Weekend Link-Out: The Asian Question

jftslMatt Parrott’s delightful recent piece, Technically Bullshit: Asian Geek Privilege reminds me of how interesting the “Asian Question” is, and the impressive variety of opinions on the matter within the broader alternative/dissident right.


– An Arctic Alliance? by John Derbyshire. Well before he achieved national notoriety for “The Talk”, Mr. Derbyshire made this interesting argument about why Whites and East Asians should stick together.
– Tackling Asian Privilege by Gavin McInnes. This one caused such a stir that it still registers as one of Takimag‘s most popular pieces ever.
– Hmong Wrong for America. America Wrong for Hmong. by Joe Guzzardi. Like the above, at the time of its publication this piece brought in tons of controversy, and brought about an interesting follow-up from Brenda Walker.
– I’ve never been certain what to make of it, but the number of race-realist and right-wing Asians writing for “our” websites is not inconsequential: Marcus EpsteinMichele Malkin, and Siryako Akda being the three most noteworthy. Additionally, one of the last great race scientists is Satoshi Kanazawa.
– It is worth remembering, however, that the great Lothrop Stoddard firmly believed the White race’s greatest threat to be East Asians.



imo, mistaking people and institutions for processes. Protestants, Catholics, Jesuits, etc. We are a contentious, restless people that believe strong enough that we will argue with our brothers past the point that it harms us whole in aggregate. A designer would make a people who recognize this, with the ability to seamlessly burrow within… preferably on both sides of any battle of brothers. Perhaps Jesuits were preselected for strength in this type of quality (Whites are very diverse within themselves); however, there can be no argument that the foremost super-weapon at dissimulation is YKW. The proof is in a snapshot of today amongst this tiny group and the power they hold. Remove this population, we will continue to bicker, and (unfortunately) probably commit fratricide over dinner table topics; but we will also be leaving the solar system, exploring, healing, designing, inventing, growing, nurturing.

I welcome counter-arguments.

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