Portlandia: Traveling Into the Depths of Leftism

imagesOver this holiday season I have been blessed to be able to visit two of Americas most talked about cities, Seattle and Portland. My prior experience with big American cities have always been on the East Coast or the South, thereby relegating my experiences to multicultural hellholes. Seattle and Portland are proof to me that being White is not enough. Without folk ties, true purpose, Traditional culture, and the Gospel our people are not anything worth writing home about. The decadence, perversion, and depravity of majority White cities that have turned their back on their Faith and heritage are the epitome of hedonism; modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

Living in Baltimore for several years and being near Washington DC I have witnessed the failure of multiculturalism. While the media and Leftist overlords tell us that having a “diverse society” is the only way forward to a peaceful world, the reality is clear that this is a fraud. Even within the same racial groups, different ethnic groups with different cultures battle one another for cultural domination. Somali Muslims in Baltimore feud with American black Muslims while both struggle with black Christians and topping it all off by having strife against the few remaining Whites of Baltimore– and of course everybody White and black dislike the police. When multiple cultures and peoples come together there is inevitable strife, this reality formed my political and social views. Given that multiple races and cultures struggling against one another was my experience with American cities, I always wondered what a majority White major city would look like. I was not amused with what I found.

The city of Portland, Oregon (according to the last census) is almost eighty percent White, while Seattle, Washington is less White at seventy percent, but the two cities are amazingly similar. Both cities were originally blue collar towns based around the former staples of the American economy, lumber, agriculture, and industry. Several decades again the demographic shifts in California began to push liberal Whites up into Washington and Oregon. While denying race and culture had anything to do with it, these White liberals came in hordes to escape the growing cesspool of California. Without having learned a single lesson in how their views and culture destroyed the formerly great State of California, these new transplants began to radically change the values and principles of their new homes. With radical Green views on industry and agriculture, the vast majority of the blue collar workforce was put out of a job as the factories, mines, and timber camps were shut down by “environmental regulations” and newly elected communist politicians.

To add insult to injury, the Leftist Californians began to encourage Third World immigration to Oregon and Washington by declaring sanctuary cities, giving government benefits to illegal immigrants, and attacking Traditional Western Christian values. Given the large population density of Seattle and Portland, these two new Leftist enclaves politically hijacked the rest of their respective States politically. The very Right Wing rural areas of Washington and Oregon who make up the majority of the land mass of the States simply do not have the population to compete with the block of Leftist and Third World in the tyranny of democracy. Within the space of only a few years, Seattle and Washington became the epitome of the Reconstructed White population in the Orthodoxy of the Left.

With little exception, Portland and Seattle were almost the same city; a similar collection of Godless hedonist Leftist White people interested in nothing but themselves and their own desires. Any sense of community, family, Faith, and folk had long left the building for the vast majority of the residents of both of these cities. From the exhibit in a Seattle museum on race being a social construct to the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Portland, modernity ruled with an iron fist.

In Seattle I visited Left Bank Books, a communist/anarchist bookstore. The commissars of the Soviet Union would have liquidated the entire store given that the bookstore’s view of the People’s Revolution seemed more based in deviant homosexual sexual behaviors than fighting for workers rights. The modern Left in Seattle and Portland has become so feminine that I almost wish for the old masculine Soviet communist spirit. While Soviet banners are displayed, I doubt these folks know that the Soviet Union would probably be called “fascist” by the American Left because they interned homosexuals and purged the Jews from positions of power due to their corrupting forces. This modern form of American Leftism is based on murdering the unborn, sexual degeneracy, laziness, and homosexuality. The ideals and passions of the past Leftist movements are all gone, swept away by the forces of hedonism and modernity.

Prior to arriving in Portland I had watched a few episodes of Portlandia on Netflix and enjoyed the show immensely. I had thought that the show was blown completely out of proportions to poke fun at the Liberal and “progressive” city, I was wrong. I realized quickly that Portlandia could easily have been a documentary of the city of Portland. When I first entered Portland, myself and the friends I was staying with went to the grocery store to prepare for our Christmas meal. Looking around at the population of the store I grew increasingly uneasy at what I saw. The population of the grocery store looked as if the entire Leftist collective of Towson University had been transplanted and multiplied. Homosexual couples were not only together, but engaging in an amount of public displays of affection that I would view as disgusting coming from even a heterosexual couple. A large percentage of men were wearing feminine looking clothes and many women were indistinguishable from men. The gender roles and styles of Middle America apparently have no place in Portland Oregon.

My journey into Portland continued as my friends showed me around the city. In the square (that an Islamic terrorist tried to blow up a few years ago) there were the best looking homeless people I have ever seen. Working with the homeless ministry with my Church back home I have witnessed the suffering of those without a home in winter, and the vast majority of the homeless of Portland were dressed in nicer clothes than myself. As the supposed “homeless” were pulling out their chargers for their Ipads and smart phones I looked down at my outdated flip phone and realized that I should be asking these people for change, not the other way around. Talking to local members of the community I found out that between the government programs and the donations of the locals, most of the homeless in Portland lived better than the working poor of most of American cities. Most of the homeless were White men and women in their twenties and Mexican immigrants who took over entire sidewalks stretching for blocks with their tent cities. Habitual drug use, lewdness, and Left wing activism seemed to make up the average day for the denizens of the Rose City.

