Political Warfare: Daryle Lamont Jenkins Out of Commission

Dayle Lamont Jenkins of One People's Project

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project

Activity in a grassroots political movement is the embodiment of warfare.

No, it is not “CBS live” like we saw during the Gulf War.  Political warfare is more salient than that, and you won’t see any of it on the evening news.  American philosopher Francis Parker Yockey describes warfare not as an act of violence between parties, but the struggle for power.

“Politics is a domain of its own — the domain of power. Thus it is not morality, it is not esthetics, it is not economics. Politics is a way of thinking, just as these others are. … The way politics divides the world is into friend and enemy. These express for it the highest possible degree of connection, and the highest possible degree of separation.”

The most recent example of this type of warfare was last week’s court ruling in David Yeagly v. Jeffery Imm and Daryle Lamont Jenkins.


Daryle Lamont Jenkins operates One People’s Project, and he found himself in court after shutting down the 2010 American Renaissance conference with a variety of techniques.  Jenkins won the battle, but he lost war, and now he finds himself court-ordered to pay $50,000.00 dollars in restitution to David Yeagly.

A court battle is normally anything except violent, but in cases like this it is exemplary of what we might conceive of as war.  The fact that this struggle for power happened in a court room is not important.  Jenkin’s One People’s Project is ideologically positioned against Jared Taylor‘s American Renaissance, and he struggled to control how AmRen was allowed to operate and express in public.  Though both parties are ideologically motivated, or perhaps also economically, when the two engaged in a struggle for power it became a political struggle, or, as Yockey explains, war.

“[War] is an armed struggle between organized political units. It is not a question of the method of fighting, for weapons are merely a way of killing. Nor of military organization — these things determine nothing about the inner nature of war.  War is the highest possible expression of the friend-enemy disjunction.  It confers the practical meaning on the word enemy.  The enemy is he upon whom one is preparing to make or upon whom one is making war.  If there is no question of war he is not an enemy.”

Jenkins learned that waging a political war can be expensive– to the tune of $50,000.00 dollars, and Yeagly had to wait more than two years to get this far with his case against Jenkins.  In this sense, they both are political soldiers.  I know it can be hard to imagine Jenkins doing anything even remotely “soldierly,” but physical exertion has nothing to do with being a political soldier.  Yockey says that, “the phrase political soldier is only ad hoc, to designate anyone fighting from conviction, rather than from profession.”

Fighting from conviction, as opposed to pay is the only proper way to be a political soldier, but it counts for naught if you can’t pick your battles wisely.  When a person is too bullheaded to realize when it’s fruitless to start a fight, or that there is no power to be gained in the process, then he has categorically and definitively engaged in in what Yockey calls an unjustifiable war.

“Politics is activity in regard to power. Units engaged in politics may gain or lose power. Instinct and understanding direct them to seek to increase power.  War is the most intense method of trying to increase power. Thus a war which has no practically foreseeable possibility of increasing power is not politically justifiable.”

Jenkins had the chance to settle out of court and save some face, but much to our great satisfaction he decided to try and be a hero.  Amusingly, he made himself anything but a hero.  After writing for One People’s Project for so long, it looks like he finally drank his own Kool-Aid.  The courts did not come to his rescue, and nobody ponied up the big bucks to help him out in court.

I doubt that Jenkins will change his habits or lose his desire to be an activist, but he should know that he looks like a clown.  His constant mewling about the dangers of right wing activism under the banner of “One People’s Project” makes him a perfect ass.  No, that’s not me saying it, Yockey said it.  Well, okay, that is me saying it, but Yockey said it first.

“… one can only say that if a politician talks about a world with ‘one State,’ ‘one Parliament,’ or ‘one government,’ he is the perfect type of the intellectual ass, and should be anywhere except in a position to distort the destiny of a State and bring misery to the individuals in it.”

As the ruling against Jenkins moves into its final stage, it remains to be seen whether or not he will have the financial or emotional means to “distort the destiny of a Sate and bring misery to the individuals in it.”  He is currently agitating against the 2014 AmRen conference, but we’ll have to wait and see if he has any hot air left in him after the court fees and damages.  Until then, he continues to be the perfect kind of an ass.


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Tom, I wasn’t originally planning on responding to this, but this is ridiculous.

Out of commission??? Hardly. He just got through writing a post mocking you and everyone here and saying that not only is he not deterred from his plans to disrupt Amren 2014, he is confident that he will never have to pay a dime of the judgment on the grounds that Oklahoma had nothing to do with what happened since the incident took place in Virginia not Oklahoma. I agree with him, Yeagley should have sued in federal court or Virginia court if he wanted to sue. Because Yeagley sued in the wrong court, there is no chance that Jenkins will ever have to pay a cent of that money.

Thomas Buhls

> “…it remains to be seen whether or not he will have the financial or emotional means to ‘distort the destiny of a Sate and bring misery to the individuals in it.’ He is currently agitating against the 2014 AmRen conference, but we’ll have to wait and see if he has any hot air left in him after the court fees and damages. Until then, he continues to be the perfect kind of an ass.”

