An Obama Loss in Crimea is a Victory for Putin and America

Americans have the entirely wrong perspective on the Crimean crisis.

Russia is the perfect enemy that conjures up images of the USSR, gulags, stonewalls and scary Slavic people with big helmets waiting to paint America red. That being said, the dynamic that Americans are looking at this America-Russian conflict through, is a false one. Rather than looking at this conflict as an America-Russia clash, it should be more properly viewed as an Obama-Putin clash.

Russia could properly be described as generally unified around the vision, policies and administration of Vladimir Putin. He enjoys high popularity and is a unifying figure for a reviving Russian nationalism.

In contrast, the United States is being ruled by a socialist autocrat and ideological usurper. The Obama Administration is utterly divisive and hostile to the traditional American nation and consequently, there is no unity and no motivation on the part of traditional America to support anything Obama does. That being said, Obama may have struck the perfect cord with Middle America to actually rally Right-Wingers to his cause, without them knowing it.

When one listens to conservative commentators, it is nothing more than a criticism of the Obama Administration’s perceived inability to not be aggressive enough. They still support massive intervention, and some such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), are pushing for war with Russia. Nonetheless, both Conservative Inc and the Obama Administration agree on the desired outcome, which is the expansion of the EU and NATO and the further erosion of a traditionalist, anti-internationalist power structure.

The question that then presents itself is, where the heck are the libertarians? This is the perfect opportunity for a libertarian opportunist such as Paul or Cruz to be on the floor of the Senate demanding that the US not intervene into an area with no geostrategic interest and that is clearly in the sphere of the EU and Russia. A statement made by one of these Tea Party leader demanding neutrality by the United States and seeking peace in a war-weary nation would be the perfect chance at improving in the polls and redeeming themselves from the bad reputation they have received from supposedly shutting down the government.

Senator Paul, instead of promoting non-interventionism as his father is doing in regards to this issue, is now openly calling for the United States to point missiles at Russia in Poland. Even Forbes magazine is already calling Rand Paul a flip flopper for having argued a soft non-interventionist line, and is now a slightly softer version of John McCain.

Yet they are nowhere to be found or are actively clamoring for war now. The only conclusion then is we should not expect any type of classical Ron Paul rhetoric from these men, as they cannot violate the national imperative, that the American Empire expand at all costs. If one of these Tea Party leaders were to challenge the establishment now, they would be fighting a tide of establishment and populist fanaticism for a classical projection of American power against our longest standing enemy.

Interesting how nationalism still can serve its purpose when needed to con the patriots of the mid-West and south.

If Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the leaders of American political libertarianism, are going to line up and promote an unjust and unconstitutional war against a nation who really has committed no crime that is comparable to what the US has done to Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Bosnia, Iran and Egypt, then who is there to trust in the American political establishment?

From time to time there comes along issues that honestly divide the politicians from the statesmen and the crooks from the businessmen. This issue is one of those moments, where the only just side to take is to not advocate for war. Many libertarians are furious at Russia because it is denying Ukraine access to a new “free market” that could benefit Ukraine’s economy.

Yet, since when did the EU help Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain or even the United Kingdom or Germany? Since when did Chevron getting new oil contracts as a result of NATO fomented coup d’état be called the work of the “invisible hand?” Is becoming locked in an archaic customs union, where almost all national decision-making is given over to Brussels contusive to freedom, liberty and prosperity? Libertarians at the height of power that Cruz and Paul are at know this, yet, they persist in pushing us to war with McCain, Graham, Limbaugh, Obama, Kerry and Clinton.

Therefore, if we are to be consistent patriots and nationalists, it is the imperative of every patriot of any right-wing persuasion to look at this situation in a completely different way.

We must convince our political kin, that firstly, modern Russia poses no geostrategic threat to the United States, which is true. Russia though looking impressively powerful, is still a relatively weak nation, with greater pressure coming from the Islamic and Chinese world, which would force it to divert necessary attention there.

Secondly, it must be clearly communicated to the American people, that Obama is an illegitimate occupier, leading us down the road to war and poverty and that any time Putin makes a fool out of Obama or thwarts the Obama agenda, that is a victory for us as conservatives, Republicans, nationalists, right-wingers etc.

