Chechnya: Why Biology Alone Isn’t Good Enough

Tsarnaev: Blood Is Not Enough

Tsarnaev: Blood Is Not EnoughChechnya is a bit of a quandary for White Nationalists who believe that biology is enough to form the basis of a nation, and all White people around the world can come together in unity. Chechen people are pretty much racially White by all but the more narrow definitions, but there is a problem. While the Chechen people have retained the integrity of their blood, their language, and their culture, they are not part of the European experience because they are almost to a man, radical Islamists. Our racial kindred in Chechnya are not a part of our folk, regardless of their blood.

The question one must ask is what is the basis of a society. The Identetarian worldview that has been pioneered by our comrades in Europe understand that there is a multifaceted understanding of what truly defines a people. While a White anti-White may be of our blood, is he part of our folk? Would a White child adopted and raised in the Third World without any of our culture, language, customs, or identity be part of the European folk? Being born to a particular race is a component in being a part of a folk, but without the depth of culture one is left adrift in this world. As Romanian Orthodox leader Corneliu Codreanu once said “A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests.”

There are many pieces to making a people from the shared myths, to Faith, to self-identification with the overall folk. A people is not constrained by simple geography or national boundaries. Americans who are descended from Europe are European even though we no longer live on the continent. In America our people come from a host of European nations, have a society based on English common law, and and almost undeniably culturally European. If blood is simply a part of making a people then one must understand that groups like the Chechen’s or White anti-Whites are not European, they are only White, which simply is not enough to make them a part of our folk.

Islam is entirely incompatible with Western civilization and our way of life. From the beginning Islam has been a faith that was spread through the point of a sword, killing or conquering all that it came across. Islam is not a faith that can coexist with others, it is one of total domination and submission for believers and nonbelievers alike. Western Christian values in regards to respecting women, allowing for freedom of conscience, kind treatment of animals, folk identity,  varied forms of music, and unique cultural expressions are not allowed under Islamic Sharia law.

Across the length of Europe are blood-soaked battlefields where European Christian men, women, and boys gave life and limb to protect Europa and the Church. Charles Martel and his valiant band of Franks fended off a massive Muslim invasion at the battle of Tours, thus saving France and Western Europe from Muslim occupation. For centuries the people of Byzantium defeated continued attacks against Constantinople and Eastern Europe from waves of Islamic jihadists seeking to conquer Europe and her people.

If the West had fallen to Islam our entire civilization would have been stopped in its infant stages, a backwater waiting to be conquered by the other peoples of the world. The fall of Europe however did not happen, under the banner of Christ and His Church the people of Europe sallied forth to defeat the Islamic invaders and drive them back into the desert from whence they came. Although the cost was staggeringly high almost all of the European world with the guidance of Christendom were able to stop the Islamic incursions for centuries, but not the Chechens.

Chechnya became a majority Islamic nation over a period of several centuries, primarily between the 16th and 19th centuries. Instead of a passive belief in Islam the Chechen’s wholeheartedly took up the Islamic faith in zealous form. Battles between Chechen’s and Russians led to Islam becoming not only part of the faith of the people, but a cultural anchor to rally around for ethnic solidarity. The crescent became the center of Chechen life, while the Cross became the cornerstone of the remainder of Europe.

The Chechen identity from the conversion to Islam to the fall of the Soviet Union was one in growth and development. A true adherence to Islam and an almost total rejection of Western and Christian values became a marker of the Chechen people. While of the same blood as the rest of Europe, the culture and people of Chechnya took an entirely different path than their blood kin. The Chechen people not only accepted Islam as their creed, they adopted it as their holy war against all nonbelievers. While moderate Islamic leaders like President Bashar Al-Assad, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak all protected their Christian minorities and worked to stop Islamic fundamentalists from taking over their respective countries, Chechnya on the other hand has adopted full Islamic fundamentalism hook line and sinker.

Just as the majority of Europe took up the cross of the crusader and was willing to give everything for the Holy Church, Chechen’s have done the same for their call to jihad. Current Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov is a stark contract from the Christian European monarchs of the past few centuries, displaying the fundamental differences between Christendom and Islam.

