Weekend Link-Out: Libertarians

the_libertarian_plot_sticker-refecfbfb70314a6b92b50b97a0b7c25f_v9i40_8byvr_512The recent posting “The New Libertarian Hegemony” on Radix Journal is well worth the read.
Like so many others within the dissident/alternative right, the author does his best to inform us all on what the deal is with those goofy libertarians.
Given that ideology’s meteoric rise over the last half dozen years, all analysis on them is good analysis, so far as I’m concerned.

– The Reluctant Anarchist – Joe Sobran
– The Ron Paul Generation – Matt Parrott
– Libertarians and Race Realism – Gilbert Cavanaugh



Great article by you on AmRen. I see roughly two kinds of libertarians: those for whom libertarianism is one facet of their traditional American culture, of which self-government is a pillar, and those for whom it is a rationalistic system to which reality must be molded, which we may call ideological, or Randian, or Jacobin libertarianism. Race realism is more likely to be found in proponents of traditional American culture, but it can also take the form of rationalist ideology.


Well this question sort of fits in here, as it’s one of nailing down ideologies. The british nationalist youth group has stated that they break with ‘traditionalists’ although I’m not sure on exactly which issues. But they do explicitly state that they are anti-judeo and seem to imply that Generation Identitaire refuses to either call out or dissociate from jews/zionism:

I’m curious as to where TradYouth sees itself in the overall context, and with regards to that specific issue. I’m under the impression you have some sort of alliance or at least facile communication with Generation Identitaire.

Sorry if this seems off-topic. One reason I fit it in here is because the libertarians stay away from social issues for the most part, and it seems both the British Resistance and the youth group, National Action, similarly avoid them, or at least refuse to get bogged down in them. They also appear to be irreligious.

I happen to believe as I’ve stated before that that approach will work and yours won’t unfortunately.

But I’m mostly soliciting feedback on a specific question here.

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