Rise of the Third Rome: Orthodox Russia

"The world should see the Orthodox Russia's great feat of rebuilding all that was destroyed" -Russian Patriarch Kirill

“The world should see the Orthodox Russia’s great feat of rebuilding all that was destroyed”
-Russian Patriarch Kirill

The dramatic reversal of the modern United States and Russia in regards to our social values and faithfulness to God is one that most would find unbelievable if the evidence wasn’t right in front of our face. In America the rhetoric of being “One nation under God” and a “shining light on a hill” is preached relentlessly by the political class as we find the churches are emptying and many of the remaining faithful latch on to the heresy of communist liberation theology or attempt to meet the world halfway by compromising on crucial issues such as abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

Our Federal government through clever tax law has ensured that the clergy cannot “preach on politics” thereby leaving the flock without a moral shepherd to guide both their votes but also their views on important issues. In America, Christians who have remained true to the Gospel are being hunted by the cultural Marxists. A policy of economic terrorism and societal exclusion are used at all levels to silence Bible believing Christians while the media and government place pressure upon priests and pastors to be silent and keep their Faith community under control. America is seeing the rise of the secular self worshiping state in which participation of paying homage to the Imperial cult is quickly moving from optional to mandatory.

America is dying spiritually, demographically and culturally, and it is not unplanned. The controlled demolition of the United States is part of a multi-pronged attack to disrupt, discredit and destroy the Traditional founding stock and Faith of the nation by those who hate everything about White Christian America. With a global reach politically, economically, and socially the United States has long reigned as the toughest kid on the block in guiding world views and events, pushing modernity upon the entire globe almost unchallenged. It looks like Uncle Sam is in trouble, and now while the Russian bear is awakening he is in no mood to toe a globalist line.

The Soviet Union was one of the most brutal regimes in human history, specifically in regards to the persecution of the Christian Church. One of the very first targets of the Jewish led Bolshevik movement was the murder of the Romanov royal family, but also a large number of Orthodox priests, deacons and nuns. Between 1917 and 1922 alone several thousand priests were killed in the Soviet Union. Mass cleansing of the spiritual leaders of entire communities were done to undermine the Church and the faithful, leaving them without leaders to guide them against the new anti-Christ state.

As happened in revolutionary France, the forces of Satan attacked churches, burned icons, defiled sacred places and made it clear that the war being waged by the Bolsheviks wasn’t just a war against the Russian people, it was a war against their Faith and Almighty God Himself.

Under the totalitarian Soviet regime many of the clergy and outspoken Faithful were killed, tortured, or sent to forced labor camps as punishment for their Christian Faith. Even Orthodox bishops were dragged in front of kangaroo courts to be convicted of fake crimes before being brought into the streets and murdered in cold blood, twenty eight Orthodox Bishops losing their lives in the first years of the new Soviet government alongside the countless other martyrs of the Church. One cannot truly understand the rise of the Bolsheviks without understanding the push behind the coalition of Jews and modernists to overthrow the entire Russian system. Russia at the time of the Revolution was essentially a theocratic monarchy, everything that the Left truly despised. “Communism” and other “isms” were and are simply slogans to be used to advance the agenda of those who are opposed to Tradition and Christendom.

The Soviet government instituted a program that most modern Americans would understand, “Separation of Church and State.” Lenin released the national decree that said “School shall be separated from church, the teaching of religious doctrines in all the state and public, as well as private educational institutions where general subjects are taught shall not be permitted. Citizens may teach and be taught religion in private.” The Church was taken out of the State while the State intruded upon the Church and openly persecuted Her. With the might of the government and the sadistic Jewish led commissar squads, Lenin’s decree would be enforced with an iron fist.

In America the mantra “Separation of Church and State” is broadcast from all political sides. Libertarians shout that the Church has no right to impose its values on other people while the Left is openly hostile to Christianity and the phony Right of the Republican Establishment openly persecutes any of its members who take a stand for Faith and social issues. The stripping of religious icons and crosses from Christian schools, taking away public prayer from schools and government functions, and creating a culture where Christians are shamed into silence for taking non-politically correct stances on political issues are all part of a government push very similar to the Soviet plan to eradicate Christianity from the public sphere. Like steel however, a raging fire can actually harden and strengthen a population in their Faith, and that is what happened in Russia.

As America began to slowly and peacefully de-Christianize itself through the subversion of our media, control of our government and the opiate like addiction to materialism, Russia became increasingly Christian. Through the purges and the darkest days of the Soviet Union, the Church continued on and became stronger with each passing year. When the Soviet government finally collapsed, the Church was able to bring legions of the faithful forward to radically turn Russia away from the poisoned apple of Western decadence and modernity and turn back towards both cultural and religious Tradition.

The Kremlin and the Orthodox Church have the ability to use Traditional social values, a strict but loving Church, and a resurgence of nationalism to inoculate Eastern Europe and an increasing number of Western sympathizers against the spread of the globalist agenda. Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union has emerged as the standard bearer of the Christian Faith globally, leaving the West behind. In reclaiming her position first held in 988 A.D as an Orthodox nation, Russia quickly has shown the power of a united Church and people to face off against all enemies.