While Christian monarchs and leaders understand the importance of justice, mercy, and Truth, Islamic leaders like Ramzan Kadyrov understand none of these things. Kadyrov is a moderate Chechen by all accounts and he alone has been accused of numerous war crimes against civilians including kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder, having physical relations with underage girls, and terrorizing the Christian minority under his control. Kadyrov also has publicly supported honor killings because “wives are their husbands possession” thereby allowing husbands to kill their wives for supposed violations of Islamic law, leaving no legal recourse for the victims family. Kadyrov the supposed moderate supported honor killings by saying “If a woman runs around and if a man runs around with her, both of them should be killed,” with the the President also stating his goal of making Chechnya “more Islamic than the Islamists.” President Kadyrov is not even close to the most extreme Chechen leader in the region, an almost full enforcement of Sharia law is moderate by Chechen standards.

Sharia law has poisoned almost every aspect of Chechen society from the top down, where Sharia law is king and anything short of Islamic jihad is persecuted both privately and by the government. Paramilitary forces of more radical jihadists and of Kadyrov terrorize and persecute those who have not fully drunk the Kool-Aid of Islamic fundamentalism, leaving little choice for the people than to embrace this satanic ideology. When Islamic leaders truly follow a fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran, only misery can follow.

Chechnya in the modern era is a war torn and terrifying place. A decades long battle with Russia and struggle within Chechnya for an agreed upon identity has left Islamic jihadists in control not only of the people, but the government. In the 1990’s the Chechen government declared Chechnya to be an independent and Islamic State. Not content with almost total self determination, Chechen’s wish to fully impose Islamic Sharia law upon the people of Chechnya, including the few remaining Orthodox Christian families in the region. Moderate Muslims and Christians alike would have to toe a Sharia line or risk harassment, torture, kidnapping, or even death. Girls first were encouraged, and then forced to wear Islamic hijabs in their everyday lives or face repercussions for them and their families. Creeping Sharia has been coming in Chechnya over the past two decades, but the process is almost complete.

Recently it was reported how the increasing radicalization of Chechen families to turn Chechnya into a full Islamic area was shown through the efforts of the rulers of Chechnya who announced to parents “$1,000 if they named their newborns after the prophet Mohammed or his close relatives.” This is just one of many programs financed by the government to make fundamentalist Islam the only faith of the region. All singers, performers, television shows, and radio programs must comply with the Culture Ministry to make sure that all content is within the boundaries of Sharia law. Possession of Christian or Western materials can open oneself and their family to interrogation, punishment, or worse. 

Polygamy and child marriage over the past two decades has also been on a dramatic rise in Chechnya. Bride kidnapping occurs with such regularity it is often not even reported in which a woman is kidnapped off the street and forced to marry a man without her consent. Though the practice of bride kidnapping was technically made illegal, it is almost never prosecuted by the government. With a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam allowing plural marriage and the marriage of grown men with underage girls both high ranking government officials and regular citizens have been engaging in the practice. With a growing number of imams and government officials, President Kadyrov’s own inner circle included, supporting child marriage both in the media and mosques a strong cultural shift even farther into radical Islam is underway. Girls as young as nine are open to literally being sold by their fathers to older men in fulfillment of long practiced Islamic principles. What the Christian West would call pedophilia is called marriage in the Islamic state of Chechnya.

The Islamic character of Chechnya is not limited to persecuting the Christian minority and oppressing the women of Chechnya, it is becoming part of the global jihad and push to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the entire globe. While to most the actions of President Kadyrov and his cabinet would be extreme, to many in Chechnya he is a compromising moderate. The growth of jihadists in Chechnya is fast outpacing many other supposed “terrorist hot spots” from around the globe. Perhaps most terrifying to Westerners beyond the fact that these jihadists are willing to kill and be killed for Allah is that unlike the Arab jihadists, Chechen’s have the ability to blend right in with the rest of the European population around the world.

Chechen terrorism at the Boston Marathon bombing hit the United States hard, but the Russian people have been battling Islamic extremism from Chechen’s for decades. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union Chechen leaders have been taking jihadists around the world to train to fight the jihad against Christian Russia and the rest of the West. Chechen terrorists are currently fighting alongside jihadist forces in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other spots around the globe. Wherever there is a chance to kill infidels for Allah it seems Chechen’s are involved in some way, shape, or form. Islam has replaced nationalism for many younger Chechen’s, making loyalty to global jihad as important as making Chechnya entirely free from Russia. Russia cutting Chechnya loose will not solve the jihadist problem, only allow the Islamic fundamentalists to fan out across even more of the globe to continue to push for a worldwide jihad. As Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov said  “Today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Palestine our brothers are fighting. Everyone who attacks Muslims wherever they are our enemies, common enemies. Our enemy is not Russia only, but everyone who wages war against Islam and Muslims.”