The normal citizens of Portland struck me as even more lewd and crude. In a metaphor for how far the city has sunk, several homosexual bars were bustling with patrons even in the middle of day as the various Churches were locked and shuttered. The utter purposelessness of the society was overwhelming. Talking with folks and asking them what they liked to do, the answers almost always revolved around sex, drugs, alcohol, or a combination of all three. I saw very few women with children and even less families (especially Traditional ones). In contrast to other cities in which Traditional White families seemed under attack and a vibrant minority, Portland seemed as if a cultural cleansing had taken place.

Many of the Churches I passed by had pro-homosexual messages, banners, and stickers on them to promote the “inclusive” nature of their supposed “Church.” The only solace I found in regards to Faith were the Russian, Eastern European, and Arab immigrants I found. Insulated in their own communities, these Orthodox holdouts were rocks amongst the pounding of the waves of modernity and secularism. Inside the Orthodox service I attended I found women dressed in headscarves and conservative dress, true Christian men, and families with large numbers of children. Like a breath of fresh air I was surrounded by the incense and community of the Orthodox Faith as we worshipped Christ in the midst of a spiritually dead city. I witnessed the Faithful remnant of a people united in the true movement, the Church and the proclaiming of the Gospel. Fleeing from communists and jihadists these immigrants now are under siege in the supposed land of freedom by the tolerance police, who are willing to tolerate anything but Christianity. As I walked out of the Church with the faint wafting of incense on my clothes, I remembered that without the anchor of Faith, the population of Portland had been swept away in the tidal wave of modernity. People who base their lives up economics and the worship of coin, worldviews that are only skin deep, or the belief in anything other than organic Faith based communities to save us are left with a foundation built upon sand. Demographics is not a problem facing Portland and Seattle, it is a spiritual battle.

White people without Faith, family, and a tie to folk are left purposeless and aimless, rolling in hedonism like a pig in mud. Even if the demographic problem was fixed tomorrow, that is not enough to save Western civilization. If the Left and globalists are able to brainwash the masses to give away their birthright, give up their families, their Faith, their femininity, their masculinity, and everything that makes a true culture and civilization then we could remain entirely White as nations, and lose at the end of the day. Only by rejecting promiscuity, secularism, drugs, selfishness, and the overpowering desire for shallow “happiness” and by us as a people lifting our eyes away from the tar pit of modernity and rising above the poisonous swamp of Godlessness can we be saved. Portland solidified a strong message in my soul; this battle is one that is being fought for the souls of White people, it’s not just a battle of numbers. If we lose the culture war, losing the demographic battle is irrelevant because our souls will already have been lost.



Matt, I do agree with you that Portland has become a cesspool of cultural perversion. Like you said, however, the White folks outside of Portland tend to be more conservative. For this reason, I have hope that one day we can create the White homeland in Oregon and the rest of the northwest area that will become the Northwest Republic for our people.

This republic will definitely be more conservative in nature so that the degeneration of our Western culture will be reversed and our people will one day embrace who they are instead of accepting the weak people they’ve become.

For more information on this White homeland, please visit http://www.northwestfront.org


Fascinating and haunting article, Matt. Modern liberalism, essentially cultural Marxism, is indeed an evil force. As a hopeful aside, it is entirely possible that susceptibility to liberalism is at least partially genetic. If that’s the case, then a place like Portland serves as a sort of urban catch basin, where those infected with liberalism cluster, live out their sick and pointless lives, and die off. I doubt the fertility rate amongst the demented whites that live there is very high.

This is indeed a battle about both culture and demographics. Give in on either one, and we lose. Modern conservatism has spent decades claiming that race is unimportant, that the real battle is culture. The result? Both demographic and cultural collapse. Their way is the way of death. We are the only ones even trying to come up with a viable path forward.

One of the biggest challenges that we face is creating a more masculine culture that is actually viable. Right now, “traditional” seems to mean a sort of fake, effeminate holy rollerism. It’s not masculine at all. In fact, the only whites that seem to have retained a meaningfully masculine image are the biker gangs. More power to ’em, and let’s take whatever lessons are to be learned from them, but they don’t offer a society wide prescription.

For a more general approach, I think the honor-based society is the answer, or at least a big part of the answer. In any event, it’s something that we need to work on.

Just for starters, consider the necessary aesthetics. As much as I hate to rely upon a corporate advertising campaign for a harmful substance, the archetype exemplified by the Marlboro Man is something almost totally lost in modernity (contrast Marlboro Man to Pajama Boy). I think a successful movement will need to get that “feel” back, one that exudes masculine strength, honor and determination. But it must be a strength that our fellow whites can trust. It must not come off as crazed or insane, but rather as very white and very determined. In short, honorable.


Nice work, Mr. heimbach. You should look up Takuan Seiyo’s essay on Seattle, probably on Gates of Vienna.

No doubt you would find a remnant of the faithful scattered throught the cesspool. Lord, will you destroy to city if there a five who remain faithful? I will not destroy the city if there are five who remain faithful.


No, I think “hedonism” is a giant red herring. Given the accounts of Tacitus, most of our Germanic ancestors would be considered “hedonistic” by today’s standards, and we got along just fine.

What makes Portlandia Portlandia is hipster liberalism, which is altruistic and holier-than-thou in nature. Hipsters think they are better than you because they are more “environmentally conscious”, don’t wear fur, stuff like that.


Excellent article, Matt.

I live in Seattle, and you’re absolutely correct. Extreme Leftism dominates every aspect of our culture here. I wonder if this is because the demographic is still majority white, and these predominantly liberal whites are just plain naive/ignorant.

There are some Traditionalists out here, I promise! However we’re obviously far, far outnumbered.


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