Maybe, maybe not. But, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not he’ll have the ability to carry on. Either way, he handed it to us on a silver platter.

The Liberty Lamp

Dustin is 100% correct this suit means nothing.

Mr. Jenkins has been under legal council throughout this charade and was advised ignore the kangaroo court antics in OK, because any ruling out of that court won’t hold water.

If they really want to go after Mr. Jenkins for this money they have to go through the courts in PA where Mr Jenkins is based and has lawyers working with him, and from there it will be shot down.

First of all, there is not proof in regards to these supposed “death threats”. When we inquired about them the hotel had nothing to tell us, when we contacted the local police about a report, there wasn’t any.

Daryle had nothing to do with death threats, and there is nothing lending evidence of him being tied to any.

Nobody was arrested for making death threats, there is no police report of it, just the word of mouth with no bases.

The hotel got calls about racists giving a conference in their hotel and in the Northern Virginia/DC area that is bad for business, so they canceled their agreement with Amren.

Randomly throwing a frivolous law suit at an one activist based on a rumor might fly in some backwater Okie Dowie Cheatem and Howe 3 penny opera, will not hold water in a real court of law where Yeagley will have take this silly drama.

Frankly, I am surprised at Bristow’s stupidity, either he is making shit up for a locker room propaganda pep talk or he is really that bad of a lawyer!

Thomas Buhls

Lack of evidence is not proof that telephone death threats did not occur. In any case, the nature of telephone threats were not the issue, only that the conference was shut down and Jenkins took responsibility for it– which is why Jenkins remains the perfect kind of an ass.

The Liberty Lamp

Tommy your opinion is not how things are done in the real world, the conference getting shut down is not grounds for a real law suit.

This Okie court was a charade and a joke.


To the anti-White above me,

1. Even if Mr. Yeagley has to take it to court in PA, he wouldn’t have to re- prove his case, he would only have to prove that there was a judgment against him. He won’t even have to do that for reasons I’ve already spelled out.

2. You can keep repeating that “it wasn’t proven that he violated the law” all you want, but the burden of proof for civil court is much lighter than criminal court. See O.J. Simpson…

3. You can insult Oklahomans all you want but try arguing that “the court is just a bunch of dumb rednecks” in a court of law and see how far that goes.

We won, you lost. No amount of ham fisted bravado is going to change that.

The Liberty Lamp

Tommy, I don’t have to keep telling myself that, I have first hand contact with Mr. Jenkin’s legal team. The Okie court was a charade and even questionable.

You think this backwater joke is going to fly in a Philadelphia courtroom up against the NLG?

How stupid are you? I think James got all the brains!


According to the Uniform Enforcement and Foreign Judgments Act, (which Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all signatories to), all Mr. Yeagley has to do is get a copy of the judgment signed by the judge, a court clerk, and the county clerk, (to show that the judgment was formally recorded in the county), to a court clerk in Jenkins’ jurisdiction. Once that is done, THEN YES, JENKINS WILL HAVE TO PAY UP!


The Liberty Lamp

Not so fast, Rangled, that only states that they are allowed to file a foreign judgement in the state of residence, from there the courts of state of residence will have to hear the case.

At that point it will be thrown out of court…

You idiots make up the law as you go. You have no idea how much legal support we on the left have, we have whole legal organizations who council and represent us for free and win.

You are jerking off to a propaganda cartoon and a bunch of boneheads who are playing internet legal expert.

This case is bunk, it always was bunk, enjoy your cartoon drama because you will be pissing, moaning and blaming ZOG when this is all over …and we will LULZ.


“You have no idea how much legal support we on the left have, we have whole legal organizations who council and represent us for free and win.”

I guess that’s why Jeffery Imm decided to throw in the towel…

The Liberty Lamp

Jeffery Imm is not one of us, nor is he a leftist so we don’t have any information on his case.
He was a Neocon who ran an anti-Muslim blog.

What he did or didn’t do can come out in discovery.


Liberty Lamp, despite your sneering attitude, ZOG is very real, but not in the way white nationalists, Pat Buchanan, and the Stormfront crowd imagine. Indeed it is much more sinister, much more deeply rooted in the modern soul than that.

As I explained at length in a recent piece, America is “Zion” to the self-proclaimed “New Hebrews” who view themselves as “huddled masses” fleeing in a “New Exodus” from the supposedly “teeming shores” of the kingdoms and empires of the Old World, fleeing to reach the “golden door” of republicanism in America. That is who is “occupying” the government right now, whereas the “occupier” of this government and all human governments ought to be a wise and enlightened king.

And as for you, you praised this current state of affairs in your own poem on your own website, a poem which is also on a giant plaque on a giant “Statue of Liberty” in New York Harbor, a statue which you are named after.


Liberty Loss: The left indeed dominates the legal profession. That’s a big reason reason why people hold it in such high esteem.


This 400 lb thug recently held a media event in which he accidently revealed all the pornography on his laptop. It’s all white woman porn. Check the DailyCaller report.

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