The resurgence of the Orthodox Faith in Russia in less than a generation is nothing short of miraculous. It has been reported that “Two out of three Russians now regard themselves as Orthodox Christians compared to just one in six in 1989.” From the poorest villages to the center of Moscow itself, the power of the Holy Spirit has been leading millions upon millions of Russians to accept Christ and become faithful members of His Church.

The Putin government has built or rebuilt over twenty three thousand Orthodox churches around the nation alongside returning all previously seized property that had been taken by the Bolsheviks, back to the Church. Socially, the Kremlin and President Putin have worked hand in hand with the Orthodox Church to actively fight the culture war. A strong opposition to the agenda of America and the European Union in regards to homosexuality, Islamic extremism, and Traditional Russian culture have united the Russian people in identity and Faith, both good for the nation as a whole but also grounding a new generation of Russians in the importance of the Orthodox Faith while connecting them to their ancestral culture.

The strength of Orthodoxy united with Russian nationalism was put on the global stage recently with the battle against Femen and the band Pussy Riot who broke into a Church and proceeded to defile the Holy space by protesting against President Putin and the Orthodox Church. The United States came out in approval of Pussy Riot, and the Western world held hands in support of these Leftist terrorists, but the Church and Putin were unswayed from ensuring that the members of Pussy Riot were punished. Putin also defied the West by supporting President Assad and the Christian minority in Syria, thereby stopping the Israeli/American push to topple Assad and his legitimate government. From positions on homosexuality to the streets of Syria, Russia has time and time again shown that the Motherland has no desire to destroy herself and her people upon the altar of modernity. Leftist street protests and attempts to subvert the government and Church are quashed by the combined forces of nationalists, government agents, Orthodox vigilantes and Church officials. Separate like the fingers but united like the first, the various forces of Russia are standing guard against secularism, satanism, and Western decadence to protect the minds, hearts, and bodies of the Russian folk.

While the West funds enemies of the State and Church and has been attempting to subvert Russia, this has only strengthened the resolve of the Russian people. As one Orthodox priest recently told Western journalists “The President’s ideology for developing Russia coincides with the direction of the Russian Orthodox Church.” As more Russians fill the Churches and revival continues to spread like wildfire the government is increasingly aware of the power of the Church, thereby for all accounts making Russia move closer and closer to being the true world Orthodox superpower.

As America falls deeper into the tar pit of modernity, Russia stands strong. While in America satanists are preparing to fund a statue to the devil in a state capital, Russia builds churches. While America forces the Church to pay for abortions and spits upon her sacred institutions, Russia is promoting the Church and Christian symbols. As both Republicans and Democrats turn their back on the American faithful and our Traditions, President Putin and the Russian government stand united with the Church. If trends continue and God allows this powerful spiritual revival of the Russian people we will see the coming of the Third Rome. A nation humble before God and powerful enough to defend the innocent, proclaim the Gospel, and stop the spread of Western decadence. Only through prayer, sacrifice, devotion, and hard work can this be done, but as President Putin recently told a crowd of Orthodox clergy, “We act as genuine partners and colleagues to solve the most pressing domestic and international tasks, to implement joint initiatives for the benefit of our country and people.” With a spirit like that and the renewed militancy of the Orthodox Faith, I proudly stand behind Mother Russia and her defense of Tradition. Hail the Third Rome!



Putin has come out and called the EU ‘xenophobic’ and ‘neo-nazi.’ Anyone who uses the word neo-nazi immediately and completely discredits themselves, but beside that there is the bizarreness of Putin accusing the EU of all bodies of being these things.

Pro-Whites who promote Putin seem totally misguided to me. He is pro-Jew for one major problem.


Pro-Whites who promote Putin seem totally misguided to me.

Alexander Svengali (aka Dugin) is responsible for infecting the nationalist conversation with these dubious ideas.

Leslie H. Higgins

Actually he is a major foe of the financier elite oligarchs. Kasparov is his prime foe. Were he beholden to that people why did he prevent an American attack on Syria?

Putin is the leader of the free world, and Dugin is perhaps the most influential thinker on the authentic right now living. I cannot figure out why so many nationalists are ready to quibble with these noble titans.


If you want to have an informed opinion on that question, I would politely suggest you invest more time reviewing Dugin’s statements and Putin’s total record. With enough cherry picking, one could probably make a case Barack Obama is a traditionalist.

The case against Putin has been made on Stormfront and Counter-Currents that I know of. The problems with Dugin’s thought has been explored on Counter-Currents more than once. There is a new Dugin up at Counter Currents right now as it happens. He brags that Putin’s Russia operates like a Western liberal democracy. So there you go.

Spend some time reading the other side. You might be surprised.


You are really a joy, Lew. I read your comments here and elsewhere and take much comfort from your wisdom and equanimity.


