The Origin of Left vs Right

opening of EGEcclesiastes 10:2 “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left”

 The terms “Left Wing” and “Right Wing” are casually thrown around in the political discussions of today. Their meanings are often relative to who is using the term. To hardcore Leftists the old-school blue dog Democrats are Right Wing while to Traditionalists anyone short of Francisco Franco can barely consider themselves Right Wing. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and all stripes of political affiliation either refer to themselves using the Left/Right dichotomy or tar and feather their opponents with these labels. Most folks though forget exactly where Left versus Right came from. The idea of being Left Wing or Right Wing did not originate with conservative views on economics versus liberal views or other mere political issues. The term comes from the battle for the very soul of the Western world.

After surviving the persecution of the Roman Empire and living in the catacombs, Christians were able to win the hearts, minds, and souls of Europe through the Truth of the Gospel. The martyrdom of countless Christians to the cross or wild beasts, and the charity of good works are examples of this. Europe went from being a pagan continent to almost entirely Christian in the historical blink of an eye. The European peoples humbly turned towards Christ for salvation, and throughout the Middle Ages Christian culture flourished. Christendom lifted up a natural aristocracy that understood the Christian calling to take care of the lower classes and to be accountable to God and the Church. Monarchy that is subservient to God and focuses on the social justice of the people under the monarch’s rule is the best form of government available to mankind. As the Byzantine eagle portrays the duel headed eagle, society must have both Church and State united in the same body, the body of Christ.

Western civilization under Christendom and Christian monarchy thrived economically, socially, in the arts, and morally. Coming from the breakdown of the Roman empire and the brutality of pagan civilization, Christendom gifted the European people a form of civil government and moral leadership that united her and brought her strength and power. While there were some monarchs who did not rise to their calling of being loving and just rulers.

Corneliu Codreanu discussed in regards to the monarch, “At the head of races, above the elite, there is Monarchy. Not all monarchs have been good. Monarchy, however, has always been good. The individual monarch must not be confused with the institution of Monarchy, the conclusions drawn from this would be false. There can be bad priests, but this does not mean that we can draw the conclusion that the Church must be ended and God stoned to death. There are certainly weak or bad monarchs, but we cannot renounce Monarchy.”

While the Church can be failed by those who do not live up to their expectations, and monarchs can fall short of their calling, the Middle Ages was a high point in Western righteousness and growth. The codes of chivalry and honor turned warfare towards Christian principles and society worked together between a natural and organic hierarchy until the Enlightenment came about.

The intellectual class of Europe outside of the Church began to heavily secularize and to revere the paganism of antiquity instead of the Gospel at the end of the Middle Ages. The age old cause of Adam and Eve’s Fall came back to poison Europe; the belief that man could make himself God. Enlightenment thinkers began to tear down the institutions of Europe and created unrest among the masses. The Crown Jewel of the Catholic Church, France, became the first target to display the new organized forces of Freemasonry, secularism, and egalitarianism. To strike a blow against the natural order that God intended for society, the forces of Satan mobilized to take down France, giving us the French Revolution.

The Enlightenment and the French Revolution were based around the destruction of the Church, Christian monarchy, and the natural and organic hierarchy of society. The belief that man could make himself a god is an idea as old as The Fall, but decided to reemerge with new talking points of the unholy satanic trinity of “liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Upending the laws of nature and God, the French Revolution and the Enlightenment built the foundation to the corrupted and evil of the modern age. As legitimate Christian authority was challenged by a resurgence of self worship through Freemasonry, Humanism, and hatred towards the Church, the Devil began to claw his way back into European civilization.

The French Revolution is portrayed as being an uprising of the people against a tyrannical leader, but this is almost entirely Revolutionary propaganda. Just as the overthrow of the Orthodox Czar of Russia is discussed as being a “peoples revolt” instead of a Jewish attack on Christendom, organized Jewry and the secularist satanic followers of Freemasonry decided to overthrow the government of France in her time of stress. While France was recovering from funding the American Revolution (a mistake) to dealing with the poor weather conditions of Europe which led to famine, the French monarchy and Church were unprepared to deal with the rise of the Enlightenment and her violent revolutionaries.

In an instant the foreign backed revolutionaries under the banner of the people took Paris and the central industrial centers of France. While the overwhelming majority of French citizens were against the Revolution, they were spread throughout a vast rural environment. By taking a very small percentage of land the forces of darkness were able to depose the legitimate government of France. In what may be one of the greatest crimes of recent history, King Louis and Marie Antoinette were put to death by the revolutionary forces to literally decapitate the true government of France. The blood of thousands of priests, nuns, and devout Christians filled the streets of Paris and other major French cities as the Holy Churches of France were ransacked, her clergy tortured and killed, and the faithful were punished with unimaginable cruelty. In proof that the Enlightenment was not simply an ideology, countless French men and women who stood by the monarchy and the Church were, in the spirit of Saint Joan of Arc, cruelly put to death as martyrs.

The so called “people’s courts” were about as fair as the Soviet show trials of the 20th century. For the crime of performing the Sacrament of confession, giving the Eucharist, or doing anything to upset the secular authorities, priests would be put to death in the public square. Faithful French men and women were gang pressed into serving the new regime under threat of torture or death. While preaching the terms “equality” and “freedom” the French Revolution ushered in upheaval, Godlessness, murder, and mob rule.