A good example to cite is the crisis in Syria. Are we not happy that Putin outplayed Obama and therefore we are not at war in Syria? Are we really upset that Putin made Obama look more like a fool than he already is? And if one does meet that stubborn patriot who will go down with the Obama ship, despite never having voted for him, just remind them that Obama’s interests and objectives are all designed to destroy America, so how can it get any worse if Putin stops Obama?

We must begin to transcend our traditional national borders and identities. Traditional Americans have much more in common with Vladimir Putin than they do Barack Obama. It is on these issues that we must strike people and shatter their contemporary misunderstandings that we have to support our leaders in a time of crisis no matter what. We must present to the people a new mantra of saying that we the people have an international ally in the fight against Obama and his agenda. That leader is Vladimir Putin.

Regardless if Putin is a criminal, authoritarian or “bad guy” nonetheless Obama could the average American far more harm than Putin could ever do. Nationalists can use this crisis as an opportunity to further drive home the message that the system that runs the USA is the enemy of the traditional American nation and Putin is fundamentally nothing more than a victim in the march of this great cabal called “the system.”

It is not a hard sell to get American conservatives on board with at least not hating Vladimir Putin. After eight years of doofus Bill Clinton, followed by eight more years of the jackass George Bush and now this effeminate leftist community organizer, authentic, traditional Americans are craving a masculine like leader such as George Patton or Ronald Reagan. Putin can serve as an interim filler for Christians and nationalists to sit back and say, “hey, I like that guy. He represents more of my values that Obama does.”

Whereas Russia is united, America is divided and a house divided cannot stand. Therefore let us exploit this weakness inside the American system to redeem America and allow Russia to beat Obama again. Only by having Russia triumph over the expansion of the European Union and present an alternative global vision than what the New World Order offers us, can the true American nation be redeemed from the secularist occupation.


Truth seeker

Russia is no saint and you and the tradyouth crew should be more on guard not to become a 2nd generation useful idiot for Russia, the way this blog is going that might happen easily…

After the crisis in Ukraine started, Ive seen nothing more than Pro-Putin propaganda on this site which sadness me as a reader deeply. Plus, absolutely cynical treatment of our white brethren – the Ukranian people and putting them in the category of “colour revolution” while there are deeper ethnic differences between Ukranians and Russians that havent been addressed at all made me want to puke.

Following the logic of cheer-leadership attitude for taking Crimea out of Ukraine, should we be happy for taking Kosovo out of Serbia?. When thinking of Russia as a “saviour of the West” ask people on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary….how they were treated during and after the WW2 under the Russians (I say the Russians without connotations because Jews have already lost the grip of the USSR back then, so it is solely the Russians responsibility). Were the latter Russias white brothers or were they non-Russian untermensch?

There are traditional elements in Russian society but so are there in Islamic societies, does that mean they are one of us? Putin, from a geopolitical perspective might be useful to us but he is is far from being a nationalist, he is an imperialist, a Russian-neoconservative if you will, no better, no worse than US neocons.

Orthodox Mike

This isn’t cheerleading, but looking at the Big Picture. I am under no illusion that Putin is really more of a neo-con than anything else, but when put to the fire, he is showing true paleoconservative tendencies, and with a very traditional Church having influence, it really is making Russia an inspiration. Of course, some people aren’t happy with that, and want to see swastikas and celtic crosses waving everywhere, as if that proves “rightness”. Like with Syria, the Truth isn’t always in a nice and neat little Turner Diaries scenario.


But, it is not a Putins victory. Let me remind Americans that Ukraine was never part of USA. After WW2 it was Russian interest zone, supervised for decades by Russian. Americans do not bear any right to that territory. So, Putin is only struggling for old territory, and Americans had no right to interfere there. American bear the same right to involve in this future war as Putin and Russians bear right to support California to separate from USA. That means Americans bear no rights in Ukraine. Russians and Ukrainians have all legitimate rights to say: NATO go home. And NATO should go home and it could only ask UN and world to make righteous arbitrage in Ukraine, the arbitrage which would be fair and just to both sides; Russians and Ukrainians. Besides, who called Obama and NATO to get involved here? No one. They themselves should be aware that this is not there fight, this is not there territory.

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