, as compared to the approximately 4% of all IU students who identify as black. Costanzo’s unnamed source should be happy about that number since it proportionately reflects the number of black students in the whole student population. She should be doubly satisfied with this number considering how challenging it is to study law at IU.

IUSA and the NMBCC are still treating black students as only three fifths of a person, and they are regarding members of the black community as a valuable commodity. Treating people as a commodity is the worst form of capitalism, and it strips people of their identity and cultural unity. This is the kind of capitalism that the Traditionalist Youth Network opposes. Even Karl Marx opposed this kind of treatment, which is why IUSA and NMBCC should agree with the Traditionalist Youth Network. People should not be treated as property.

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