The terms Left and Right were developed during the terrible blood shedding of the Revolution. In the French National Assembly there were three groups of people. Those who stood by the Church, the King, and Tradition seated themselves at great personal risk on the right side of the chamber. Members of the National Assembly who were seeking to topple the Christian society and government sat on the left side of the chamber. Members of the National Assembly who wished to try to avoid the struggle sat in the middle of and became centrists, ultimately many of the centrists sided with the left side of the chamber against Traditionalists. As with modern Western politics, centrist is just another word for a reluctant Leftist who, with some bribes, pokes and prodding, will inevitably betray Faith, family, and folk for personal gain or selfish desires. Without a grounding in Tradition and Faith, men are easily turned away from the Truth because of potential personal benefit or the threat of pain. As I recently discovered in my adventures in the overwhelming White cities of Portland and Seattle, without a cause greater than oneself and belief in Faith, White people are easily turned into foot soldiers of the eternal enemy.

Regardless of the terms used to describe the Left they have always been willing accomplices in the Devils plans to attack the Church and Western civilization. From the “progressives” of modern America, the “independents” of the French Third Republic, to the “Social Democrats” of the 20th century, a common pattern can be found. The Left hates Christianity, Western culture, and European identity and they desire to establish a satanic false egalitarianism that makes the entire planet the slaves of the Left’s agenda. Politics is a zero sum game, just like spiritual conflict, and we cannot coexist with the Left under any circumstances.

The Left and their Enlightenment ideas must not only be stopped, but they must be utterly destroyed from all historical records, books, and cultural references. The Left is not some gentle opponent which we can compromise with. It has been a battle for the soul of the European people since the beginning of the Enlightenment. The Left represents the ideals of Satan which appeal to the fallen nature of man in an attempt to make gods out of humanity. Only through Christ and the Gospel can we be healed from the wounds of our own sinfulness, but the Left dreams of abolishing the Church, God, and Tradition.

The Left vs Right battle is not simple politics and a battle over taxes or trade policy, it is a battle from before time itself. From the age of Saint Michael and the angelic legions casting out Lucifer and the rebellious forces who strove to become their own gods, Tradition and Faith has battled evil. When thinking about politics and the words “Left” and “Right”, remember their origins. More importantly, remember that this is not about politics– this is a battle for souls and the future of our people.



Politics is a zero sum game, just like spiritual conflict, and we cannot coexist with the Left under any circumstances.

The Left and their Enlightenment ideas must not only be stopped, but they must be utterly destroyed from all historical records, books, and cultural references.

Ok Matthew, then in that case, why is Liberty Lamp allowed to spread his far-left flags, links, and posts all over this website? Why are his Enlightenment ideas not utterly destroyed from this website and all of its records? I would seriously like to hear the answer to that question from you. If we cannot get it right with one piddly little website, then how can we get it right as the rulers of a new era?

john king

This is a highly educational piece which everyone must read. Now I understand WHO the “left” really is. I liked the author’s treatment of the crimes against humanity committed during the “French” Revolution. I am indebted to the author for bringing up the anti-Christian angle as the primary thrust of the “revolutionaries”. In other reading I had heard how naked nuns and priests were tied together and thrown in cold rivers to drown. It seems that an important lesson of history is that if we suspend belief in God that we will inevitably try to re-invent ourselves as the All Mighty.


Dustin and Brandon,
Why not exclude LL? How about this — isn’t LL a digital billboard for the repulsiveness of the progressive vision, which Democrats support and Republicans fail to confront directly? In one sentence: America delenda est. S/he and others like him/her want to continue and expand the ongoing replacement of American society’s traditional Anglo-Saxon Christian culture of self-government with a secular-universalist culture of social and economic management by expert. LL’s cockiness is well-founded in that his/her side has won many major battles and has been winning the war for a long time, such that their side could declare victory if we were stuck with the status quo. But between the stubborn resistance of reality to progressive manipulation and the self-defeating hubris of the Left, the Left will be hard-put to sustain its continued trajectory and may lose all its gains, collapsing as the USSR did when the people in large numbers lost faith in its capability and its foundations.

Further, it would be a lot of work for the proprietors to review every contribution for noxiousness, not to mention relevance and quality, and if they did so that process would become a constant topic by itself.

Dustin and Brandon, you’re right if you are saying LL’s ideas are noxious. If you are saying there is really no meaningful dialogue between progressive and traditionalists, you’re also right. Neopopulism as Counterculture explains how different traditions have different accounts of reason, traditions of language use, and traditions of common sense. There is really no dialogue because traditions are incommensurate and there is no standpoint outside of any tradition from which traditions can be evaluated. But people do choose between traditions on pragmatic moral needs. They realize that the tradition they have been following involves increasing cognitive dissonance and inauthenticity. LL presents the pragmatic gestalt of the Progressive tradition. Fence-sitters visiting this website can be edified by the contrast between the traditionalist tradition and the progressive tradition as pragmatically embodied by the participants.

Presumably there are other more secure avenues of communication available for when you simply don’t want to give aid and information to the enemy.

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