Reflections on “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”


“The stronger the racial instincts of the population, the greater its promise of victory. Consequently anything which strikes at the strength of these instincts is the enemy of the highest significance, and even of the very existence, of the race. These instincts are self preservation, fruitfulness, increase of power. Without these there is no Idea, no History — there is only the collection of human grains of sand — and later a pyramid of skulls erected by outer barbarians.”
-Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium

There is a new movie out from the bowels of nefarious Movieland, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

I have not seen this latest propaganda piece from the ungodly realm called Hollywood, but I have read about its premise. Apparently, Jack Ryan is an agent who catches wind of a “terrorist plot” to blow up Wall Street.

Islamic terrorists? Anti-Capitalist extremists? NO! – none other than a pious Russian Orthodox Christian man proceeding on orders by his priest, out of Dearborn, Michigan!

Now this may come as a shock and an outrage to many Americans; particularly to the small, but growing number of Orthodox Christian Americans in this country, but I am not terribly surprised.

The Antichrist Tribe in Hollywood , with their designs for wanton destruction, for decades now, of anything wholesome, moral and righteous has picked their latest target for demonization: the Orthodox Church. In particular, and by no mere coincindence, the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church.

Why is this so? To me, the answer lies in the ever growing conflict between the forces of Good and Evil in this world. And, hate to break it to you, America, we are aligned on the side of the forces of Evil.

As a renewed Russia gains headway in the East and is experiencing a rebirth of their ancestral Orthodox faith, the West is determined to rush further headlong into that murky demonic abyss of consumerism, secular humanism, Liberalism and every other self-aggrandizing morass of hedonistic apathy it can find.

We have become the New Sodom. We are the New Babylon. We insist on rebuilding the old Tower of Babel once again, come Hell or high water! And, rest assured, Western Man, Hell is what will come!

Jack Ryan is the Decadent West’s Postmodern Hero, standing up for a very skewed false freedom steeped in self-idolization, multicultural chaos, unbridled croney-capitalism, moral relativism and the natural outgrowth of the Liberalism of the 20th century that conquered the world after World War 2.

The only thing standing in the path of this Leviathan is Eurasia and Holy Russia, like the Mighty Bear she has always been likened to…. fueled by the zeal of the One True Faith ignited again after 7 decades of martyrdom and oppression!

Traditionalism and Orthodoxy are on the rise again in Eurasia, and the Euro-Atlanticist axis of degeneracy trembles at the idea of peoples and ethnicities once again finding their soul and their God and saying NO to this godless globalist beast that wishes to devour every nation, every individual, and every identity into being good modernist, consumerist slaves. THAT is why this piece of tripe is being put out for your consumption.

Expect more to come from the Judeo-Masonic nexis in Hollwood. May they tremble at the Church who our Lord said the Gates of Hell shall not prevail!



Matthew – Clint Eastwood has been around a long time in Hollywood. I remember back in the early 70’s I would consider him to be liberal. I think that he has changed and is now conservative. Take a look at a western from 1974 called “High Plains Drifter”. Look at how he portrays all of the whites in the film. I would be interested in your analysis.

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