I’m not 100% sure about Putin yet but when he had the day in which his Slavic people were encouraged to procreate instead of importing 5th world welfare votes into Russia I began to think maybe he was on to something. It’s good to see n article in English about what’s going on in Russia outside of the leftist media stake on it.

Paul Lovett

Let this be an indictment against White Christian America for sheepishly allowing the Cultural Marxists to trash our tradition and faith, without genuine challenge for a bowl of social acceptance from the NWO. The Johnson Amendment of tax exemption neutered the churches politically, thereby eliminating a most needed check against government tyranny and corruption from a godly stand. Hopefully, a resurgence of White Christian resistance will bear fruit in America.


Do not be taken in. Putin is a thug and “Russian Orthodoxy” has almost nothing of Christ – it is gross superstition, lies, money and greed for power.

Leslie H. Higgins

If the world were ruled by thugs the financiers would have far less power. Franco and Salazar were thugs too. Better a thug than a servant of big business and the Zionist state.

And why dis Orthodoxy. It may not be Roman Catholicism, but its definitely the next best thing, especially if you prefer 2D holy art and beards.

Hail Holy Mother Russia!
God bless Putin, Leader of the Free World!


In regards to the Orthodox Churches that are currently not in union with Rome: as far as I can tell, the schism is political, not really theological, definitely not the way the reformation attacked so many truths of our faith. They are different, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. Their philosophy is based on Eastern Greek thinking, more in tune with meditation, feeling, as opposed the the Latin church, which was more geared toward a rational, ordered philosophy and theology. See it as a mother/father type difference. The schism came because of power, and cultural and linguistic misunderstanding (‘filioque’, anyone?). The schism is a deeply sad and painful reality, but I believe that it is not irreversible, and that the Orthodox Churches possess a correct understanding of and love for God, Father, Son and Spirit, albeit not in actual union with Rome. If you want to put it bluntly, their sin is pride for power, not a sin of heresy.

Keith Farrell

Russians have been lied to by their government and their church, so they now honestly believe:
1. Homosexuals are made and not born
2. Homosexuals are predators who are after their children
3. Homosexuals are out to make the whole straight world into homosexuals
4. Homosexual orientation is directly linked to immorality
5. Homosexuality is spread via “propaganda”
6. Homosexuality is a Western phenomenon, and is “anti-Russian”
7. Homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals by persecuting us
8. By converting gays ‘back’ into straights, the declining Russian birth rate will be reversed.

All of these statements are 100% wrong. These are not facts, they are misperceptions, and they are being used as excuses for abuse.

The only way forward is by direct engagement with religion and lawmakers, challenged in open and public debate. Unfortunately there is also going to have to be considerable martyrdom, with activists putting themselves in harm’s way, risking their lives and actual bodily harm as recent footage has already shown to be escalating.

Russia has begun a nationwide pogrom against homosexuals, scapegoating a tiny minority of only 5-10% of the country who entirely unable to defend ourselves against the 90-95% heterosexual majority whose government sponsors attacks from all sides. We therefore can be, and are being, legally fired from our jobs without recourse, just because we are gay. We can be and are being evicted from our homes, sometimes by our own parents, excommunicated from the church of our birth, our clubs and societies vandalised and robbed, with firearms being used to injure or kill homosexuals. Homosexual victims who survive attacks are arrested by police for trumped up charges of “homosexual propaganda”, “extremism” and “hooliganism”, while our attackers walk free.

Russian opinion polls show a majority of over 80% of the population want same sex relationships to be re-criminalised, and there is now a referendum being drafted by the omnipotent Russian Orthodox Church to achieve just that.

Neo-nazi groups are allowed to freely hunt down and bash homosexuals, one as young as 14 was killed last year after being tortured for hours, his body doused in urine – their ‘cure’ for homosexuality. Russian Orthodox priests have themselves been implicated in mob attacks on tiny groups of gays protesting at this mistreatment. It is now illegal for us even to hold up a sign, or to speak out about our extinguishment. We are on the bottom rung of the ladder of social worth.

Putin has kowtowed to the anti-gay Russian Orthodox Church in order to secure their massive voting bloc to change the Russian Constitution that will gain him a (currently illegal) fourth term in office as President. He has openly stated using language reminiscent of Hitler that he wants Russia to be “cleansed” of gays, whom he represents as dangerous to children. Yet as a minority, we have far more to fear from the heterosexual majority than they could ever fear from us. History is replaying itself before our eyes and it is all being sponsored by none other than the Russian Orthodox sect of Christianity.

Keith Farrell

This was posted here by mistake earlier, it was posted by a friend, Tried to delete it but it will not let me. Derek Williams Hi Keith – I see a copy has appeared also on the above link, to which I had originally made my post and copied to Facebook as above. If my original comment is approved, it will appear as duplicate, giving rise to suspicions of spamming, so would you mind deleting the duplicate if this happens?


You are wishing upon a star if you believe that Russian Christianity is “here to stay”. There is that matter of history and future projection that needs to be addressed, and so doing so, deflates almost all of your case, Mr. Heimbach.


Great article, but please edit for use of “regards”. It is “regard”! It takes away from enjoying the reading.

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