Beyond the increasingly regular attacks against Russian military and government buildings and officials the Chechen jihadist movement has targeted innocent civilians. In 1999 an apartment complex was bombed by Chechen militants, killing two hundred and seventeen people in Volgodonsk. 2002 saw Chechen terrorists taking over a Russian movie theater, causing the death of over one hundred Russian hostages. Two years later Chechen terrorists took over a Russian school and ended up killing close to four hundred people, mostly schoolchildren. Not only are Chechen men involved jihad, the widows of killed Islamic militants who call themselves “Black Widows” have performed suicide bombings and attacks on public transportation hubs all around Russia. This is a war of Islam against the Christian West, a battle going back centuries.

The European peoples of the world are entering a cultural thunderdome, two cultures enter and only one culture leaves. We must determine what makes a member of our folk and what truly defines being a European. Do we share kinship with a European communist, a Chechen jihadi, and those who are of our blood but wish to destroy our culture? I say simply that the answer is a resounding “NO!”

What makes the European people a folk is not just our blood, it is our Faith, our languages, our cultures, and our identity. Chechen’s may be of our blood but by any standard they are not European, they are not part of our extended family because they have forsaken their birthright by accepting Islam and declaring war upon Europa, her people, and her Church. Just because a Chechen looks like a European does not make him one, he is nothing more than a jihadist copperhead in the wood pile who is waiting to strike.

Without identifying our Faith in Jesus Christ and our Western Christian culture as the cornerstone of our identity we are left in an ideology as Corneliu Codreanu would say, preoccupied by clothing or the body while true Legionaries are preoccupied with “something much deeper: by the soul (namely by its strengthening through the cultivation of Christian virtues and its preparation with final salvation in mind, salvation dealt with by the Christian Church in the most perfect fashion).” Chechen’s are proof that biology alone does not make a European, our entire identity is what makes a European. Biology can fail you, Faith and Tradition never will.


John Maelstrom

Corneliu Codreanu: “A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests.”

This is why Europe is collapsing and it is, hopefully, going to spell the end of Islamic Chechnya too. Christianity is wobbling in the face of these threats because it is ONLY a component part of Europa and one that has lost much of its polish in recent centuries. The future Chechnya has to be captured and converted to a COMPLETE worldview and faith of Europa.

For too many Christians, their faith has been a grafting of Germanic Christianity to Old Testament Hebrew civilization. The proper grafting needs to be Orthodox Christianity to pre-Christian, Indo-Aryan faith systems that stretched from the old Parthian empire to Iceland, and from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Ocean . Most of that has been lost through time and war but it needs desperately to be honored if we are to become “aware of our entirety” as that great man warned.

The good news is, both Islamic Chechnya and the anti-White Whites (AWWs) suffer an even deeper separation from their true selves than we do. That might mean immediate bursts of zealotry here and there but it is also a vulnerability in that this emotional state takes effort that can’t be sustained long in the face of God’s Natural Law.

I honestly pray for the conversion of all Chechens and AWWs to the future complete faith of Europe that has yet to be born.


I’m glad to see this article. I completely agree. This is why I say that ‘White nationalism’ is not real – because races are broad biological categories, not nations. Race is certainly important. However, it is not everything. And as far as organising a resistance to the anti-White and anti-traditionalist system, that is better done on a national basis. We see in Switzerland that nationalists just got a referendum passed which puts caps on immigration. I’m unaware of WNs ever haven won such a victory anywhere. Mostly we see them complaining and talking about revolution. But we see nationalists in Russia, Flanders, Switzerland, Denmark and elsewhere actually influencing policy and challenging the system. That is the way to go.


I have been saying now for awhile that a People – like God Almighty- is a Triune entity… Like God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, a true People – a true National Identity- is comprised of DNA, Faith, and Culture. Just like it becomes heresy to tear apart the Holy Trinity, it also becomes heretical when you tear apart the Triunity of a People. Kudos to pointing this out in this article.


This sounds like an assortment of stuff you just gleaned from various news sites and took to be truth. If all you know about Chechens is what you’ve gleaned from the Western media, then you really are talking about something you know absolutely nothing about.

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