Ukraine: A Game of World Domination

Risk: The Game of World Domination

Risk: The Game of World DominationI’ve been conspicuously silent on the geopolitical can of worms that’s been spilling over for months in Kiev. I encourage you to be, too. American White Nationalists are wise to keep abreast of what’s going on, to continue reporting on it, and to continue learning from it. But the Ukrainian situation is among the first in what will surely be a growing number of ideologically ambiguous conflagrations.

Syria is different. Ethnic nationalist sovereignty and the defense of embattled Christian minorities are pitted against a comically villainous alliance of greedy Western oligarch-wannabes and fanatical Al Qaeda fundamentalists. The global identitarian principles all post-supremacist White Advocates should stand behind were aligned with Assad’s regime. Those principles were and must remain our lodestar and litmus test.

Both sides of the conflict are ratcheting out their sketchy viral videos, their attractive women pitching their angles to target audiences, and their polemical screeds in defense of their geopolitical interests. So far, Dugin’s spin re-posted at Counter-Currents recently is the most compelling…

So it is only about on which side such a group stands. If the group is against Putin, against Yanukovych, against Russia, the ideology of that group is not a problem. If that group supports Putin, Russia or Yanukovych, the ideology immediately becomes a huge problem. It is all about the geopolitical side the group takes. It is nothing but geopolitics. It is a very good lesson what is going on in Ukraine. The lesson tells us: Geopolitics is dominating those conflicts and nothing else.

It’s a natural bias to perceive human events from our own perspectives. I’m an ideologue, and my first questions about the Ukrainian affair were about which factions stood for which ideas. That’s well and good, but if we actually believe the ideas are the principle drivers of these conflicts, we’ll be operating with a flawed model. Military and financial interests dominate and largely decide these affairs, and our place as idealists is to adjust our sails according to the prevailing geopolitical winds to arrive at our destination.

Later on in that interview, Dugin explains the futility of attempting to promote a “third position” against opposing geopolitical factions.

The idea to take a third and independent position between the two dominating blocks is very common. I had some interesting interviews and talks with a leading figure of the Chechen separatist guerrilla. He confessed to me that he really believed in the possibility of an independent and free Islamic Chechnya. But later he understood that there is no “third position,” no possibility of that. He understood that he fights against Russia on the side of the West. He was a geopolitical instrument of the West, a NATO proxy on the Caucasian battlefield. The same ugly truth hits the Ukrainian “nationalist” and the Arab salafi fighter: They are Western proxies.

As the Ukrainian situation develops, one faction or another may unambiguously align with the global identitarian vision. At that point, and no sooner, I’ll have a side. As with the classic board game Risk, this “game of world domination” is one where sometimes it’s best to skip your turn and sit back while the other players stake out their positions.



The profoundly contemptible filth that run the US and its vassal states seem determined to do everything humanly possible to create Putin sympathizers. Lately, the propaganda has gotten so bad I’ve had to force myself to remember that the head of Russian intel is a Jew, that Putin has Jews all around him, that he signed a law making it illegal to criticize Islam and that he jails Russian white nationalists. The only people in the world who can reliably make American white nationalists forget those things are right here and on TVs, tablets and other screens every day. They couldn’t even let the Russian people enjoy a brief moment of national pride over the Olympics. It was disgusting how they ridiculed Putin and the Russian authorities over a few trivial problems with the accommodations.

Furthermore, while it’s of course impossible to prove, who can doubt that American and Western intelligence are all over Ukraine right now causing problems behind the scenes? The violence serves American interests in this dispute. Victoria Nuland of the US State Department was caught openly discussing which elements of the anti-government side ought to be installed on the basis of being more reliable for Washington DC and by implication Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, I’ve got white acquaintances who adamantly believe you can’t pick your sexual orientation but can pick your gender. They are outraged that some confused men, I mean “transfer people,” who impersonate females can’t use the ladies room. They are outraged that it’s against the law in Russia to promote the gay agenda to children. But they don’t care about chronic high unemployment or that median income in the United States has been stagnant for years.

Dugin IMO was his usual shifty self in those remarks. He won’t speak up for dividing Ukraine on the Czech – Slovak model on even a theoretical level. Autonomy and identity for everyone unless it works against Russian or, more accurately, Russian elite interests.

Matt Parrott

At this point, ethnic self-determination looks more like a talking point than a guiding principle for them.

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